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Dazran303 Video Creator for Youtube

Male, 29, Ireland

I love my WiiU & 3DS :) HUGE Nintendo fan! I love creating levels in Super Mario Maker, and playing with you guys on Twitch in Splatoon & MK8!

Mon 14th September, 2009

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Dazran303 commented on Review: Metal Marines (Wii U eShop / Super Nin...:

I loved this game! I got this game for 1 pound off a friend back in the day. Loved it. Couldn't believe my luck. Is it hitting WiiU eShop in the EU anytime soon? I beat the campaign on my SNES. Would love to do it all again. It's as visually pleasing as Sim City, and for their time looked great, also imo the no tutorial is a good thing. No hand holding needed, its always fun figuring it out as you go as opposed to the game treating you like you are stupid. (Oh rings are good? Thanks Sonic) - Sonic Boom 😃



Dazran303 commented on Reminder: The Final Splatoon Global Testfire i...:

It seems like a no brainer for a game like this to support the Mii characters. Ok they would have to turn into squids to go up walls etc. But in Wii Party U they can fly.... through Space with just a cape! 😲
I have wanted a Mii shooter since the Wii was announced. And because its just ink (paint) it seems family friendly enough. I find the characters in this remind me of the characters from EA's Playground on Wii.



Dazran303 commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

@SecondServing did you see the amount of people here alone, who have requested a WiiU version? There is usually 2000+ people on MH3U on the WiiU every day.

You said look at the sales figures.. do you think that might tie-in to a poorly advertised console?

I am not saying WiiU only, I am simply saying both consoles should get MH4U love.

Capcom would be better off ignoring the Mobile Market and start putting out some serious games for both Nintendo Consoles.

MH3U sales could potentially skyrocket after sales of Mario Kart 8 if people choose MH3U as their free game. (Best Choice)



Dazran303 commented on Monster Hunter Team Discusses Continuing Evolu...:

MH4U Needs to come to the WiiU! There are LOADS of us that want it on WiiU. Playing games like Monster Hunter in a Park with no plug socket nearby? Does that even exist? You wouldn't get much hunting done on the battery life, if my 12+ hour sessions are anything to go by on WiiU.

It might be better suited to be on handheld in the East for whatever reason, But at least for me, Home Console Gaming is best. Anyone else the same?



Dazran303 commented on Review: Monochrome Racing (WiiWare):

Yup, I downloaded this game, it's like they didn't even try with this. How can Nintendo let this stuff onto the WiiWare service? It's bad enough we are getting drip-fed this DLC so you would think what does trickle through would at least be good! =)



Dazran303 commented on Wii Play: Motion:

cant wait for this, I'll be uploading gameplay of this to my youtube channel from day 1 of release



Dazran303 commented on Digital Leisure Gets on the WiiWare Decks with...:

What the heck!!! Those audio sample, I instantly recognise them from various versions of the PC game "Dance eJay" I used to use that the whole time when I was younger, made quite a few "CD's" XD
But yeah, that sample at the end... "Jam To The Beat" the full thing from from Dance eJay was...
"Rock to the Rhythm
Jam to the Beat
Come on Y'all
Just Move your feet."
I always did avoid those lyric samples XD



Dazran303 commented on More Super Mario Galaxy 2 Footage:

Stunning!! I will be uploading game-play videos of this on my youtube channel once I get my hands on it! And its out real soon too! This is the perfect excuse to take a well earned break from Call Of Duty 4 MWR



Dazran303 commented on Review: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex (...:

Yay! The internets first, and true review of the game! This has been getting bad press for unknown reasons from other reputable sites like IGN. For someone who has never played Modern Warfare on the Xbox/PS3/PC This game is every bit as good, if not better with the Control Scheme. Gameplay over Graphics any day!
Check out my Dedicated CoD Modern Warfare Topic on the Nintendo Life forums for Videos of online gameplay.
Click Here



Dazran303 commented on Rare: Fate Was Against Us With Goldeneye:

I'd love to play this game with Wii Controls! - That would probably never happen.

Its funny this news came up, just over the weekend I had friends over, and set up the good old N64 and had a blast with Multiplayer Goldeneye & Perfect Dark!



Dazran303 commented on Help People Get Their Wii Consoles Online, Get...:

Man this is excellent! But at the same time stoopid! I have got all my friends to get Wii's allready, and all my family members, and I'm pretty sure they have connected to the net =( Annoying! >.< What exactly do you have to do, make them download a game, or just connect to a router? Does sending them WiiWare/VC games count too? =)