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Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potential Wii U Buyers Towards PS4 And Vita

Posted by Damien McFerran

Sneaky business afoot in Germany?

The Wii U is unique in that it offers the second screen experience right out of the box — with rival consoles attempting to leverage smartphone and tablet applications to create the same kind of gameplay, Nintendo has an advantage in that users don't have to own additional hardware to achieve the same result.

However, Sony is making a big deal out of the link between the PS4 and PS Vita, which could potentially offer the same kind of gameplay possibilities. According to NiNTENDOMiNATiON owner Tilmen, Sony is going to great lengths to ensure that buyers are aware of this connection, and that they are steered away from picking up a Wii U:

Of course, rumours such as this crop up all the time so you should probably take it with a pinch of salt for the time being. Do you think Sony is capable of such underhanded tactics, or is this just someone allowing their creative imagination to get the better of them? Share your opinion by posting a comment below.


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Volmun said:

I cant imagen triying to play a full blow home concel game on the vita... its so uncomftabil i often get cramps from useing it and its the only thing iv ever got cramps from playing on... also the total lack of L/R 2 and 3



johnvboy said:

No amount of advertising is going to make the Vita sell,that will take a far more homebrew/emulator based console like the Psp.



AutumnShantel said:

That's too bad. They didn't have to try very hard to make me get the Vita, all they had to do was announce it. I like handhelds too much for my own good.



Einherjar said:

Trying to misinform customers is a sign of lacking confidence at their own product. Seems like just beeing able to offer new and shiny graphics isnt marketing gold anymore. So it comes down to "talk the more promising product down so that your less attractive one stands in a better light"
Funny, considering that i had a discussion here a few days ago how stupid it is to think that the other companys are directly targeting nintendo to make them look bad. Looks like i was right after all...
Its really sad that sony has nothing special to promote their new system. It seems like it cant even stand on its own two feet without talking down the competition.



BloodedgeZX said:

Why is this news on Nintendolife...???? Maybe probably to anger up the Nintendo community again which is going to work.



WiiUExposed said:

@wasf I have no idea why people think that doing a smart business move is somehow "fearing" another company.

This is how business works. If you can provide a similar experience with your own products, try to snag a piece of the competition's install base.

Just business man.



readypembroke said:

Even with the "special pricing", the combo is still is more than the Wii U if they do it in the US!!!!! Also the Vita doesn't have any games to make me want to buy it.

Wii U: $300
PS4 + Vita = $600 - 10% = $540



Macarony64 said:

Their marketing tactic is always to attack someone so since they hit the xbone so hard they need a challenge now.



zool said:

Wii u would have sold more units if the 3ds linked to the Wii u rather than having a gamepad, and all its limitations. I would think that most Wii u owners have a 3ds/2ds.



GeoCronus said:

However great PS4 and the Vita work together the pricing is still too high. Buying both pieces of hardware would cost $600 give or take with offers. The Wii U comes at $300 half that of PS4 and vita bundles you can do both of those things. And if one would bring up portability one could buy a 3DS and that still would only total at $470 with a Wii U and the XL 3DS.



micronean said:

Well, whatever the case, it hasn't worked. Vita still sells like crap. And...why would Sony start putting down the Wii U since March of this year...? Could a contract be made in March, but have any action lie dormant for 6 months?



SneakyStyle said:

Lol, wow, this is a really dirty dirty move if it's true, hopefully sony get a lot of bad karma from this... WiiU should launch some similar counter attacks and throw some money around if sony wants to play it this way.



Volmun said:

@Einherjar i think it was you a while back who hit the nail on the head with why companys hate nintendo so mutch it was something like "the main reason companys hate nintebdo so mutch is as its an enigma in the markit as thay dont use top of the line tech yet it continusly out dose the top of the line tech look at Vita vs 3DS" ebiway i think that was you and i agree with it.



cookiex said:

I don't see how a plan like this could work when PS4 and Vita combined would cost about $600 (even more with the 3G version of the latter). It's not competitive pricing when Wii U is half of that.

I doubt they're really doing this.



Marshi said:

Look on the flipside of this guys. Sony is heavily promoting the second screen vita gameplay, which whether they are trying to push wiiu out of its own originality or not will inevitably put attention ON to the wiiu. And while I personally think its great il soon have 2 consoles that can do off tv play, I know for a fact the sony variant will be a poorer experience.why? Because a ps4 pad has 2 sets of shoulder buttons,the vita has 1, so clearly its either not going to be able to play EVERY ps4 game or the games that use both sets of shoulder buttons will be gimped in some way



BloodedgeZX said:

And anyways why are the Nintendo community so agitated if this was a true this marketing ploy to shift some people to the sony systems maybe to get people to buy it. It's not about "hating" nobody nor bashing other companies. If Nintendo would do this they probably been No 1 by now but nope they are too busy on the 3DS/2DS success than worrying about the Wii U.



ungibbed said:

I'm happy with my PS3 and Wii U. That being said, aside from those mentioned systems, I have far too many consoles and handheld gaming devices to the point of insanity.



SMW said:

Anyone else get thrown off by the "Saturn" Store? I want a SEGA Saturn store!



Burning_Spear said:

I doubt that there's any more to this than Sony asking reps to remind people that the PS4-Vita connection can replicate Wii U's asynchronous game-play feature. Do you really think Sony would write a disinformation campaign into a contract, so some moron could spill it on the Web?



CaviarMeths said:

Sounds like BS to me. What kind of a contract actually says "misinform consumers about X product"?

Getting the tinfoil hat out, just in case.



Makyurax said:

things like this actually happen often. I've got a gamestop shop near me but they do everything to doesn't sell wiiu, from recommend ps4 to put wiiu used game at an higher (or same) price than the new one. I dunno what to think because in another gamestop shop they just sell what you want and with lower used wiiu game price



Einherjar said:

@Volmun Sort of like that, yep.
You could either accuse nintendo of playing it save or just that they dont want to go overboard with tech just for the sake of it.
Nintendo is very game centered. Their consoles have always been game consoles instead of multi media systems that can do everything but nothing particulary well. They make systems that enhance the way you play games and not just up the processing power so that games look nicer.
And it seems that most devs cant follow that trend, that they simply have no idea how to use features "outside of the box" and simply abandon ship and focus on systems that havent really changed that much.
Seeing how aggresive sony is getting so close to the PS4 launch day tells me, that either their expected sales numbers (preorders) arent what they predicted them to be or that they are fearing nintendos upcomming street cleaners like Mario Kart and Smash Bros.
You can make as much sonic allstar racings and little big planet kartings as you want, you simply cannot match a well made mario kart. And if everything you can offer are games that are virtually identical to what youve been offering for the entirety of last generation, its obvious that any competition offering something new is an incredibly dangoures one.



CaviarMeths said:

@SanderEvers But to put that directly in the contract? No one is that dumb. They may as well threw in a "All employers are legally bound to rub their hands together and laugh maniacally while misinforming consumers."



Nintend0ro said:

sony just shows they have lack of ideas to create unique features of their own. Who on earth would use vita to play ps4 games anyway? What a load of crap!!! Nintendo comes up with wii, ps move and kinect appears, Nintendo comes up with wiiu, smartglass and ps4/vita cross play shows up. pffff. I'll buy ps4 but i ain't gonna play it's games via vita



ScorpionMG said:

Nintendo Creates And takes all the risks, Sony always waits for other to make a risk then they follow up by copying nintendo Cough Ps Move Cough Vita With Ps4 Cough
And Microsoft always follows behind with the kinect and making similar games to ii sports etc



Peach64 said:

There's no way this happened. They'd never leave any evidence as they'd get in ridiculous levels of trouble. Sony don't see the Wii U as competition or they wouldn't have delayed the PS4 launch in Japan. It's Sony vs MS with Nintendo doing its own thing just like this gen.



MAB said:



No... Sony are little angels when it comes to desperate business tactics



Araknie said:

Buy two console to get the same experience you get in one.

Great message! Suuuuuuure...



Rief said:

Well, if it was Microsoft i could imagine it to be true, but Sony?
I don't really think they do that.

But if this is actually true, Sony will get a hard time, because Nintendo will not sit there and do nothing about it.
It sure would get very interesting if this was actually true.



BloodedgeZX said:

It's funny that the Nintendo community once again stated the overanxious comments over other companies again over nothing that probably isn't true sigh.....this is why i'm SO glad i'm not a fanboy that bow down for a inanimate object and a company.



kamoetahbingo said:

Well Sony is doing a better job advertising their new console than Nintendo.
Nintendo should put out more shops of their own and make more public demos so people know how the control feels like and share more information about Wii U, coz many don't know it's a new console from Nintendo



ajcismo said:

Its called Bait & Switch. Its illegal here in the US, I have no idea how its dealt with in Germany. Its a law designed to help stupid people when they can't think for themselves or do basic math.



Artwark said:

First off the Wii U is hated by many for one reason, lack of games.

It doesn't really matter if Sony tries to do the same thing because the Wii U is still cheaper than PS4.



BloodedgeZX said:

@kamoetahbingo I agree with you man these people already seen complaints across the board about this position Nintendo needs to put themselves in this xmas. The Wii U is in a tough spot regardless of how these people thinks about PS4 and how horrible the Vita is doing Sony still has better marketing than Nintendo. The 3DS shouldn't be their last legs in this so called "console war battle" because it's successful and trying to do a full run without the Wii U which is in the hole.



MAB said:

↑ I do it all for the love of seeing MicroSony fanboy reactions ↑



sonicfan1373 said:

Confrontational advertising is not really new in the industry. I remember that Sega, Nintendo, and Sony launched particularly aggressive attack campaigns towards one another in the 1990s.
Nintendo stopped this practice by the time the GC was released (they started to really focus only on their own products by the time Iwata became CEO).
Microsoft has done small things here and there (one incident that comes to mind is at E3 where they asked reps to got to Wii U booths and later to PS4 showcasing in order to inform them of the Xbox One) but aside from the few incidents I do not recall them taking direct shots at their competitors system.
Sony confrontational approach to advertising has cooled down since the 90s but they continue to be the most hostile of the 3 companies. Most of their ads and executive actions already show this.

With all of that being said, I doubt Sony would make a legally binding contract with another company that uses the word "misinform" and speaks of defaming a company's product or even tries to infer that they are about to embark in unfair monopolistic business practices with another party (especially EU country where anti-trust regulatory laws are more strict), so I believe the Tweet has been a bit exaggerated. However, I do not doubt the overall agreement Sony has made with its advertisers or its intentions (I also do not believe the agreement specifically targets the Wii U, because Sony has a more direct competitor to deal with) .



DualWielding said:

come on guys this is obviously just wishful thinking from a Nintendo fanboy, if the Wii U was selling great then yah, this could happen, but why would Sony pay people to misinform customers about a console nobody is buying



MAB said:

Because deep down Sony knows the WiiU will pick up steam next year as it is inevitable



ToniK said:

The price difference is so significant that this could accidentally promote Wii U

"Oh, that's quite the price. But what's that thing over there, seems quite similar as a concept? Wii U , you say, hmmm..."



TheRealThanos said:

The console 'that nobody is buying', except for all the Wind Waker HD fans, giving us a glimpse of what kind of sales increase will happen when Mario Kart and other triple A titles come out. Anyone with a brain can figure that one out, no need to go all fanboy, it's just simple logic.
And as far as the Vita/PS4 connection is concerned: it will NEVER offer the same experience, since beside everything that has already been said the hardware is also not optimally attuned to it AND not every developer will implement support for the device because they don't know how many buyers of their games have a Vita as well as a PS4, so why would they invest in the extra cost of putting that kind of programming into their game since it will mean having additional cost of development and no certainty that they will be able to get a return on that by software sales.
Therefore it cannot be implemented as a standard in your game, whereas in the Wii U it can because it's an integral part of the console. And that too is simple logic. And Microsoft with their Smart Glass solution will come across the same issues, except for the fact that (way) more people will actually have a smart phone or tablet than a Vita, so their chances of success are moderately higher, although the absence of tactile controls may be a huge turn-off



Hyperstar96 said:

Do you think Sony is capable of such underhanded tactics,

You're kidding, right? This sort of thing is what they do for all of their advertising. I'm amazed they still haven't gotten in trouble for any of it yet.



matirishhh said:

Well...I have a VITA but I still bought WII U yesterday!
I will also buy PS4 but not earlier then after 12 months from being released.
VITA/PS4 is a good idea but will not beat WIIU with bigger screen and proper number of triggers on the back of a gamepad!



kegluneq said:

humm. wiiu for 300 or ps4 and vita for 600... humm. will sony create a mario and link too? or maybe a samus... well they did their own super smash... how original... and move... always criticizing nintendo ideas... always copying



kevkeepsplaying said:

Of course they're capable of something like this. Their history is riddled with sneaky business tactics like this, I wouldn't be surprised at all.



Cuddles said:

Hell yeah PS4/Vita!! While my WiiU collects dust (because the games are crap) I'll be second screening with the PS4. Such excite. Now I just need to find a PS4



Quickman said:

Regardless whether this is true or not Sony are still starting to look a little desperate these days, financially they're in a mess, the Vita is failing hard and losing them even more money so they need to do something with it.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens because if the PS4 doesn't completely dominate then Sony could be in big trouble..



mike_intv said:

@ajcismo Has a relevant point.

If this is truly happening, it may be of questionable legal standing.

Of course, many activities within the video game industry are of questionable legal standing. For example, why are all the freebies given game store managers not considered "payola"? I know they come "no strings attached" but they have the same effect as if they did. Since Nintendo does not give out free systems and loads of games, their systems are not pushed like those of its competitors who take this approach on an almost yearly basis.



NMH-TRI said:

Having a contract with stores to misinform consumers about a product? Wouldn't something like that be illegal? Grounds for a lawsuit based on slander, defamation?



Volmun said:

@Einherjar exactly its why i im starting to be more of a nintendo fan tbh as thay make games concels for GAMES and to play GAMES in fun new ways but Sony... ever sins the PS Move iv bean thinking thayv lost it... and naw the Vita has neir enuff put me off the Play Station brand.. i am considering a PS4 purly for 2 or 3 games.. (Deep Down - KnacK - the orginisation? Forgot the name) so not geting it day 1... mabe in Feb.. but im not hiped for PS4 atall 8/



Turbo857 said:


The PS Vita also has a much smaller screen than the Wii U Gamepad and the Gamepad is interconnected with the Wii U OS. Off-TV Play is a nice feature for any console to have, but it's not worth paying additional $ for the feature alone. So I don't see a significant # of Vitas moving off the shelves solely because of off-TV compatibility with the PS4.



element187 said:

"...Contract includes: "missinform consumers about #WiiU & highly recommend them to buy a #PS4 and #Vita + special 10% discount offering"

Uhm, once those customers see the sticker shock of a Vita and a PS4 together and compare it with just a Wii U..... yeah, Nintendo shouldn't fear any loss in sales.



element187 said:

What I noticed is nobody is talking about HOW the Vita connects to the PS4.

If the Vita is connecting to the home network and THEN opening a TCP connection that way to PS4, its going to have some serious local lag problems..... The only way for the PS4's off TV Play feature to match the zero latency of the Wii U, the PS4 will need to be equipped with TWO wireless chips.... one for a dedicated internet and the other dedicated to streaming to the Vita (I highly doubt this is the case).

Maybe some AAA dudebro games might not need zero latency, but its definitely a requirement for platformers and action/fighting/driving games.



OliverAdam said:


They don't fear the Wii U or Nintendo, they never have, they just buy in on a gimmick that potentially could get them some customers. Thing about this is, i don't know a single person in the world actually give a damn about off-tv play, and it's the dumbest thing ever in my book... except Sony has an advantage: their off-tv play is SERIOUSLY off-tv, which means you can actually play a long ways away, as long as you have an internet connection, and not just 3 feet away from your TV.

I'm sorry if this isn't the forum to nag on Nintendo, but in this case i would rather look at it, in a rational way, and i must say Sony has the benefit in every way possible; not only is it a handheld of its own, it's a nice periphiral and not a requirement.



Nintendude789 said:

The Wii U and 3DS combined is still cheaper than the Vita and PS4, even with the discount.
Vita: $200
PS4: $400
Total: $600
-10% of $600 ($60)
Total cost: $540

Wii U: $300
3DS: $170
or 3DS XL: $200
or 2DS: $140
Total: $470 (3DS)
$500 (3DS XL)
$440 (2DS)

And yes, Vita is way much superior than the 3DS, but the 3DS has better games. Vita is still struggling, even after it's price drop. 3DS sales already outsold Wii sales, PS3 and 360 sales.



Einherjar said:

@Volmun Im getting a PS4 eventually for stuff like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, because im naive enough to beleave that square can still make something good :/
Other than that, there is nothing that cought my attention from the get go.

@OliverAdam Almost anyone on here was excited about the adition of off-tv Wii mode, so there are people who care about it. And sony has the advantage ? Their off-TV concept exists since the PSP (Remote Play) and they have made nothing out of it, even with the vita. They are in no way in an advantageous spot here. The WiiU is completely build around that feature, on the PS+Vita combo its simply tacked on. Also, remote play does NOT work via 3G, the same with online multiplayer on the Vita. And with countrys like germany, only offering 3G services up to 1gb of traffic a month and then slowing it down to 65k there is NO way to stream games on the go without draining your traffic limit almost immediatly. Not to mention that the 3G network is as frickle as an infrared connection over here -.-
And adding more and more features to the actual console controller (more buttons, built in move controller, touchpad etc) its getting harder and harder to emulate that on the Vita and its shoddy back touch pad, one of the stupidest and most uncomfortable things in gaming history.
They definitly have the possibility to emulate a WiiUs features, but they can not surpass it in any way with that kind of setup.
PS Move was a definite (although stupid looking) evolution of the WiiMote, but this is just an excuse to, again, profit from others ideas like sony has been doing since the analog stick.



Rafie said:

@element187 Let's wait until the system comes out and see for ourselves if this lag will happen.

Anyway, why would anyone in their right mind give credence to this crap?! First off, of course someone from the "competition" will try and say anything to make the other look bad. I knew once I saw the title and how many comments there were...we would be looking at another bash session and more angry Nintendo fans.

I agree with @Peach64 Sony isn't competing with Nintendo at all. It's really Microsoft that there competition is more fierce. Seeing as those 2 are so close in specs and other entertainment propaganda, Nintendo is just really in a league of it's own. I'll admit that Sony does take a lot of ideas from Ninty. However, this isn't one of them. Sony has been saying for months now how the Vita will be incorporated with the PS4. This isn't anything new.



Einherjar said:

@Nintendude789 You forgot that you NEED a memory card for the Vita to actually use it. And a 32gb one (still a very small amount of space if you consider how big these games can get and how slow the reading / writing speed of these things are) costs about 100$. So, add 50-100$ to the vitas install price, since its barely usable without a memory card that is NOT included.



rjejr said:

There's such a thing as "Potential Wii U Buyers"?

And for all you, um, uniformed people who keep mocking the Vita while praising the Wii U - have a dose of reality, last weeks Japanese hardware sales:

3DS LL – 141,245 (85,885)
3DS – 72,325 (37,102)
PlayStation Vita – 60,166 (3,538)
PlayStation 3 – 12,395 (10,232)
PSP – 3,467 (4,093)
Wii U – 3,276 (4,001)
Wii – 703 (914)
Xbox 360 – 575 (354)



Einherjar said:

@rjejr You talk about reality and present sales charts ? These things dont mean anything wothwhile. You could make up anything from that:
WiiU sales low because everyone bought one last week, Vita sales high because it was sold at a 50% discount shelf clearance special. As long as you just have the raw numbers of a single week, these things are as useful as a spoon with holes.



Rafie said:

@Einherjar Will you say that the Wii U sales are up slightly because of their newly SRP? Just saying it works both ways for both the Vita and Wii U. They are in the same boat.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Lol Sony will never stop copying Nintendo.

But at least Sony is trying to sell and advertise the features of the PS4 & Vita, Nintendo has been completely confused and they don't even know how to sell or advertise the Wii U console!



rjejr said:

@Einherjar "You talk about reality and present sales charts ? "

Yes, yes I do. Next time I'll make up imaginary numbers just for you.



AdanVC said:

So here we go! The next-gen nasty competition of consoles begins. Either way, I wouldn't buy a PS4+Vita to replace my Wii U. Wii U and the Gamepad works together natively and extremely well. I'm sure PS4-Vita would have tons of bugs, doesn't work together natively and of course the high price that already has doesn't look attractive at all.



GN004Nadleeh said:

nintendo started this second screen thing with gamecube and gba link up and it was fun but very expensive, ps3 and psp have had remote play for years. sony added remote play so we can play playstation everywhere. nintendo added a second screen to controller as an anti pirate measure. everyone who wants a wii u has one. if you pay attention there have been 4 articles with EXCUSES on why wii u is not selling, its always someone else fault they named it wii again or its vastly under powered by todays standards



Einherjar said:

@rjejr As far as im concerned, these numbers could very well be imaginary. Either way, i couldnt care less about them to be honest.



yvanjean said:

Vita connectivity is never really going to take off, it's same a PS eye and Kinect.... you can't make games that support device that only a fraction of your user base can play. Xbox One is taking a gamble with having a Kinect 2.0 with every bundle. But at least going forward Kinect games are going to be mainstream.



TheRealThanos said:

@Kodeen I've looked up several sources that mention this. Most of them speak of Sony asking developers to include it, not demanding. I never said that developers wouldn't think it's a good idea, it's simply bad business to invest in something when you don't know if you will see any profit come out of it. Sony can demand only so much from third parties, and what they can demand is actually very little because they have to play nice to third party developers, same as Nintendo or Microsoft will have to do, otherwise they'll end up being 'as doomed as Nintendo' with only their own exclusive titles and then, between the two new contenders, Microsoft will win after all. Obviously you haven't got the slightest idea of what any 'mandatory' development extras will cost, especially for smaller studios.
And the bigger studios will tell Sony what they need, NOT the other way around, or Sony will have no big titles left to speak of in a very short while...
And then there's still my ironclad point that not every PS4 owner will own a Vita. Why would they pay for functionality that they'll never use? Exactly...



AyeHaley said:

Damnit Sony there is a reason why People WANT to play Nintendo. Xbox is your main enemy.



yuwarite said:

I have no interest in Vita. Developers aren't supporting it, and it has no true exclusives, not upgraded ports, worth buying it for. The only Vita game I was interested in was PSO2, but it looks awful compared to the PC version. Games like Killzone Vita have superior versions on PS3 and PS4 as well. It's just a failure of a system, imo; maybe in the top 10 worst portables ever made. I'd rather own a Game.Com for pure novelty sake than own a Vita, lol.



Dogpigfish said:

@Makyurax Same here. Every Gamestop I've been to has discredited Wii U at every avail. Sometimes they'll block the entry path to the setup with used movies or something. I'm not sure why, but this is a problem.



Rafie said:

@yuwarite I wouldn't classify the Vita as the worst handheld. Not even close. It's struggling more than anything. The Wii U is struggling, not a failure of a console like the media is saying it is.



retro_player_22 said:

Sony can try all they want, even if this connectivity feature is available, I doubt anyone would care. People will buy the PS4, they're not gonna get the PS Vita, not at the price Sony is offering and even if some do they still had to shell out another hundred bucks for those expensive memory cards too which is the reason the PS Vita not selling in the first place. If they want consumer to get a PS4 and Vita for this, they had to make it as cheap as possible, maybe as a bundle or something.



sagen said:

Well it's no secret that Sony is a bunch of lowly scumbags when it comes to advertising



Caryslan said:

I'm gonna take this with a massive grain of salt given the fact that its second hand info from someone's "friend", is being posted on Twitter by a the webmaster of a Nintendo fansite(no bias there), is being posted on another Nintendo fan website, and is being reported that it started in March 2013(was Sony even taking preorders then?).

Something just seems off about this.

If this had some proof I would buy it, but this just sounds like some play at attention or to make Sony look bad.

Maybe they are doing this, but I would rather see better proof than someone's twitter where they got second-hand info from a friend. Keep in mind, the classic "my friend works here, is an insider, or talked to someone" is the oldest trick to spread lies on the internet.

Again, I'm not saying Sony may not be doing this. But let's get something a little better then someone's twitter before we bash Sony. This just sounds like some lie or misdirected info to me.



Pete_Stooge said:

The PS4 will blow WiiU away saleswise...for sure. I'm a Nintendo-fan from day one, but to be honest I haven't decided yet where to spend my money on...I just can't fall in love with the WiiU.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I really doubt this has much truth to it. Its sounds more like something some fanboy would dream up, I just don't see a huge corporation like Sony being foolish enough to allow written proof of such an agreement in a legally binding document like that. At most they're probably having them upsell the PS4 and Vita, at worst downplay the Wii U's capabilities.

If people are as confused about the Wii U as recent articles have implied then Sony doesn't really need to go out of their way to "misinform" people anyway. Taking atdvantage of the confusion on the other hand is a good idea. A company pushing their product over the competition's isn't anything strange or new.



KayOL78 said:

what is the latency via ps4 sending out image and vita getting and displaying said moving real time data?



Caryslan said:

@rjejr Good lord, I just noticed that. The PSP outsold the Wii U this week! An eight year old handheld outsold a new console that had a major title come out on it!

I know Japan is the PSP's strongest market, but that's just pathetic. I'm not bashing Nintendo, but they really need to find the answer quickly. At this rate, I'm not even sure Super Mario 3D World will help the Wii U much in Japan.

I guess the domination of handhelds over there is not gonna end anytime soon.



NMH-TRI said:

@Dogpigfish My local Gamestop does the same thing. Last time I was in there, there was a display of pre orders right in front of the Wii U demo station and said demo station was in a corner to the right of the entrance. Probably the lowest visibility area when walking into that store. Is it Gamestop as a whole? Is it that Gamestop unknowingly employs a large number of younger people that personally want Nintendo to die so they can get their titles on another platform? Is it lack of space and Nintendo just loses out (not a lack of space at my Gamestop though that's for sure...)? Does Nintendo not pay to get the prime real estate? Who knows



idork99 said:

In the US, one can get a Vita for $200 + a game and the PS4 will retail for $400 when released. With a 10% discount, that'll be roughly $540.

So, you can get an HD Nintendo system for $300 or pay $240 more for a beefier HD system. The choice is yours.



Caryslan said:

@NMH-TRI I don't think its the employees or even a conspiracy against Nintendo, I just think Gamestop bases their stores around what they are trying to push and what sales the best.

Almost all the Gamestops in my area have the Xbox 360 games in the front and that system has the biggest selection. The PS3 games are against a back wall, and they have the second largest section. The Vita games are generally nestled in a corner in the area of the PS3 games.

The 3DS and DS both get a pretty sizable section, although they mix those two systems for some reason. The Wii U has its own little section, while Wii, PSP, and PS2 games are shoved in the center of the store on racks.

I think what has hurt Nintendo's place in Gamestop is the fact that Ipads and Tablets are now being sold there. I noticed the Tablet displays are often in the same place where the DS games used to be. There are pretty much two expectations in terms of this layout. One Gamestop that is still a Funcoland keeps their Wii U games where their NES games once were back in the day, and their Tablet Section is where they used to have demo stations back during the Dreamcast days.

The other one is a huge Gamestop that has enough room for all the systems to be displayed properly.

I don't think it's the fact that they are against Nintendo(their DS and 3DS sections tend to be real good, and most had sizable Wii sections) but more along the lines that the Xbox 360 and PS3 are simply their best sellers.

Now, things are gonna get even more dicey when the PS4 and Xbox One come out.



NMH-TRI said:

@Caryslan I enjoy entertaining conspiracy theories though. Too many people write things off because of lack of solid proof. People are capable of anything. Large groups of people are capable of much more. Goal driven organizations can sink to dirty tactics because many times, the end CAN justify the means (so long as the means aren't illegal or the means are illegal yet impossible to prove as such.)

I don't honestly think that ALL employees at a store would "personally" try to damage another company, but let's face it, haters and fanboys are not limited to internet forums. Advertising in such a way that it degrades your competitions' position is not uncommon. Politicians do it all the time out in the open. Business's are a little more subtle I'm sure (I don't watch tv anymore, so I don't know what tone ads are taking currently).

I don't know how demo stations work at these places, but Nintendo in the Best Buy and Gamestop that I frequent are stuck in low visibility areas where MS/Sony are easily high visibility. I'm sure it's selling power of each that dictates, but don't these companies also pay for stores to set up demo areas. I would guess Nintendo is being "cheap" (which isn't far fetched).

You're right about the mobile section. It has almost 1/4 of the real estate in my local GS and nothing each individual product has plenty of room to "breathe".



banacheck said:


You haven't noticed remote-play since 2006 which has obviously evolved over the years, you also haven't noticed when the PS4 was first announced Sony went on to explain the the PSVita & PS4 where in development together? and why the PS4 & PSVita remote play will work better than the PS3 & PSVita remote play. Yet you've only just woke-up to the fact Sony is pushing remote play with the PS4 & PSVita, are you even aware we are almost in 2014?



MAN1AC said:

I'm a Wii U owner and I'll be honest. the PS4+Vita off-screen play is better.



B3ND3R said:

Good thing I've sworn off both Sony and Microsoft... For the THIRD time... I grew up with a NES, SNES, N64, and PS1... Loved them all. Got the original Xbox and PS2 along with the Gamecube then the Wii... What makes Nintendo's consoles so much better (in my opinion) is that they are all about fun, unlike the others who focus on gritty dark experiences 24/7... Nintendo for life right here.



DarkLloyd said:

@B3ND3R As an owner of all consoles except the "xbox one" that is false they do not just do Gritty Dark experinces 24/7 with that logic might as well say nintendo does kiddy fun 24/7.

but anyways about the article this has been debunked.



Melkaticox said:

Nintendo should insult Sony's Playstation "All-Stars" when they start promotioning SSB next year...



dyopri said:

thats still over $700 to buy both at the same time. and not to mention games that would add up



nickel696 said:

pretty stupid if you ask me whos going to pay 650$ for both consoles not mention the games which would probably put you over 1000$ when you could just buy a wii u which is 300$ now and the games would maybe cost with it 500$ or more depending on how many games you get.



IKAY said:

People should try it, when the PS Vita is available. If the do so to tell wrong things about the WiiU with intentional, it's against some fair business competition laws, I guess. Only time will show, if they do so.



JudgeMethos said:

I love my Vita but I do NOT and COULD NOT see myself using that bad boy as a controller. The PS4 already has a controller with the correct number of buttons. The Vita is a few buttons shy of being an actual next gen controller eh!



banacheck said:

Contract includes: "missinform consumers about #WiiU & highly recommend them to buy a #PS4 and #Vita + special 10% discount offering"

I find it very ironic he uses the word "Missinformed" because thats what he has done himself, "missinformed" people about what the PS4 & PSVita actually do. In fact what the PS4 & PSVita will actually do you'll be able to also use the PS3 in the near future, as well as mobiles, laptops, PC, TV's etc which is a long way off but part of the overall plan.The PSVita & PS3 can do what the Wii U does, hence LBP DLC never mind the PS4 which will do it better. But Sony are not actually pushing that part of the PSVita, if you take 5mins of your life to go and actually look yourself you might actually find out what it is being used for, and you might actually learn something for once.



DaemonSword said:

F Sony and their sleazy plans for world domination. Bad enough most of their games suck, to the point that I never jumped. And will they ever have an ORIGINAL idea? Without Nintendo, who would they copy? I'll never sell my soul to them.



banacheck said:

I see Nintendo and there "Original" ideas sometime end up in court, some might call that straight. Like there is no smoke without fire, but if your from NintendoLand everyones out to get Nintendo. But i'm from this little planet called earth, hay you might be one of those Aliens which people talk about on planet earth. Have we made contact with extra-terrestrial life?



LoveSugoi said:

Well, since I don't have short term memory I remember when they pushed this feature with real advertisements when the Vita first came out for a system that already had a large install base. It's 2013 and spoiler alert no one cared. So can anyone tell me why on Earth would the financially troubled Sony do something this reckless over a previously failed push and in turn, offer free advertising to a struggling system that does the same thing at a much cheaper price tag?

Even if this were true, the fact a number of people here didn't even seem to know that Sony's been doing remote play with their handhelds for years should tell you how much you actually need to care about any push for PS4+Vita off tv play.



GamerJunkie said:

Nintendo has a disadvantage you mean. You have to use the gamepad that they don't even sell apart from the console.

Everybody already has a tablet or smartphone, so they can use what they already own on the other consoles. Its a huge advantage. Also the phone or tablet is a much more powerful machine with better resolution than the Wii U gamepad

For the Vita and PS4 link that is additional money, but its also much more powerful than the gamepad and I bet the gamepad will cost at least $100 if you want a 2nd one.



Jellitoe said:

Nintendo should just patch the Wii you so that the 3DS can be used as a second "gamepad" although short 2 buttons. Everyone is the world practically owwns a 3ds. Shoot I have 3 in my house alone



Rei7 said:

Just stealing some sales and a very good strategy imo.
Nintendo should do the same lol



Sanquine said:

Oke, so a guy called NiNTENDOMINATION has some source telling you this. This same guy had a major rant at me because i said i liked more platforms than only Nintendo He is such a believable source. ^_^ Hypocrits



Pod said:

That's a very expensive and incredibly niche alternative to getting a Wii U. Not to mention Nintendo-game-free.

No developer would utilize it anymore than the Wii X DS link possibilities were used, as nobody would know how many users had both a PS4 and a Vita. Not very many are going to, and much fewer will use them together.

But they will probably manage to tide some people over with this campaign, what do I know.

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