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Tue 16th Jul 2013

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GeoCronus commented on Rumour: Sony Running Campaign To Push Potentia...:

However great PS4 and the Vita work together the pricing is still too high. Buying both pieces of hardware would cost $600 give or take with offers. The Wii U comes at $300 half that of PS4 and vita bundles you can do both of those things. And if one would bring up portability one could buy a 3DS and that still would only total at $470 with a Wii U and the XL 3DS.



GeoCronus commented on Parent Trap: The Wii Is Still Crucial To Famil...:

@Falco, what you say is true for the most part. Although I do see what you are saying about the gamepad but I do not see it as too big of a deal. Also while casuals may find the kinect to be attractive, the X Box One is far too expensive all on its own. Compare it to the Wii U and the comparison is even more validated as the Wii U is now only 300 dollars compared to the much more expensive 500 dollar X Box One. That a 200 dollar difference.