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Dan Adelman - Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of Demand for a Unified Account System

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Talks up download game quality, emphasizes the pros of the Unity deal

While short term recovery is very much on the agenda for the Wii U, its medium and long-term prospects are also important for the big N. Naturally that revolves around games, as Nintendo will aim to supplement its first and second-party projects with third-party blockbusters and, perhaps more so, a dynamic range of software on the eShop.

Nintendo, like its rivals, has been making a major play for the hearts and minds of smaller developers and download-only specialists in recent times. After a year or so of keeping its more relaxed, supportive terms locked down to word of mouth from developers themselves, the company has recently been making more public noise to show that it, like Microsoft and Sony, it's opening doors. This includes Nintendo's deal with Unity — one of the most widely-used engines by download developers — to offer free tools to those working on the Wii U. Here's what Nintendo of America's head of business development, Dan Adelman, had to say in the topic during a recent interview with Destructoid.

Normally, you have to pay twice. You have to buy Unity Pro, and then once you ship a game, you have to pay for a license to ship for the different platforms, so we did a deal with Unity so they can get the development tools for free and they don't have to pay any license fees. Really trying to make sure that their break-even point, the financial risk should be so minimal that, you know, why wouldn't they just bring it out to as many platforms as possible?

For Adelman, part of his job is to also spread the word about the quality of many download games, emphasizing that less expensive doesn't have to mean less enjoyable.

That's kind of my personal mission in life these days. If you talk to someone outside of the gaming industry, someone who doesn't necessarily follow [or] read all the blogs and keep up with the latest news, a lot of them are really unaware of a lot of these games. They've never heard of them, don't know that they even exist. So right now, it's a little bit of a niche audience of people who follow all of these games.

But I'm personally convinced that if you get these games into people's hands and they try them, they'll be shocked. They'll be surprised at how good these games are and say, 'I had no idea you could get these amazing games for $15, $20, $10 sometimes.' So I spend all of my time playing indie games; frankly, it's been a while since I played a full retail game just because there's so much great stuff out there. That probably says more about me than it does about anything else.

So far, so forward thinking, though one area where Nintendo is still somewhat old-school is in its account system, where download purchases are tied to hardware. In the present day most platforms typically save your content and records to an account in the cloud, allowing quick and easy transferring of content in the event of a machine breaking down or, alternatively, being switched for another model. With the continuing absence of Wii U to Wii U transfers, the idea of switching models is unpalatable for those that have downloaded any content; that's a scenario that, to be blunt, is unacceptable in 2013.

Dan Adelman didn't have any update on this, but did state that the teams in Japan that work on eShop software were very aware of the demand for these unified accounts.

We don't have anything new to announce, unfortunately, other than we've definitely heard that feedback many times from both inside and outside the company. It's definitely something that we're very much aware of. All development for the infrastructure really happens out of Japan, so we've kind of communicated this need in the market, and they're very much aware of it and working towards really just always improving the eShop.

In terms of how developers or consumers are impacted by it, I've definitely read a lot of frustrations from consumers. I actually haven't heard it too much from developers — it just doesn't come up as much in conversation, or if it does come up, it's usually from a standpoint of them also being a consumer as well as a developer. But I have never heard a developer say, 'I'm interested in making games for the eShop, but because of this account system, I really don't feel comfortable doing that.' That hasn't seemed to be a barrier at this point.

We are due a major system update for the Wii U in the coming weeks or months, a final date is yet to be given. It should be getting rather close, and if Nintendo can implement an account system it will alleviate issues of switching Wii U hardware, which may be worthwhile with the 32GB model getting a discount, alongside a special edition system for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD.

How important is a unified and more flexible account system to you, and do you agree with Dan Adelman in terms of the quality that download-only games can offer?


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9th_Sage said:

I think it's pretty important fixing up their account system. I like getting digital stuff, I'd feel better about it knowing that if my system explodes tomorrow, I can still log in with my account and get all that stuff on a new one.



Macarony64 said:

If they could do it sooner than later it would be great and it will lower cost of backward compatible systems in the future.



ThomasBW84 said:

@ferthepoet He didn't say it's definitely not coming, but it's pretty standard — from what I understand anyway — for Nintendo in Japan to keep other regions in the dark or swear them to secrecy. There is hope!



Squiggle55 said:

Even with this statement I still am left thinking that Nintendo seriously underestimates the importance of having a Nintendo account. They still don't understand how to cultivate loyalty in an online ecosystem.



Lin1876 said:

I'm frankly amazed/appalled that we're in 2013 and there isn't a unified account system. If nothing else, being expected to pay twice for Virtual Console (on Wii U and 3DS) is nothing less than a slap in the face to consumers.



ajcismo said:

The good news is that this is the first I've ever heard Nintendo actually acknowledging that consumers have been demanding an account system.
Every time we fill out the Club Nintendo survey, every one of us should be mentioning account system.



MAB said:

Meh! what if the cloud explodes and I lose all my stuff



ECMIM said:

@ThomasBW84 is 100% correct. If you aren't in Japan working on the exact project in question, you are literally kept nearly totally in the dark for as long as humanly possible.



PokeTune said:

Yeah...sure you are. That's why its been a full console generation for you to notice. Just shut up, Nintendo.



DualWielding said:


Yah but in this case keeping people in the dark would be totally stupid is not like a game or a console where secrecy may have some benefits, if an account system is in the works they should be letting everyone know, just a vague statement saying it would eventually come would improve digital sales, there is zero reason to be secretive about an account system if one is in the works.... just think of the release of pokemon x and y, how many people would go digital over physical if Nintendo confirmed that an account system is in the works....



bouncer0304 said:

They seriously need to do this ASAP. Back in March, because my 3ds died, it was out of warrenty and couldn't do a system transfer, i lost everything including my ambassador status. While i was lucky and got something back, i still lost a lot. If there had been one account, it would be a different story. This needs to be done as a matter of urgency. A lot of people won't download until then.



Dpishere said:

Hopefully they implement the account feature sooner rather than later, it certainly would make me more likely to purchase games digitally.



SuperKMx said:

Until this happens, I won't download anything substantial for a Nintendo console. I've never purchased any retail games digitally on the Wii U or 3DS for exactly this reason. Not having a centralised account that allows me to re-download items is absolute nonsense and unfortunately, the fact that they STILL haven't done this shows exactly how far behind Nintendo's infrastructure actually is. Real shame, to be honest.

And Lin1876 makes a great point too regarding paying for stuff twice. If I buy something on the Wii U VC, I expect to be able to play it on the 3DS VC, especially for the price they're trying to charge for 20 year-old games. In a lot of cases, I can buy the actual carts cheaper on eBay!



Multishanks said:

I have an idea why Nintendo is hesitant to have an account system....hackers. They don't have the structure to maintain high level security for millions of consumers just yet. They will now that they've seen how profitable digital has been for them.



datamonkey said:

It's a shame this wasn't ready when Wii U launched like we were initially led to believe.

We are one step closer with the loss of the friend codes but NInty need to just take it one extra step.

The thought of losing all digital content if I lose my 3DS or my Wii U breaks is enough to put me off buying too much on the eshop. However once there is a unified account I will buy more. Simple...

Hopefully it is just a matter of time now...?! I hope...



TheHunter said:

I buy pretty much all my games digitally now and I'm terrified of my system getting lost or broken and losing all of that. They need to give security to their paying customers. An account system should be priority one right now.



mereel said:

@SuperKMx The argument you put forth is all Nintendo Japan needs to know about this subject.

One caveat: I have more than one 3DS (kids in the house), so I'd probably opt for physical 3DS cards regardless, but for the home consoles like Wii U, of course I would go digital if it were safe to do so.



Captain_Toad said:

Heh, it's all a matter of time till a vital part of this online experience has been accomplished.



cookiex said:

Adelman doesn't take part in the decisions Nintendo make about matters like this (he earlier said that the whole region-locking thing was out of his reach) so he might not know everything that's going on behind closed doors.

But if unified accounts aren't coming with the next system update then it will probably take a while.



Oto said:

That would be a brilliant move, rolling out a unified acct ahead of the holidays. DL sales would skyrocket = profits, & you're right, probably lots of people who already have a wiiu (myself incl) would get one of the special bundles = more profit. Now you got my hopes up...



datamonkey said:

@SuperKMx - "If I buy something on the Wii U VC, I expect to be able to play it on the 3DS VC, especially for the price they're trying to charge for 20 year-old games. In a lot of cases, I can buy the actual carts cheaper on eBay!"




Emblem said:

@bouncer0304 I hope you still have that 3DS as you can still get a system transfer after your warranty expires, you will however need to pay.



Kicked2TheKirb said:

@Lin1876 I agree... I certainly won't pay twice. imagine if i had to buy a song from itunes then pay again to have it on my phone and again to have it on my ipad. ridiculous



rjejr said:

On a somewhat related point - since the post mentioned the upcoming Wii U update - would anybody else like a combined "Daily Log" option? It's nice that while logged into my account I can cycle thru my wife and kids activity (though my wife still hasn't played anything, she's waiting for Wii Fit U) but I really wish they would add an overall system usage screen . Besides a barchart looking cool in 4 colors I could tell how much Pikmin 3 has been played (currently at around 15, 8 and 5 hours I think). When MK8 and SSB comes out those numbers are going to get really big.

Though given a choice of separate Wii U accounts or going back to 1Wii account on Nintendo Channel I'll take the separate ones. Though NSMBU still puts all the save points together, and that's just stupid.

One last thing. I bought a Premium bundle and there was supposed to be some kind of 10% discount program I think. I've bought 2 games - Trine 2 and Toki Tori 2+ both on sale - and a Pokemon Rumble U DL code at Gamestop for $17.99 but is there a place you can look that stuff up on the Wii U? Do I have to set up an account somehow somewhere? Does the discount even apply to eShop games? If someone could just point me to a link. thanks

nvm, still can't fnd it on Wii U but Google found this weirdly named website if anyone else is interested:

OK, realy last thing -

speaking of digital downloads, Wonderful 101 should be out TODAY in the US eShop. Haven't checked yet myself, its at the top of my Gamefly list.



banacheck said:

Nintendo does need to wake-up to things like this because it only does them more harm than good, i'm not counting on anything on Nintendo's part anytime soon. Nintendo its 2013 in my reality but i haven't got a clue what year it is in NintendoLand. Cool Story Bro..



TheIrateGamer said:


You know, you still could've sent it in to Nintendo. They'd still transfer even out of warranty. Did you not want to pay? That's your fault then and less having to do with an account system. An account system would've made it easier but if you already knew how Nintendo operated and still blame them, well that's a lack of common sense on your end.



mamp said:

I for one am very confident that we'll get an account system, maybe not soon but I'm sure it'll eventually happen, it just seems like something Nintendo would do especially because they know the consumer wants it really bad. Also love Dan Adelman he's doing a good job with indies.



hcfwesker said:

@rjejr You get 10% back from ALL eShop purchases (retail games, VC, Apps, DLC, Indy games, etc). Once you earn 500 points ($50 worth of purchases) you get a $5 redeemable code from a site I'll post below. This can go back towards ANY eShop purchase. The code can be redeemed on your WiiU eShop App by selecting 'Add Funds' > 'Use a prepaid Shop Card something' and enter the16 digit code each $5 you earn. <---- go there, select your region then log in with your WiiU Network ID.



sinalefa said:

I hope that they are working in the account system, and I hope they will announce it when it is ready (as they usually do), as the tune would just switch from "will you ever announce an account system?" to "you said you would, so where is it?" As soon as they do I will be buying a hard drive for my Wii U.


I am the only one playing on my Wii U, but I still see your point. Still, I prefer to have the Daily Log in the Wii U itself as opposed to the Nintendo Channel, as it already went off air, so I lost my Wii numbers. What I would love in the Wii U one is a total hours played number without having to manually add up the month totals.



King47 said:

I always complained about the account system. And now that my 3ds broke, I feel even stronger about it.



DTFaux said:

I'm also in the camp that's sure we'll get a unified account sooner or later. There's no way they're not working on it as we speak, but I can imagine that one thing that's stopping Nintendo is on how to implement such a system while preventing folks from abusing it. I've seen a good amount of people who have no problem sharing an account with tons of people if the system allows it.

If we do get this system, I hope folks don't complain if it comes with some kind of DRM or rule that you can only link one 3DS/Wii U at a time.



NMH-TRI said:


That's the site! After you have 500 points find the link for "get activation code" and it'll give you a code to redeem on eShop. From there, go to "Enter download code" on the eShop's front page. The codes always use zeroes and never Oh's.

I hope you've also linked to a Club Nintendo account. You can get games from there for different amounts of "coins". StarTropics II is one of their rewards right now.



Sceptic said:

Oh dear, the guy is basically saying they keep telling Japan it's an issue but they're not sure if there's anybody home. Another bad hunch confirmed.



Great_Gonzalez said:

Wow I didn't know you couldn't do wii u to wii u transfers well there goes my plans of getting the WW wii u and transferring all my stuff to it then selling my old one to my bro for 150 quid...



Legromancer said:

so much THIS!
I have three portables that i use from Nintendo DS, DS XL, 3DS. Even if i transfer all my digital content (that is unevenly distributed) i can't easily tranfer them back if ,let's say, i just want to bring my DS with me. An account system would solve this.
Besides, Nintendo could easily impliment Icons, Trading Cards etc. to this account like STEAM does. If would really boost the awareness of this account system and the users will also benefit from this cool features.



Discostew said:

Would really like them to not just merge the eShops together, but to merge VC titles as well, making VC games cross-play. The current price for much of the VC games is a bit high for limiting it to one console, but allowing them to be played on one designated Wii U and one designated 3DS would be worth the price.



Megatonwhale said:

If Nintendo were to implement a unified account system I'd be very tempted to buy the Wind Waker edition Wii U. That's a purchase of 2 consoles for me alone and I know I can't be the only person to think this way.



Great_Gonzalez said:

While you are right i only need the gamepad what about the game is that preinstalled or is it just a code? and also if it's just s code is that code tied to the console it comes with?



Zombie_Barioth said:

I wonder if this guy, or anyone at Nintendo for that matter, realize that the reason they haven't heard complaints from developers is because it doesn't actually affect them. Of course they don't care, they're not the ones that lose purchases when something goes wrong. If anything they make even more money.

What worries me isn't just that there isn't one in place, its their attitude about it. They seem to be shrugging it off like its not big deal, or like a choir they keep putting off.

Its also interesting how he mentions what amazing games you can get for such a low price, and yet Nintendo doesn't exactly lead the charge. Their games are notorious for being sold at a premium, right down to 20 year old VC games. They're priced like they're brand-new digital releases, not legacy content. A year old e-shop game and a rom download of a game that came out the same year you were born should not be in the same price-range.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

So in other words, he's in the dark and really shouldn't be blamed for it mostly cause he can't do anything about it, that sounds about right.

Seems like a lot of people here like to shoot the messenger and have misplaced RAGE (lol).

I wouldn't be surprised if they're working on something right now. The delays are probably due to security as @Multishanks pointed out (now we wouldn't want a repeat of all the recent security problems recently, now would we? It would be especially bad for public image in comparison to the lack of an account system).

The other aspect of this, is they probably they want to do something that would be completely "Nintendo" in nature, sort of like the Miiverse community. True adding an account system most likely wouldn't take them that long, it's the other, design part of this that would.

One more thing could be they announced a big patch already in the near future, and they aren't going to just put in an account system as a standalone patch (though I have serious qualms about this since generally the bigger the patch, the more bugs we see in the first couple of days).

Probably doesn't help that they're the smallest of the big 3 when it comes to manpower and product diversity (especially when it comes to non-gaming software).



SCAR said:

Why does everyone ignore that you can send the system into Nintendo if it breaks?



SCAR said:

BTW, NNIDs are keeping track of your stuff right now. You just can't transfer it.

NNIDs existing AT ALL is a sure sign something is in the works.



Sean_Aaron said:

I think for the simple reason that you could sell an upgraded version of the machine or a different colour is reason enough for this to be a no-brainer for Nintendo. I'm sure they'll be concerned about piracy or whatever, but you could get around that by limiting the number of devices you can have your content on, just like Apple does. I'm sure they'll be implementing this sooner rather than later.

Hopefully we'll also get the ability to use more memory for Wii mode, or better still do away with the Wii menu and be able to launch Wii games (disc titles at a minimum) directly from the Wii U menu.



xNoktemAeternus said:

my 3ds was stolen from my house along with my 30 dollar FE and SMT4 30 dollars, ive tried to get it back but no one AT NINTENDO even knows half of the promos/hardware/software to even help. If they had a unified account i could get my 30 bucks back no problem, but at this point its gone forever. They need to fix this soon



Great_Gonzalez said:

Oh and btw i'm not defending Nintendo or anything nor am I saying they're right not to have a account system but there are flaws in the account system too.

For instance my brother forgot his password for his ps3 account and also lost access to the email address it was tied to now granted that is due to his carelessness but he lost all his stuff that way.

Also I upgraded my 360 and I transfer all my licences over but for some strange reason the licences didn't transfer over I tried contacting the customer support but they weren't much help so now I can only play the games I downloaded on my original system when i'm online on my new system not a massive deal breaker but still not ideal.



Tysamu said:

I'm glad to know that they're aware of this. Once they get this fixed and have a cloud network for our accounts I'd be more than happy to purchase my games from le eShop



Moshugan said:

@Great_Gonzalez Wind Waker will not be pre-installed I think. I'm sure there's a coupon with a code that you could use on any system to redeem the game on that system's eShop. You should still research before doing anything rash and trusting on some guy's advice on the internet.



DreamOn said:

In the same boat as the few of you have gone all digital but have done so secretly freaked out that the convienience will become a nightmare gamble when either my 3DS or WiiU give up the ghost D:



shinesprite said:

I for one am not the least bit worried.

Poking around, it looks like Nintendo is advertising like crazy for Network Software Engineers (eg. for the eShop & Miiverse) on job sites such as

If this is the case, I think its safe to say Nintendo has heard our pleas, and it's less a matter of "if?", but more a matter of "when?".



JaxonH said:

Obviously we all want a unified account system. I hope it happens, but if it doesn't it's by no means a dealbreaker. I don't live in fear of "what if". If my Wii U breaks, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, and though it will be a pain, I'll probably end up contacting Nintendo and going through the motions to have my content replaced. All my games are linked to Club Nintendo, so I don't have to worry about proving I owned them.

It is what it is. Yes I want a unified account system, but it's business as usual for me until that day comes.



JaxonH said:

And I would also like to remind folks that Nintendo hardware is known for lasting a lifetime. Remember the Gamecube? Remember that show that would drop 6th gen consoles from 30 ft, smash them with sledges and the like? PS2 and Xbox would always break instantly, but the Gamecube, even with the lid barely attached and plastic hanging off the side, would still fire up like new every time. You just couldn't kill that thing!

Point is, I'd imagine that less than 1% of all Nintendo console owners will ever be in a situation where their Wii U stops working or is stolen. So 99% of the worriers are worrying for nothing. I COULD get struck by lightning, doesn't mean I won't go to work on days it's storming. I COULD get in a car accident, doesn't mean I won't drive. My Wii U COULD break, doesn't mean I won't buy games for it.



Captain_Gonru said:

@SCAR392 I've wondered about that, too. Though this doesn't cover a stolen system, it would be a solution to the more cited reason that people want it (breakage).
And again, to those who want cross-buy, who else do you see it? $1 iPhone games? Microsoft doesn't do it. If you want the same game on your XBox, PC, and Windows phone, you're buying it three times. Now, I'm not saying that Nintendo should be more Microsoft. I'm only pointing out industry precedent. Frankly, any Nintendo game I would want on both, I'm more than happy to shell out for twice. If you want to complain about unfair pricing, look at the "upgrade" structure for Wii to Wii U VC games. Why am I paying more, ultimately, than someone who didn't support you before?



AllCreation said:

I think you guys are mistaken. Nintendo has the ability to reestablish you're account on another console if you send it into them.. At the very least you can keep track of your own downloads through Club Nintendo and/or DDP for the Wii U (if you have it) and you Do have the ability to download any game you purchased as often as you like. Nintendo also keeps a record of every game you download as well and whats more when there were fraudulent charges to my account they were able to see which games were downloaded to my console and which games were downloaded by the guy the boosted my debit card info... If there is a problem with the console all you have to do is send it in to have your account and all of your games reestablished on a new console... If your warranty is up you'll have to pay for a new console but there is no charge for the transfer. You May lose all your save data which truly sucks... But you will NOT lose the ability to download and play any of the games that you've actually paid for due to any degree of system malfunctions. True its a pain and the unified system would be much simpler but Nintendo isn't just telling you to download at you're own risk and leaving people high and dry when there is a system malfunction... Just make sure you tie your Wii U / 3DS account to the Club Nintendo so that all of your info can be tracked.



rjejr said:

@hcfwesker - Thanks for all that. I might be motivated to get some Tank Tank Tank DLC now. I still think Nintendo should advertise it. And I hope its extended past Dec 2014, they should just keep it.

@sinalefa - I've only had my Wii U for 4 weeks so that hasnt bothered me much, I would like a calendar year once we get to 2014.

@NMH-TRI - Thanks for the Club Nintendo plug, I've been a member for about 6 years going back to my Wii purchase.



AllCreation said:

Just to elaborate on the fraudulent charges thing... Someone had my debit card information and among other things made a bunch of purchases on the Nintendo Network. Nintendo was able to go down the list and tell me every game that had ever been purchased with my debit card And Then they were able to use my NNID and my Wii U/3DS Serial Numbers to see which games were downloaded to the consoles I actually owned and which games were downloaded else where... They put a block on my debit card and in a little under two weeks I had a check for $895.67 as compensation for all of the games that were not downloaded to any of the consoles that I actually own.



HaNks said:

what happened to the promised 'summer' update? also, it sounds like a proper account system is still long way off. dissapointing.



DarkKirby said:

How important is a unified and more flexible account system to me?

It's the main reason I steer clear of Nintendo's eShop where they are so afraid of piracy they are willing to stick it to their paying customers.

Until they get an account system like Steam and they allow you to download repeatedly and freely on multiple systems with no ridiculous limits like the 5 transfers per lifetime on the 3DS Nintendo will see no digital purchases from me.

Frankly, Nintendo's eShop policies are Ponyta manure.

"Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of Demand for a Unified Account System" you say?

They are aware and don't give a Rattata's donkey. They are far more concerned with piracy then making their eShop convenient for customers. It's their same view toward Region Locking.



MAB said:

@Genesaur Yeah that is exactly right on the money... Also it's a strange world we live in when people fear losing their downloaded apps more than their actual life



letsplay said:

A Unified Account System would make easier to transfer
Wii U-> Wii U
Wii->Wii U
We would save Nintendo's time ; our time and all the headaches.
What are we waiting for?



GiftedGimp said:

Unified Accounts are coming, With plans Nintendo has of activating downloads from PC and tablets its obvious, that sort of system wouldn't work without a unified account, but Nintendo being the way they are we won't find out untill a week before it happens.
As for "We are due a major system update for the Wii U in the coming weeks or months, a final date is yet to be given. " Although No excact date Nintendo already announced end of September/ Begining of October.. as reported here at NL and other sites a while back, so its hardly months away. But I don't think unified accounts are going to be part of that update. I think Nintendo are trying to link 3DS and WiiU closer together in terms of services like Miiverse, and 3DS using the Nintendo id. The latter would be required before they could do a unified account system anyway. (for the 3ds at least).



SCAR said:

I think VC cross-play is in the works, but don't count on being refunded for the second copy you bought.
I buy portable(GB, Game Gear, etc.) retro games on 3DS, and console retro games on VC. You'd never see me buying a game more than once, because I already have it.

On a kind of unrelated note, I hope they include Neo Geo Pocket, TurboExpress, and other systems that were fairly popular on the 3DS VC.



Trikeboy said:

If we get an account based system, I'm trading in my Wii U for the Wind Waker bundle. I want me that gamepad.



Henmii said:

If your system dies, then it's very important that you can re-download all your games on a new system!

But it's also very important that Nintendo speeds up the updating/downloading process of the Wii u! The Wii and 3DS are much, MUCH quicker! So I really don't see why it should take that long on Wii u!!!



Marioman64 said:

don't see the point of a unified acount system. wouldn't that mean that games on consoles would no longer be playable by certain people on that console? not sure how that works. also, a simple system transfer system if fine with me. i moved my 3ds's "soul" to a new 3dsxl and it's like replacing the thing body and works fine



Genesaur said:

@MadAussieBloke I'm a paranoid one, myself. I don't trust all these clouds and prefer a hard copy whenever logically applicable.

While I understand the general movement towards a unified account system - recognition of full ownership, and all that - it's nowhere near my list of priorities. Sorry, but when has a Nintendo console ever broken down in such a manner that it would be a concern? I guess it makes more sense for people who buy more than one of the same system, but for those of us who will only have one 3DS, the problem is nonexistent.



StarDust4Ever said:

Also, Wii-U and 3DS accounts need to be tied together. People should get a discount on the 3DS/Wii-U version of VC titles if they already bought it on the other, similar to how the Wii VC eShop discounts worked on Wii-U. For people who already purchased both prior to the updates, eShop store credit could be redeemed either on Wii-U or 3DS. Oh, and if your 3DS or Wii-U gets broken, lost, or stolen, you could buy a new 3DS or Wii-U and login with your account details and allow you to redownload software. The software on the old system would be disabled once the console reconnects to the Internet. This prevents loopoles by logging on multiple systems. Or if you still have your old system, you can even keep your save data by transferring over manually. As far as 3DS goes, an update wil allow you to login with your existing Wii-U eShop account or create a new one. Once you login with your eShop account, all your prior downloads get registered to your account and will be protected against theft or loss.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Just out of curiosity, if Nintendo implemented an account system and if, say, that system were to get hacked, I wonder what the climate of these comments would be then... It would be convenient to log into a Nintendo account of some sort, I suppose. (I don't really care but at the same time, I'm not all that invested into their digital world like others and on that front, I understand you guys' frustrations.)



SCAR said:

If I was seriously concerned, I wouldn't buy digital, but I'm not.

I take care of my stuff. I've never lost or broken a game system.

Perhaps I'm just clever, but I am concerned for others, I suppose.

(considerate troll post)



LztheQuack said:

@letsplay Wii won't get accounts. Don't count on that. Plus the Wii U has to be in Wii mode to even do anything Wii related, so I doubt you'll see a Wii to Wii U transfer

@DarkKirby: Being able to freely download on multiple systems without limits is gonna be a licensing nightmare. No one allows you to do that



Zombie_Barioth said:

Theres certainly nothing wrong with that. Yea, it may sound paranoid to some but then having all your eggs in one basket means you have more to lose if something goes wrong.

As for accounts being neccessary, its not so much that faulty hardware is an issue as it is the peace of mind that comes with it. Nobody wants or expects something to break down, but its nice knowing theres a system in place just in case it happens. Thats what insurance is for after all, right?

For one thing that'd happen either way, account system or not they still have everybody's info stored somewhere. Having one wouldn't make them any more likely to be targeted. The only reason I could see for not having one is their concern for kids sharing their login info or something.



SCAR said:

Local and online verification comibined to link 3DS to a Wii U seems reasonable to me.

That's currently how you transfer 3DS to 3DS or Wii to Wii U, and it seems like a more secure way to tie systems.

I would say 1 Wii U NNID paired with up to 2 or 3 friend codes from a 3DS seems fair. Cross-play VC would assumably work flawlessly, and your save data(possibly the manual restore point option) can be synchronized via SpotPass or StreetPass.

Even though the video and audio files are technically different, the game save data is essentially the same.

I have a pretty good idea of how it would work, but who knows when or what Nintendo will support when push comes to shove.

It's a given 3DS will be have connectivity with the Wii U.



SCAR said:

Just remember that Nintendo's current setup isn't very server demanding. They aren't storing info on the server besides basic account info.
There has to be a recipient system in order for info to be delivered. That's why Apple's Cloud kind of seems like a complete waste of resources.
Even Apple and Sony's accounts are flawed, because they don't give enough data options besides what their server provides. An automatic back-up to any memory device would be ideal.
Apple just wants to tie users to their servers instead of giving them expandable memory options, that's why iPhone doesn't have an SD card slot.
This is all speculative, but regardless, iPhone doesn't have an SD card slot that's actually worth a damn besides that mainly useless SD card attachment that no one is willing to buy, because only Apple supports use of it, mainly.



SanderEvers said:

For people thinking you won't be able to get your games back if your console breaks.

You need to send your broken Wii U to Nintendo, THEY will fix / replace it AND TRANSFER YOUR ACCOUNT. So you will not lose anything.



DanielRMuriel said:

This is one of the most important things that, I feel, Nintendo is getting wrong. Steam has been my long-time favorite in terms of this type of game-purchasing system. I bought games years, and years ago. I can still access and download those games no matter where I am or what PC I am using. It's convenient and, in the long run, is a better deal for the consumer. Nintendo needs to emulate this process or they will be left in the dust. Right now I am trying to support N in their time of need buy purchasing games that I could have easily played for free via other methods. If they refuse to change with the times, though, we will see how much longer their long-time fans and supporters can deal with such a broken eShop system.



SanderEvers said:

@DanielRMuriel Sadly, when you try to use your steam account on multiple PCs at the same time it won't work.

Als you can't access games someone else installed on your PC without using their account. On a Wii U you can.

You'd need to choose between these two when you offer an online distriobution style.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@SanderEvers Exactly. While that may not always be the case, generally it is. I've only contacted them once for a rather advanced issue (router DMZ) but Nintendo support is fantastic! They're nice and seem genuinely interested in helping you (or they have some mean acting skills). I eventually figured out my issue but they were going to fix my old DSi XL free of charge which was really cool of them.



Senario said:

@SCAR392 Seems like a logical post and not a troll post at all...I take care of my things because I paid for them and I do not want to buy replacements. So an account system so you don't lose download titles if you have to replace your system is of minimal use to me...cause I don't replace it.

The only thing that I think I could immediately benefit from an account system is having Wii games accessible from the Wii U menu/channels instead of going into the Wii Utility first. While I am no fan of buying the same game twice I honestly don't think it is that much of an inconvenience to go into the Wii menu...I don't have to buy the game again and I am not going to be upset because I am not forced to.



Bumpon said:

This is just one problem that Nintendo needs to solve. We heard enough roumors that the accounts will be unified after the pokémon X & Y releases in October. (Hope so)

Please Nintendo, next focus on following:

  • Friend Chat in every Game (Like Xbox Live Party if you know that) Cause i feel a bit threwed back in time, when I'm playing Wii U with my cousin while we are doing Skype Calls...:/
  • Ability to install the Hard Copy disc direct on the Wii U or an USB. U just need the disc to start the game. (Again like Xbox 360)




BestBuck15 said:

It would be great if there was an account based system. I could download everything I bought on Wii to Wii U and have it on both consoles. Lets wait and see.



Araknie said:

Nintendo is waiting to get the more secure system you can go for, you know with recent outbreaks in UPlay and Origin they surely want it the best they can go from a security standpoint.

If Nintendo says "we talked about this internally" they are doing something for sure.

I remember this argument coming up the first time in July, then Nintendo delayed the Wii U system update. Surely they had to add something...



Peppy_Hare said:

I've been arguing for a unified (personal account not tied to the console) since the early days of the Wii! This seriously frustrates me as a long-time Nintendo fan!



Peppy_Hare said:

By the way they should include some type of purchase unification between the 3DS and the consoles as well!



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby Huh? What makes you think that you should be allowed to pay for a game once and then be able to download it on multiple consoles? You can download any game you like as many times as you like on Your machine.. Sony and MS have it tied to an account so you can log into the system but you can still only play the game on one machine at a time. My ex and I for instance, both used to share my PSN account (Sony used to allow you to use the same account on 5 different consoles but has since reduced that number to 2) Which meant that any time she was playing the game I couldn't... So what the hell is the point? I'll admit its more convenient but its not more secure and your downloads aren't any safer that way either... Eventually I just started a new account. AND How Da Hell does any one go through 5 3DSs. I drop mine off a balcony and left it on the hood of my car and had it fly off on the highway and it still works perfectly save for a few scratches on the cover.... Nintendo is working on improving its online infrastructure But in the mean time what we currently have is secure enough that we don't need to be soooo dramatic.



RickyNGmr said:

Im not so sure about the unified accounts. Although of course makes some things more easy; my 3DS was stole, but as soon I contacted Nintendo, with the official report, all my game where there available for re download (1st party though), since all of them were registered!



MAB said:

My launch Gamecube & Wii is still working like I only bought it yesterday, hell even the SNES, Megadrive/32X/CD, Saturn & Dreamcast work perfectly... Unless you're planning to take your 3DS & WiiU to the next World War then I can safely say 'don't panic, stay cool baby'

iPhones, Playstations & Xbox systems seem to break when you breathe or just press the power button



AllCreation said:

@MadAussieBloke Sooo true.. I'm on my Third PS3 and I went through 5 PSPs before I finally gave up on them... I also had a Sony Vaio Laptop which I had to send in for repairs 8 times before Sony finally said my Warranty had expired... But in Sony's defense after cursing out several employees and their bosses (The problem of course being that I had to send it in for the same problem 8 times, which means it hadn't actually been repaired the 1st through 7th time) they agreed to give me a Laptop that was significantly better than the broken one for free. Lastly I've never owned an XBox 360 because they had an unprecedented 30% fail rate early on.



element187 said:

"How important is a unified and more flexible account system to you"

Doesn't bother me in the least bit... Nintendo has a process to recover all my purchases in the event someone steals my system (they would have to get through my guard dog and shotgun first).



element187 said:

@9th_Sage Nintendo has a process for recovering your purchases.... NeoGAF was the one spreading this nonsense around that if you lose your system you lose your purchases... its bullspit, I had Nintendo transfer all my purchases to my new 3DS, it took all of 20 minutes on the phone with customer care.



AllCreation said:

@Bengals76 Since you own one why don't you tell us what makes it a joke? Why would you Not recommend it to some one? This isn't an attack but right now I'm looking at all the stuff you get with the Wind Waker HD Bundle for $299 and then $399 PS4 price tag that doesn't even come with a game and same for the XB1 except its $499 and plus I personally prefer Nintendo first party games So I'm thinking Wii U... So why not?



MAB said:

Yeah we will buy a $400 PSVita just to play old PSP games...

@AllCreation If I was gonna buy a PS4 or XBone I would wait a year or 2 until they sort out the inevitable 'something of death' that will 100% happen



element187 said:

But a unified account system is only useful if there is backwards compatibility... if the company doesn't allow you to bring the purchases with you to a new system, its hardly a positive thing...

i love watching Sony/MS gamers try to gloat, but all their x360 and PS3 games are locked to their old system (except for the few that will be put on the new system)... At least with Nintendo you can have all your purchases from the Wii moved to your Wii U, and still be able to play them.



element187 said:

@Bengals76 Why would I ever buy a dudebrostation or a dudebrobox? I don't like space marine shooters, I don't like health regeneration and cover shooters, I like games with a lot more to the color palette than brown and grey....

Why would I ever buy a system that only has 2 or 3 games over a 7 year span I'm interested in... Thats great if you like auto-aiming assistance in your Call of Battlefields, but shooters are stale, and thats all you are going to get on a PS4/xBone is another generation with the exact same gameplay mechanics you had for the last 7 years..... PASS... PC/Wii U is the only systems I"ll ever purchase. Besides didn't you hear you are forced to pay for multiplayer now? Nobody charges me for internet except my broadband provider. You maybe a sheep who will bend over and accept anything Sony/MS stuffs down your backside.... but I'll skip being screwed by a massive conglomerate.



PinkSpider said:

It's not something we should be asking for it should be mandatory. If my Wii U or 3DS ever breakdown and I don't get all the games back I have paid for there will be lawyers involved



DarkKirby said:

There are some people confused about how Steam works. You can only be online with 1 account at a time obviously, but you can download the same game you already purchased on multiple PCs, under the same account and play your games offline (but you have to set Steam to run in offline).

What I am asking from Nintendo is no more than that. They have already set the 3DS's to not allow digital purchases to be used on different consoles, all they have to do is change it so digital purchases don't work on consoles not registered under the same account, then you can download and play any digital game or content you purchased on every console you own registered under that account.

Steam isn't suffering incredible losses to piracy because of their policies, its the opposite. Given, Steam hasn't always been that way, it became successful after discovering choking their customers on the short, tight leash did not improve sales, nor discouraged piracy.

I've posted this article many times, "Piracy Is a Service Problem", it results when companies enforce unfair prices with restrictive services and unfair policies because they own the rights to the content and want to hold their customers by the coconuts.



Dr_Corndog said:

The lack of a unified account system is the main reason I avoid downloading games on Nintendo systems.



element187 said:

@Kodeen You named a handful of titles, none that are worth purchasing a system over.... but hey, don't let me stop you from beating up on a poor defenseless strawman that you created.

Go look at any top 100 list of xbox 360 games and ps3 games 90+% are brown/grey dudebro shooters. I didn't say nothing else exists of any other type, but the systems are pretty worthless to people who don't care for those grey/brown shooter garbage.



DarkEdi said:

I want unify my downloads in my Wii- Wii U- 3DS so I don´t have to buy the same game again of download it again in the other console.



Snkfiend said:

@Kodeen Ignore him man element187 just stressed out over one immature troll and now he's taking it out on everybody for their opinions of what games and systems they enjoy and he hates again. He needs the attention so why comment with a loser that calls people "dudebro" over and over (which isn't even a real word in the dictionary) and stating that 90%+ of the PS/MS communities and players plays ONLY "grey/brown FPS" and the systems games are nothing but "FPS" and other infatuated BS so just ignore him and move on.



Sceptic said:

It's not coming guys. As stated in the article, Nintendo is flat out ignoring the issue even when it's brought up by their own regional managers. Just like region lock, lack of an account system basically means more revenue for them. In this case from those suckers that get a new console or lose/break/trade the old one. What's not to love, from their perspective? They blabla and yaddayadda as usual but, as usual, nothing happens, because they like it this way, and they're just barely clever enough not to tell us.

Now that we have bought their console, we have nowhere else to go, and they know it. It's the Nintendo Business Model. Think Apple minus the success.



AllCreation said:

@element187 Geez.. That was a bit harsh... I do agree to an extent... Oddly enough Nintendo seems to be the opposite of MS and Sony in that with Nintendo games a lot of the time you have the same core characters doing a ton of different things in the way of game play, plot devices and gaming mechanics... Where as Sony and MS will have a different character and/or new IP (Well maybe not so much MS) doing exactly the same things that all of their former IPs and several 3rd party IPs have done in that same regard.



AllCreation said:

@Kodeen My last comment was for you as well.... I think the point was just to highlight the general lack of originality in the spectrum although its not Always the case (I give props to the one indie games that you mentioned) I have a PS3 and have played all of those games and there's nothing particularly unique or new about them... The primary focus was on the 1st party titles and exclusives of each console in comparison to each other and 3rd party titles as a measure of uniqueness and innovation in terms of game play, concept and story, plot devices, and gaming mechanics.



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby you sound entitled... Besides the fact that Steam is PC gaming which is completely different from console gaming... (i mean it really is a whole different world) The huge difference between Steam and the 3DS is that the 3DS is a Handheld Portable Console... You don't go to your friends house or out of town and expect to use a different 3DS to play your games... You're expected to bring the one you own (the one you downloaded all of your stuff to) with you.. there shouldn't be any need to download your games to a second 3DS.. On top of that, Nintendo has download play for several games which lets you play two player games even if only one person actually owns the game. Unless your original 3DS is damaged or you want to use one of your system transfers to say upgrade from a 3DS to a XL there is No Reason Nintendo should grant you the privilege downloading a game you purchased Once on more than one Portable Console... The Wii U is a different Story but even in its case like any other console you shouldn't be able to pay for the games once and play it simultaneously on different consoles. You wouldn't be able to do it with a hard copy so why should you be able to do it with a digital version.



bezerker99 said:

Nintendo has updated the 3DS so that it has the same eShop logo as the Wii U one....but it's unfortunate that the LoZ game I buy on 3DS VC isn't the same one I buy on the Wii U VC. We need unification now, Nintendo!!!



AllCreation said:

@Snkfiend you lost me at the end there... But Of Course it all comes down to the gamers and our individual tastes... But my thing is that when Sony and MS are Virtually Identical how do you choose one over the other and truly justify that choice? It'll more than likely be the system exclusives that pull you but at a certain point even they all seem lackluster or virtually Identical. Sony and MS seem to rely on 3rd party sales to move their consoles Something Nintendo has Never Done... Just as an example if you look at the software pre-order numbers for each console 8 out of 10 of the top 10 pre-order games are 3rd party titles and almost all of these games are also available on the competing console... and a few of those games are even coming to the Wii U but unlike with MS and Sony they are Not the most anticipated games coming to the console.



DarkKirby said:

Asking for reasonable policies like Steam is being entitled? Is asking for region free being entitled too? You "sound" like a Nintendo fanboy willing to accept and praise whatever action Nintendo takes.

With your argument, which is, you shouldn't "need" more than what Nintendo offers, you can use to argue that people shouldn't want cars because you can travel with bicycles, or that everyone should become vegans because nobody really "needs" meat.

You say Steam and console are "a whole different world". I want you explain what exactly is so different, that would cause Nintendo's eShop to be a complete disaster if they followed the same polices as Steam, which has lead them to success.



electrolite77 said:

"How important is a unified and more flexible account system to you"

Simply, it's a deal-breaker. Until Nintendo sort it out, I don't buy off the eshop.



electrolite77 said:


Couldn't agree more. If I buy games for iOS or Android they're playable on multiple machines. A more damning comparison is if I buy a PS1 game off PSN it works on my Vita and PS3 (as it did on my old PSP). Yet Nintendo expect me to pay full whack for VC games every time I download them? No chance.



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby... My argument is simply that you Paid for it ONCE... why would you think you entitled to more than what buying a hard copy would allow? Explain it to me how this relates to your Car/Bike or Vegan/Meat Analogy? Wouldn't a more accurate analogy is to say that if you pay for a car you should be able to drive it to your friends house and copy it and then switch to offline mode so that you and your friend can both drive the car in two separate directions at the same time? MS and Sony don't even allow you to do what you're suggesting... Why the Hell should/would Nintendo? and as for the the Differences between console and PC gaming Really? .. PC are easily hackable and over ridden.. They are fully customizable and compatibility can be altered at will.. More than likely if Steam hadn't made the choice they made some one would have made It for them.. Several people in one of my facebook groups and Steam accounts and play as much as they like for free Like you they They're huge fans.. Nintendo's console aren't hack proof and in all honest piracy is unavoidable but Nintendo has a much more solid base and there is evidence to show that they are working to improve their online gaming infrastructure but what you are suggesting is tantamount to giving games away for free and they are not in the business of doing that... here are some links... if you're still confused about the difference between PC and Consoles gaming though... and and



electrolite77 said:


"Think Apple minus the success". And while Apple, Google, Sony, MS etc. are working really hard to earn loyalty from people by bringing them into their ecosystem (how many kids in the future are going to get cheap Ipods/Android tablets because their parents can simply install existing games purchases on them?) Nintendo are sitting on their hands because...well why? They don't think they have to bother? Dangerous (lack of) strategy.



DarkKirby said:


You basically "proved" PC and console are physically different.

You have not explained how using Steam's policies would cause Nintendo's eShop to be a complete disaster, as mentioned, it was the opposite for Steam. You self admit piracy is unavoidable as those who would want to do it will do it. Trying to hold customers by their coconuts does not prevent piracy or encourage sales.

I refer to the article I posted earlier.

You say "Nintendo has a much more solid base and there is evidence to show that they are working to improve their online gaming infrastructure ", but Nintendo's online is the worst of PS3, 360, or PC. Given, as we know it, The Wii U will be the only free to play online home console when the PS4 and Xbone come out.

Also, if you read the post I made earlier, I did not say Nintendo should be "giving games away for free".

I said "What I am asking from Nintendo is no more than that. They have already set the 3DS's to not allow digital purchases to be used on different consoles, all they have to do is change it so digital purchases don't work on consoles not registered under the same account, then you can download and play any digital game or content you purchased on every console you own registered under that account."



SCAR said:

Maybe if I liked Sony and Apple's software, I would care about their account systems.

The only account system I've found useful this far, is Microsoft's, because I actually like their software.

I don't think people realize that no other account system is ideal, so why would we hold Nintendo to a mediocre standard when they can obviously do better and are working on it?

Steam only allows accounts to be valid one at a time. Apple's iPhone and iPad don't handle software very well with iOS, so the account system stops at the hardware. I don't like Sony's software very much, so I don't care to have an account system on PS systems either.

You won't even be able to get most of your account purchases on PS4 using your current account.

They said they were working on it. How much more confirmation do people need?

Looking at the other companies, I'd say Nintendo not having an account system is pretty understandable, because they don't matter that much on other systems to begin with, besides Microsoft, because their systems were breaking left and right for a while.



SCAR said:

The only reason why Apple has an account system, is because they know idiots buy the iPhone every year instead of Android.
iPhone is completely overrated, and iOS sucks.

Sony has some YLOD issues as well as some mishaps, here and there.

Hardware wise, Nintendo systems have been the best in comparison, so give them a break.



Drewroxsox said:

The problem is Nintendo is so set in the past but, they've been around for so long, so it's kind of expected. That still isn't an excuse as to why they don't listen to their consumers. A lot of people have been saying for the longest that we want an online account system, but there still isn't one. If we did have accounts, I would actually buy retail games online but until that happens, I'll stick to physical copies.



electrolite77 said:


That's just your personal preferences. They don't affect whether Nintendo should provide something that a lot of people want and get from other providers who whether Nintendo like it or not, are competitors for consumers cash. I'd also argue it's chicken and egg and that actually part of the reason people upgrade iOS devices happily is because of the ease of transferring existing software to new hardware.



SCAR said:

I know what I said is alot of preference, but I can guarantee you that no one would upgrade their phones as much if they couldn't get their purchases from the server ASAP. This also goes towards my argument for SD cards.

We wouldn't even really need the iCloud if Apple would just put an SD card slot on the iPhone. It makes it more flexible in terms of memory for consumers, while taking a load off of Apple's servers, as well.



SCAR said:

BTW, I want a better account system as much as the next guy, but saying Nintendo should do what Apple or Sony is doing is complete foolishness, because those companies have already fallen short of the ideal features we want from an account system, and it has specifically to do with the actual hardware in Apple's case.



GiftedGimp said:

There's Wii to WiiU transfere tool in Wii mode on WiiU (thats a lot of Wii's )
yes you need to have copied your Wii downloads to a SD card but after that you run the app to trasfer your old Wii downloads.



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby You didn't say they should give games away for free but that's clearly what you suggested..

"There are some people confused about how Steam works. You can only be online with 1 account at a time obviously, but you can download the same game you already purchased on multiple PCs, under the same account and play your games offline (but you have to set Steam to run in offline)."

Now I'd like for you to pull the one where I said or implied "using Steam's policies would cause Nintendo's eShop to be a complete disaster" (that one was you again) If you look carefully and read closely you'll see that the only point you made that I've been arguing against is the one that Suggest Nintendo should allow people to download games on multiple consoles and be able to play them simultaneously... This is very much equivocal to giving away games for free and they should NOT do it. MS and Sony don't do it; you definitely shouldn't be able to do it with a portable console; (Because they're PORTABLE for crying out loud) and you wouldn't be able to do it with a physical copy of the game. It quite simply doesn't make sense or cents for Nintendo to do it and its kind of unrealistic to expect them to.

Now I could go into a whole bunch of history, and facts to help you understand how Nintendo wound up where they are in terms of online accounts an online gaming but that would moot.. The fact of the matter is Nintendo had virtually No online gaming infrastructure when Xbox live and PSN were pretty much fully developed and now they have the eshop.. MS and Sony went through the same motions moving from a console centered infrastructure to an online account based one but it takes time and Sony is a huge corporation over 8 times the size of Nintendo... and MS is much much larger than that.. Nintendo already had a late start and they don't have the resources that the other companies do. So when I say "Nintendo has a much more solid base and there is evidence to show that they are working to improve their online gaming infrastructure" I'm asking you to look at the eshop a year ago and then look at it now.. better yet take a look at it last week.. Miivesre is damn near Facebook now. (well its working on it) and evidence that Nintendo is working to improve our online experience is pretty obvious.



johndevine said:

@AllCreation I have two wii u consoles and two 3ds. I would use all of them if my account allowed. Especially the wii u. These are my games for my consoles. I have no need to give my games to anyone else. Tell your gf to buy her own games for her own consoles and let us do the same.



SCAR said:

It's more network reliant than it has to be. You can take a load off of servers if you have things set up more efficiently.
It's the same type of example I gave for Apple. They don't let you have a standard SD card slot, so their servers make up for the difference. It still doesn't replace how much more usefull an SD card slot would be.

The model account system I think Nintendo will introduce will be be better than anything currently.



DarkKirby said:


The whole point of the account system is so only the person with access to the account can use the software, but they can download the software on all the compatible hardware they own. If your nightmare scenario was real, Steam and the Smartphone software market would have collapsed because everyone everywhere is sharing passwords with each other.

The 2nd part of your post is just making excuses for Nintendo. Nintendo isn't poor. They aren't "doing their best to make customers happy with their very limited money and resources".

Nintendo's eShop is the result of choices they made to try and prevent piracy, knowingly at the cost of inconveniencing paying customers. Them using a Region Lock when nobody else does is for similar reasons (not to prevent piracy, but to discourage importing as to be able to claim more people will buy a game when the rights are sold to localize it).



AllCreation said:

@DarkKirby Making excuses for them? No, I'm Merely stating facts. Have I said Anything that is untrue?

Here are some more facts for you... 1st of all way back in 1988 Nintendo developed a device called the Famicon Modem (Thats right Nintendo was experimenting with online play well before Sony and Microsoft's gaming divisions were even established) It released in Japan with disappointing results costing Nintendo hundreds of thousands of dollars. Then in 1995 they created the Satellaview to compliment the SNES same goal, same failure. The technology and internet capabilities of the time just weren't powerful enough to create a fluid gaming experience. So when MS and eventually Sony came on the scene nearly 6 years later and started to establish their online gaming networks, Having failed and taken several huge losses in the online gaming department (there was also the Nintendo 64DD) Its No Wonder Nintendo was reluctant to follow suit.

Now with this console generation Nintendo was fully prepared to offer a complete and balanced online gaming infrastructure. One that would NOT have been tied to the console and was comparable to that of Sony and MS through its deal with EA. However it became apparent that EA wanted complete control of the Nintendo Network which lead Nintendo to back out of the deal very close to the Wii U's release and ignited the current feud with EA who was completely unprofessional in their negotiations.

As we know Nintendo lacks the Huge Online Capabilities that we see with Sony's PSN and MS's XBLive so in trying to rectify that situation they were in negotiations with EA. The Negotiations Broke down when Nintendo refused to give EA complete control of the Nintendo Network which they had every right to do. But, as result EA completely pulled its support for the Wii U and a great many high profile games that were in development for the system were shelved or given halfhearted port releases.

That would have been fine but EA didn't simply stop there. They slandered the console and allowed Bob Summerwill, one if its Senior Engineers, to make the following statements with out recourse or re-precautions:

"The Wii U is crap,"
"Less powerful than an XBOX360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point."
"Nintendo platforms have always been very poor revenue-wise for third parties," claiming, "only Mario and Zelda make money,"
"Nintendo are still operating like it's 1990. They should have 'done a Sega' and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives,"
"Instead they make this awful console, and [Wii Street U]. Just stop it! Just make great games!"
"Yep, we've got plenty of problems, but Wii U isn't where that family/casual market is. It's on mobile/tablet now."
"It is an utterly intentional decision to focus our resources on markets which actually matter"

Since the feud with EA concerning the Nintendo Network was generally unknown, in the eyes of the people EA had no reason to make those things up. This lead to consumers believing that the Wii U isn't as strong as current gen tech, when it is in fact much stronger. Also developers seeing a prominent company like EA pull support for what they claimed were hardware issues created a viscous cycle where Games like Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite skipped the Wii U altogether. This feud with EA was probably the most damaging aspect of the Wii U launch,

I got a little off topic there but the point is that Nintendo is working to create the kind of online gaming infrastructure that it would have had working EA and Origin but without EA or Origin... Its Not easy Feat and It does in fact Take Time.

Now you tend to take everything I say an warp it to some unwarranted extreme But I never said that anyone's market would collapse. Again I simply stated a fact which is... that it would cost them money... and NO company is going to deliberately and unnecessarily allow itself to hemorrhage money in such an open ended cycle.

And with you making stuff again I need to retort that I didn't say or imply that Nintendo was Poor... I simply stated another Fact ... That Nintendo does not have the resources of MS or Sony... Its not a lie that Sony is about 8 times the Size of Nintendo... And do you honestly that If Nintendo had infinite resources it would have taken damn near a year for them to release Pikimin 3 which was only their 2nd or 3rd 1st party game AND was supposed to be a launch title? Do you think the Wii U itself would have suffered the drought that it did if Nintendo was just sitting on an donkey load of funds and solutions? Why don't you share what your theory is as to why Nintendo with its infinite resources CHOSE to do so little to support the Wii U and release games for the console this Past Year? Improving the Nintendo Network Account system is extremely important but its balanced and functional and constantly improving, for the time being I think that maybe Nintendo has some other areas they need to focus on that take precedence?



AllCreation said:

@johndevine 1st of all you wrote "I have two wii u consoles and two 3ds. I would use all of them if my account allowed." are yo implying that you don't use two or three of your consoles because you don't have a unified account? And in response to your "These are my games for my consoles. I have no need to give my games to anyone else. Tell your gf to buy her own games for her own consoles and let us do the same." Comment... just because you have "no need" to give your games to anyone doesn't mean that everyone else is going to follow that same philosophy... what you're doing is like asking Nintendo to take a big pile of money, leave it on a table and walk away... you wouldn't take the money and that's good for you but how many people can you honestly speak for... Do you Honestly believe that everyone would follow your example? and Just to be clear that was my EX so I'm not gonna take offense to that BUT

I have a degree in English.. I know exactly what an account is for but since You seem to be misinformed I've taken the liberty to provide you with merriam-webster's interpretation of the term... Account: A: a record of debit and credit entries to cover transactions involving a particular item or a particular person or concern
B: a statement of transactions during a fiscal period and the resulting balance

(1) : a formal business arrangement providing for regular dealings or services (as banking, advertising, or store credit) and involving the establishment and maintenance of an account; also : client, customer (2) : money deposited in a bank account and subject to withdrawal by the depositor
b : an arrangement in which a person uses the Internet or e-mail services of a particular company

Now there are several different ways to use the word and other definitions for different uses but I've provided you with the ones that most closely relate to the consumer relationship that Nintendo console owners have with Nintendo in regards to online gaming...
Do you see anywhere and any one of those definitions that implies an entitlement on the part of the account holder or obligation on the part of the account provider that would lead you to believe that an account is "For" you to have access to funds, software or information across different venues or on more than one platform or piece of hardware? No because that isn't what its "for." Its "for" you to establish a convenient method of tracking purchases or deposits and accessing funds or proprieties... nothing more. Assuring access to your account and the funds or properties therein is the extent of the account providers obligation to the account holder.



banacheck said:

@DarkKirby @SCAR392

How meny Wii's died & Wii U for that matter ? a lot.

Nintendo's eShop is the result of choices they made to try and prevent piracy, knowingly at the cost of inconveniencing paying customers

Nintendos account system has failed to prevent piracy years ago, as the Wii was hacked to death.



banacheck said:


And I would also like to remind folks that Nintendo hardware is known for lasting a lifetime.

That was a sort lifetime for a lot of Wii U owners, and Wii owners for that matter.



SCAR said:

Ya, you're gonna need to post a source to prove an abundance of Nintendo system failures.
The Nintendo system I've seen most problems with, is the 3DS(based off of forum discussions here), but definitely not the Wii or Wii U.



MAB said:

Nintendon't break while Apple/Sony/Microsoft do... That's a fact that needs no link because every gamer already knows from experience



electrolite77 said:


"As we know Nintendo lacks the Huge Online Capabilities that we see with Sony's PSN and MS's XBLive"

All Nintendo's fault, no-one elses. Other companies have managed it, Nintendo haven't whether it be by themselves, with EA or anyone else. No point making excuses. Nintendo should have this sorted, they've allowed themselves to fall behind.

"Also developers seeing a prominent company like EA pull support for what they claimed were hardware issues created a viscous cycle where Games like Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite skipped the Wii U altogether."

Support has fallen away because the system hasn't sold enough. If there was money to be made games would be released but Nintendo have failed to get the system in enough homes to make it worthwhile. That's Nintendo's fault.

"Do you think the Wii U itself would have suffered the drought that it did if Nintendo was just sitting on an donkey load of funds and solutions? Why don't you share what your theory is as to why Nintendo with its infinite resources CHOSE to do so little to support the Wii U and release games for the console this Past Year?"

Nintendo messed up. To see them using the switch to HD as an excuse when other companies made it years ago is depressing. They underestimated the resources they would need and failed to support their console sufficiently. Competition for peoples entertainment budget is tougher than ever before and excuses won't do.

I'm a long term Nintendo fan, bought GB/SNES/N64/GBC/GBA/GC/DS/Wii at or close to launch and for a long time they were by far my favourite games company. I've seen other times when Nintendo have been regarded as in trouble and not believed it but this time I think it's true. They're getting squeezed from all sides and seem unable/unwilling to react or invest some of their large money pile. They need to change their approach quickly and making excuses for them isn't going to help.

The Account system is only a small example of Nintendo being left behind, but it's a pertinent one nonetheless.



AllCreation said:

@electrolite77 Its amazing how you people confuse facts with excuses... But let me help you get yours str8 ...

First of all your quote "As we know Nintendo lacks the Huge Online Capabilities that we see with Sony's PSN and MS's XBLive" This is in reference to the Wii which you should have been able to figure out based on the information that followed the comment.... With Miiverse, Nintendo TVii and a ton of apps The Wii U doesn't have the install base but their offerings are at least on par with what Sony is currently offering.. True its still a work in progress but the only thing the current Nintendo model lacks is a unified cloud based account system... BUT people are still confused as to how Nintedno's system works. It is Not Tied to the console. I own a PS3 and a Wii U and Miiverse and the Wii U's browser make gaming on the Wii U a lot better in that regard... The only advantage of the PSN (besides the aforementioned) is that it has a lot more demos and games because its damn near 8 years older...

Secondly not only do I not blame anyone else for Nintendo shortcomings but I spend the entire first paragraph explaining why u it IS Nintendo's fault. Why they chose to avoid the online gaming epidemic as it was becoming popular. Then I highlight to EA Feud (even thought i went a little off topic) to show that Nintendo Is making a conscious effort to improve its online gaming infrastructure.

O and here's some more you being wrong...

"Also developers seeing a prominent company like EA pull support for what they claimed were hardware issues created a viscous cycle where Games like Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider, and Bioshock Infinite skipped the Wii U altogether."

I specifically highlighted those titles because they were in development B4 the Console was released and during the EA Nintendo feud. Console sales had nothing to do with Square's and Capcom's decision not to release on the Wii U as those decisions were made before the console was ever even released.

"Nintendo messed up. To see them using the switch to HD as an excuse when other companies made it years ago is depressing. They underestimated the resources they would need and failed to support their console sufficiently. Competition for peoples entertainment budget is tougher than ever before and excuses won't do."

Nintendo's decision to remain SD last Gen was not a "mess up." The Slow start of the HD Wii U is a drop in the Bucket in comparison to the Success of the SD Wii. Also the shift to HD (which really only amounts to various projects being understaffed) was only one aspect of the cumulative hindrances that the launch faced, with everything from broken promises to the Japanese tsunami taking a toll. It did take time and resources to perfect Pikmin 3 but Clearly it wasn't the only game that they Nintendo was working on during that the time, as rather than excuses, there will be at least 5 new HD 1st party Wii U games released before Christmas.

"The Account system is only a small example of Nintendo being left behind, but it's a pertinent one nonetheless."

Being different is not being left behind.. Like region locking Nintendo has no obligation to offer an ability which essentially allows you to share your entire digital gaming library with others... judging from this statement "I'm a long term Nintendo fan, bought GB/SNES/N64/GBC/GBA/GC/DS/Wii at or close to launch and for a long time they were by far my favourite games company." You don't even own a Wii U so how would you even know the extent of its online capabilities?



9th_Sage said:

@element187 that's good if they do, I'd rather just have the unified account though. That's better than call customer service and hopefully they don't give you a hard time.



JohninMotion said:

Here's an honest question and I apologize if I missed it somewhere in all of these replies: If Club Nintendo/Nintendo ID keeps track of my purchases - I am literally looking at all my purchases made through the eShop and some physical right now - how hard is it for Nintendo to allow me to re-download these games? I mean, they already know I purchased it. They even keep track of my systems... what's the holdup here? How hard is this to implement?

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