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Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Reportedly Sells Less Than 2000 Copies in Debut Week

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh dear

Earlier this year, as part of a 'SEGA Direct' segment broadcast in Japan, Satoru Iwata and Toshihiro Nagoshi introduced Yakuza 1 & 2 HD, a bundled re-release of the two PlayStation 2 games. A potential problem for this title was that it was already released in the region on PS3 in November 2012, with the very real possibility that most fans already owned it on Sony's system.

Whatever the issues, its clear that the title's Wii U release has flopped in its debut week. It failed to appear in this week's Japanese software top 20, and reports from Japanese website Dengeki show it missing the top 50, which means it shipped less than 2000 copies.

Back in May Toshihiro Nagoshi stated that the release was an "experiment", saying the following:

We're not aiming to see if the game will be a smash hit. Our real intention is that we want to see how people respond.

Even against such modest expectations, this is surely a major disappointment, and perhaps reflects the perils of year-old ports being released on Nintendo's system.


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Shambo said:

If only they released it here, I'd get it. I somehow managed to miss out on those two parts and never back-tracked...



mike_intv said:

Wrong game in wrong market at wrong time.

It would have sold 2000 in NA or EU by accident.



Collision_Cat said:

I would get it too! But with sales like this, they'll hardly feel encouraged to localise it...



MAB said:

Put them up on the western eShops and they will sell like warm gooey double choc chip muffins



Captain_Gonru said:

How about trying this experiment with Shenmue and launching it worldwide? I can guarantee at least one copy that would get sold.



Bulbousaur said:

The Wii U needs original games, not upscaled ports of games released one, let alone two generations ago.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Maybe they've all gone made for it on the eShop and ignored the boxed version. I did hear that it wasn't even on sale in one of their major retailers. It's not surprising that a late port of an upscaled old game hasn't sold well but I would also have thought there were more than 2000 collectors in Japan that would buy it just for the sake of it.

The prospect of any decent gangster stuff doesn't look too likely on Wii U now. Rockstar should've done a proper GTA on a Nintendo home console by now. I really wanted to play GTA3 with Wii controls last gen!



UrsulaWins said:

common you cant expect anything more than that its the WII U. that screenshot looks hella nice tho



Spoony_Tech said:

What did they expect really. Its basicly 2 generations old now. Stop bringing out old games no matter what the platform and expecting sales.



Cuddles said:

@Bulby Seems to be the trend to 'test the waters' with old games. I don't understand the logic. You are trying to see if people will buy the same game twice?



Peach64 said:

I don't understand why they haven't done this to Shenmue. I guess these HD packs are aimed at people who already played the game rather than new gamers and they figure since nobody bought them in the first place, then nobody will buy them in HD.



seronja said:

ouch! i hope more will pick it up because yakuza is very good series, & i would buy this day 1 on wii u because yakuza 1&2 are the only games of the series that i never played



Alienfish said:

I thought this WAS coming to other regions beside Japan. Oh, well, their loss. One thing developers putting ports onto WiiU have hit dead on is what people aren't going to buy. There was Mass Effect 3, but they threw that in everyone's face by giving the other consoles the trilogy.



unrandomsam said:

@Captain_Gonru Shenmue is pretty much perfect as it is on a crt. If they want to make it widescreen and hd I hope they put the effort in to do it justice. Otherwise it will be like someone scrawling all over the Mona Lisa and calling it an improved version. Untouched but just in 4:3 might be OK.



marck13 said:

This Experiment can only hold very low expectations.. The interestin experiment would be: How does it sell in countries where the titles have not been availabe before!!??



Peach64 said:

@Cuddles Nintendo do it all the time. They're trying to resell us Virtual Console games we bought on the Wii, games that a lot of us had probably bought on their original systems too. They released all those new play control gamecube ports and the upcoming Wind Waker.

Don't forget Yakuza has never been on a Nintendo system. People on here are asking for a Bayonetta port, so what's different here? These sales won't be encouraging sega to port Bayonetta.



Cuddles said:

@Peach64 You're right. I am unfortunately starting to see the light. Rerelease old games, make new games using old IPs and old mechanics = Nintendo.

I really wish they would take the same chances with their software that they take with their hardware. Or at least go more towards core instead of casual.



GiftedGimp said:

Seems Sega released in the Wrong territory, I've seen no end of forum posts, and relayed article responses from the West wanting Yakuza HD released in the West, both from UK and US WiiU owners.
With Poor sales of this in Japan it could go in one of two ways.. Sega hoping to recoup losses cheaply localize it for the West and release it as a eStore only download (cheapest way of distribution) or Write the game off as a lost cause and if they had plans to release this in the west, now they won't.
I'm going to go with the Latter which is sad as it will also mean no more Yakuza titles coming to WiiU in Japan or the Western market.



Blue_Yoshi said:

Nintendo needs its own exclusive ports. They also need to have multiple games ported. With PS3 you could buy the original Ratchet & Clank Trilogy for $20, same with Jak & Daxter and I'm pretty sure Sly Cooper as well. That's ALOT of bang for your buck. Nintendo can't just release one Gamecube title and call it a game they need multiple HD remakes while other companies need exclusive remakes that take advantage of the Gamepad.



JaxonH said:

What did they expect? It was a rerelease of a rerelease. You can't just keep rereleasing the same age-old games over and over again and expect the same results. The games were available in the 6th gen, and again in the 7th gen. How many times do they think people want to buy the same game? Especially on Wii U where there's so many top-notch, AAA exclusives coming within just the next few months? Let's see, do I want to pay $60 for a rerelease of game(s) I've been playing for the last 15 years, or do I want to buy Pikmin 3, or one of a dozen must-have exclusives coming to the Wii U in the next few months?



cornishlee said:

Don't think we'll be seeing that over here then. Really though, it would be nice if publishers took a long, hard look at software sales over the first twelve months of the Wii U and said "well, I guess ports of old releases don't sell well".



JaxonH said:

Yes, Nintendo does it too. But with VC games, there are hundreds to choose from, and it's been 10-25 years since their original releases. Granted, Wii had VC before Wii U/3DS did, but many people want the VC offerings to continue on their Nintendo consoles.

I don't think anyone is blaming Sega for bringing a rerelease- we all like rereleases from time to time (like Windwaker HD, as you pointed out). But this particular rerelease was of games available in the 6th gen, and again in the 7th gen, and now again in the 8th. How many times do they think people will pay $60 for the same game? Again, I don't mind if they bring the game- that's more than cool with me. Heck, I actually would have bought it considering I was one of the few who never played the games before. Maybe if it hadn't been on the PS3 it would have sold better- and as someone pointed out, a global rerelease wouldn't have hurt either, considering there's only a 1 million user base in Japan. Still, I think a game is good for one HD release- after that, it's cashed.



DarkKirby said:

Thanks to Yakuza, you can take your friend out with some girls to try to get him layed, then intentionally block him.



Einherjar said:

A worldwide release could have really helped here, even as a DL only title, since that kind of game goes really well with the western audience.
But sadly not the first case of "go the safe route and fail". Sometimes, the long and hard way is the right one.



sinalefa said:

I agree that a rerelease of Shenmue 1 and 2 would have sold tons better. The games are older, lack new installments and it would be the first time an HD remastered version is being offered. Plus it may help us to finally have Shenmue 3 and finish the story.



CrazyOtto said:

Dang, the only one selling worse I've seen was the Xbox Live Arcade version of that Ben 10 game on Wiiware (that sold less than 1000 overall).



JaxonH said:

"Rerelease old games, make new games using old IPs and old mechanics = Nintendo."

I don't think that's a fair summation of Nintendo. First, all companies do a rerelease from time to time. And Nintendo offering VC is a GOOD thing, not bad- it doesn't affect the myriad of new games they bring to each of their systems every single year. And any franchise has "old mechanics". Any Uncharted game is based on the mechanics of previous iterations, otherwise it wouldn't be an Uncharted game. A new 2D Mario game is obviously still going to be about running, jumping and entering pipes, otherwise it wouldn't be a Mario game.

But Nintendo brings more creativity and new ideas than most companies in the industry. Look at Mario & Luigi Dream Team, or Fire Emblem Awakening, or Luigi's Mansion, or Xenoblade, or Metroid Prime, or Monolith Soft's X, or Pikmin 3, or The Wonderful 101... These games can hardly be reduced down to nothing more than "new games using old IPs and old mechanics". Wouldn't you agree?



Doma said:

@okamiki Why would they? Sega has just realized there's no userbase for this kind of game on the WiiU.



Mizzah_Tee said:

Hmmmm.... An HD "remaster" of 2 PS2 games that were released on the 150 million selling PS2 and only sold 1.9 million combined for both games and was already released on the pretty popular PS3 a year ago and only sold 110,000 copies...

Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls combined sold 1.3 million.
Seems Japanese gamers don't care about this series no matter what system it's on. Sega says "Yakuza HD on the Wii U is an experiment." I guess the experiment proved that Japanese gamers still aren't that interested in this series




Caryslan said:

One thing I want to point out is that even if Sega brought this over, they would simply opt for the PS3 version since that would be considered the safer risk given all the previous games have been on Playstation platforms and the larger customer base on the PS3.

So, I would not get my hopes up that this will come out on the Wii U in the west. Given the bad sales in the first week, Sega may just cut their losses and not bother with the Wii U version. If this does make it to the west, it will be on the PS3.



sinalefa said:

@JaxonH @Peach64

For me VC is not an exact comparison since that is just emulation. We are talking about a rerelease with HD graphics of an old game, as the game in question, Yakuza 1 &2. The New Play Control series or even Metroid Prime Trilogy would be a more direct comparison, as they are adding something new, being better graphics or a different control scheme. Sony made a lot of those on the PS3, too.



AVahne said:

What's different is that this HD pack was released on PS3 last year, and by now most of the fans would have a PS3 and this game.



Peach64 said:

@Koto Yep, but Bayonetta is in the same position. It came out on PS3 a while ago, and 360 too, so anyone that wanted to play it, already has? Yet lots of people on here are asking for it to be ported.

I think it's an interesting discussion because it works for some games and not for others. GTA3 came out on Xbox in 2003, after being available for two years on the PS2 (which a LOT of people had), but the port still sold incredibly well.



AVahne said:

Hm, the things you say are true. Perhaps it really just depends on the console and the game in question. How well have past games in the series sold and how much was this advertised?



MeloMan said:

Why not waste time creating a true sequel rather than to prove a point on something you "pretty much knew" was going to fail? Companies philosophies amaze me some days...



Rafie said:

Can't necessarily call this bad news. They haven't given the west a chance at it. There are plenty of Yakuza fans that would love to see this on the Wii U/PS3. Heck, there are plenty of fans wanting to see Yakuza 5 in the west. I hope they consider it.



JaxonH said:

@sinalefa Agreed. But even those rereleases were only rereleased once. Yakuza 1&2 HD was the third time those games have been released, for the 3rd generation in a row. And on a console that has more AAA exclusives coming this fall than I've seen in years. It was bound to fail.



BFahey3 said:

@Cuddles what's funny though, is as Nintendo fans, we often buy the same game twice... maybe even three times. Mario bros. 3 was released on the nes, repackaged for the gba, then again for the wii, 3ds, wii u.



hYdeks said:

this basicly tells me our chances of getting this in the west is now nil. Super, I actually wanted to start playing the Yakuza series



Kirk said:

Called it.

When developers don't give a poop with halfdonkeyed ports of dated games like this then why should the gamers.

You can't use Wii U gamers for your "experiments".

The developers really didn't even try.



mr570 said:

Yakuza 2 is one of my all time favorites. Love how detailed the Osaka parts were. I actually went to the Namba location in real life and practically knew were to go due to playing the heck out of that game. I was really looking forward to playing an HD version. Perhaps ill snag the PS3 import since its region free.



Araknie said:

Eh, almost all japanese gamers have the original games already, it's only common that would go like this.
They should have released it worldwide, because that would be really smashing since in europe and america much more people don't know this title.

If it's a common gamer household in Japan it's a niche title in the West so obiously the West was the right market were to release this game from the start since there are much more sales possibility.

I know SEGA doesen't really aim for sales with this, but they seemed to have forgot how to market a game, really. Especially with a port like this.

Wrong market because they don't miss Yakuza copies in their houses in Japan.

With that "testing the responses" i only can hope that this was developing test for the Wii U for a Yakuza 5 or a new Yakuza whatever is called on the Wii U, it's true that in December 2012 Sony broke the exclusivity contract with SEGA for the series so anything can happen now.



AtelierFan said:

I have to agree. I haven't even played the originals, and just the though of the devs. being so lazy irks me so good I wouldn't buy this version. Thanks for shi**ing on WiiU owners, Sega
Want to 'see how we respond'? Upscale the Panzer Dragoon games (including Saga), and then sell them as a bundle. THAT would get peoples attention. Sheesh. And here I thought Sega's days of poor decisions were over. And this is coming from someone who has owned the SMS, Genesis, and Dreamcast. Ugh...



Vee_Flames said:

Hey, I keep having this thought. But before I say it, read it and post what you think about it!
Satoru Iwata: Good evening, viewers! I'm very proud to announce that GTA V is now exclusive on Wii U! Thanks for watching this special Direct!



Vee_Flames said:

Hey, I keep having this thought. But before I say it, read it and post what you think about it!
Satoru Iwata: Good evening, viewers! I'm very proud to announce that GTA V is now exclusive on Wii U! Thanks for watching this special Direct!



Kirk said:


"Upscale the Panzer Dragoon games (including Saga), and then sell them as a bundle."

Now THAT would be cool.



jayclayx said:

wait, yakuza did not include mario or pokemon in the game? it wont sell well on the wii U,.... haha seriusly Im really surprise how nintendo fanboys are waiting mario, zelda and pokemon and just pass out everything else, this is why third party companies have started abandond the ship with Nintendo, sad really sad indeed.



TooManyToasters said:

Well then Sega, you've got to stop releasing old outdated poopoodoodoopoopiedookies on a far more powerful platform. (Maybe that's why they lost the rights to Bayonetta 2... )



Caryslan said:

@TooManyToasters They did not lose the rights, they still own the IP to Bayonetta. All they did was allow Nintendo to have publishing rights to the game. Since Sega still owns the IP, they will get a share of whatever money Bayonetta 2 makes.



element187 said:

@Cuddles have you played Super Mario Galaxy? 1 or 2? because that was a game with over 50 new gameplay mechanics that haven't been done before.

Sounds like you don't know anything about how Nintendo does things if you think they release old mechanics. They create new gameplay mechanics for their old IP's... its how they keep their sequels fresh. You seem to have Nintendo confused with EA, Ubisoft and Activision.



gameboy1975 said:


I couldn't agree with what you said any more. Many people out there fail to realize (in their quest to make some generalized stereotypical point) that although they use familiar characters they're often shaking things up with new ways to play & different game play mechanics all together.



Doma said:

@jayclayx Sad but true. To get the interest of Nintendo fans, some 3rd parties actually do feel the need to include a Mario costume or something – happened with that Tekken game, Lego City and now Rayman Legends.



Samurai_Goroh said:

A shame, but as said by others before, this is a PS2 port that Japanese gamers already had on PS3, on a series that Japanese gamers are overloaded with. It was bound to fail, you can hardly blame this on the Wii U.
Now the chances of a Western release are very dim, but I actually believe it could sell better on Europe/ United States, because we would take any little bit of Yakuza we could get our hands on. I know I would get this, not at full price, but certainly a buy. A more recent games like Yakuza 5 would be better though.
As for Shenmue on the Wii U, I say this only: Dreamcast on Wii U VC, with a reasonable pricing like 10/12 euros for a DC game and I'm good to go. The Wii U Virtual Console still has a long way to go to get there, though.



Objection said:

A niche re-release on a poor-selling system also available on a more popular system didn't sell well? O.o

In another news, I really hope they bring this collection over to NA, for PS3 anyway.



Henmii said:

Shows that even the Japanese are fed up with updated ports! We need new, RETAIL third-party games!



ultraraichu said:

bummer. Well if they release it in the West, I will be sure to pick one up since I never played it before and it raise my curiosity



paulc101 said:

So what he meant by "We're not aiming to see if the game will be a smash hit. Our real intention is that we want to see how people respond."

Is - Our real intention is to see how much money we can make off games we made years ago with minimal time and effort by simply releasing them on a new console.

No SEGA, we don't want your old games ported from old systems. We want new games created for new systems.



millarrp said:

I don't find it too suprising that a year old port isn't selling too well, but having said that I would consider getting it here if they brought it to Canada, only because I've never played the origional.



PanurgeJr said:

There is no inconsistency between people calling for Bayonetta being ported to Wii U, yet not supporting this Yakuza port. The call for Bayonetta came after the announcement of Bayonetta 2, and shows that people are excited enough about that series coming to Wii U that they want the original installment as well. Yakuza, on the other hand, generates little excitement in comparison, and there is no guarantee that future installments will follow. Thus it takes its place in the long line of ports taking the place of original games for Wii U, unlike a potential Bayonetta, whose requests derive precisely because an original game is coming.



originaljohn said:

SEGA aren't lazy for releasing a port. Nintendo are doing that with The Wind Waker, and to be honest I'd rather play Yakuza 1&2. I still have my original copy of TWW but I've never played Yakuza 2.



Dyltheman said:

its a possibilty they did this on purpose to show how stupid these year-old game ports are.



Wolf_Link said:

Well, if it was an experiment, they must accept any results. The real profit comes in the future by not releasing games of the same category in the system.



GrimSh said:

I'd definitely get it ASAP if it ever comes to NA. That possibility, however, seems extremely unlikely at this point. I was hoping that the success in Japan would encourage Nintendo to bring it to NA, but now...



felix330 said:

I would totally buy this, as I've been interested in playing this series for quite some time. Seems like it's unlikely though, sadly.



Sceptic said:

How does your region lock taste now, Nintendo?

You can lead a horse to water...



Windy said:

They were seeing if they could release an old game and Stamp the HD format to it. I think for those who played and beat the game wouldn't be all that interested in buying it again. If I had a Wii-U I wouldn't buy The Zelda Windwaker game either. For those who haven't played these before it's great. For myself if I have played the game before I wouldn't buy it again because they released it HD. There are plenty of games though that I missed in the last gen which would be great for the Eshop in HD That I would buy



rdrunner1178 said:

@mch Exactly. Japanese gamers received the original games a long time ago. Plus, as the article states, they received this collection PS3 not even a year ago.



Samurai_Goroh said:

What has region lock to do with this? Even if the Wii U was region free, I would most certainly not be importing this from Japan. I like to play my games in a language I can understand, thank you very much.
Now release it in Europe and in English at least, and we have a deal.



Pod said:

I consider myself a key Nintendo audience member, yet I don't own a Wii U so far, I don't have any interest in games about the Yakuza, and I feel HD remake bundles cheapen the value of retail software.

Then you can add in that most probably don't even know the game exists.

It's a tough sell.



unrandomsam said:

@sinalefa The rereleasing of stuff in HD can be done very wrong. (Look at the new graphics for Guardian Heroes for example). For something like Shenmue I think if they are not going to give it at least the same amount of care that Wind Waker HD is getting then they shouldn't do it at all.

Just the little things with it you can tell more went into it than anything Nintendo has done recently. (Nintendo even went so far as to say they don't care about art). I think Shenmue is art. (Even more impressive if you think originally all of the first and second ones were going to be on the Saturn as one game).

Nintendo never would do something like that.



Relias said:

@Bulby I don't think it's so much that you can't do a remake.. (I see nothing wrong with them) I think it's what you choose to remake...

Seriously.. Skies of Arcadia in HD(I know Gamecube got a remake) Would absolutely rock.. and would be a day one purchase... as well it should be...

the same could be said for others too.. such as Shining the Holy Ark in HD... Panzer Dragoon Saga in HD.. I mean there is a lot of games I would be freaking out if they got a proper HD upgrade on the Wii U.. that being said.. I do not deny we need new IP's.. but I think if companies would pick and choose the right games to upgrade to HD... they would have a lot of top sellers..(Not to mention we would be getting some darn good games.. )



Bizzyb said:

@Bulby Exactly, while it's nice to have, they need to be focusing their efforts on NEW games. Also, should have been an eshop release.



Cobra said:

@Nintenjoe64 That is a good point, while the physical copies have done bad, really bad. Hopefully it is making a killing on the eShop so we may still see a localized eShop release of this. fingers crossed



raghouse said:

I would pick this up day 1 if released in the US. The first game had a great story and I would really like to play number 2.



Kolzig said:

I would buy this immediately if released in Europe.
Such a huge shame that since the sales seemed very bad in Japan, this will never be released in the western countries...

Why doesn't the game have it's own page in Nintendolife?



Kolzig said:

It really pains me that the HD version of Yakuza 1&2 seems to not be ever coming to Europe on either Wii U or PS3...

Same seems to be the fate of Yakuza 5...

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