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Iwata: We Are To Blame For Poor Wii U Sales

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo CEO owns up

With sales flagging and third-party support very thin on the ground, the Wii U is certainly having a hard time of late. It's only been on the market for half a year, yet many within the industry are ready to write it off completely. Coming off the back of the incredible success of the original Wii, the new console's failure to get consumers interested is somewhat embarrassing for its creator.

Thankfully, Nintendo hasn't stuck its head in the sand and ignored these issues — in a recent interview, CEO Satoru Iwata admitted that much of the blame lies with his company:

We are to blame. We relaxed our [marketing] efforts, so the consumers today still cannot understand what's so good and unique about the Wii U. Because we're always trying to be unique, it takes some energies on our side to [make] people understand the real attractions about whatever we are doing.

We have been unsuccessful in coming up with one single software with which people can understand, 'OK, this is really different.' As long as people have hands-on [experience], they can appreciate the value of the Wii U, but because there's not software that's simple and obvious for people as 'Wii Sports' for the Wii, potential consumers do not feel like trying the Wii U. Our challenge today is with the software lineup we are introducing now, we have to encourage [people] to experience the Wii U in the first place.

I do not think we should become too pessimistic about the current situation with the Wii U. I think we should pour that time and energy into our [development] efforts, so eventually we can encourage third-party [publishers] to want to support Nintendo.

It's refreshing to see Nintendo admit to dropping the ball on this one, and we're confident that the new titles revealed at E3 are good enough to turn things around. However, Iwata seemed to rule out the idea of a price cut, saying in the same interview:

Because from the very beginning we came up with a very aggressive price point. We do not think [a price cut] is a very easy option to take.

Going into Christmas at its current price could make things tricky for Wii U, as Sony and Microsoft are lining up more powerful systems in the form of the PS4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo difference obviously counts for something, but a lower price would make the console much more attractive to festive buyers — and could potentially give it a considerable boost.


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SilentHunter382 said:

Well atleast he is owning up but Iwata really should have done something sooner to fix the issue at hand.



Kamalisk said:

If they are planning a price cut, they can't tell anyone about it too far in advance. This is true for any product, and they will deny price cuts until the time they appear, otherwise sales until the price cut will vanish.

I would not be surprised to see some sort of price cut or new bundle around the launch of the new consoles.



Smitherenez said:

I do not agree with him completely, Nintendoland is a game that really shows off how different and unique the WiiU is. But I guess he means that there is no game that even casuals can pick up and play with ease and shows of unique the machine is. Also, looking at the current game lineup for the WiiU, Nintendo is not even using the Gamepad in revolutionary ways. Just having off-tv play or a map does not justify having the gamepad Nintendo, I want games with the asynchronous multiplayer!



Fazermint said:

The Wii U is cheaper than the Xbox One and the PS4 are going to be, so I don't see why the Wii U needs a price cut. If people opt for the cheapest console, the Wii U will be the console of choice, even without a price cut.

I believe that the upcoming releases will help Nintendo get back on their feet. Wii Party/Fit U will reel in the casuals, and there's a strong line-up for the core gamers on the way.



meltendo said:

I applaud his openness but I do believe they have their game focus wrong--Focusing on creating a game at the appeal of Wii Sports misses the mark for gamers like me that want games like a new Metroid Prime, a new Zelda...heck a Mario game along the lines of Galaxy. The titles announced at E3 seemed too middle of the road--all playing it safe for mass appeal. Definitely not enough for me to justify buying a Wii U in the near future. I'll stick to my 3DS for now to get my Nintendo fix.



antonvaltaz said:

To be fair, if you read his comment closely he doesn't actually rule out a price cut.

From a UK perspective, if they can at least reduce the price of the basic pack so that they can advertise Wii U as being available "from £199" against the PS4's £349, I think that will have a big impact psychologically.

Of course the games need to be good as well, but as it's Nintendo I'm taking that as a given...



Mahemoth said:

@Smitherenez This.

I have had people come over to play nintendoland and they were like "aaah so its like this... This is really fun." A total different experience for them. So yeah I would like to see more of this.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

He is being honest but haven't we all know this for about 3 or 4 months? It's not news!
If Nintendo don't do something, and quick, the Wii U won't be on the shelves after Xmas. I have seen them go for £120-£140 on ebay (used basic pack). People are selling them as quickly as they are being bought. I know they stay in users hands but for how long?



jetforce said:

Aussie purchasers...get online and buy the Premium Bundle for $348...sure to be for a short time but your chance is now. Spread the word!!



daveh30 said:

There WILL be a price cut at some point, its inevitable, all systems see them at some point. My guess it November time frame, around the release of SM3DW, just in time for the holidays. To announce this now would be suicide... they still gotta sell some of these things in the meantime.



Monkeyofthefunk said:

Shop to sell the Basic Pack brand new on ebay for £179. I bought mine from them about 3 months ago. It's been cheap for along time. You can pick up a Premium online for £249! People still aren't buying it at this price point.



TreonsRealm said:

It's funny that Nintendo basically gave third parties the system they asked for (something on par/more powerful than 360 and PS3) and this has been the system with the most third parties jumping ship. Since when has low install numbers stopped these companies from supporting something like PS3 which sold like a refried turd for a VERY long time yet got a ton of games (many of which sold quite poorly yet the games kept on coming). Also, why should Nintendo cater to these companies so much when Sony and Microsoft never have to jump through the same hoops? Personally, the manufactured drama is getting quite old with each generation bringing more of the same (less third party support for Nintendo and nothing but lazy excuses from companies like EA). Most gamers PC's can do the third party stuff better than the consoles so Nintendo should stop worrying themselves about multiplatform stuff and focus on deals like what happened with SEGA (Sonic Lost World finally looks like the 3D game Sonic has deserved for a LONG time).
I like that Iwata admitted the problem and that they are taking steps to fix it, good luck getting Microsoft or Sony to do the same (RROD, PS Vita, PS3, etc).



unrandomsam said:

Nintendo are not really to blame for EA and Ubisoft wanting everything now like a spoilt child.(And the ability to totally abuse the customer) They want all the profits with none of the risk. (If you make world class exclusives on a Nintendo console you will make money if you can make a decent number).

(Maybe it would be better if Nintendo had a little more urgency in getting the back catalog available.)

I will get a wii u when there are a decent number of games I want. (What I actually like playing is fairly niche but does well in Japan - Arcade perfect ports (From actual arcade machines that have done well in Asia), Donkey Kong Country, Bullet Hell Shooters, Stuff like Metal Slug or Contra). I also need to wait to see what does and doesn't come to PAL regions. (Not sure whether I will get JP/NA/PAL wii u). If there was a way to make sure I could play imports I would probably get one sooner.



unrandomsam said:

More people I know will buy a wii u when the actual wii u zelda comes out. (Probably buy Mario Kart with it as well and enough for 4 people to play).

They will buy at RRP as well. (At least 4/5 people who only play Zelda no other computer games at all). Probably make money from people like that than people who really like playing games but try to get stuff on the cheap.



ToneDeath said:

Here's some VERY obvious IPs they should announce new titles for ASAP:
For retail: Wii Sports, Metroid, Mario Party, F-Zero, Star Fox, Zelda: Four Swords

For the eShop: Tetris, Bomberman, Pokemon Stadium for X and Y, Big Brain Academy (with a quiz show styled party mode), Pac-man Vs.

For Virtual Console: N64, GameCube and 90's arcade games...and Amiga!

Then further down the line when Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Pokemon X/Y have done their business, large scale console entries in their respective series are no brainers too...and they might even have it in them to reboot Battalion Wars and turn it into a COD/Battlefield beater



F4LLEND4RK said:

You see this is why Iwata & Nintendo are awesome.
They care more about the consumer than the profit. cough Microsoft cough



WaveGhoul said:

Arrow from Game & Wario should be advertized in an upcomming commercial, since it offers one of the most unique ways to play with the GamePad. Instead, make way for underwhelming confusing cubicle 'trying to be hip' iCarly Rave party.....



dumedum said:

@ToneDeath that's way too many titles that will also compete with the other titles and will not necessarily generate more revenue. So many titles more development costs, employees etc. The money should be better spent at advertising with the current lineup.



Mattstewto said:

Yes advertising is the number one problem but it's hard to when they don't have many first party titles out for it. At least they admit they are at fault unlike the third party developers who blame everybody else but them selfs.



stefenjc said:

One way to fix this solution, Take out the game pad, replace with Pro Controllers (Reviewers think its comfortable), Upgrade storage, upgrade system speed and such. That will be one way to compete with PS4 and XBox One.
One more thing... MORE ADVERTISEMENT! I dont see much commercials and such on my TV. Nintendo of America need to step up in Ads.



GiftedGimp said:

First step to recovery is admiting you have a problem, which os what Nintendo have done.
They are/have been a successful company for 30yrs, the only true failure they ever had was the Virtual Boy, and they've learned so much more since then, and without doubt this time next year all these 'problems' will be a distant memory.
Fact is Nintendo's problems going into next year have been massively reduced, Xbone has been extremely badly recieved, and Ps4 even has it's share of people reluctant in being forced into pay-to-play online. Nintendo are capable of turning things around, they've proven it in the past and lets face it they have enough money that if the need really arose, they could shorten the WiiU's lifespan to just a couple of years and bring out a new system which would blend Nintendo's uniqueness, with high performance, and probably a more developer friendly architecture, and price it competitivley with Xbon/Ps4, possible even undercutting those systems but taking a bigger lose on system manufacturing costs, like Sony are on Ps4, albeit trying to recoup those losses via online subscription.



ToneDeath said:

Yes, doing some or all of that right now would be unwise, but I'd imagine that maybe 4 or 5 of the titles I suggested will be announced by spring 2014 at the latest, once everything we've seen at E3 is either out or has a release date.



LonDonE said:

Agreed, its exactly this type of focus which has gotten them in trouble in the first place, since the wii released and their focus has gone from the core gamers to the casuals, i am tired of hearing iwata say he is sorry, and that nintendo has learned, and then to go again and make the same mistakes, rinse repeat!

Like when the 3ds launch was priced to high, and the big software drought, he claimed they had learned and that that the wii u would not have these problems, and lo and behold, the wii u launches at yet again we have these problems all over again, the lack of third party support, which in itself is a problem all nintendo consoles have had since the n64, snes was fine, but after the snes the problems started, and yet nintendo has done nothing to solve these issues!

I am sick of iwata saying sorry, and please understand, i think it would be better for nintendo to get rid of iwata, he is no good, i couldnt care less that he has made them allot of money, i care about the way they have treated core gamers, and time and time again they have failed us!

No 3rd party support, development times which take way too long, lack of any advertising, or promotion, lack of game pad proof of concept, lack of true next gen 3d hd nintendo games, constant milking of franchises, rehashes and recycling content, lack of any major new i.p's, the list goes on and on!

Nintendo please sort out the bull, and just give the wii u the love it deserves! and their is no point apologizing if you are going toe make the same mistakes again and again, and not even bother to address the problems!



GiftedGimp said:

@ToneDeath I'll find the links later, but Nintendo are already talking about ideas to bring to WiiU Metroid, and are talking about bringing back older older franchises, FZero, Starfox etc.
Untill I post links, check MyNintendoNews, Nintendo Enthusiast or Cubed, normally along with NL these are the sites I check for Nintendo News.



darkfenrir said:

Okay, I'll probably sound angry here, but, development times that take too long is to ensure the game is good. Do you want half-baked games that come out quickly and demand you to download the rest? I'm sure you'll say 'Hell no.' or at least, most people will.

I can't say Iwata is bad or good for Nintendo overall, but the fact he's making money for Nintendo should at least show that he made Nintendo some good...



darkfenrir said:

Oh and I forgot another thing, most third party seems to skip on Wii U on half-baked excuse, not enough power? Not enough install base? Well, PS4 and Xbone has zero install base currently (since it's still not released) and somehow developers are flocking there, dahell?

And indie developers are signing up for Wii U, so we can safely say that only the 'big shot' companies that are skipping on Wii U.



PokeTune said:

You know Iwata. CEO's are usually the ones held responsible for a company's problems and if they don't rectify those problems, they get the boot. Just sayin'.



Smitherenez said:

@pntjr That games' multiplayer is awful, but the gamepad use is great. We need more games that make proper use of the gamepad. Nintendo is not using it in their new games at all. SM3DWorld uses it, but in a dumb way. The other games just use it for off-tv play or maps, wich is disappointing.



GreatPlayer said:

How does Wii U has "competitive pricing" as stated by Iwata? How can Sony PS4 has so much horsepower and yet is only $50 more expensive than Wii U? (After purchasing an additional Wiiremote, Wii U virtually costs the same as PS4.) I am confused about what the CEO says regarding "the competitive pricing." I am also quite shocked that Wii U only has similar horsepower as compared to Xbox 360 and PS3, both of which came out 5 years ago.

Developers are probably right about Wii U - only Nintendo franchise games sell well in Nintendo consoles. Super Mario U sells over 2 million while Sonic Racing Transformed sells only 0.3 million in Wii U, although both games have been highly acclaimed (similar review rating in IGN). Everyone who purchased Wii U is probably Mario or Nintendo fans.



Goginho said:

Yea, it would have been awesome to see a multiplayer 3D Mario game, where two players, one on the TV and one on the Gampad, work together to reach a goal. 3D World is great for some hectic 4-player, NSMB style fun, where all the players have to be on the same screen/area, but with the gamepad, I find that the potential is there to create a true, 2-player 3D Mario adventure, with Mario and Luigi respectively. The player using the TV could be in the hub world, whereas the player using the gamepad could be somewhere completely else.



GraveLordXD said:




GraveLordXD said:

In a few years you've paid around a grand for the ps4 just to play online so why not just get a pc and steam has way better deals than ps+ trust me



BXXL said:

At its actual price, the Wii U is too expensive to be a christmas gift in most families: one of the reason Wii was such a success was its price, perfect for an impulse buy... 250 euros/dollars is the sweet spot for the "mass market"...

And with core gamers, Wii U could still be the perfect second console, but at its actual price, people will (maybe) buy it in second place, after PS4/Xdone... if the price of the Wii U is significantly lower, then some gamers with a limited budget would buy one this year, and THEN wait one or two years before purchasing one of the other two, maybe after they have a price cut...

So once again, who will buy Wii U then? The usual Nintendo fans: those who still haven't got one, and not even all of them, because of the price, and the lack of "must-haves" in the 2013 line-up...

Really poor thinking once again, Iwata: you begin to see the problems, but you still don't find any solution that could make an impact in a near-future... and solutions are needed FAST to change the Wii U's perception in the gaming industry...



GreatPlayer said:

@LDXD Lol... You are talking about the 8G Wii U console, which is financially not a good choice as with $350 ($50 more) you can buy a 32G one. However, Sony PS4 costs only $399 (250G if I remember correctly).

Regarding online play, not a lot of Wii U games currently support it anyway.



Saleemra said:


The WiiU's pricing is competitive, it is however your comparison method that is flawed. You cannot compare a basic system with a deluxe system. Your basic PS4 does not provide you with any software, compare it instead to basic U and you will actually see the difference is already at USD100 in favour of the U.

That said though I have a feeling that what with the basic units being recalled and the 32gb White has been announced we will most likely see it relaunched under the same price point - it might even be bundled with Nintendoland preinstalled (if it isnt too big) ala animal crossing since that would literally cost them nothing, though I doubt you will get any of the other extras like the stand, charging cradle and whatnot.

We would most likely see a new deluxe set where you would get both Nintendoland and NSMBU - If they did that then even with a USD50 difference between the U and PS4 it would have massive value.



GraveLordXD said:

@GreatPlayer dude I got a wii u and a 1tb external for around $360 still cheaper than ps4 also no online fees! Explain to me how ps4 is a better deal?



SkywardLink98 said:

@Saleemra If you consider Nintendo Land a $60 game sure (not everyone does judging by other sites), but you also have to add in the 500GB hard drive, which in the US is $50-$60. So, in reality, if you go with a basic Wii U + Hard Drive you only save $50 vs buying a PS4, which in my opinion would be a better deal for $50 more.



GreatPlayer said:

@ Saleemra
You are wrong. If you purchased the 8G one you will then need to purchased external storage soon. Then the price difference is smaller than $100.
Have you forgotten the wiimotion plus which costs around an additional $50? It does not come with the console. Most games require this expensive peripheral to play.
How is the pricing of Wii U competitive? PS4 seems much cheaper in comparison - more horsepower and it probably comes with a standard gamepad. In case you have troubles in this calculation: $350 (32G) + $50 (wiimotionplus) = $400.
Finally there is someone who knows how to do math.



TheAdrock said:

Its frustrating when the people who are supposed to be so smart clearly have less of a clue than I do...



doctor_doak said:

Nintendo invented a solution to a problem that didn't exist. They've got it the wrong way about...the hardware should be in service of game design ideas. How do they expect people to buy in when they haven't provided any compelling software to show off the value of the gamepad themselves??

I think the 1st party lineup for the rest of the year looks terrific, if somewhat conservative. But i don't think any of those games actually show off the value of having a $150 tablet like controller...which is a problem..



GraveLordXD said:

@GreatPlayer I have two motion plus from the wii I could use and never had to use it yet for any wii u game also most games I have I can go online and play so I have no idea what you're talking about
And no if you buy the 8 gig one you don't have to buy external at all if you don't want also like I said you can get one cheap as hell
Tell me how the ps4 is a better deal? I'm not talking horse power here because in the long run you are paying extra for that like I said a gaming pc might be a better option if you game online



Doma said:

@Fazermint Nope. If people opt for the cheapest console, the Wii U wouldn't be the console of choice. Seems you fail to notice its currently existing competition.




doctor_doak said:


What if you don't play online?? I certainly don't. You can't build a gaming PC for $400 and the PS4 is basically a console PC... I really don't know how they are managing to sell it so cheap without incurring massive losses. They must have some extraordinarily good partnerships with hardware and component manufacturers. Also, you actually OWN your games on Wii U and PS4, which adds value. Steam is essentially a rental service, and there's no other alternative if you want AAA games..



NintyMan said:

You have to admire how he can own up to falling short. I also appreciate how instead of feeling sorry for himself he's going to put that energy into games instead, games that will boost the console to levels that we won't have to hear this stale cycle of bad news for Wii U.



GraveLordXD said:

@GreatPlayer I have the wii u and I'm giving you facts
Wii u 1tb storage $360 no online fee and the only games I can think of that would have to use motion plus would be wii games that the wii u is compatible with ps4 isn't backwards compatible you don't need a motion plus controller to play your wii u
The ps4 is $400 with 500 gigs of storage space and from what I hear a $10 monthly fee to play online so in one year you've already paid $520 for the system so think how much you will spend in the consoles lifetime once again how is less storage for more money and online fees a better deal?



Pod said:

I have amassed a small portion of ideas for how to profile the Wii U as something exciting.
My company is in touch with a couple Nintendo representatives anyway, so perhaps I should just write them about it.



Saleemra said:


Please explain to me why exactly do you need that hdd to begin with? Nintendo games generally do not require installation and the eshop stuff isnt that big to warrant it in the first place. You could easily swing by with a 16-32 gb thumbdrive thats what 5 - 10 bucks? Also what are the odds that most people already have a bunch of thumbdrives already floating around the house. There is virtually no additional cost when take a step back from trying to poke holes and start thinking up solutions.

The fact still stands that comparing the U deluxe set to the PS4 Basic set is a failure of logic as the packages are not analogous. Also bear in mind that the U supports last gen peripherals where as the PS4 does not. Holiday season is mainly family purchases, if you already have a Wii you can jump straight into multiplayer using your existing Wiimotes or Classic Controllers - you cant do that with a PS4.

NLand is definitely a USD 60 game in my mind - but that doesnt change the fact that most people wont buy it as a single. Nintendo can preinstall it at no additional cost to themselves as digital media has no physical related costs attached to it. Yes it would prolly fill up at least half of that 32 GB space but it you could always transfer it later or delete it if it didnt suit your fancy.



BXXL said:


When you compare the small userbase of the other (past or future) consoles with the one of Wii U in the mind of most third parties, you forget one very important element: on a Nintendo console, most devs know that nearly 75% of the sales will be monopolised by Nintendo's own titles, which leaves them with no room to make decent sales, and thus profits, which is the minimum they're askin' for...

For the moment, with a 3.5 million Wii U userbase, none of them could expect sales beyond 200.000/300.000 copies at best... and that's why then don't even want to think about it anymore... even with a Wii U userbase of 10 millions, their games would stuggle, cos' they're always an after-thought for most Nintendo fans... it's sad, but it's the truth...

That's why i also think the Nintendo's strategy to rely heavily on its own titles to drive the userbase is wrong: it's a double-edged sword, their consoles should be more open to third parties, with all types of gamers in mind and all types of games represented, thanks to those third parties that could fill the holes in Nintendo's line-up...

If the only demographic concerned about Wii U are the usual Nintendo fans, it's a vicious circle if there's no mass market attracted by something like Wii Sports, and no "other" core gamers due to the lack of variety and choice in the line-up...



globalisateur said:

Well I think he is wrong if he thinks it's only due to poor marketing effort. And they already have a game that perfectly suits the gamepad: Nintendoland.
Maybe it's also because of the hardware? at least a little?
But he would never recognize that of course. They will in 7 years when the wii U sucessor will come out. Even Sony recogized recently that their PS3 was too complicated to code for.
Why would the developers release their next game on the Wii u when they know it's now the most difficult system (among ps4 & xbone) and its CPU is weaker than old gen?



SirMario said:

If you can't beat em, joined them. Nintendo, go buy Sony and Microsoft!

P.S. Platinum Games and Square Enix as well.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Kamalisk smart dude, but if Nintendo REALLY wanted to sell the Wii U then they would Make Two Bundles with Slightly higher storage and a price cut of 50$ and one bundle would be Super Mario 3d World and the other Wind Waker HD, both should already have the Digital Version of Nintendo land Installed, This would be a perfect black friday deal and would boost Wii U sales Significantly, but hey im just a soldier who loves Nintendo, what do I know?



doctor_doak said:

The price is a serious issue... I mean, even if Miyamoto or whoever could come up with a great and innovative use for the gamepad, it's unlikely to resonate with the broader public, because the cost is still prohibitive for a casual audience. The wii was popular in part due to the novel motion control scheme which made playing games easy for non-gamers, but also because it was relatively CHEAP.

The wii u isn't cheap...and it's a much more difficult proposition to sell considering Nintendo don't even really understand it's potential..



BlackStar9000 said:

@doctor_doak wrong Sir, you cant buy certain games at retail (like skyrim) and add them to steam for improved services, always up to date, the steam workshop ( SOOOOO much fun, and guess what? I can PLAY OFFLINE MODE AS LONG AS I WANT!!! Much better than the X1.



doctor_doak said:

I think Steam's a great service, I game mostly on PC...

But guess what?? You can't trade Skyrim in, because it's tied forever to your personal Steam account. You don't own the game...and if you're paying anything more than $10 for it, you're being ripped off...Also, Valve can take your entire library of games away from you, and you have little recourse to do anything about it. Have you read the Steam EULA??



Haywired said:

Their two flagship launch titles just didn't really work out as planned. Nintendo Land doesn't have the same obvious, accessible, immediate appeal to casuals that Wii Sports did. And it would seem the New Super Mario Bros. series is somewhat losing its power. After all, the 15 year hunger for a "new" 2D Mario that made the first two games 25-30 million behemoths and huge system-sellers has largely been sated now. It isn't really "new" anymore to the general public.



GearsOfWarU said:

I think the Wii U's Biggest Problem has been the Total Lack of TV Commercials since last Christmas ... They had launch commercials last Holiday Season and then January rolls around and the TV ads were completely dropped ... Then Wii U suffered a 3 month Game Drought from January through March. Nintendo Needs a Huge TV AD Campaign starting in August with the release of Pikmin 3 ... Keep commercials rolling through Holidays ...announcing Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Wii Party U, Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze & Super Mario 3D World .... New Next Gen HD Nintendo .... Only place you can play these great titles is on Wii U !!!!! If this happens I think Nintendo & Wii U will have a Huge Holiday Season and Wii U will be Back On Track... Let's Go Nintendo!!!!



GraveLordXD said:

@doctor_doak I did say if you game online it would be better to possibly get a pc in the long run it would be around the same price
And glad you brought up owning your games on ps4 do we really know this because I'm hearing that the ps4 could be download only just a rumor but we dont know also hearing ps4 games are going to be $70 but everyone is wanting to jump on that ps4 so quick and we don't know jack about it yet
And about steam being a rental service not necessarily with steam you can go in offline mode for good and never have to be tied to the internet again to play your games they are yours basically



Shworange said:

You can change your fortunes with one title. Pokemon x and y are coming to the 3Ds, so make Pokemon Z come to the WiiU!



Shworange said:

Also, Iawata should leave Nintendo. The shareholders are screaming for it and frankly, new blood may be needed to right this ship



doctor_doak said:

Well, if the game requires a patch update on Steam you can't play it offline. What I mean by 'Steam is a rental service' has more to do with the fact that your games are tied forever to your 'unique' Steam account whether your online or offline. You can't trade in the game once you've installed it. You can install it on a handful of other PC's using your account, but there are limits to that...and I certainly wouldn't want to be doing that if I spent a lot of time travelling & using different PC's.. Your subject to Steam's extremely broad EULA which basically says that Valve reserves the right to confiscate your games for whatever reason they deem fit. Steam's EULA overrides the EULA's of all other publishers, which is extremely dodgy in my opinion. Imagine Gabe Newell coming over to your house and personally taking off with your game shelf of 200 odd titles, just because you used aimbots in Counter Strike, cause that's what they do..

Also, there is no way PS4 is download only. It's the same as PS3. Check out your local online retailers. Pre-orders for launch titles have been up since the Feb. announcement.



rmeyer said:

I think Iwata's done what he should be doing so far. He hasn't caved and released games too early. He's public ally apologizing like he did when the 3ds sales were bad. Now the games just need to shine. He should have released a wii sports type game though and the advertising last year was horrendous that confused people. They need advertising that blatantly says the new Nintendo console in hd. Then have the dad want to watch his game and have the kid switch the game to remote play. Have him click the Internet button to discover how to beat a Mario level followed by adding a drawing or comment into miiverse. Then instead of telling leave them with a question "the possibilities are endless, what will U play next?" And yes Nintendo you have my permission to use that.



BestBuck15 said:

@GreatPlayer Of course everyone who buys a Wii U is a Nintendo fan. I agree with what you say that Wii U is not cheap. If you buy the basic bundle you have no Wiimote, no sensor bar, no pro controller, no nunchuk. Even players who want to buy the upcoming Pikmin 3 would have to splash out on a Wiimote and Nunchuk to be able to play with the best control system. How much will all that cost
It seems any time a company has success with a console they loose the plot on the next console, just look at MS, its happened them all.



AtomicToaster said:

Wii: 250 360: 400 Ps3: 600

Wiiu: 350 Xbone: 500 Ps4: 400

Price Point of other consoles is the same but Nintendo raises theirs.



GreatPlayer said:

If you pay 8G model you are only left with 3G free storage. Then if you want to purchase additional online content such as Luigi U you probably will not have enough space. For each game you play you need to download gamepatch which is around .2-.3G. For a demo such as Raymen Legends, over .8G. Therefore, additional storage will be needed unless you do not download and only played a few games.
I do not know if every family has additional 16-32Gb thumbdrive. A 32G thumbdrive costs $20-$30 anyway.

@LDXD said "I HAVE TWO MOTION PLUS FROM THE WII I COULD USE AND NEVER HAD TO USE IT YET..." I finally know what you are talking about. You are ONLY talking about people who owned a Wii who can recycle their joypads. In addition, I still do not understand how Wii U price can be competitive if the horsepower of Wii U is not much better than that of Xbox 360 and PS3. It does not seem logical for a gamer to buy a Wii U if she did not own a Wii and she pay for $400 ($350 console + $50 wiimote) for a console which horsepower is not much better than Xbox 360 or PS4. Also, paying the online fee of $10 is optional to consumers. Thanks to telling me the cheap online fee!



HeatBombastic said:

@Kamalisk He didn't deny a price cut this time, he said he thinks it's not a very easy option to take, which is true, they would take an even bigger loss.



Fazermint said:

@Doma I'm gonna go ahead and guess that very few 360s and PS3s will be sold after the launch of the Xbone and PS4. It's not like we're counting the Wii in the equation, either.



Haywired said:

Also, to add to my previous post about NSMBU as a flagship launch title. It was an odd choice to launch a brand new, next-gen home console with (what is generally considered to be) a retro game. And on top of that, one where the previous entry in the series had been released a mere three months prior, meaning there was no hunger or anticipation for it.



AtomicToaster said:

Sure, theres the XL for 200, but no one really goes for the 300 dollar basic so I don't know if the cheaper option means much. And the difference is only color and memory. 32 gigs should be minimum anyway.



GreatPlayer said:

I was not a Big N fan. My first console was NES but I did not like Mario Bros 1 or 2 (which was known as Mario Bros The Lost Level). The reason I purchased Wii U is for Wii Fit U, which is then delayed and delayed. The Big N is pretty shortsighted if they think their own franchise alone can raise console sales - they have ignored those gamers who are not Big N fans.



HeatBombastic said:

@Fazermint Do you know how many game consoles cough PS2 cough were sold after the 360 and PS3 were released? From looking at what you've said, you're predicting the Xbox One and PS4 will be very successful to the point of no one wanting the old consoles.

The industry is in a dangerous point, and so is the economy. You think people will choose the expensive next-gen consoles over the cheap current-gen consoles they didn't finish buying?



HeatBombastic said:

What Iwata is saying is true, and I'm glad he's knows. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to fixing it!



GearsOfWarU said:

I owned an Xbox 360 ... Never had a Wii ... So I pre ordered Wii U Deluxe ... Got 4 Games + Nintendo Land ... Then found out I needed to Buy 2 Wiimote+'s & 2 Nun chucks... Yeah that all cost a pretty penny...I saved my money... And now totally love my Wii U .... I think it's main problem has been the total lack of TV ads !!!!



TreonsRealm said:

@BXXL I would agree that Nintendo fans tend to hold third parties to a higher standard due to Nintendo's own games but the fact of the matter is that third parties have consistently dumped piss poor (and often late) ports on Nintendo consoles for the last 4 console generations. With very few exceptions (such as Sonic Racing Transformed which had great sales numbers on Wii U and was actually the best version), every major third party is guilty of dumping shoddy outdated work on Nintendo and then using the lame excuse that Nintendo's own high quality software is at fault. I'm sorry but you can only cry wolf so many times before the millions who buy Nintendo's own games finally say "screw it" and stop buying altogether. Third parties have screwed themselves and my personal feeling is that Nintendo should stop worrying about companies who clearly have no interest in supporting them.



Phantom_R said:

Does everyone pushing for a Wii U price cut forget that the Wii U is already significantly cheaper than the PS4 and Xbox One?



BATRA said:

the gamepad is made with these games that would be great are shooting games,fps,tower defense games,rts games and the best of mmo or mmorpg but i think that rts games might be better to like star craft and command and conquer games



TenEighty said:


We understand, some of us just don't find it that unique. Sorry but I've never been so uninterested in a new Nintendo console until the Wii U. It has slightly gone down hill since the N64. Both the Gamecube and Wii are nice machines but the games were more fun on the NES, SNES and N64. I personally only like the Wii for it's Virtual Console and a handful of disc games. I find that Nintendo tries too hard and doesn't make games like Mario 64 or OoT anymore.



Saleemra said:


While its true that third parties dont do well on Nintendo consoles I dont believe its because of the reasons you state. Simply put Nintendo games tend to have higher fun factors and are better crafted offerings then most of what is put out by other publishers. As a result Nintendo gamers may have a higher expectations which result in them rejecting shoddy unimaginative games that litter other consoles.

How many games out there on other consoles were real gems? The first dead space and mass effect come immediately to mind, but just look what happened to them in the later installments. Publishers spend hundreds of millions on a game but seriously how much of that actually goes in to game development? Between superbowl ads and tv tie ins they are probably spending twice the amount in advertising then it costs to actually make the game.

Nintendo gamers are picky yes - but that is a good thing its the publishers that need to literally up their games.



H_Hunter said:

Your [problem] is that you made a [weak] hardware unworthy of a 4th generation console leading to weak and speculative consumers leading to weak 3rd party support.

That's your problem not [Marketing] smarty pants



rdenton85 said:

Blimey. Well I'm still amazed that they didn't have more quality games ready for launch period. With so few amazing Wii games in its final years, why were there not more games out straight away. Games like Pikmin 3 and Mario 3D World should have been ready immediately as there was a very long period of so few amazing games.



GreatPlayer said:

@TreonsRealm I have to disagree with what you said. I agreed that Sonic Racing Transformed is an amazing game but it was only sold for 0.3 million (versus Mario U for over 2 millions)? Notice that the Sonic Racing game for PS3 and Xbox360 together sold over 0.6 million. If you are a third party and have a good game, which console will you develop for?

Third party games such as Raymen Legends were amazing. While Mario Galaxy was also another amazing game, Mario U is not as good. I agree that many third party games are bad, but some of them are good and good games are what I would vouched for (as opposed Nintendo versus non-N games).



GreatPlayer said:

@rdenton85 Waiting for one year and what we have is only Sonic, Mario 3D and one or two more good games by the end of the year... We need more quality games!



rdenton85 said:

Agreed. I remember how the failure to get Metroid Prime 1 out in time for christmas in europe for the Gamecube's second christmas really damaged its chances of outselling the competition.

Fortunately this is not the case with the 3DS but the Wii-U is struggling here.



Saleemra said:


Considering that most Wii U games dont have DLC to begin with that really isnt an issue is it. Neither are updates since they replace files not add to them. Thumbsticks these days are so commonplace that its not inconceivable that any PC user wouldnt have one laying round the house. How bout SD cards pretty much anyone who owns a digital cam will probably have a spare since they would have swapped out the 1-2 gb stick for something larger and we already know that you can use them via a card reader.

Anyway this is going round in circles and the 8 gb is being phased out, however I feel that when the whites get a relaunch we will probably see them at the same price level with 32Gb possibly even with NL preloaded as a digital game. That would already be great value in comparison to the PS4 at USD460++



WingedSnagret said:

I normally would bring up the fact that the Wii U doesn't have too many triple A games to show off for advertising, but since after E3 this has changed. The fact that the words "only on Wii U" were at the end of most of the E3 trailers was certainly a step in the right direction, as was the Best Buy demos, but there still needs to be more and better advertising throughout.



Drobotic said:

Adverts are the problem.The adverts don't even tell you it's a new console and not an add-on for the Wii.Or the impressive new features.I say they should start making adverts about the eShop and it's cool games and STOP WITH THE DUBSTEP!Wii commercials never had stupid dubstep,and when you combine horrible advertisement with dubstep,you have bad marketing.Only good things about the marketing are the store demos,which helped me decide on buying the U.Other than that,the Wii U is still a wonderful console that I hope to play for years and support fully.



Retro_on_theGo said:

Kind of contradicts Reggie, no? Glad Iwata is finally realizing this. Of course it's all your fault. Now get to work on fixing this mess!



BXXL said:

@TreonsRealm & @Saleemra

Well, i suppose you're both right, there's a kind of double standard in the third party games proposed on the Nintendo home consoles vs the ones found on the Sony/Microsoft consoles...

Even if yes, Saleemra, there are MANY gems to be found elsewhere (in my case, PS3, as it's the only "other" console i own): Valkyria Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, Dishonored, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Bayonetta, Journey, X-Com, Enslaved, the Shadow of the Colossus/Ico collection, even the two Little Big Planet or the two Arkhams, plus the soon to be released Puppeteer or Tales of Xillia, to name some of the more obvious ones...

But on Wii, how many copies have Little King's Story sold? Muramasa? Okami? De Blob? Zak & Wiki? Red Steel 2? The Tales games? Or even 2nd party titles like Sin & Punishment or Xenoblade Chronicles? Compare the sales of all these very fine games (all in my beloved collection) with any 1st party title, and it's a pitty...

Little King's Story was particulary disastrous, when it's one of the best game i've played on Wii: the dev' team even went out of business, and i was prayin' Nintendo would move to make them 2nd party, but no, all that talent has been wasted...

So, does it pay to make exclusive, quality games on a Nintendo home console? Looking back to history since 64 and GC thru Wii and now Wii U, i'm not so sure... and the Wii sold more than 70 million units back in these days: it wasn't due to a lack of potential buyers...

Which bring us back to the point i was tryin' to make: it's a kind of vicious circle where Nintendo fans focus on Nintendo titles, and where third parties focus... on the other home consoles! If Nintendo doesn't try to give its home console a kind of "universal appeal" for both the third parties and the core gamers, i think they loose opportunities, and we miss some excellent games (or have to buy another console to play them)... if all the best multiplats were released on Nintendo's home console, in addition to all the great Nintendo exclusives, success would be much easier to find for Nintendo, believe me...



edcomics said:

Finally snapping out of the fog of denial.

I think the biggest problem is the focus on the Gamepad. They really want to use that as the selling point, but it's not. It's the games. The Gamepad is kind of weird, honestly. Different branding might have made it more clear. "Nintendo DS Home," perhaps. That's essentially what it is. It's a DS system, using your television set as the upper screen. Also, it would have made more sense to have the Gamepad actually be a portable system of some kind, where you can take the game with you. The Wii U is almost there, but it seems conceptually incomplete.

Aside from the ease of touch-screen controls in certain situations, I haven't seen anything significant that be done using the Gamepad that couldn't have been done normally. Most of the games I've played are played entirely on the main TV screen. Honestly, 2-player using the Gamepad isn't as fun as split-screen. That's what I've found. The Gamepad actually gets in the way of having fun sometimes.



idork99 said:

Here's my problems with Wii U:
1. It's an HD 3DS. If Nintendo has taught me anything is that graphics don't matter if it has great gameplay. The Wii U will have excellent games and I understand how it's different than its competitors. I've known about the unique gameplay with two screens since 2004 with the DS.
2. This is the most expensive machine Nintendo has released in the US. If HD is what I want and what I'm paying for, I'd rather wait and save another $50 for a PS4. But I'm not looking for HD, I'm looking for great gameplay at an affordable price (3DS).

The DS/3DS brand is like no other and Nintendo knows this. It seems that they're trying to bring that magic to a living room full of scratching heads. Those scratching their heads are the people that refuse to play portable games because a. the screen is too small compared to a TV, and b. the system is portable, hence, not next gen; not powerful or comparable to a home console.

If you want people to look at the Wii U, you're really going to need to hit them upside the head. Those people are not going to, nor, willing to look at the Wii U. The only solution I see here is pricing. That way more people will buy and word of mouth will run rapid throught the streets but I know Nintendo doesn't want to do that. But look at the 3DS! The price drop hurt you some but not much. And now, the 3DS is selling because people are seeing the great games!



GreatPlayer said:

I totally agree with what you said. if you compare the sales of first-party and third-party games, one thing you can see is that it is NOT just about the game quality, it is also whether the games have Nintendo mascots. If a game has Mario or Zelda then it will sell well. Look at "Mario & Sonic Olympic games" versus "Sonic Transformed", both of which were developed by Sega. The first one was sold over 2 millions but its review was okay and not that good. The second one had good review but was sold only 0.3 million (versus Mario U which has similar review rating but was sold over 2 millions). You really cannot blame third parties from moving their support to other consoles because of their poor game quality. It is about the mascots more than the quality.



Rafie said:

@LDXD Well my friend I will tell you that you're wrong about the game prices on the PS4. They will retail at 59.99.

Or this article if you need more proof

Also about the online thing. You do know that it's optional. You don't HAVE to pay online no matter how you put it. You can still use Netflix and every other app without being online. Sony already confirmed this. Stop saying that it's not optional because it is. Also paying online with their PS Plus service is really unbeatable. You still get free games and discounts that continues onto the PS4. Why not get it?! It's a choice still and no one has to get it. Not how MS is making everyone be online.

Sony and Microsoft has a more stable online connection over Nintendo. Just wanted to inform you on that. We'll agree to disagree on the other stuff. Remember, we already had our little debate.



hYdeks said:

The average consumer doesn't know what they want, YOU have to make it so they know what they want. So yay, it is Nintendo's fault, so fix it This is a system people need to experience more AND you need to market better to get people to understand why a gamepad controller is important and relevant. It wasn't until my sister bought a Wii U that I seen how awesome and unique the gamepad really was, now I want a Wii U more than PS4 and Xbox One because they just offer the plain classic controller.



Rect_Pola said:

Ubisoft and now this? What's with the sudden wash of honesty?

At least they are still the lowest price between the three. And they never admitted to raising the price point beyond what was comfortable. Unlike 3DS, where they were blinded by the media thinking out loud (apparently from their collective asses, given how many acted like they didn't mean it when it came out.)



GiftedGimp said:

@Rafie Correction- MS do indeed restrict all online apps and games unless you pay a sub. With PS4, you are required to pay a subscription if you want to Play online. As for online apps you are correct.
But @LDXD points still stands, to play online you DO have to pay a Subscription... which if people are buying a system its to primarily play games on not watch Netflix etc.



MisterRJ45 said:

Wii U just needs a system seller like a new Zelda or Super Smash Bros, OR... a NEW IP.

Also, I think they should release an actual Pokemon game (not Stadium, but a real one) for the Wii U and have it have Cross Save with a 3DS version. Take it on the go or play it on the TV, its your choice. INSTANT SALES.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie no I mean to actually play your games online you have to pay and that's where it counts most because its the main feature of the console not Netflix and trust me those prices are subject to change wii u games at game stop were listed at $100 at first and best buy had them at $50 but we don't know unless Sony has confirmed the price but I don't think they have yet
Oh and if we are still counting Microsoft then I would hope that they have the mist stable internet because their whole infrastructure depends on it lol



Rafie said:

@LDXD It's already been confirmed from Sony themselves that those are the prices for the games. Oh and yes I know if you want to play your games online that you need the subscription. I said that. ONLY if you want to play online. Believe it or not, some people don't like online this doesn't concern them in the least. You can't tack on a subscription price if it's optional. In this's definitely optional.



GiftedGimp said:

@Rafie I was highlighting to play ps4 online which is why people will buy ps4 you do have to pay A sub.
I already mentioned this elsewhere but unless there been a official announcment the past few days then Price of games are still to be confirmed. My cousin found this out when pre-ordering his ps4, and trying to find out how much games will cost so he could work out what games he could afford to pre-order.



Zodiak13 said:

People getting all heated over something completely out of our control. As a Sony hater, I must say it looks very desirable to the masses. It is simple what is at fault. Quantity of games, poor advertising, unwillingness to attempt to appeal to the new "core" gamer, and the fact that Nintendo will always be considered for kids. You can argue my last point, but I am the only person where I work, (over 60+ people) who owns a WiiU and almost everyone is aghast that I prefer my kiddie system. Because in their minds real gamers play COD and GTA type stuff. Only reason they consider me a gamer is because I destroy them online in their stupid little games, which I rarely even touch.
I said in some other article that Nintendo can make unique fun experiences and still appeal to the masses, but they choose not to.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie I know but basically my whole point of what I'm trying to tell people is wii u gives more options for less for example storage space you have more options and no fee what so ever for online. I play online every now and then depending on the game so guess what sony has lost a sale from me so far the only way I'd get it is if they get some great exclusives that are single player to me the wii u does more for less



GraveLordXD said:

Lets take the whole online fee argument away for now with the wii u aside from way better coop play right out the box you can get one with 2x the storage space of the ps4 and still have enough cash to buy a game like sonic racing or a few Indies



Rafie said:

@LDXD You forget that we still don't know the storage of the Gaikai cloud option that PS4 will be using. The cloud storage for the PS3 was 1G, I definitely expect more for the PS4. Heck let's take the cloud out of the picture, you are buying a console for 50 dollars more than the Wii U that comes equipped with 500 gigs. Like the Wii U, it will also be upgradeable.

Sony has already got some great exclusives for themselves for 1st party. I'll admit I haven't seen much "exclusive" 3rd party titles as Microsoft is snatching them up. Still most games are going multiplatform and the only exclusive game that was worth mentioning here in my opinion is Titanfall. Sunset Drive does look interesting, but not more so than Titanfall.

I hear what you're trying to mitigate, but I still see the PS4 as more viable for the consumer. Online is optional. You can still buy stuff off of PSN and not be "online". That was a plus factor in the PS community forums. So you can still get your money's worth that isn't that much expensive than the Wii U, plus you're getting a more powerful console. I'm not saying the Wii U is inferior altogether because it's software will prove to be the dominating factor this holiday season. I'm saying overall, the Wii U will eventually have to compete even with its games once the big 3rd party titles start rolling in. Hopefully by that time, the Wii U's 1st party games would have boosted their sales and get 3rd party devs to work with them again.



Varia01 said:

I have faith in Nintendo that they will eventually use their full power on the Wii U. A Metroid game similar to Prime will surely be a unique and grand game for the Wii U, If Nintendo ever stops ignoring it (> ).



mikeyman64 said:

Anyone comparing Wii U to anything else doesn't get the term "apples to oranges."

Plus, I think what N is trying to do is revive the market for themselves instead of cut the price. If they just cut the price, the Wii will still have the same, unimpressive current/next gen image, but it will be cheaper. If they can brainstorm and figure out a killer way to reintroduce the U to the market, then the ball will really be rolling.

Apart from some giant-killing PR, games are really the only thing that can do this.



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie its $100 more ralfie not $50 the wii u for 350 comes with a game and other stuff packed in
The stripped down version of ps4 is $400
Lets say that you never plan on downloading games some people hate that then you would be spending $300 and have $100 to spend on whatever extras you want for the console (more options) this is the way I look at it
I rather spend the same amount of cash on twice the storage and a game or controller no matter how you cut it ps4 is still $100 more not saying ps4 is expensive because it is a great price point but for me paying online fees to play my games no thanks looks like when I get a ps4 it will be a single player experience. Why I say wii u does more for less... for me anyway



Stark_Nebula said:

@Varia01 Metroid is hardly being ignored. Yes, perhaps it did not get a fully-fleshed 25th anniversary, but you have to understand that there are other big name IPs that have been long forgotten by Nintendo. It's been a little less than 3 years since Other M. If you ask me, 5 years is a decent amount of time to wait - not fun, but worth it. Not to mention, they're almost certain to go back to it sooner than later, which isn't the case for Starfox, F-Zero, Advance Wars, Wario Land, etc. Have a little patience, others have been waiting 5-10 years.



james_squared said:

Yes, if consumers expect a price cut, then they will hold off on their purchase in anticipation of that price cut. As we get closer to December, parents will start to realize that there isn't going to be a price cut and they'd better get that system or little Jimmy or Sally will be upset and parents wouldn't want that.



Rafie said:

@LDXD It's not 100 dollars more. It's 50. Okay the Wii U comes with a game. That doesn't mean PS4 can't do the same. I can bet that there will be a bundle package with the PS4 as well. Things can change you know. We didn't know that NintendoLand was coming with the Wii U until about 3 months before it dropped. The same could happen here. Also whose to say that the PS4 won't come with a 3 month sub of PS plus. I guess I won't speculate for the sake of argument and focus on the here and now. So we'll go with the 400 dollar basic 500 gig model with no known game versus the Wii U 32 gig with a game.

The basic model doesn't come with NintendoLand, while the Deluxe model did. That is 50 dollars cheaper than the PS4 since you did mention the game it comes with. For now the PS4 does cost 400. Yes the Wii U is a BIT cheaper with the game, but in the long will come to the PS4 more so than the Wii U. NintendoLand is cool, but it's not a system seller. It was only a 3rd party devs are abandoning it left and right. The 1st party titles is what's keeping the Wii U alive. I'm just merely making my point by adding the other factors in. Not trying to turn this into a PS4 vs Wii U debate.



GreatPlayer said:

@Rafie I agree with what you said. Underline: Wii U is expensive for the price it is now. Most avid gamers will choose for the 32G version (rather than the 8G). If you buy 8G you need an external drive. It is ridiculous that people will be willing to recycle their old 32G flash drive and put it on their wii U if they know they can just get 250G PS4 for just $50 more (I have not counted the cost of a wiimote).

People also think that Wii U is not expansive if you take in the price of NintendoLand which comes with the package. However, I would not buy it anyway if I have to pay it separately. I do not think that NintendoLand is even that good.

Nintendo has probably overlooked one thing: even for fans that like some of Nintendo franchase, some of them may be the fans of one or two N games (e.g., Mario, Starfox). Therefore, they may not pay for other Nintendo franchise without their favourate mascots in it. Are they willing to purchase a console just for one or a few exclusives?

What really comes as a surprise to me is that Wii U is not much more powerful than those 5-year-old consoles... even it is priced not much lower than other next-generation systems (PS4). Where does all the cost of Wii U come from? The gamepad?



GraveLordXD said:

@Rafie they have bundles now for pre order at game stop if that's anything to go by but they are $460 one game seems about right I doubt they would have a game bundled for $400 you're right though we are way off topic with NL.



GraveLordXD said:

@GreatPlayer why is it that you keep bringing up the price of the wii mote? The system doesn't need it to function you might as well add a second controller to the price of the ps4



unrandomsam said:

Decent 3rd parties have done fine on Nintendo consoles.

Rare did just fine.
So did Square and Enix (When they actually made good stuff and were rivals).

Some have been unlucky making one really great game that didn't sell (And now is worth a fortune). Don't think that issue exists to the same extent though as it can be put on the eshop now and then if it takes a year to become popular that is not a problem it won't end up completely unavailable for decades.

The good thing about Nintendo is they just don't release stuff if it is absolute junk. So they get more impulse buys from me. (But they have earned that reputation over a long period of time). There is no other publishers I can the say the same for.



GreatPlayer said:

@LDXD I brought up the price of wii mote because (1) not everyone has a wii with their old wiimote, (2) many games need wiimotes, and (3) people who purchased a remote will of course buy the latest one, which has motionplus (rather than the old one). In contrast, PS4 comes with a gamepad already.



GamerJunkie said:

@LDXD The Wii U needs you to buy a pro controller, Wiimotes, nunchuk, just to be able to play games.(I even had to buy an old pro controller to play my wii VC games on Wii U, so thats another one lol).

You DO NEED NUNCHUK and Wiimotes to play maney games and also, to even control the wii menu, so don't pretend you don't need them.

Add that up and its more expensive than a PS4. Also, if more than 1 player ever needs a gamepad, it will cost over $100 when/if they ever release it.

Also, PS4 will have tons of free to play games such as DC universe online, planetside 2, etc. So for free they can enjoy great games.

I don't think Wii U is cheaper in any way, sorry.



Mr_Vengeance said:

I think a big part of the reason why the Wii U hasn't taken off is because, frankly, people are broke. I adore Ninty but I can just about afford to get the latest 3DS software, and the odd PS3 or retro title, but I certainly could not afford to buy new hardware right now, or keep another new system up to date with the latest games. Too many bills, not enough money!



GraveLordXD said:

@GamerJunkie you do not need to buy wii motes or a pro controller to play wii u games!!!! I haven't even used a wii mote on my wii u yet and I have over 20 games vc games also can be played with tablet controller quit spreading false information!!



GraveLordXD said:

@GamerJunkie you're talking nonsense reg wii games no duh man you shouldn't have gotten rid of your old controllers from your wii but I can promise you every game for wii u be it from eshop or full retail everyone of them are playable with the controller that comes with the system which is the tablet controller
You're talking about wii games after a system transfer you should've kept your controllers that isn't Nintendos fault that's your own and Sony isn't backwards compatible so it isn't even an option with them
You're telling me to add up an additional 2-4 controllers and then saying it will be more than the ps4 seriously this is your logic why don't we add an additional 2-4 controllers to the ps4 and see what price we're at?



GraveLordXD said:

@GreatPlayer *sigh smh please read post# 142 & 144
And for the love of God someone tell me what wii u game forces you to play with only the wii mote or pro controller or any other controllers other than the tablet controller



element187 said:

@SilentHunter382 nothing can fix the issue... Since there isn't very much software for the system, it would be a complete waste of money to advertise the system as nobody would buy it after looking at the really small library at a store's display, and looking at the barren release schedule.... So advertising would be just throwing p@$$ into the wind.



QuickSilver88 said:


Why? So they can be just like the competition? Do U even own a WiiU? The system is great.....the gamepad is very unique and useful......many people love offTV play......which I do, but also like to use the gamepad to browse (incredible browser far faster than safari or chrome on a tablet), watvh videos, interact of MiiVerse. What the system needs is games which are coming and needs some games that show off the gamepad features some mmorpg or srpg games. BatmanAC used gamepad very well and I bet new Batman Orgins will as well. Looks like DuesEX, Splinter Cell, WatchDogs will all put it to good use, and Pikman 3 and W101 will as well. I agree they need to up the system storage to 64 or 128GB and packing a pro controller would be good as well.....but ditching the gamepad would be suicide as then the system would lack all unique features.



QuickSilver88 said:


I agree but release schedule is not barren for second half of the year and features more exclusive conten than any other system:

Luigi DLC
game and warrio
Ducktales Remastered
dues EX directors
Smurfs game
Pikman 3
Rayman Orgins
Disney Planes
Disney Infinity
Splinter Cell BL
Wii Fit
Wii party
Batman AO
Sonic And Mario Olympics
Sonic Lost Worlds
Mario 3D World
COD Ghosts

That is 21 announced and confirmed for this year titles. Also there are some good games out many people haven't touched including Legos, NFSMW, Injustic and MH3U. So the library will not be sparse by the end ofmthe year and by October they should be ramping up advetising, new bundles, and more aggresive pricing. You will not have a launch lineup to match this on XBone or PS4 and many of the games for those systems will also be out for ps360 and WiiU. By years end WiiU will have over 60 titles and a very diverse library the offers more than just FPS and Racing games



Williaint said:

A $50 difference is not much, when considering a purchase like that. Especially to the "casual" buyer that makes up the largest percent of people buying it. Their news comes from gossip.
Great list!



Mizzah_Tee said:

Expect some new bundles that will make Wii U very attractive this holiday like Watch_Dogs or Assasins Creed 4 with pro controller for $329 or something close. Super Mario 3D World Wii U bundle is almost certain. Perhaps they'll even throw in a Wii Remote Plus to sweeten that deal.

A Wii Fit U bundle with balance board is also inevitable...



GamerJunkie said:

@LDXD So you assume everybody that bought WIi U, had a Wii before? LOL..... Many people don't have a Wii or sold it long ago.

They say the Wii U can play Wii games that I buy on the virtual console, but you need extra controllers, so you have to buy them to get full use of the features of the Wii U. If not then its advertising features i cannot use right?

Other games need a Wiimote and nunchuk to use the co-op or a Pro controller. How about in the future when you need 2 gamepads? YOu really think gamepad will cost less than an extra ps4 controller?

Your argument is pretty garbage. PS4 gives you way more power in the box for just $50 more and once you get all the accessories that you need to fully enjoy each system, it is the same price, and probably cheaper for the PS4.



GraveLordXD said:

@GamerJunkie WTF!?!
If they don't have a wii or sold it long ago how in the **** will they be able to play wii vc games in the first place junkie?

So the ps4 comes with one controller and you can still have a friend over and play co op without having to buy or use a second controller<--- this is what you sound like
And you are complaining that the wii u is actually 2systems in one as opposed to the ps4 that won't even let you play your ps3 games
So basically to get that same experience with the wii u with the ps3&4 I would have to go buy a ps3&4 which would cost me around $700 and that's with no extra controllers
And about the 2 game pads yeah they do a lot more than what the ps4 controllers do so I'd gladly spend an extra 30 on it



HeatBombastic said:

@edcomics The DS has the screen stuck together. The Wii U's gamepad isn't stuck. That actually means a lot more than what the cover seems. I suggest you think about it. Like how one person uses the "top" screen and one uses the "bottom" without even seeing each others screen. There are plenty of other examples I could use to prove it can bring experiences not found on the DS other than better graphics.



Technosphile said:

Wii U 32gig version, BLACK, with NintendoLand downloaded to the system, and a Pro controller, $299.

They sold the ZombiU bundle for less, with a physical game included.



LonDonE said:

Exactly i agree,

I am so sick and tired of iwata taking the blame, and admitting its his fault, and saying “please understand” ” we are very sorry”,
i don’t want to hear this garbage any more, i want iwata gone, i don’t care how much money he has helped nintendo to make, i only care about what they have done for core gamers, and its not allot, after the 3ds launch debacle, they promised wii u would be different, and that it would have lots of 3rd party support, and would not have software droughts, and lo and behold the wii u launches, and 3rd parties abandoned it, and nintendo themselves have not even bothered to release any core first party games, or even bothered to advertise it at all!!

All we have gotten is lazy rehashes of recycled 2d content!! its disgusting! we still don’t even have a game pad proof of concept game! WTF NINTENDO? we get a console which is supposed to be next gen, ant out the gate we get a console which dont have a Ethernet port, a Dolby codec, a proper hard drive, no blue ray play back, or DVD play back, it costs a substantial amount of money to bring the wii u up to spec tech wise with my 7 year old PS3!

6 months after launch and we still don’t have wonderful 101 and pikmin 3, which were both supposed to be launch window games, LMAO! that’s got to be the biggest launch window i have ever seen!
Stop saying sorry nintendo, get rid of iwata and get the core gamers interest back to nintendo consoles!
And for the love of god, hire a decent western team, who can go out and get the western 3rd parties on side, i miss the old days! oh nintendo how you fail us! most of the worthwhile games of e3 are for 2014, and so this year is filled with rehashes!

When some one says sorry they are supposed to understand what they don’t wrong, and never do it again, in Nintendo’s case they fail at even this! whats the point when your going to make the same mistakes again and again? 3rd party support or the lack of it has been a problem since the n64 days, nes and snes were fine in this regard, but after n64 launched the problems started, why is it after so many hardware launches since the n64 nintendo still has not figured out why it is that 3rd parties don’t support them? that’s another EPIC FAIL in nintendo management! oh nintendo i love you and HATE U!! when will us nintendo fans who have supported you over 30yrs get the Nintendo we all once loved and respected? nintendo fans are so delusional its actually sad to see!



YChung said:

Of course Nintendo is to blame. Who else? Duh!
Not enough action. So much useless talk. Cant believe people can actually point the finger at EA and Ubisoft. Correct me if I'm wrong but both have published more games than Nintendo on the wii u. They both supported the console at launch. Wii u is not selling and its Nintendo's fault. They need to do more to convince third party support. They need to piblish more games themselves. They should have picked up franchises from THQ.



edcomics said:

@HeatBombastic "I suggest you think about it." That sounded really aggressive

I get what you're saying, and I've experienced some of the "asymmetric gameplay" already in NintendoLand, Chasing Aurora and Tank!Tank!Tank!... I've played with friends, and both my and their response was lukewarm. I use the Gamepad mainly to browse the internet, and naturally to navigate the system menu. It's good for some things, like the Wii Panorama U, or whatever it's called. It's a gimmick, though, and I think it's not a strong enough selling point for the general public. Iwata has essentially admitted this, so I don't think anyone need go out of their way to defend it.

Moving forward, I think it makes sense to focus on games, and mention the Gamepad as an extra... almost like tricking people into thinking they're getting something for free. "Touch-screen Gamepad Included!" Anyway, I think the upcoming games will help turn the numbers around for the WiiU. It's just a shame that these games weren't available at launch. As I've said before, perhaps the WiiU should have been delayed until more software was ready for it. The launch was premature, and the system has suffered as a result. When Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Smash Bros and DK come out, I think more systems will sell... and it'll be HD graphics, familiar characters and bright, shiny colors that will convince people to buy.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Iwata is an honest man so this comes to no suprise. I think the hate against him from Nintendo fans isn't fair. He was hand picked for the position by the last guy and oversaw the success of the DS and Wii. Iwata is a very smart businessman, give him some time to figure this out.



LordGeovanni said:

I feel that the major issue is that people don't want to jump into a console that they feel will not have the games that they like. Best option, in my opinion, will be to make ~3 basic games that feature three different "casual" genre of games and then have a promotion where every purchase of the WiiU gets a copy of one of those games free with a discount if you buy another at the same time. I am looking at $20/game with one free and $15/game if you buy another at the same time. Then you make all three 100% available at retailers as part of those demo consoles. 100%. Anything in the game can be done in the store - 1 player only. Then they think of 2-4 player and pick up a new system.



TenEighty said:

It doesn't help that there's no longer a Nintendo Power magazine anymore. When I was younger I use to look through these over and over. This was a great marketing tool. Sure you can get new information of Nintendo's updates online but I remember taking them to school, on road trips and so forth. Today you don't get much in hand merchandise. Everything seems to be going digital and that doesn't keep the consumer involved in the product except when they are playing the game.



pc999 said:

The console price is to high, it should be 250€ or 300€ with a better bundle (a wii remote, a big game+2 eshop games, 64+ GB of RAM...).



UnseatingKDawg said:

You honestly think the Xbox One is going to give the Wii U any kind of competition? Microsoft has more or less killed off its fan base with their asinine decisions. If any competition is happening, it's directly between Wii U and PS4.



Luffy said:

use basic grade 1 logic.

PRICE DROP the same day PS4 and XB1 come out. a duh doiiiii



Emaan said:

The Wii U is a great console with a unique concept, interesting games coming and a lot of potential. The problem isn't the console or the games, it's the absolutely lackluster marketing job Nintendo has done.

I'm glad Iwata is finally starting to grasp this. You can't sell a game console these days without proper marketing, it's not an option to think otherwise. I really hope Nintendo turns things around with the Wii U, and I'm hopeful they will. They reversed their fortunes with the 3DS and I'm certain they're more than capable of doing the same with Wii U, they just need to find their direction and go with it.



Relias said:

Reason I love Nintendo.. Microsoft: Buy XBOX One or a 360 if you don't like our policies, Sony: People need to get another job to afford our console.. Nintendo: Wii are sorry our sells suck.. wii are to blame.. There is a huge difference there.. and I think Nintendo has the best response



QuickSilver88 said:

Beyond better games (which are coming), better bundles (which by their history of xmas bundles are also coming), and a better price point (which I think they would be insane not to offer by years end).....I agree that Nintendo needs better marketing. For the love of god hire a good US PR/Marketing firm and get out of the way. Their are some very quirky, good ads out on TV and the companies that dream those up would be a good fit for a japanese company in america. The new Sony ad is good, sort of edgy and in your face which is not really Nintendo's way.....but they could surely get someone clever and entertaining to do some fun and interesting things with Mario, Luigi, and the rest of the gang. Beyond having spent a whole generation going casual, which was great because it brought many non-traditional gamers into the fold, Nintendo also just seems sort of un-cool to everyone but us old school or 'core' gamers who know they really are cool. They seem to be having a bit of an identity crisis wanting to be the 'family' system but also wanting to re-win core gamers. A friend of mine made a good point which is why can't they be both? In many ways Nintendo is a humble, almost meek company when compared to M$ or $ony. Many people appreciate this....they are hard working, they don't put out trash games, and they don't need sex, drugs, and violence to make an entertaining product. They just need some help in position themselves in the US and they can do much better. Also and I have said this before, they need to stop veiwing their handheld and console business so seperately. We need a unified account system and as much as I don't care a achievement system. Tie it all together thru club Nintendo and let your earned achievement be good for some coins. They need more cross buy/cross play and this would encourage those 30+mil 3DS owners to jump on WiiU. This is what Sony is doing with ps3/4 and Vita to try to help their struggling handheld and as an owner of both those systems I really appreciate it. Nintendo needs to leverage it's handheld to help it's struggling console just like $ony is trying to do the reverse.



FJOJR said:

The price point is good if Nintendo effectively markets the value of the Wii U in comparison to the other consoles. Backwards compatibility, no DRM, more socially oriented games and their stable of franchises are what's important.



KnightRider666 said:

Suck it up Iwata, just drop the deluxe model to $299.99 and be done with it. $349.99 is too close to the PS4's $399.99.



Dark_Link said:

@Trainer_DJ Iwata seems like a real cool guy and based on articles I have read it seems people in the industry feel the same way. However, as the CEO you are the leader of the company and it's his job to make sure that any hardware launch has the software to back it up. He should have ensured that the Wii U had 2 major IP's ready for launch. Also he needs to do a better job at securing 3rd party support and if not that use some of the money Nintendo has in reserves and pay for some third party exclusives. The wonderful 101 and Bayonetta is a great start but they need more of that. Also two of these four titles should have been ready at launch: smash, Mario kart, Mario 3D and Zelda. I promise you if they had two of those titles ready at launch or bundle one of those games with the Wii U than the Wii U would be selling like hotcakes right now. Iwata needs to be more aggressive and be ready to attach instead of always trying to play catch up.



Noend said:

I was talking to a group of "gamers" this last week and they had heard of the Wii U but were completely clueless about what it actually is.



Dater100 said:

iwata I need games with online multiplayers
bring me fifa or star wars and ill be ok



JimLad said:

I agree with everything LonDonE #156 said.
Iwata should go, it would be the best thing for Nintendo.
Sure he made some major profits during the Wii/DS days, but can anyone honestly say things weren't better before he took over?



Gallimastro said:

Perhaps a new advertising campaign is in order. Show off what the console can do, and really emphasize backwards compatibility so original Wii owners can play their old games on the new console. As for the hard drive, make sure the consumer knows they can always use their own bigger HD than the one that's given. At this point at least a $50 price cut would be a good idea just to increase it's install base.

Nintendo can't do it alone though, they need to make the console appeal to third party developers. AAA devs here in the west have pretty much written them off, most of Japan too. Since they're Japan based, start with them first. Convince Square Enix, Konami, and Capcom to port their current titles over. Get some RPGs going on that console, since RPGs are still pretty huge over there, hell, dating sims if you are desperate lol. Oh, and probably make the console region free if you haven't done so.

Western devs have more of a monkey see - monkey do business mentality. Once they see the system start the flourish like the 3DS they will follow... some of them. At least you'll get EA back for what it's worth.

Encourage homebrew games. Seriously, there could be potential with this. If someone made a non-crashing mod for a Metroid game, let them. Some of these guys probably wouldn't mind working for free as long as they get credit using your IPs.

I miss the old Nintendo, but I've made my peace with what they've become now and still want to see them succeed. Hell, even if it's recreating the old market the original Wii did. Give them a reason to purchase a Wii U this time around.



Henmii said:

"We have been unsuccessful in coming up with one single software with which people can understand, 'OK, this is really different.'"

Doing something totally inspired with the Wii u gamepad would help a lot! Because as it stands, the Wii u gamepad doesn't add much to games so far!



HeatBombastic said:

@edcomics I guess trying to be polite by using words like "I suggest you think about it" instead of "Think about it, dude" only makes me sound like an angry man trying to use kind words to impress someone.

I never claimed that the Gamepad is a selling point like the Wii since the uses aren't as surprising for the public as the Wii remotes. I was merely explaining the differences of possibilities between the DS and Wii U. I said think about it because there are more ways than the examples I had given that show the differences of the two-screens of the two consoles.



Relytia said:

Iwata is one classy guy. What other person in his position would have the humility to admit their mistakes in such a forthright way and actually show through action that they mean what they say? Iwata for supreme ruler of the universe 2016! lol

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