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SirMario commented on Nintendo's Kensuke Tanabe Wants To Make Tingle...:

@MilesVor People are afraid Tingle would touch them at night but once they get to know him, they realized Tingle is a friendly creature who touch only himself at night. Fact: the reason why Nintendo doent think Tingle is popular in the west is because of IGN campaign to rid all Tingle from future Zelda games. It received over 80% of voters support. Nintendo decided not to release Tingle Rosy Rupeeland in America.



SirMario commented on Reggie: This Holiday Season Is Going To Be Ext...:

@LDXD Nintendo being the only one out of the three offering free online play should be a selling point for gamers. Graphic already looks good enough on the Wii U. Once multiplatform games come out on all three, I believe gamers are more inclined to pick up the Wii U version for free online gaming and unique play on the tablet. Time will only tell.



SirMario commented on Reggie: This Holiday Season Is Going To Be Ext...:

@Slapshot Put in Justin Bieber into any games and the games will sell millions in an instant. New Super Justin Bieber U= 14 million sold
Justin Kong Country= 10.3 million sold
Call from Justin: Black Ops = 50 million sold
All of this will translate into 100 million Wii U unit sold in a single year.



SirMario commented on Hideki Kamiya Still Wants to Work on Star Fox:

This is great news. I hope the big N offers him to make star Fox. If anyone can make a good Star Fox game it would be Kamiya. I am so proud I just want to put on a red cherry gloss lipstick and kiss Hideki Kamiya on each cheeks (in certain cultures it is a formal greeting. No homo.).



SirMario commented on Nintendo Reveals When Wii Party U And Wii Fit ...:

The large number of casuals who purchased the Wii Fit aren't going to buy the Wii Fit U. Why? Because most of the casuals are playing mobile games exercising 5 minutes per day just using their fat pepperoni fingers. Their fingers lost 2 pounds while their stomach gained 10. Nintendo can't rely on casuals any more. The core gamers are Ninty true supporter.



SirMario commented on Over 1,000 Parties Interested In Developing Fo...:

Nintendo should buy those 1000 + parties and make sure they are exclusive developers for Nintendo. I'm quite sure all is needed is to pay each up-start parties 50 bucks to make them 1st parties studios. Nintendo needs to monopolized the indie scene if they want to pierce Sony in the heart. Microsoft already took a huge dump on the indie scene - a stench that won't go anywhere, anytime.



SirMario commented on Retro Studios: "After Donkey Kong Country Retu...:

I'm sure Retro wanted to make a new IP, but Ninty wanted to shove either Donkey Kong or Metroid down their throats. They had no choice but to choose one. Either another DK or another decade with Metroid. The choice was obvious.



SirMario commented on Iwata: More Unannounced Third Party Titles Wil...:

@XCWarrior The same with me except I do it on the 3ds. I bought the 3ds xl in Jan. of this year and already own 19 boxed games and about a dozen eshop games. Most of which are from 3rd party - brand new.

I hope that if ninty isnt recieving the 3rd party supports they had hoped for then they could at least publish more Platinum Game or buy more studios. I want Kingdom Heart 3 and Dragon Age please! What is ninty doing with a billion plus dollar cash reserves? I am a starving child, I need more more more!



SirMario commented on Nintendo Loses Exclusivity On Deus Ex: Human R...:

Sony is probably laughing right now, because they are getting a new game.
Microsoft is probably crying because the xbone is lame.
Nintendo is probably scratching his butt right now wondering why this game is no longer exclusive. Such is life...



SirMario commented on Miyamoto Focuses on New Gameplay Experiences B...:

Nintendo should copy Sony. Sony has been releasing new IP every so often and they are expanding their variety in the library. So many choices for gamers to pick. If one person doesn't like Ratchet and clank then he has others IP to look forward too. I have seen too many Mario in a short time. Time for a break, plaese. Sony has their own "mario kart" type game and their own "smash bros". What Ninty needs are their own "The last of us" and "uncharted" versions. That is why Sony is doing so well right now.



SirMario commented on Nintendo "Feels Good" About How It Stacks Up A...:

Nintendo feels good against the competitions? Hahahahah, NINTENDO U CRAZY!! Where are all the 3rd parties support?I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It has been that way since the N64. Sony is gettint all the games from 3rd parties (kingdom hearts 3, etc.). Sony is balling hard. Nintendo, you should too.