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Sun 5th May 2013

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jetforce commented on StreetPass Mii Plaza Update Brings New Paid Do...:

Updated 3 DS consoles, a 3DS and 2 3DSXL - the 3DS worked fine and the front page has a little arrow at the bottom of the screen taking you to the software update. The 2 3DSXL consoles both fail! the arrow icon is not there and the consoles freeze when you try to access the new games!! Lastly, we geot Super Mario + Super Luigi panel.. I hope this firmware fail doesn't mean I will lose all of our hard earned puzzles and street passes !!! any thoughts people?



jetforce commented on Developer Interview: System 3 On Bringing Putt...:

We never even got C64 games available to us in Aus which blows when some of my favorites like Boulderdash, Uridium and Paradroid could be downloaded in the UK/USA. Lets hope they bring C64/Amiga to Aus this time ! Please? Plenty great hits left out, what are yours from these classic machines?



jetforce commented on Club Nintendo Refunds Coins To Wii U Owners Wh...:

I have been without my WiiU for a month now. Faulty unit replaced with a new unit by Ninty AU and sent back to me. Great, but they stuffed up my accounts and I cant log in or access my digital content. Yep, it has been back there for 2+ weeks and they still cant work it out even with NCL help. Anyone else heard of this issue, they tell me its a first.....not real happy....very frustrated



jetforce commented on Australia rejoice! Mighty Switch Force! Hyper ...:

Downloaded mine from the UK store...better late than never I guess but cant see the updates making it worth a AU purchase. Still for those that unable to pick up before get behind wayforward and enjoy this title !!