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Insomniac Not Working On Wii U, Considers It More "Current Gen" Than "Next Gen"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Here we go again

Insomniac Games — the studio behind Ratchet And Clank, Resistance and Spyro — has a history of working on Sony systems, but has recently gone multi-platform with the forthcoming Fuse. However, the company has ruled out creating games for the Wii U.

Speaking to IGN, Insomniac CEO Ted Price said:

Wii-U is something I'd consider more current gen - but we're not working on games for it.

It seems that some developers are just convinced that the Wii U shouldn't be invited to the next gen party. Were you hoping to see Insomniac's games on a Nintendo system? Drop a comment to share your thoughts.

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Sentinator said:

Anyone who knows anything about my posting history on the internet will know I think pretty much every developer Sony has sucks. Therefore I speak for myself when I say I don't care about you guys. Boring games. Ratchet and Clank is just another overrated Sony series like Killzone, GoW, Jak and Daxter and War of the Monsters.



Lan said:

Who cares. I buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games. Don't care what third party devs say, I've been used to not playing third party releases on Nintendo consoles for many years now. I doubt I speak for just myself when I say the first party exclusives more than make up for it.



naut said:

I'm actually very disappointed. I'm an Insomniac fan as well as a Nintendo fan. I've always respected them as a dev, so this is extremely disheartening to me.



tsm7 said:

Generation has to do with time not specs... I do think this generation of developers, however, is increasingly unprofessional.



irken004 said:

Ratchet and Clank would be a great fit on Ninty consoles, but it's a perk for PS users Can't wait for the new R&C movie.



DESS-M-8 said:

Sonys games, on the whole are massively overrated with the exception of God of War, which has now officially gone stale. Ratchet and clank is mediocre at best. Heavy rain, looked good but was ultimately short, and zero replay value. Killzone, is nothing special, even more so when matched against other FPS's. The only exclusive franchise of any quality they carry that has the draw to sell systems is Uncharted. Just wish Naughty Dog would go multi-platform and Sony's console is all but redundant. I have over 100 games on my PS3 and I have played ZERO of them since I bought my Wii U and 3DS XL, and all software has been. Ought from the two respective eshops. I genuinely feel huge things will emerge from the Wii U and Nintendo over the next 12-18 months. HUGE things. And if they announce GameCube, wii, Saturn, Dreamcast for virtual console, cross connectivity with 3DS and using a 3DS as a second Gamepad? Those are potentially and very possible developments. And that has not even mentioned the software currently in development, once the Nintendo fanfare begins and the noise is heard everywhere. You'll see the (no need to mention names) third parties eating humble pie and desperate to bring their games back to Nintendo.
Was it only 2 years ago that the 3DS was a laughing stock and on the brink of being bargain binned and pulled from shop shelves???
Can't quite remember how that one turned out.
People have been crowing that Nintendo is on its way out since the Nintendo 64 in 1999. Didn't they have the biggest selling console last gen???
Hasn't Nintendo been running for over a century? My guess is they might have an idea what they're doing. Stop panicking, enjoy what's on offer now cause trust me by next year you will not have the time nor the money to enjoy every thing you want to enjoy that will be on offer throughout the lifespan of the Wii U.



RaymanFan2 said:

As someone who is a huge Insomniac fan and a person who tries not to take sides on the whole Nintendo sucks/is still great and WiiU is current-gen hardware/WiiU is next-gen because it's part of this console cycle debates, I think what he says is... fair enough, if a tad harsh. If they want to develop games for systems that have specs akin to the PS4 (Xbox probably will), then obviously they aren't developing for WiiU. However, I think he's just pouring oil on the fire by saying Wii U is 'last-gen'.

The two definitions of 'insert-gen' are starting so many pointless arguments, perhaps it's simply the term itself that needs to go away.

Ted Price probably, admittedly, should have said 'We aren't developing for WiiU right now' and left it at that, or if he needed to go further he should have left it at 'we are only considering the more powerful next-gen consoles ATM'.

I hope none of that sounds like I'm taking sides, because really I don't care what gen the WiiU is. I expect an awesome HD Metroid, and if I get it, I'm happy.



LavaTwilight said:

They're saying this except no one really knows the specs of the PS4 and 720 and atm TVs can only really produce 1080 graphics; even the 4k models are so expensive that it won't come to the public in the next 5/6 years which is how long a generation lasts.
Speaking of which, what defines a generation? The original business plan for MS and Sony were to release their "next gen" consoles in about 2016 because they didn't see the need to upgrade their current hardware, however the WiiU has got them worried so they're pushing their new consoles forward so that they don't 'miss out' a generation of consoles. They have to play their cards carefully because they're so strangled for money that they could create machines so powerful that they either lose money or charge too much that people just can't afford.
And for the WiiU being dead? I've seen enough consoles come and go to know what makes a console and what doesn't and I'm sorry but Nintendo will be around long after Sony and MS stop making consoles.



RaymanFan2 said:

@DESS-M-8 Different strokes, I suppose. I think Uncharted is overrated and other Sony exclusives are much better (R&C, infamous, Resistance, GoW, Sly)



RaymanFan2 said:

In short, I think the arguments about 'next-gen meaning the console's time of release' and 'next-gen meaning the amount of raw power a system has' have gone on long enough, and those terms are what cause the problem. If that term didn't exist, there wouldn't be this problem (of course, there would be other problems, like coming up with a suitable term with the same meaning )



Peach64 said:

Everyone has a different interpretation of which generation a console belongs to. You've got to be able to see why they class it as a different gen to those other two consoles. To a dev these days, the have to decide wether they're working on a next-gen project, that uses higher specced consoles, or a current gen game. If they make a next-gen game, it's made with the PS4 and Infinity in mind, and it's not going to be an easy port to Wii U. It would take a lot of effort to tweak and downscale it, and then it actually becomes a separate project in itself. That's why they class the console as part of a different gen. I honestly believe they're not using that term to try and insult the Wii U, they're just saying the games they're making can easily be ported to two consoles, but not easily put on Wii U because of it's lower specs.

@LavaTwlight Everyone knows the specs of the PS4 and the Infinity, it's not some secret because they're not available to buy yet. Developers have had dev kits for a long, long time. And I'm sorry, but they didn't plan to release new consoles til 2016? That's rubbish. They've been developing since way before Nintendo revealed the Wii U.



Harrison_Peter said:

The Wii had the same problem, releasing so early and being a barely upgraded GameCube (but with the awesome, revolutionary motion controller, which we all know was a success). When the Wii was out, people had realised what the problem was, getting spin-offs and lesser games while other systems got the world-class multiplatform titles. How didn't Nintendo realise!?

If the Wii U is a current-gen console, it's a fine console, shame it came out at the very end of the generation for the rivals and is now the underpowered console. If the Wii U is a next-gen console, like the Wii it's underpowered from the beginning. It will still get good games, but it won't be considered by many of the biggest devs working on multiplatform titles.

To sum up: Nintendo, what are you doing? I really want to see Nintendo continue to dominate the handheld market with hardware and software, but for the home consoles to go software-only. I liked Nintendo back when their consoles were just boxes that played games, and Nintendo used their creativity on incredible gaming experiences. Less time trying to be inventive with the console, more time working on the games please. If Nintendo won't go software-only, then I hope they at least learn that TWICE they've tried releasing a console out of sync with recent rivals and it's caused a lack of 3rd party support.



Sentinator said:

@DESS-M-8 Couldn't have said it better myself. The people who sit back and claim Sony have been first party kings this generation might find it hard to believe but there is someone who doesn't like Sony's output (me). And I don't care if I am the only one. All I've seen Sony do is copy what works for everybody else and try it themselves. As far as I'm concerned that is the reason they've fallen behind and the reason their games don't sell in my mind is because they are poorer quality then the others. Especially Killzone.



usama367 said:

@ErnisDy you do realize that you're firng bullets into the air here. people have been predicting an impending doom for nintendo for years now and they have been gladly and heavily mistaken. the wiiu will survive and flurish in the coming years when nextbox is crappy with its always online feature and ps4 is qverpriced. even if that does not happen the wiiu will flurish. although i hope that all 3 companies flurish for the sake of the gaming world



SanderEvers said:

As I said before, the Wii U is current gen. The PS4 and XBOX 720 (or how it will be called) are also current gen. The generation starts as soon as the first console of that generation is released.

The XBOX 360, PS3 and Wii are last-gen.



RaymanFan2 said:

@Sentinator To be fair, I'd say a third-person adventure game on Uncharted's scale had (as still has, to some extent) only ever really been done on a Sony console, although that's only one example.



RaymanFan2 said:

@SanderEvers I'd say it's more like; the systems you are saying are current gen will be referred to as next-gen until the systems you say are last gen are removed from any and all spotlight, which has already happened to the Wii.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I'm getting tired of this kind of news. Just talk about games that are coming and studios that do work with Nintendo.

These news aren't the reason I visit NL. Please, consider it.



Harrison_Peter said:

@Sentinator Uncharted series (seriously!)? Infamous? The Team ICO games? The Quantic Dream games? PSN exclusives like Journey? GT series? Think of upcoming games, The Last of Us, The Last Guardian, Beyond... Sony have become a powerhouse for exclusives. That was the best thing about Nintendo, and Sony have caught up with them. Microsoft is behind. An Xbox 360 plays some amazing games that Nintendo doesn't get, but you can get most of them on the PS3. But the PS3 has absolutely stunning exclusives AND plays the latest and greatest multiplatform titles. Nintendo has the franchises, they have the fans... I want to play Zelda etc. But I really think they need to look at Sony. Sony has the quality and quantity of exclusives to make them the top choice now (especially over the Xbox 360), but they also play the multiplatform games that the Wii couldn't play. If Nintendo release in-sync with the rivals, and focus on making incredible Nintendo exclusives, they can get the best of both worlds like Sony have done recently. The Wii U will have incredible games, I have no doubt, but it won't be as a good as it could have been.

I'm with Nintendo for portable gaming, and Sony for home consoles for now. Because: games.



RaymanFan2 said:

@SanderEvers I'm not making my own standards, here. Is this not what has happened in the past? When games are still being released for an older gen and are also beginning to be released for a newer gen, journalists will refer to the newer gen as the next-gen and the older gen as either last-gen or current-gen. This is because they obviously aren't referring to the next next-gen, because those are six years away at least. And if they referred to a game that came out last week as last-gen while the PS4 hasn't even come out yet, that would seriously screw with the English language's tense grammar.

And this is why we have these arguments. You make a point, I make a counter-point, then after that you make a snarky counter-counter-point that rather sharply discredits all of my point, and then I type this paragraph in which, because of language convention and how people interpret things, I cannot help but seem counter-snarky while typing, even though I am not trying to be. And then it devolves into a poopiedoodledingdong-fest where neither of us will really make any good, argumentative points and will just be at each other's throats instead.



Caryslan said:

The sad reality is that both sides of the table are technically right. If we go by the standpoint that the Wii U is the successor to the Wii and is a new system, then everyone is right that it is a next-gen system. But if you look at it from a developer point of view, then the tech is not really that far removed from what the PS3 and 360 have been doing for years and is closer to current-gen stuff.

Much like the Wii was not from removed from what the PS2, Gamecube, and Xbox had done during the sixth generation. I know people are going up in arms about his comments, but look at it from a developer's point of view. To them, the overall tech is much closer to the 360 and PS3.

As I said before, there are two sides of the coin on this issue. If we go by the age-old rule of what defines a generation, than the Wii U is a next-gen system. But if we look at it from a tech standpoint, that it's easy to consider it a current gen system in that regard.

Which means much like the Wii before it, the Wii U somehow manages to find itself in an odd place. On one hand, it's technically a next-gen system based on it being the successor to the Wii. On the other hand, its a shiny new system that employs 7 year old tech.

Both sides have a valid argument here. And while it's easy to blast Insomniac as a developer that wants to bash Nintendo, let's keep in mind one thing. Nintendo does paint themselves into a corner with their strategy. And from a developer standpoint, its easy to understand why they view the Wii U the way that they do.

I'm not saying it's right, but let's stop thinking he's a blind fanboy who wants to bash Nintendo. To be fair, this is the path Nintendo chose when they walked down the "Older Tech with unique System Feature" path with the Wii and Wii U.



RaymanFan2 said:

@Caryslan Exactly. And it needs to be reiterated that Price obviously isn't a blind fanboy, as they have just recently gone to great lengths to have the ability to go multiplat.



Lunapplebloom said:

No real lose here. I've always considered Insomniac to be Sony's game development studio anyways. Shame though, as the do make some pretty great games. Ratchet & Clank is a great series, and I think it would fit rather well with Nintendo's Roster of characters. That franchise is one of the reasons I got a PS3, as well as for the Blue-Ray player.

I can't wait for their first movie.



Sentinator said:

@Harrison_Peter the thing is I don't like those games. I've played most of Sony's most appraised hits and I can never understand why but I just can't get into them. For Beyond Two Souls and The Last of us I haven't played them and neither have you. So how do you even know you will like them? Maybe you like the studios and its a safe bet? And The Last Guardian may very well be cancelled yet.

I have played most of their output and while it may be hard to accept I haven't enjoyed it. But of all the ones that I haven't liked, none (and note this is my opinion) have been worse then Killzone. That is exactly the kind of example I am using here. To me this was nothing more then a poor version of Halo.

Regarding your comment about Microsoft I don't agree with it. Again this is from experience, but they may launch less games but I think they are of better quality. Part of the reason Sony are struggling is because their games don't sell. They built their brand on third party games like GTA and Final Fantasy. Those games are now shared with Microsoft by default and it will get even worse if they get shared with Nintendo.



RaymanFan2 said:

@Sentinator I will definitely give you Killzone as totally overrated. I think Killzone 2 raised the bar for PS3 visuals so high upon release (that's pretty much a fact) that reviewers forgot that it was otherwise just a Halo clone. Don't ask me why they didn't come to their senses come Killzone 3.



RaymanFan2 said:

Although I would also say that, if you like FPSs in general but Killzone felt too samey, Resistance is the other Sony FPS series and is different enough that you might like that one instead.



GameLord08 said:

Developers will always have their opinions on different things in the industry, and I think it's about time we stopped using that to create mindless turmoil among fans every second the opportunity arises.

Furthermore, Insomniac never specified what they defined as "next-gen", much less whether or not it concerned the Wii U's hardware/tech, so I think we need to stop jumping to conclusions here. In fact as far as I can tell, that is the CEO's personal opinion on the Wii U and it doesn't necessarily reflect that of the whole studio.

Personally, I often define a "next-gen" console by its market impact, so by that standard I'd agree the Wii U is not in that category (yet), more so for potent developers like Insomniac. Anyhow, it's a bit of a shame to hear this, as I was hoping we might see something from them ever since they disbanded from Sony.



akabenjy said:

@Sentinator I agree. Uncharted is like a Hollywood blockbuster all flash with very little substance. Plus all three PS3 games are remarkably similar. I will admit I loved Journey but thatgamecompany are no longer Sony exclusive so whatever next masterpiece Jenova Chen comes up with could possibly be released on Wii U. I think he is going for IOS though but I do have an iPad not that I ever play IOS games.



Hunter-D said:

From a technical stand point some people see it as a current gen system, but from a hardware design pov, it's an innovative next gen console.



Sentinator said:

@RaymanFan2 I'm glad there is someone who agrees with me about Killzone. To me Halo works because it nailed the concept. Thats my point with Sony. Like Playstation All Stars they took one of the most popular franchises the competition had and attempted to mimic it's success. Halo was arguably inspired by Goldeneye but my view is that it was Halo that managed to set the standard for the many acclaimed shooters this generation.

Its not specific to software but hardware as well. The reason Kinect sold much better than Move is because it had the innovation. Microsoft may have followed Wii's lead but it was done in a more interesting way then tampering with the design of what was obviously a Wii remote.



Einherjar said:

In my opinion, nintendo was never part of the whole "generation" thingy. They always did something completely different than others. It started with the N64. Everyone jumped to discs, nintendo stayed with cartridges. In the next gen, every console became a multi media system, the GameCube was a simple gaming device. Then, the Wii stayed with SD tech and tried to revolutionize games a different way and now, the WiiU tries the same. I find it unfair and rather boring to expect, that every console must be the same as the other to be taken seriously. We have the XBOX360 and PS3, two consoles that are completely interchangable. Which console you buy merely comes down to price or a handful of exclusive titles and even they are nothing to write home about. No exclusive title on either console is a unique game. Take God of War. A hack and slay like many others, Dantes Inferno, Devil may Cry just to name a few. Or Halo, a sci fi shooter like many many others. But there is no equivalent to nintendos first party titles. Nintendo is not out of competition, they are unique, and when the whole gaming industry became one thing, than its defenitly NOT unique.

Another factor is see is nintendos strong identity. They are the only main gaming company today that still has respectable mascots. If you would make a platformer on a nintendo console, chances are people would ignore you in favor for mario. The same goes with action adventures like zelda etc.
one of the other two main companys have that, they have their key exclusives, but can they be seen as a firm mascot ? Will every FPS on the XBOX be compared to Hao by default ? No, because Halo isnt unique in the first place to be a definite "role model"
Or to lean myself a bit more out of the window: compare smash bros to sonys atempt to copy it. Smash bros unites many many completly different nintendo franchises. They bland perfectly together while still keeping their own flair. In sonys attempt, almost every character felt out of place. Some even felt like bland advertisement or "last minute decisions" to get some variaty, like parapa and co. Characters from a long dead franchise.

Video games today are all about engines, grafics, tech etc. In the golden age of gaming, no one cared on what engine a certain game worked, it was trhe game itself that counted. In out time today, the WiiU just falls flat on its face for not beeing like the others. When all you can offer is graphics, sure the WiiU is the absolute worst choice with the new upcomming systems. But which developer today comes up with anything BUT new graphics ? Thats the whole point of FPS today. Its always the same "point and shoot" game. The level designt comes down to corridor after corridor. Its all about the tech, just because there it not much else to talk about. And the audience was brainwashed over all these years to beleave "thats where its at"

On "low tech consoles" you need to come up with more than just this. Your game must impress without "bling" and thats a very very hard thing to do. I always bring this up, sorry, but look at xenoblade and compare it to other rpgs of this gen. Sure, from a tech perspective, it just uses SD tech. But what about the sheer magnitude of content, size of the game world, the story, the gameplay ? It surpasses its competition by lengths and still, everyone is drooling over FF XIIIs graphics more than Xenos...everything.

If this trend keeps on going, the saying "I only get a Nintendo console to play Nintendo games" becomes the harsh reality, because there will be nothing else. But is it that wrong ? Why is it so important, that we get the same games as every other console ? Is "we are on par with everone else" so much more important than "the WiiU is unique in every aspect" ?
Nintendos first class titles are not bound to any sales numbers, they are coming no matter what. And there are very few people in this day and age, that stay on one, single console. So why is it such a problem if you get what you came for, nintendo products and for everything else, you switch to another system. I worked with the "Wii60" movement back then, why doesnt it work now ?



MadAdam81 said:

Is it that surprising that the only successful Spyro games are by a different developer? I'm talking about Skylanders of course, and they dropped the "Spyro" name quickly as they immediately made the Skylanders brand much more valuable than the Spyro brand in one game.



RaymanFan2 said:

@Sentinator Ah, but the Kinect was simply an EyeToy (Sony), just 9001 times more accurate! CHECKMATE! (In all seriousness though I see your point about the respective motion add-ons)



RaymanFan2 said:

@MadAdam81 Spyro was one of the most popular franchises on PS1, just behind Crash. Just like Skylanders will inevitably decline in popularity within six-seven years (approx. one console cycle).



moroboshi said:

No platform can thrive without third parties on board. Look at what happened with the N64, and that had more third party support than the Wii U.

The simple fact is that Nintendo have been cheaping out on hardware for several generations now, but they've always got away with it due to having some sort of mainstream gimmick which drives sales. The Wii U's gimmick is clearly not drawing in gamers of any level, which leaves just a box of very, very low end off the shelf parts which are incapable of running next-gen games.

The Wii U is dead, there's no point in trying to gloss over that. The interesting battle for next-gen will start soon, and if the specs and development rumours are to be believed, Sony are in a strong position.



Rei7 said:

Poor Wii U... guess there is less holes in my wallet. Not like Insomniac really makes games for Nintendo anyway. It has always been for Sony.



Sentinator said:

@moroboshi Firstly, N64 and Gamecube may not have seen the sales the others have but they were very financially successful. Nintendo have proven they can live on their own franchises.

Nextly, PS4 is a lot more expensive to develop for. Pretty much every publisher and developer has said that. You can shrug 10% off but its still a sizable leap in investment. And its the kind of sizable leap where the install base needs to be there as quick as possible. PS4 or Xbox cannot afford mistakes so why not wait and see how it plays out first.

A slow start will be all it takes for developers to change there mind about where the "real" next gen is.



bunnyking said:

i love rachet and clank, but i still don't get why this sight loves posting this stuff.

We already know who is in and who is out by what their interest in gaming are.

Why is this site called Nintendolife?

It should change it's name to Nintendodeath.



garfreek said:

Here they go again! seriously i've been conciously following this charade since the gamecube era and there's always an excuse why they won't work with nintendo. aparantly ninty fans have been 10 year olds for about 30 years now! the succes of games like eternal darkness, resi4 and every metroid game has proven that =P

but this is just a develepor working exclusively for sony, kicking mudd in the hope everyone will run to their platform ^_^



Raycon said:

If they want to say they think the tech is more "current gen" that's fine.

But saying the console itself is more "current gen" doesn't make any sense. This is the next generation of Nintendo console.

I know it's just semantics, but it's annoying when these supposedly professional companies don't specify this. Makes me wonder if they realize what the term "next gen" means.



belmont said:

@Sentinator I think that they actually said the opposite, that it is "easy" to develop for PS3. That seems certainly not a lot more expensive since there is experience from PC development.

As for Insomniac I recently got the Spyro games and I will try them. I had played Size Matters in PSP sometime ago and it was fun.



therealmario101 said:

@Harrison_Peter Eh, I'm going to have to COMPLETELY disagree with you on Sony being caught up with the big N on exclusives. Though this is my opinion, I'm going to say it anyways. Sony's MAIN exclusive it seems, is Uncharted. I don't know if that's true, but that's just an educated guess. All the games you mentioned, absolute garbage. Nintendo still has the biggest and best titles of all of gaming under their belt as first party titles, and there isn't a company out there that can change that.



XCWarrior said:

I'll just keep saying it. When PS4 and Xbox next sell just like Wii U has in the beginning, devs will change their tune.

Or we'll just see constant support for 360 and PS3 and all of this gen will suffer.



nik1470 said:

@Sentinator well said can't wait to see the look on peoples faces when they find out how much AAA titles will cost on the PS4 due to increased development cycles/effort. Why do people think they taking about free to play games and micro-transactions! Also if graphics are the be all and end all why are 3rd screen devices so successful.



stealth said:

1) specs dont determine gen

2) If the only games you make are based on software specs and not originality like his, who cares



andrea987 said:

So many people here don't know what they're talking about. I'm a Sony fan too, but seriously, if people don't own a console and only comes here to bash it, it's just sad. For them, I mean. It just makes me wish there was an ignore button on NL, lol.



Harrison_Peter said:

@therealmario101 Good grief, that's sad. We all have different tastes, but garbage? I bet you're annoyed at buying a console with so many garbage games! Or did you not buy it (and therefore can't judge)? I love Nintendo games, especially the magic and creativity, and for that reason it shocks me that a fan of Nintendo would describe games like the Team ICO games as garbage. Wow.

All I'm saying is that the PS3 has the best of both worlds, great exclusives and great multiplatform titles. I think Nintendo are shooting themselves in the food with their decision to release out of sync with rivals. I'm a Nintendo fan, I love Nintendo games, but if the console played the best multiplatform games AND great exclusives, it could rival the PS3.



DePapier said:

You know, I've been reading this kinda stuff for a while and I have to admit, it did catch my attention. In the last six months or so, I have heard about developers and games I couldn't care less before: Metro Last Light, Dead Island Riptide, Saints Row 4, just to name a few. (I think the last one was a random developer letting his thousand-dollar dev kit collecting dust.) Matter of fact, I STILL do not care.



Royalblues said:

What? Insomniac isn't going to produce for the wii u?
That is what I hate about a lot of you posters on this site. Pathetic.



DePapier said:

@bunnyking You're fundamentally correct. And I think this is really sad. It used to be fun hanging around here, Nintendo-fun: now it just isn't anymore. The only way I find to have some fun is to troll the trolls that have been brought to this community.



DePapier said:

@Royalblues What was I saying... You need to understand, Ratchet and Clank has never been on any Nintendo consoles, and I don't remember us begging for their games. If and only if their games would find their way eventually to the Wii U, what the dude said is a really, really bad start.



Omarsonic9 said:

Why would Ratchet & Clank be on a console other than a Sony console?
._. Insomniac is being fanboyish.



Spoony_Tech said:

Nintendo is definitely in trouble here. At least with the Wii everyone had to have a Wii and a HD console. That's not necessarily the case here. All this means is Nintendo is left to support the system all by themselvels and I think long term it will ruin them. They do need games and it will sell but it won't be nearly as much as it will need.

Now don't get me wrong as I don't think either of the next gen systems are going to sell all that well either. Yes the graphics will be better but we are not looking at the leap in quality over the last gen. Price will also be a Hugh factor for years to come. I can't afford a Wii U then alone either of the other options. Are social media is moving way to fast these days and video games need to change!



K1LLEGAL said:

@Royalblues THANK YOU. That's exactly the same problem I have with people on this site. I remember when it was said Saint's Row wouldn't come to Wii U and some people said "good". How is it good that a series doesn't come to your console of choice, even if you don't enjoy that particular series. Idiots.

And in regards to the tagline "here we go again". Well yea, what did you expect? Nintendo once again decided to make an underpowered console, whilst console developers have been craving more power since the Xbox 360 and PS3 became more and more outdated relative to technology. The Wii U basically is "Current Gen", just with a "Next Gen" release date.

@LavaTwilight 1080 is the resolution, not the graphics. You can have some really bad looking games still use a 1080p resolution. Also, as others have pointed out, game developers obviously have dev kits for these consoles. They know what the consoles can do (maybe not to the full extent; that will come with time and practice) and it's clear they are favouring the ACTUAL next gen consoles instead of the Wii U.



DePapier said:

@XCWarrior Just like I've been saying for a while to not be surprised if first-party Wii U games this holiday season look more beautiful than PS4 third-party launch titles.
I mean folks, E3 is here soon, we'll have our games details and our games soon on our platform, we ALL KNOW that if Nintendo can release just five first-party games the likes of Mario and Zelda by this holiday season, and five in the six months afterwards making 10 HD Nintendo-quality games, even the biggest hater will buy the Wii U to play Smash and Zelda. Too bad I'll be there online to teach him a thing or two about Smashing.



K1LLEGAL said:

@DePapier Why? I own a Wii U. I loved Nintendoland and I know I will love the exclusives being released later in the year. But come on! The Wii U could do with some of the big third party titles here and they're not getting any.

Edit: I also own an Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS from the current gen line-up. I have had amazing experiences on all of them. I'm no fanboy and I really think people should stop being so loyal to one company. They're missing out.



Royalblues said:

Oh, and anyone hoping to see Ratchet or whatever on the Wii U can forget about it. It's not even going to Microsoft's console, as Sony gobbled up the rights to that franchise long ago. It isn't going anywhere.



DePapier said:

@K1LLEGAL Maybe some people don't quite have the time and money to invest in more than one company, so they might as well stick with the best. Maybe some people don't want to support the companies that fuel the fire against the company they prefer. And maybe some people just do not like the way this industry is going outside of what Nintendo is producing and fostering. That might as well be me.



Mattstewto said:

actualy sales would say that sony has the worst first party support. out of the top 100 ps3 best selling games 21 were sony first party tittles. they sold less than 66mil. they are the only company to sell less first party tittles than systems sold.



Harrison_Peter said:

@Mattstewto I was talking about how good the games are, rather than how many they've sold. If we only care about sales numbers, we'll have to write off the Wii U.



DePapier said:

@Royalblues So why should we be mad that their games aren't coming to the Wii U, if they just CAN'T come to the Wii U for agreement reasons. Why the f*** the Insomniac dude needs to speak his mind harshly on a console he just CANNOT work on?
What I am mad about is at the misperception he is promoting against the Wii U, which given the way he stands seems quite intentional.



K1LLEGAL said:

@DePapier You know what, I appreciate the fact that some can't afford/don't have time for multiple consoles. And also, boycotting companies that are damaging the industry is another fair reason. But that is no reason to start slamming games that aren't on the console you DO have. Ratchet and Clank, whether you like it or not, is an extremely well made and polished series of games. It's not copied and pasted and zipped out like Call of Duty. Insomniac is a company that actually seems to care about their titles so it's really sad to see people here putting one of the good developers down, for no reason at all.

CD Projekt Red is a company known for it's amazing post-game support (for free as well) but i'm sure if it was said that CD Projekt Red wasn't making games for Wii U, all of you would come out and say the company is "rubbish and stupid" or something along those lines.



Mattstewto said:

but sales do matter. they show how interested people are for a game or console. so to say sony has the best first parrty games you would be in the minority.



K1LLEGAL said:

@DePapier Again, you misunderstood. Insomniac is now a third party developer and can do whatever they like in regards to the Wii U. However, the Ratchet and Clank series remains a Sony exclusive series. Insomniac is currently working on an Xbox 360 game which could have also come to Wii U if they wanted it to... but they don't.



ledreppe said:

Snobby bastards, not having their games is no loss to me, but it is for the Wii U. I don't see why a system HAS to be bleeding edge before a developer will even consider making games for it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Einherjar: Wow... That was pretty accurate as to how I play my games - get them for the systems that they're available for - not for the systems themselves. But then again, I did luck out to a point since my dad bought a 360 to play Guitar Hero - I'm the one who bought my Wii and Wii U.

As for this developer, I say whatever floats their boats. Nintendo didn't need them before, and they don't need them now. And I won't know apparently how great Sony's exclusives are because I don't have a PS3, and I don't plan to get one.



marck13 said:

Insomniac sure sound like they are bully fanboy-devs.
Personally I don't know their games, but if i look at their style it seems to me that they are missing out by not producing for Wii U.



Sentinator said:

@Royalblues I think you'll see if Insomniac ever change their mind any user here who said they don't like their games will not suddenly start caring. The reason this is bad is it reflects EA's support for the console. People who care have clearly admitted to it.

Also, anyone who really is nuts for Ratchet and Clank will go buy a PS3 because they all know that is the only place they will be able to get it.



DarkNinja9 said:

sigh indeed here we go again and like my last comment on the other article... unless we join up in a group and say something so they at least listen that just cuz wii u doesnt "seem" like next gen doesnt mean it isnt -.- and to give wii u a chance instead of being lazy



banacheck said:

All I've seen Sony do is copy what works for everybody else and try it themselves.

The last decade of Nintendo's work has been base off what others have done years before them, OMG Nintendo even got sued for copying others ideas, there no smoke without fire.

Uncharted series (seriously!)? Infamous? The Team ICO games? The Quantic Dream games? PSN exclusives like Journey? GT series?

These are all over done unoriginal series compared to the Mario, the COD of Nintendo is a understatement.

Don't throw stones in glass houses. I like Nintendo but this is true.



Zup said:

This is a shame. I loved the Ratchet and Clank games on PS2 and since I'm not planning to get PS3, a similar game on Wii U would have been nice. Oh well...



DePapier said:

@K1LLEGAL OK. I used to go at a friend's house and see him play Ratchet and Clank on the PlayStation. The game seemed nice and I'm quite sure it was, but given time and money I'd prefer to invest in Ocarina of Time anytime: I'd rather stick with the best. I think our argument is based on a cross-misunderstanding, mine which you've outlined and which I thank you for allowing me to acknowledge it. On the other side, I believe we Nintendo fans are more concerned about the attitude the developers of good games such like Ratch and Clank and probably Metro Last Light and Saints Row 4 have against the Nintendo audience. Therefore, what we are slamming are not the games per se but the developers and the way that they treat us.
Now imagine for a second that the Wii U turns out to be a success. Imagine that Nintendo's upcoming releases prove that the Wii U is, in fact, a lot more powerful than "current-gen" consoles. Now, since the console becomes profitable, Insomniac and the likes of 4A try to look a little more at the hardware and to understand how Nintendo came up with such feats like Pikmin 3 on a "last-gen" console, they find out, and they bring their games to the Wii U. Since they'll have to promote the release of their games on the Wii U, they'd be singing a different tune, talking about Wii U possibilities and forgetting all the BS that had been saying the past months, since Nintendo and these developers themselves, with their own games, would have proven that "last/current/next-gen" mambo jumbo to be wrong.
Now, when that happens — "if" that happen, for the doomsayers --... do you seriously see me buying these third-party games at launch?
Do you see me buying the game of somebody who spread BS about my system, only to be all smiles when they saw I had money? And quite franky do you see my buy their games at launch when I'd be crawling under high quality Nintendo games, and when I know third-party games are always half-priced a few months after their release?



Harrison_Peter said:

@Mattstewto Ok, we'll have to agree to disagree. I agree that sales are important, but not in deciding whether a game is great or not. Think of titles like ICO. It didn't sell well at all! I guess this means Call of Duty is the best multiplatform game.



LavaTwilight said:

I never said they weren't developing their next consoles however they made several statements prior to the WiiU's announcement stating that their current gen consoles will have a 10year lifespan, taking us to 2016! This only changed with the announced WiiU!
I do admit however that I was unaware of the specs being released however that makes no difference if the TV's can't allow the consoles to be used to their fullest potential.
This was similarly the issue the gamecube had, where it was capable of generating 3D graphics but it required further development that, instead of being added to the GC, was put 100% into the 3DS.
Still... They have to play their hands carefully for the next few years. There's a lot of money involved in the gaming market now and not a lot of that money comes from consumers anymore.



Harrison_Peter said:

@Mattstewto My original comments were speaking as a gamer, discussing content quality. Though even if we only care about business, my points about the Wii U still stand.



moroboshi said:

@Sentinator The jump in development cost from this gen, to next gen isn't all that significant. The jump from last gen to this gen was huge, as we moved from systems with vertex shaders and low poly counts, to systems with pixel shaders (which require assets to be authored in high-res in ZBrush to produce normal maps) and high poly counts. The difference was night and day.

Next-gen is essentially the same as this gen, but with slightly higher poly counts and higher-res textures, and of course nicer lighting setups and shaders, as well as 1080p rendering. None of those are all that expensive to add.



gavn64 said:

3D mario, Metroid, new super mario bros. Zelda, F-ZERO, paper mario, Starfox, mario and luigi, wii sports, SMASH BROS. Pikmin, Mario party, mario golf, mario tennis, fire emblem, advance wars, luigis mansion, Animal Crossing AND POKEMON!!!!!!! just wanted to remind that nutjob who ridiculously claimed "sony has better first party exclusives than NINTENDO" dude there is no comparison to make SONY would trade places with NINTENDO in a second but NINTENDO wouldnt. Educate yourself before posting aburd crap like that.



sonicfan1373 said:

I did not think these guys would have developed for Nintendo systems anyways when they announced they became a multiplatform studio. They will most likely stick with PS (and Sony will ask them to do a few exclusives on the side), and develop new games for Xbox, and maybe PC.



moroboshi said:

@DePapier The Wii U is not more powerful than the X360 and PS3, sorry to burst your bubble. The GPU is slightly more powerful in some areas, and the system has a little more RAM (1gb, but half of that is lost to the OS), but the CPU is much, much slower than the X360/PS3.

Of course there have been many games this gen which have great visuals (such as Bioshock Infinite), so there's no reason why the Wii U couldn't produce some nice looking games. That said, it's foolish and naive to expect the Wii U to compete with Durango, and especially the PS4 (which is around 50% more powerful than Durango).



DePapier said:

@moroboshi ... Like I said, I'll just wait and let Nintendo's first-party games prove you wrong, and I'll wait for you around on Smash U.
Then we'll see whose bubble got burst and who's been foolish and naive.



Peach64 said:

@LavaTwlight It's true Sony said the PS3 would have a 10 year lifespan, but I don't think anyone thought they meant no PS4 for 10 years. They meant the PS3 would still be going strong in 10 years, much like the PS2 kept going, with big titles such as Final Fantasy XII, God of War 2 and Okami coming out after the 360 and PS3 had arrived. New FIFA games still come out on the PS2 now.

And they don't need 4K TVs to reach their full potential. We were stuck with 480p in North America and 520p in Europe from the NES to the Wii, but games still got more technologically advanced.

I don't think the next Sony or MS consoles are going to sell that well to begin, as more and more people wait for price drops these days. My comments about the power were just relating to what this Insomniac guy said about considering the Wii U a different generation.



Midnight3DS said:

If it's coming to Wii U.. sweet, cool, awesome ok. If it's not... those games are garbage, they suck anyway, don't need 'em.

Disappointing, but predictable.




I don't even know what people are getting all abset about. If you guys knew this company's history they've ONLY made they're games for playstation sooooo what did you expect them to say??

That's like if Apple came out and said PC sucks!! Is this really a surprise to everyone.



jedisquidward said:

Wow. I think I have finally realized what is going to happen. Here on Nintendolife, we keep getting more and more news about how big companies are refusing to work with Nintendo, but we also keep hearing about how small developers love working with Nintendo. I think I may have figured out what might happen. When Nintendo said it was becoming more adult, they didn't mean just in ESRB ratings. They are going to become the huge indie company in the next console war.



TrueWiiMaster said:

Insomniac used to be great, back when they made Spyro, and before Ratchet and Clank became so spammed, but nowadays I don't really care about them. Fuse looked boring to me, about as generic as you can get. Maybe I'm wrong, but that was the impression my brother and I got when we saw it. I'd be far more interested in Destiny coming to the Wii U (still hopeful).

Besides, is it really such a surprise that one of Sony's most supportive 3rd parties isn't a fan of Nintendo's hardware?



snax007 said:

@DESS-M-8 You are in denial. Serous denial.

Oh btw, Naughty Dog is 100% owned by Sony, so no non-Playstation titles from them.



jrwchil said:

The Wii U is less than 12 months old as the xbox360 and PS3 are 8 years old I would say this was a next gen console.



snax007 said:

@Peach64 Exactly. 10 year lifespan does not mean 10 years between console iterations. Both PS1 and PS2 were on the market for more than 10 years.



mshope10 said:

who cares what they are doing they never made games for Nintendo so what if they don't start now.

we ubisoft,activision,and hopefully rockstargames and we will be fine.they make the top 3rd party games and two already make them for wii u.

plus when HD Mario kart,3d Mario,HD Zelda come out things will be fine.Nintendo are always a masters of there craft and will show off some amazing graphics.



Midnight3DS said:


Yeah, and the PS2 console was still in production until Jan. 2013. Epic console. I'm going to buy another new PS2 down the line and store for backup.



SCAR said:

Maybe I would care if the Ratchet & Clank games were fun. I've played 2 of them, and they bore me to tears. Maybe they'll be better w/o Sony, but their track record with Sony is trash.



TromaDogg said:

Can't believe there's so many comments here trashing Insomniac....they've made some superb games including the original Spyro trilogy, Muppet Monster Adventure, Ratchet & Clank (those games are a hell of a lot of fun) and Resistance. I understand that this is NINTENDOlife, not SONYlife but there's no need to badmouth good games from a good just comes across like a bunch of Sony fanboys claiming that Super Mario World was rubbish just because they couldn't get it for their console to me.

That being said, Insomniac's not a developer I expected to support the Wii U anyway...they've never developed any Nintendo platform games before (to my knowledge) so it'd be more of a surprise if they DID actually develop for the Wii U. Most people associate them with Sony anyways and own a Sony console if they want to play Insomniac's games.

@K1LLEGAL Amen, brother, amen.



SCAR said:

I genuinely don't like their games, though.
It's not like I dislike them because they are Sony, at least as far as I can tell, considering they aren't with Sony anymore.



SuperMinusWorld said:

Personally, nothing was lost today. Also, what is going on with these studios lately? It seems to me like everyone other week, a gaggle of developers come out and have something negative to say about the Wii U.



Platinumhobo said:

Stuff like this really pisses me off. Who cares about current, last and next gen. Just make games for the damn console! We don't (commonly) sit around saying "Oh man, the 3ds is so underpowered compared to the 360, no one should make games for it."
Like even if the Nextbox came out and wasn't near as powerful as everyone thinks it will be I would still say just make games for it.
My concept isn't perfect but the simple point is that developers just need to make games and stop the discrimination.



Midnight3DS said:


I hear ya. I've wished for some time there was one console that lived 20+ years, or as long as the still strong DVD player lives, and tech advances didn't matter. Dedicated developers just worrying about a fun experience, and not a new engine that's too powerful. Sadly, just a dream world.



AcesHigh said:

@tsm7 I absolutely could not have said it better myself. These devs arent as big or as cool as they think they are. Better get a reality check soon because consumers are starting to take offense and avoid their games. When all it takes is some humility and shut the hell up if you have nothing good to say about consoles that your target consumers might also own. Western developers are getting way too cocky. They should take a page from the Japanese book of respect or they'll soon be looking at another '84 in the face



Platinumhobo said:

@Midnight3DS I think we have too many console companies for that honestly. I'd always thought of Nintendo and Sony each making 1 huge console that would be active for about 20 years, and along that 20 years we'd see 2 or 3 handhelds from both Nintendo and Sony.

My dream kind of came crashing down once Microsoft and Apple got into gaming. That and you're right, developers do seem to care too much about companies making new hardware.



Silverbullet89 said:

Ratchet and Clank will never go Multi-console. They're a PlayStation icon. That being said, with me owning a Nintendo and PlayStation console I don't really care about this news



retro_player_22 said:

As a Sony developer for many years, of course these guys will say they won't support a competitor's console and now since they are working for the worst company in the USA (EA) on FUSE, which also doesn't support Nintendo, it's likely that won't change anytime soon.



SetupDisk said:

How is this even a suprise? They went on to talk about their excitement about PS4 and barely mentioned xbox.



Sorry said:

@Sentinator glad you didn't say anything bad about the first three spyro games. I loved those in my childhood. But overall you are right.



P-Gamer-C said:

Wow anther game not coming to the wiiu god this is bad no gta5 dead space no bf4 or bf3 no just cause 3 no metal gear no bioshock no dark souls i dont get what are you post to do if u foolishly purchased this thing keep saying all these games not coming to the nintendo platform are not good or they suck or just keep waiting another 6 monthes in a quiet corner as everyone else games.



DESS-M-8 said:

@snax007 haha. Course I am. I've played all the games I mentioned aswell as countless others over the last 4 decades. I've played playstation 3 exclusively for the previous 4 years upto now and it got boring. Very very boring with nothing new of substance in the last 18 months. Battlefield 3 was the last great game on PS3. The exclusives on Sony are uninspired, carbon copies of existing franchises. They have never brought a new idea. Ther controller is STILL a SNES pad for
Crying out loud.



pixelman said:

How is this even being argued? From a hardware standpoint the Wii U seems to be barely more powerful than current gen consoles. There's no way it'll be able to churn out what the PS4 can, and that's a simple, easy-to-understand fact. I can certainly understand developers not wanting to waste time scaling down graphics for a system that has barely any install base.

This is going to be a Wii situation again. It's going to survive (or thrive) on exclusives and Nintendo's brand power.



Dyltheman said:

@Harrison_Peter seriously looking at your list made me realise how little sony actually has: Uncharted series (1&2 great 3rd ok) Infamous (didnt like these at all even though I got them for free) The Team ICO games? (?? I didnt know team ico brought out any ps3 games beyond sony tryin to resell me ps2 games I already have) The Quantic Dream games? (Seriously?? David Cage is more overrated than peter moloneux, and they have only one ps3 game as far as I know. 'Asthma Simulator 2010' which is seriously a joke game with an awful script -SN exclusives like Journey? Thumbs up, enjoyed this for the 45 lenght! GT series - Forza series has surpassed this in everyway possible, Think of upcoming games, The Last of Us - think ill skip the cinema release and wait for the blueray The Last Guardian - wont be out this gen and probably not at all, this is another example of sony exploiting fanboys by telling them about this great game that wont ever release Beyond... Sony have become a powerhouse for (very little )exclusives.(actually worth playing).



hYdeks said:

This article is dumb, did you really think Insomniac was gonna work on Wii U? It would be like stepping backwards with them, and why the heck would you wanna do that?!? Lots of the Nintendo fan-boys are all saying "no biggie" and stuff like that, but basicly that attitude is why most companies support Sony and Microsoft, because there games are played and appreciated on those systems, with Nintendo it's always "what the next 3D mario....whats the next mario kart...whats the next smash bros...whats the next zelda" and than Nintendo releases a new system, and the cycle starts all over again....wahoo ¬¬

@pixelman totally agree with you, it'll be basicly on life support with Nintendo's games just barely getting the system by, just like the Wii.



Void said:

Haven't these guys been pretty much 100% Sony exclusive anyways?
They've made two games, out of 22, that weren't exclusive to Playstation, Fuse for PS3 and Xbox360, and Outernauts for Facebook. (Both published by EA.)



mikeyman64 said:

I've played Spyro since I was a kid, but only on the Playstation. I could honestly care less about any Insomniac games on the Wii U.

Honestly, like hydeks said, Nintendo has followed a cycle of sorts for many years, especially on its non-Japanese fronts. However, everyone (not only fanboys) appreciates it and continues to buy and play Nintendo games. All new IPs and 3rd party games have been added bonuses. Microsoft wants a game, they buy the dev team that makes a good one and market it through "MS Game Studios." Sony, (while not entirely outsourced) makes bank on exclusives from other developers. Nintendo thinks up a new idea and usually ends up slapping some blue overalls and a red hat on it or giving it a sword and an annoying fairy. It's just their way of doing things, and it has worked for 30 years.

So give the Wii U a break. It may only see a splash of third-party support, but does anyone who still buys Nintendo products (fanboys or not) really care?



Arminillo said:

@hydeks Maybe they say 'No biggie' because, as you might have noticed, their best games were exclusive to a Sonystation. Why would Nintendo fans care if a company decided to keep not making their games on a Nintendo system?



Sentinator said:

@hydeks If you are so appreciative of third party games on Sony systems then why did Chinatown Wars on DS sell way more then the PSP version?



JavierYHL said:

hmm...more and more 3rd party developers are not making games for the wii u and many fanboys keep saying i m not interested or i dun how are we going to get nintendo to go all out to get more third party support for wii u? many nintendo gamers also keep saying gameplay is important graphics are not and so we get a wii u that is consider current gen so late in the cycle...come on we are giving nintendo money not gettting paid by them...who wouldnt want more 3rd parties games for their console or better graphics for the next mario or zelda...stop pampering nintendo for all the mistakes they have make with the wii u and they will improve...



DarkLloyd said:

it was a not so good idea putting this article up , look at all these upset complainers.

anyways by some of the comments logic on here about sony Ip's being overated or whatever, the same can be said for some of nintendo's Ip's as well so you kind of messed up that statement there lol



P-Gamer-C said:

I think some nintendo fans would like to have the big popular triple a games but they know nintendos third party support is not to good at the moment to compisate nintendo fans say that game or company sucks anyway for not getting yet another title to fight that tingaling feeling of buyers remorse



Shining-Void said:

The people who are saying "graphics don't matter" need to realize that they do. If a system isn't powerful enough it can run new engines. Then as a result games don't get made for it. (ie. wii) Even though I'm not really a fan of this company, there is some truth in what they are saying. The wii u's CPU isn't all that amazing, and it's gpu is the best either. You can pretty call it "current gen" looking at the specs. I don't doubt that the wii u will have great looking games, but devs are ignoring it left and right. And I would really like to just invest in one console, and get all the games I want, but that's not the case. I see people bashing devs, but I don't think it's their fault.(sometimes) Nintendo has messed up, and I don't see them trying to fix their mistake.



Neram said:

This isn't surprising at all. It's insomniac, who made their name on PlayStation systems.



kereke12 said:

To be honest i really don't care for it's, and it quite annoying when developers say that Wii U is not next-gen just because it came out a little early doesn't mean anything.....but nintendo is the best...



moroboshi said:

@Jukilum That simply isn't true. There have been multiple developer reports, as well as performance analysis done on CPU intensive areas of multi-plat games, and the Wii U's CPU is a bottleneck and significantly slower than the X360 and PS3 chips.



CaPPa said:

Oh no, Insomniac won't be bringing their mediocre generic FPS Fuse to the Wii U? This is sure to be a 6/10 caliber game.

With the Wii U missing out on games like this, Aliens CM, Star Trek, etc, it will never gain a reputation as a source of shovelware and will be cursed to only have Nintendo's or other decent developers 9/10 games.

If the sarcasm is a little strong, then to be clear I couldn't care less about Insomniac making games for the Wii U.



Megumi said:

Don't care...I got Monster Hunter, that's enough 3rd party support for me right now. :3



P-Gamer-C said:

That cpu would be slow in 05 man what were they thinking nintendo must know there hardcore fans will except anything



CaPPa said:

Next-gen architecture is following the lower clock CPU design, so will that mean that the Nextbox and PS4 will also be inferior to the PS3?

With out of order execution, tessellation etc being standard features of the next-gen hardware then it isn't surprising that current multi-plat games are not yet taking advantage of the possibilities as they've not been designed to do so.



P-Gamer-C said:

slower clock speed because of the shorter pipelines then y not go with a quad or more core then y is the ram super slow as well mister



Gamer83 said:

Wow, lots of butthurt and stupidity in the comments section. Not that I expected better from the fanboys.



GraveLordXD said:

@K1LLEGAL k, I think that's the point though you say they are working on a game for the 360 but then they are saying they wont work on the wii u because it is supposedly a last gen system like the 360 so what they are saying makes no sense they should be focused on ps4 and the new xbox, so it just comes off as ignorance



SCAR said:

Anyone that called anyone a fanboy in this comment section has no relevance to the discussion.
I honestly don't like Insomniac games, that goes for any console their on.
As for graphics, do your research people. Wii U isn't as weak as you think.



SteveW said:

I missed the old days when the game is all that mattered, no arguments over CPU speed, etc... this is ridicilous anymore... too many people that care about nothing but power, no matter how powerful the next xbox is, it will still pale in comparison to stuff out 10-15 years from now, so lets just worry about the games.

CPU and graphics do not make classic games! the game does! look at the NES, it has plenty of classic games and who gives a crap about how fast the CPU is!



Ren said:

this industry is too big and too expensive now to ignore what each console can handle. If you can't survive and keep up with what the market demands than you can't be around to make "games" at all. Nintendo makes great games, and no longer understands how the console market operates in the west. it's sad, I lament the old days too, but that's just what they are; the old days.
development tech runs in the similar cycles as the hardware that runs the final games so if one console is not up to snuff with multiple others it just WILL not get the same attention. That is what Nintendo signed up for AND they didn't have their own great software ready to pick up that slack so things don't look good for WiiU. I wanted to love it, but I'm disappointed.



sweetiepiejonus said:

What a shame. I like Ratchet and Clank games. I don't usually do the whole boycott thing but just like with Deep Silver this company is now on my Ignore list. I feel bad more for Tech Land though, because they even came out saying they could make games on Wii U but Deep Silver had to pull the crap they did, so if they don't want to make Wii U games 'just because' after lying about a made up reason then I don't want to support them 'just because.'



Rafie said:

@SCAR392 Well the vast majority of comments speak for themselves, Mr. Scar! Just because a developer isn't developing on the Wii U, fanboys/girls for Nintendo feel the need to bash them. There's a difference between being a fan of dev or game, and being a fanboy/girl. People on here that says Sony doesn't have good games are seriously smoking that good green! If you don't like Sony's games....fine. Just don't try and tear them down and praise your console of choice as superior. I'm not saying you're doing this, but you've made it known in past articles your disdain of Sony. I don't consider you a fanboy, but others here have exhibited those notions.

I'm just happy that I own ALL consoles and enjoy them for what they bring me (exclusives to the respective consoles). I love Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft and have a good library with all of their games. So there's no bias coming from me.



RaymanFan2 said:

@CaPPa Please at least make sure you know the difference between an FPS and a TPS before making sweeping sarcastic remarks, because it just makes you seem rather ignorant and your sarcasm turns back on you.

Thank you, signed everyone who cares enough to know what Insomniac is actually making.



P-Gamer-C said:

U need POWER so the games are possible on your platform and those classic games at the time of release were cutting edge silly rabbit



WiiUisBest said:

@Ted Price Well than mr price than im afraid i won't be buying any games made by your company sorry but i do buy games made by people I don't like..



odd69 said:

yep buy all the consoles before you bash them, that's what I did. sony is still better for me personally. The wii u is boring me to death...

Insomniac games, fire your PR management because frankly comments just make the company as a whole, look like fools. Don't forget that without Nintendo you wouldn't be here. Im actually surprised with a company with a pedigree like yours would even say something like that..



SCAR said:

I've had good experiences with PS, but it has never been enough for me to want PS more than a Nintendo or Xbox.
People like PS. No problem, but the people calling people fanboys are usually fanboys of something themselves. It's unnecessary to say the least to call soneone a fanboy when all is said and done.



AlternateButtons said:

...If you need realistic graphics to mak a good game then your game isnt very good.... and btw Wii U is CURRENT gen. Wii U is being sold during the eighth generation game period against the PS4 and Nextbox. Thus it is a NEXT GEN system. You dont need super realistic graphics to be a current gen console.



FineLerv said:

This just in: Nintendo will not be making games for the next Playstation and X-Box consoles.



FineLerv said:

@SteveW Blast processing?

But, I know what you mean. The reality is there aren't a lot of games that use the full potential of the PS3 or 360 anyways, but people still run around quoting numbers at one another.



Gamer83 said:


The people at Insomniac have just as much a right to an opinion as anybody else. If they feel Wii U is more of a current gen console than next gen so be it. Fanboys need to get the hell over it.



MiNiStRy said:

So its dead because ea and now insomniac are refusing to make games for the console?
I couldn' give to hoots about either of those companys! Lets face it ea is just a sequel maker rehashing all of their titles over and over again and insomniacs latest installment looks like rubbish.



3dbrains said:

WiiU not next gen? If it was last gen we would have had it 6 years ago.
I now have a motion controlled TV in my hands ffs! If that's not next gen, I'll shag your gran.
insomniac games are mostly rubbish anyway. I dont see them as a quality game maker, I see them as out of touch with gamers.
Thank you.



Pod said:

Insomniac's games are usually not very experimental but always very solid genre pieces of high production value.

I'll be honest and say that I've never found anything they've made fresh or funny enough for me to play all the way through, but I wish them best of luck with FUSE on those consoles for which an audience for that game supposedly exists



Slapshot said:

@K1LLEGAL Just a quick heads-up on one quick thing - Insomniac Games has always been a third party developer. It started developing games for the PlayStation One with Disruptor and then found massive success with Spyro the Dragon. Its success and great working relationship with Sony - it shared an office space with Naughty Dog (Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted and The Last of US) - and had a great working relationship with Sony, which kept them singly developing for Sony.

Sometimes developers get tired of sticking with the same series for too long. Insomniac Games needed a change and it moved into multiplatform development. It's already published Outernaughts for the PC (Facebook) and FUSE is coming to both the PS3 and the 360. Oh, and its CEO Ted Price is a really cool guy too!



Daz-brum said:

Who cares any more about specs i bought the WiiU to play games to escape the day to day life. Plus we all know the next gen consoles will take min a year to get the "best pics" going on the machine. Game play must always win through. zelda is number one one eshop already i wounder if the grafics are next gen NO!!
All you online reporters stop hyping up the negative aspect and foucs on what the machine was designed for GAMES....
And no one and we all know NO ONE does games like NINTENDO...



andrea987 said:

@Ren "This industry can't survive and keep up with what the market demands. Development is too expensive now. Nintendo makes great games, that's just what they are. That is what I signed up for AND I'm not disappointed."
Couldn't have said it better.



Ren said:

weird. I don't get the misquoting to make a point thing. Is that supposed to be a jab or something? It's great that you enjoy your WiiU if that's what you're saying, I'm only worried about the poor choices Nintendo is making because I love what they have done for game design over time. I'm sure there are some fun times to be had with a WiiU but they're not exactly making the best choices to stay relevant long term right now. For us here that may not matter, but in the industry as it is now, they're just not alone anymore.



andrea987 said:

@Ren I did you a favour. At least now your words are saying something more close to what's really happening. If you honestly believe that, fine, but that's not what the reality is. Do you know how many dev studios have closed since the beginning of last gen (2006), and how many more laid off large numbers of staff? Do you know how much it cost to develop a so-called AAA game, and how many copies it needs to sell to recoup the costs?
Wii U is "up to snuff" with the other "next-gen" consoles, both PS4 and 720 are not going to be CPU intensive, according to the specs we know. So multiple development is not a problem. Only big difference that we know at the moment is in the RAM difference. Not a deal breaker. When the first details about the Wii U specs started to come out, everybody was saying 'Wow, 2GB of RAM, that's huge!' -and it is, compared to PS3/360 specs. Now everybody is raving about the PS4 8GB, lol. Simply put, power is not the right way for consoles. If you care about specs and graphic, get a good gaming PC.
Real question is why so many people, including devs, are talking BS about the Wii U? I can understand fanboys/trolls, they're young and if that's their way of having fun, who cares. But I'm sure you can understand that when a dev, linked by a working relationship to Sony, for example, start talking down (in a subtle or not so subtle way) a Nintendo (or MS, for that matter) product, well other reasons (much more vulgar) come to mind.
I'm aware of the mistakes Nintendo has made in relation to the Wii U, and they all boil down to advertising it/promoting it.
And yes, I'm enjoying my Wii U, as much as I'm enjoying my PS3, as I'm sure I'll be enjoying the PS4 once it'll starts getting games I like.



Solatorobo said:

Man Ratchet and Clank would be great on the Wii U, with the touchscreen acting as your weapon select and the gadget minigames that run through the series. But then again I think Sony owns R&C anyway, so whatever.

Also if you seriously won't play Ratchet and Clank purely because of this quote, then really you're being a bit of a fanboy. I disagree with him, but I still think the R&C games are some of the best the playstation has to offer, with 2 being on my top 10 PS2 games and a Crack in Time being in my top 5 PS3 games.

But Fuse... Meh. If they kept it as Overstrike I would call this a loss.



GraveLordXD said:

@Gamer83 it's still a very foolish and childish thing to say especially being now a 3rd party developer, they won't win any fans over talking like that, fact is this is Nintendos next generation console whether they like it or not so it just makes them look unprofessional imo



Gamer83 said:


Yup, it's always unprofessional when a company has anything but the highest praise for Nintendo. As we all know, Wii U is a perfect console and Nintendo never makes mistakes.



sweetiepiejonus said:


It's not about what they don't say. It's about what they do say. I honestly can say I don't care if I go on a site and don't see a comment from a figurehead of a company singing the highest praises for Nintendo.

But when I see a smug remark or some pompous clown acting like Nintendo is a big joke and they aren't taken seriously how is that not unprofessional? How about be a professional and not comment?

You are basing your argument on a made-up assumption. I don't know anyone who says that and if they do they are annoying fanboys same as Microsoft and Sony trolls who don't need to be acknowledged.



GraveLordXD said:

I did not say wii u is a perfect console and or that nintendo does not make mistakes but what I did say is that this is nintendos next generation console that is a fact not an opinion and to say other wise is just ignorant. let me guess the wii u is so under powered that it cant handle a ratchet and clank game. I would love to know how much time and effort they put into the wii u to understand everything the hardware has to offer before saying such nonsense



Sir_Deadly said:

Not surprising coming from a team who develops mostly for Sony. Just watched gameplay of Fuse and it looks like a generic online FPS to me.



P-Gamer-C said:

The wii u is next gen in the sence its a new console its just the more solid hardcore gamers are spoiled on sony and xbox consoles and expect improvement console to console and the current wii u games out and on the horisen dont seem to beat games on old 7 8 year old hardware nintendo did say they wont be outgunned i have not seen a game beat uc2 on ps3 yet



Senate_Guard said:

@DarkCoolEdge I wholeheartedly agree. I come to NL to see what new and exciting things are on the horizon for Wii U and 3DS, not what "X" company said about Wii U's "Y" issue.



P-Gamer-C said:

Thats y i came to NL i heard all these people saying wii u has no games its not really next gen i was like no way. The wii u would blow the ps3 and xbox out of the water in terms of games and visuals how can it not there ancient systems and i have to admit at the moment i was foolishly mistaken I thought nintendo was serious about gaming again the wii had more shovel ware than i thought was possible on a console so many nintendo fans feel the need to defend and damage control for them how are thay going to get better [super nintendo era] if we keep babying them sony fans would not stand for this even xbox fans so y should we!



sweetiepiejonus said:


I'm with you. I'm sick of these guys coming out and running their mouths (and the 'fans' who support them and make up fake arguments that rational people never said). There is a reason these people have to follow up with a "claifying" message, and a reason that the people who know how to answer media questions properly don't. If nothing is on the horizon for now. Just say that. Why take a dig at Nintendo in the process? Especially when it is a usually classy guy. And I know that journalists love to take things out of context to create negative news but this doesn't seem like that is the case. You would think these big wigs would be required to take PR 101.



P-Gamer-C said:

They treat the wii u poorly and nintendo doesent do anything how did NINTENDOs image get tarnished like this everyone is laughing at the wii u



Drewroxsox said:

I actually enjoy spyro and rachet and clank games. If they come out on the Wii U, then that would be great. I really don't care about fuse though.



Araknie said:

And there they do in the drain.

Next-gen does not equal next graphics.
If so the PS1 should be in the same gen of the SNES and not with the N64.

Stop the bullpoopoo or equal for everybody, not only Nintendo consoles.



GraveLordXD said:

@P-Gamer-C the thing is Nintendo doesn't care because they know their games speak for themselves, they've proven this for decades, you would think people would know this by now



P-Gamer-C said:

Sorry but its going to take alot more than mario rehashes to win this one how do You feel as a gamer that you wont be getting like the 50th game in a row take your head out the sand u dont work for nintendo do you if not you should expect more games have higher standards mister nintendo was not just popular because of there exclusives but there superior third party support the slapped sega how could anyone forget



P-Gamer-C said:

Without that good third party support to space out those exclusives you wii u only users will be on NL waiting for a long time waiting for something to play



sweetiepiejonus said:


Sounds like we have a classic case of the Nintendo-themed argument by assertion. You, and/or "everybody" thinks or says something enough times it must be true.

The Nintendo is only Mario rehashes argument is a bit trite.



P-Gamer-C said:

No not really i have heard god of war was rehashed thats silly campared to mario aint there like dozens of mario games lets just be fair is all im saying



sweetiepiejonus said:


Well again you are saying something you "heard" when in reality it is most likely fanboy nonsense. Not everyone is going to like God of War but Santa Monica has obviously done something right because they have had many titles and are still fun. But to be fair would be to admit that Mario has been around for a bit longer than God of War so of course there are dozens of titles. Plus one is a mascot the other isn't. And if you think all the Mario games are rehashed that couldn't be further from the truth.

I'll just say this. If you can convince me the original, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3/Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros are all basically the same thing then color me impressed and I'll admit it without hesitation that I've been fooling myself all these years.



P-Gamer-C said:

Im just curious i checked your profile what do u game on you said you know so much but you have nothing listed the only reason i can comment [taking breaks from TR sadly another game not on wii u]is because im on the pc what system you working with because i have every nintendo system released in america except the wii u.



sweetiepiejonus said:


Well I never said I know so much. In fact I am the first to admit I'm an idiot. I play on everything I can afford. Right now really the only thing I don't have is a PS3 and I don't play many games on my PC because it's garbage. And it has nothing to loyalties to any company. I just didn't have the money for it when it came out and I don't right now but will get one eventually. And once I can afford the other next gen consoles I'll get them too.

And just so you know I wasn't intending to offend you. Just saying that we can "hear" all kinds of stuff but even if a lot of people are saying it doesn't mean it's true. I sometimes eavesdrop on my son's Skype conversations with his friends and they can say the silliest things when my son talks about our Wii U or Nintendo in general.

There are some users on other sites, like the one I go to for Vita trophy guides, who I won't mention but anyone who goes there regularly would know, who are the biggest anti-Nintendo dorks and it just cracks me up when people feel like they are aligning theirself with a political party or a team or something and talk like they would die for a faceless company that doesn't know you exist. And I feel the same way about all fanboys. I don't understand why people go out of their way to not play awesome games.



P-Gamer-C said:

im just saying people especially older guys say they know so much more than me about consoles and games and i ask what they play and they pull out there watch and walk off.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Not me. I play games for entertainment and like I've said before find it sad when people don't do the same. I am not Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Android, or whatever. I don't even have that much trouble when deciding which multi-platform title to get. I'll admit it is more often than not Nintendo, but sometimes it's just whichever console is getting the most use currently.

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