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Mon 11th Mar 2013

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Raycon commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:


"Capcom aren't struggling because they stopped making Mega Man games. They stopped making those games because they didn't sell."

Disagree with this. Capcom themselves stated that Mega Man 9 and 10 sold well, particularly in the west. They cancelled a lot of Mega Man games after that, but that was largely due to Inafune leaving. They wouldn't have started that many projects in the first place if they didn't think Mega Man sold well.

That said, they've never put up a great effort at trying to sell Mega Man. particularly outside Japan. Smash 4 (3ds and Wii U combined) has sold more than every iteration of Street Fighter 4 combined at this point in time, and Capcom has done absolutely nothing to capitalize on all of the free promotion Mega Man received from those games. So far.

If they really don't do anything significant with Mega Man after Smash, then anyone can say what they want, but it will cement in my mind just how poorly the series has been handled at Capcom and how it will NEVER be given the opportunity to reach its full potential.

You can say Mega Man doesn't sell, but until the company in charge actually attempts to sell and market it, I'll have to disagree.



Raycon commented on First 4 Figures Unveils Running Mega Man Colle...:

Okay, I'm out of jokes. Way too much merchandise. The face on this one looks off as others have said. Capcom is going to keep doing this because Mega Man makes them money regardless of what naysayers try to say.

Nintendo please buy this IP.



Raycon commented on Fans Plan a Revival of Mega Man Legends 3:

@DiscoDriver43 Well I don't see any real harm in it. If it brings some sense of closure to some people, then I say more power to them.

Either way, as far as I'm concerned these fans deserve all the credit in the world since they are carrying this franchise at this point.

If anyone wanted to extend that sentiment to the entire Mega Man franchise, I wouldn't blame them.



Raycon commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

To the people saying EA "took a chance with the Wii U" or something to that nature. If you consider the ports that they have done "taking a chance," with the exception of NFS, to each their own I suppose.

That said if this is EA's stance that's fine.

But if Wii U sales do pick up and all we get from them, or any third party company for that matter, is a bunch of lazily made, shoddy ports like most of EA's titles for the console have been, and they don't sell because of that, then we get third party companies refusing to make games for Wii U because "only first party games sell on Nintendo consoles," that will be incredibly telling.

As of right now, only time will tell.



Raycon commented on Konami: We Had To Take Risks With Castlevania ...:


Kindly get your facts straight before speaking in the future.

They didn't cancel Maverick Hunter because fans complained, that game was cancelled before fans even knew about it. There would be no possible way for fans to complain about something they didn't even know existed.

Also plenty of die hard fans have been asking for them to move on from the 8-bit games for a while now. However the footage shown from Maverick Hunter was very polarizing and there's plenty of reason for that too. Even Capcom themselves said that there was a lot of debate internally about going the direction they went, not because it was an FPS but because it was barely recognizable as a Mega Man game at all, and in reality probably wouldn't have been if it weren't for the name.

I think a Mega Man FPS style game could work, in the same sense that the Metroid Prime series worked, but only if they actually found that balance of respecting source material while also creating a new experience I mentioned earlier.



Raycon commented on Konami: We Had To Take Risks With Castlevania ...:

Well as others have pointed out, change can be good, bad, or neutral depending on how the company handles things.

As long as it's clear that the company cares about what they are doing and the games that they make are of generally good quality, I think most people are okay with change, even if they do ask for throwback games from time to time.

But that also brings up a point sort of like KeeperBvK mentioned. Games like Metroid Prime capture aspects of the original very well, specifically the world you explore, the creatures you fight, and the power ups you get. It's all very Metroid but still offers something new. I think that's the best route to go to find the most success with old fans as well as bringing in new ones. Games that stay true enough to their source material to be familiar, but change things enough to offer a new experience.

It seems that finding that balance is much easier said than done though.

Either way, if even other game companies are saying the Mega Man series is dead now, I find it pretty much undeniable that Capcom didn't screw up big with the series.



Raycon commented on Insomniac Not Working On Wii U, Considers It M...:

If they want to say they think the tech is more "current gen" that's fine.

But saying the console itself is more "current gen" doesn't make any sense. This is the next generation of Nintendo console.

I know it's just semantics, but it's annoying when these supposedly professional companies don't specify this. Makes me wonder if they realize what the term "next gen" means.



Raycon commented on Saints Row 4 is Skipping Wii U:

Exactly as Fudge says.

The way I see it, what is "current gen" is what is being supported by the companies at the current time. It has nothing to do with tech.

The Wii U is Nintendo's current generation of home console, regardless of its specs. You can say it has last gen tech, but it doesn't change the fact that it's the current generation that Nintendo is supporting and thus is a current gen console.

Sometimes I think people forget what the term "current gen" "last gen" and "next gen" mean.