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Phil Fish: I Love Nintendo In Ways It Probably Doesn't Deserve

Posted by Damien McFerran

Fez creator attempts to clarify anti-3DS comments

Yesterday, we reported on FEZ creator Phil Fish's comments regarding Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS. He posted a rant on Twitter which was quickly picked up by eagle-eyed Nintendo fans, who pounced on his percieved negativity towards the Kyoto company and its dual-screen hardware.

Predictably, Fish has taken to Twitter again in an attempt to clarify his stance. He says he's been taken out of context, and is in fact a massive Nintendo fan.

Perhaps Mr. Fish should be a bit more aware of how comments on a public forum like Twitter can be "taken out of context" and spread around the web. Do you think he's been treated harshly in this case? Or is he just back-peddling in the face of fan-boy rage? Drop a comment to share your opinion.


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Zyph said:


His earlier rants doesn't really justify these "explanations". Try to read them again and compare it to his comments now. sigh

"also, im so sick of this dual-screen clamshell bullpoopy. a 2nd screen adds NOTHING. it's a gimmick. 3D is a gimmick." big fan huh?



akabenjy said:

Didn't he say that Fez on the 3DS doesn't make sense because the 3D effect wouldn't work (although no one said you had to use the 3D effect) and he's porting the game to Vita. Go figure.



Bankai said:

I reckon I'd be this pissed off if people took my comments this way too.



Vehemont said:

I think its sad that everyone was going haywire over his own opinion. Who really cares what this guy thinks. The 3DS is still going to sell, games are still going to be released for it, and people are still going to play it. Get over it.



Beta said:

"XL too but that stupid circle pad wouldn't fit on it."
^^^What on earth?! brain fart Yeah, because the Circle Pad Pro XL didn't release on the 19th in NA and on 22nd in Europe.... >.> Dude, get your facts straight!



Bulbousaur said:

Reading some of his tweets, I have to say he really does sound like a douchebag, even if you take out all this 3DS stuff going on. And frankly, I don't want to support him, he can keep Fez.



SuperKMx said:

Yes, I think he's been treated harshly. His game, Fez, shows that he's no idiot and as he says, him making a comment on his personal Twitter feed about a personal preference isn't news - and Destructoid and the like shouldn't have treated it as if it was.

Quite funny you've used the shot of him from Indie Game: The Movie where he's doing an impression of people moaning at him on the internet, though!



Void said:

Funny how he says he likes them just fine, while he doesn't say anything he does like about them.
While it seemed he had a rather easy time pointing out what he hated about the 3DS.



kdognumba1 said:

Look, you can have an opinion that is against what others like/prefer, it just needs to be worded well and be reasonable however it's never reasonable to bash one system and glorify the other. This is even more true when you consider the history of the series being on another portable previous to both 3DS and Vita (PSP) that didnt have 2 analogs, didn't have 2 screens, didn't have a touch screen and required a claw motion with your finger to control it.

Myself, I personally have no problem using the second screen and the software d-pad. I find it works well enough and actually find it easier to control then the Wii U version. The text is a bit hard to read though.



antdickens said:

Bit of both going on hear, it could of been put across more constructively and therefore wouldn't attract the 'rage'.



Bliquid said:

Huge fan of MH series since the debut on PS2, owned almost every iteration of the brand, MH Tri was second only to MHP Unite in my list.
I SO wanted to play a new(?) MH game on my 3DS.
Then i tried the demo.
Besides the cranky controls, crankier than on PSP to me, it was the messed up visuals that made me step back.
Blurry text, confusing action on a low res screen, 3D sweet spot easily lost.

So, i completely agree with Mr. Fish in every aspect.
And the tone of his words mirrored the frustration i felt to find out one of my gaming staples a shadow of it former self.
Maybe on the 3DS Xl things are better, but i don't plan to buy it cuz i HAVE a 3DS, and i want games to be playable on it.




@Bankai He really deserves it though, nothing he says makes any sense whatsoever, it's like saying I totally adore sony but then I go: THE PS LOVING VITA????!!!!!! WHAT A PIECE OF POOP IT IS!!!!!!!!, THE VITA IS THE BIGGEST PILE OF DUNG I'VE PLAYED IN MY LIFETIME!!!!!! and then I tweet like crazy so people think I don't hate sony, people just misunderstood my words and expressions.

@KenB That you create something great doesn't mean you're not a douchebag, look at paul mccartney, one of the biggest music idols of all time, he is a genius in creating music but a complete douchebag in other matters; and I agree that you don't have to like a company 100%, but one thing is constructive criticism and another thing is just rant like a 10 year-old.



Raylax said:

Good to know that making excellent games doesn't change a person. He still sounds like a whiney GameFAQs ranter with a broken Shift key.

The annoying thing is, he was (in my opinion) quite on the money about MH3 being better suited to a console with dual analogues. It's a dual-analogue game. And the tutorial text is warped in horrendous ways for no better reason than they didn't bother to scale it properly. I don't think anyone can deny that. But he said it (and his backpedalling) like an entitled four-year-old and thus entirely undermined any point he may have made. Good show.



Bankai said:

@FORSIDE_BOY I like Nintendo. But I'm regularly critical of Nintendo hardware.

I don't see how anyone who was thinking rationally about this could see Fish's comments as anything more than strongly-worded opinions. Deal with it. Move on. Not everyone has to share your opinion about stuff, Nintendo fans.

TL;DR - No he does not deserve it at all.



DreamyViridi said:

I don't think he's doing himself any favors with these 'backpedalling' comments. When someone such as himself comments on anything, they need to be careful on what they say or at least try to elaborate on their points. This guy apparently didn't do that. You're saying something on the internet, you're bound to hurt someone's feelings. Hell, I'm not important at all but even then, I try to watch what I say.

In the end though, his opinions are just that, opinions. I don't think he needed to backpedal.



XCWarrior said:

The bum is backpeddlling from all the rage. I scrolled through all of his Twitter comments. He was bashing Nintendo for a good long while.

Don't make insults if you can't stand by them. I went down to 0 respect fort his guy for his initial comments. Now he's in the negative realm. If this guy makes a game, I won't even bother giving it two looks.




@Bankai I'm not defending nintendo entirely, I love the 3ds but I'm aware not everyone has the same opinion as me, I don't hate fish nor I wish him something bad just for the fact that he bashed nintendo a lot. I know nintendo alongside sony and microsoft has its own flaws, I'm just saying that he was WAY TOO CRITICAL for an indie developer that is growing and needs gamers from all consoles to support him. I love the ps3 but hate the vita, but if I was in his place, I wouldn't make a story defining my hatred for the system, I just find that childish and pointless. Also, when you criticize, you use your head and make your case as why you don't like something, you don't make 20+ comments on why you hate it so bad on points leading nowhere.



hiptanaka said:

He just likes to express himself strongly (and maybe he also enjoys the attention). For most games, 3D and the second screen are pointless gimmicks, but that's fine as long as developers are free to not use those features. Once in a while, someone uses them for something really cool.



DePapier said:

That's not fair to take that picture of him like that Nintendo Life. But the dude has just been messing with the wrong fans.



Slapshot said:

Yes. I do think he was treated harshly. It's known the guy is sporatic - he threatened suicide if he couldn't finish Fez - but the simple fact that his opinions, which were little more than criticism of Nintendo's hardware (the same criticisms that have been shared here at NL) were used in such a way that fuels fanboys to attract quick hits is disturbing.

Nintendo alone cannot support its consoles. These fanboy rants are starting to get out of control (not just here at NL) and the Nintendo loyal need to realise that things like this are going to keep great 3rd party and indie games off of Nintendo's consoles.



XCWarrior said:

@Bliquid The 3DS version of Monster Hunter looks great. I've played it multiple times now since launch and I'm having no issues. Not sure what you and Fish are complaining about. And I haven't even attached the CPPro to the system yet. Do I prefer a big screen TV? Sure, who wouldn't. But for a portable experience, it works great.



Bankai said:

@FOURSIDE_BOY While I agree that his business decision making is not that good, Fish does not need the support of every single gamer. Not even close. He's made it clear he has no plans to support Nintendo platforms already, and even if he did I doubt enough fans are fanatical enough to care about what he said to drive him out of business.




@Bankai I didn't say he needed the support of every one of them, but it would have been nicer of his part just to say: "Well, I'm not that much a fan of the 3ds, I have one but I prefer the vita or the old ds system; Nintendo's standards doesn't meet from what I expect for my creations..."; that was civilized, straight to the point and making it clear that nintendo isn't the company he wants to handle his games. Again I don't hate him nor wish him bad, and if I can, I will check out his games, though I agree with you that some nintendo fans are just clamoring for his head and that is wrong, they should move on like you said.



ktribal said:

Great pic. What a douche.
Nintendo should work harder then to 'deserve' his love, Christ.



Big_Al1 said:

So he's doing damage control because he lost a lot of internet good-will. I say he deserves it for behaving like and idiot; insulting a potential platform for his games is dumb from any angle.

You just don't casually crap on a demographic who may pay for your stuff.



Burning_Spear said:

He's in this mess because, instead of simply stating a preference, i.e., "MH would have been better suited to dual analog," he had to make it into a slam-fest. He went on and on, and he did it in writing — meaning he had time to think about what he was doing. Now he's upset because the same venom he spewed is being directed back at him. Oh, boo hoo. Not very mature to be bashing those in your own industry. He may need Nintendo someday. Next time show some class and maturity.



AugustusOxy said:

I've learned this the hard way.

Saying something stupid; and then throwing more stupid words at it, doesn't fix it. Just own up to it, or act like it never happened.



Bliquid said:

@XCwarrior: I explained pretty clearly what i found wrong in the game.

And i can't believe all the snobbish comments here.
He's got a point, you could see it if you took off your Nintendo shaped glasses.
And with all the "stupid", "jerk" and so on, your being no better than him.
Are you guys more entitled than he is?
I am not defending the guy, i'm just disappointed by the way things have been on NL since Nintendo have begun struggling for the industry approval.
Saying that everyone is wrong and stupid won't change facts.



dizzy_boy said:

there's nothing wrong in voicing an opinion, but when your career depends what you say in public forums, ther's a certain amount of tact and common sense that is definitely needed. obviously people like phil fish obviously have very little of both.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@Bliquid But these facts vary from person to person. It depends on who you want to side with. I don't side with anyone, though quite frankly I see nothing wrong with the controls, though most people hate change. Let me ask you this, what else did you expect from most of the people on this site? Most of these people are biased, it should just be a simple deduction that they would act like this when during hard times for their favorite company. I myself just play games... I don't care who they come from, and I can get used to any control scheme you throw at me, as long as they're not touch screen controls... I do have a bit of a hate for those, they're everywhere now. However that is a personal matter and should not be taken into account.



SilentHunter382 said:

Personally he shouldn't have to be backpedaling. Sure they way he worded his opinion may have been misleading but its the crazy Nintendo fanboys are the ones to blame here. It was his opinion, like the same way said fanboys bash sony/microsoft.



Hunter-D said:

Of course it's his own opinion, but that's what you get when you say it in that manner. He should've known this was going to happen.



BraveBold5 said:

As long as this man is shut up he is such a poet

I dont see any problem on giving is opinion, but not in the way he did it
He was more destroying then giving an opinion.



Captain_Toad said:

This guy should've expected this kind of backlash 27 miles away after that lovely post earlier. If you put in smoke, expect fire



MagicEmperor said:

Say what you will, but Phil Fish has a hand in educating me. That is, every time he posts something, or something he says is relayed in the news, I close the browser and read something worthwhile.

See, this is why I hate people like Phil Fish, Ann Coulter, etc. There's a difference between having an opinion--which is your total right--and intentionally being a lemonhead. I couldn't even stomach Indie Games: The Movie because of toolboxes like him, and those guys at Team Meat.

G'night. closes browser



AceTrainerBean said:

Wow this guy needs to learn to stand up for what he says, I read the orgional rant and none of it was out of context he clearly didn't like the 3DS hardware or the new monster hunter. He should at least have the balls to stand up to his opinion.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

I get the things he says have been a bit controversial but in this case I can understand where he comes from. There will always be something wrong with every console, and complaining about it shouldn't mark you a hater.



Gustoff said:

Whatever Fish, trying to justify so you don't get a bad reputation and your games are never bought again huh? Whatevs...not gonna work. Go back to your "Vita" and stay there, we don't want you on our side anyways...pssssshhhh..."FEZ", that a game or something cause i've never heard of it till now. And not gonna look up to see what it is either...ha! BOOM!



Bliquid said:

@L-Lawliet: you have a point, i may expect a li'l bit too much from ppl dwelling on this website.
I'm from the "take good games despite the origin or the destination" school, so when i see potential unexpressed (and that's MHTU, for me) i get frustrated.
Same thing that happened to Fish, imho.
Another thing that frustrates me is one tracked minds, so that's why i dislike most of the comments above.



hYdeks said:

people are allowed there opinion, just Nintendo fans can't take any criticism. To say the DS and 3DS are perfect is to have your head basicly up your own butt. I love the Vita, and even I know that thing isn't perfect (no duh). This guy should have just shut up, and said nothing from the start.



Peach64 said:

I think he's totally fine with everything he's said. You can criticize without hating on something. I LOVE Nintendo games, but I will not cheer every move they make, just to support them. I got my DS and 3DS because they're Nintendo handhelds, not because of the 2 screens or 3D. I don't use the 3D at all on the latter, and can't think of any games where 2 screens have really been needed.

I agree with his point about the lack of a 2nd analog input, it's a dumb choice Nintendo made. I agree with him that the 2nd screen is not really a big deal. I agree with him that Monster Hunter would probably be more comfortable on the Vita. I don't hate my 3DS though, I love it! People need to stop seeing every comment made by people and trying to narrow it down to an either 'I hate Nintendo' or an 'I love Nintendo' message.



Arcamenel said:

Look, this is the kind of thing I have to point out all the time when politicians put their foot in their mouths. Of course you can have an opinion. No one is disputing his right to his opinion. However when you put your opinion out there, especially on a public forum like Twitter, you better be able to deal with the backlash. In the future he might not want to tweet things when he's obviously in a bad mood, or you know just keep his opinion to himself.

I'm so sick and tired of people moaning about others attacking them for their opinion. You have every right to your opinion, but that doesn't mean other people don't have a right to express their opinion about your opinion.



ejamer said:

Hmm... smart guy. Lacking certain social/communication skills. Anyone surprised he's just another indie dev?



Arcamenel said:

Also the "I own every iteration of the DS" is a pretty poor defense if you ask me. I liken it to racist who try to downplay their racism by saying they have minority friends. If he had just gone after the controls for the 3DS version I'd be totally understandable but he attacked the main appeal of the DS line and that's the dual screens.



Bobhobob said:

wow, everyone is arguing over someone's opinion.
Welcome to the internet to me though, because on the Internet, OPINION=FACT
Look, MHU3 isn't as good as it could have been on the 3DS. He points that out. But he worded it terribly so it would seem like he is bashing Nintendo. Although his defense isn't too strong, he isn't bashing Nintendo on purpose. And even if he was, IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Someone posted a rant on Twitter, WHAT ELSE IS NEW.



pixelman said:

Damien is a much bigger "douche" for running/allowing this story and that pic to begin with. Enjoy the mindless fanboy hate you're intentionally stirring up, I'm sure it's lining your pockets nicely.



Fitzjames said:

Rather than hating on Phil, I'm more annoyed by the writers that are scouring the internet for negative twitter comments about Nintendo, just to make a flame inducing article (which of course gets a lot of clicks).



Ralizah said:

I'll never understand this weird idea that it is somehow wrong to criticize someone's opinions or beliefs. Phil Fish made some silly comments (again) and got criticism as a result. Big deal.

And to Bankai, I see no issues with legitimate criticisms of the 3DS. What people were reacting to was stupid comments about 3D/dual screens being a gimmick. Well, no, they're not gimmicks, anymore than the Vita's back touch-pad is a "gimmick." For one thing, the two-screen model has clearly been used in MANY a game since the DS gen to great effect. Not every game uses it to great effect, mind you, but it is legitimately moronic to call it a gimmick. I'm also tired of the 3D being called a gimmick. The 3D actually aids game-play in certain circumstances by helping with the precision of jumps, presenting visual illusions, etc.

I have no issue with Fish not like dual screens or 3D, but to call them gimmicks is stupid, and he should be called out on this. I don't particularly care if he likes Nintendo or not, but I am getting tired of these people who make stupid public comments and then whine when they get negative attention because of it. There's a reason I don't post or blurt out every little thing that runs through my head, for instance.

Of course, to be fair, the people comparing him to Ann Coulter or who are otherwise insulting his character are being a bit ridiculous.



Usagi-san said:

So where do I sign up for my "not a nintendo fanboy" certification so that my opinion about criticisms regarding Nintendo can be valid?

Sometimes I get fed up with this propensity for labelling people as "fanboys" and then declaring their opinions somehow irrelevent.

I for one think that the way he expressed his opinion was poor and honestly can't understand some of his criticisms. I'd never heard anybody complain about having a second screen before so I found this particularly bizarre.



3dbrains said:

Fez was not even a good game, odd, but not great... and this guy should learn to keep his pubic cakehole shut.
Seriously, Nintendolife... we dont care about this douchbag or pachter any more than toothache.



Nintenjoe64 said:

Time to ignore him. If he's a troll, don't feed him (look at what has happened to Pachter). If he's taking back what he said, let him retract and be sure to unfollow him on twitter. It's a bit harsh that Nintendo fans are ganging up on someone that has probably spent more on Nintendo hardware and games than most of the people trolling.



twistedbee said:

It wasn't that he was sharing his opinions, everyone is entitled to that... Its how aggressive he was in doing it. Its fine to not like the controls or the style of a game but how do you say those things and not expect people to react? And really, who is he but a guy that made one "ok" game, then says it would be pointless to port it over to 3ds, then trashes 3ds in several twitter posts. Sorry bro, no sympathy. You had to hit send to make that tweet happen.



Araknie said:

Yeah yeah, post on facebook next time, Twitter is not for long posts, you really can't pretend we can understand all your mind from a tweet.



Chrono_Cross said:

pixelman wrote:

Damien is a much bigger "douche" for running/allowing this story and that pic to begin with. Enjoy the mindless fanboy hate you're intentionally stirring up, I'm sure it's lining your pockets nicely.

It's funny how nobody but pixelman has realized what's going on here (and has been for a long time).

I know it's annoying and unnecessary for you to read Fish's opinions but you're blaming the wrong guy. Blame Damien and the NL staff for allowing this unnecessary "news" article(s) to be published.

It's unprofessional and, in other words, utterly immature.



Windy said:

Man this guy worries about being hated and then Back peddles to cover his tracks. Guys Checkout INDIE GAME THE MOVIE on netflix. He does the same thing in the movie it gives you alot of perspective on how this guy behaves. Plus he has a mouth of a sailor which also makes him look bad. Rule #1 boys and Girls.....Foul language doesn't make you look good PERIOD!



Hardy83 said:

It's fine to criticize Nintendo and its games/hardware, however, if you say it in a way that makes you come off as a massive d***, what do you expect?

I criticize Nintendo all the time, and I know very well that you need to be clear on what you don't like cause if you don't say things like "my opinion" "I think" "personally", or clearly explain your critique then you'll sound like an knob and get a ton of backlash. ESPECIALLY if you're part of the industry.

Of course this isn't the first time this guy sounded like a tool. Clearly he's not good at public speaking, or speaking in general. lol



ktribal said:

So it's okay for him to hate on the 3DS and the DS, because he's a developer who's spent a lot of time with Nintendo hardware, but it's not okay for fans to hate on his critcism because they're instantly 'fanboys'? Very cool double standard there from our self-proclaimed bias-free commenters.

So only Nintendo critics' opinions are worthy of merit? When people come to Nintendo's defense they instantly get branded as fanboys, and their opinions, therefore are irrelevant. Love it.



pops330 said:

Bingo! As a developer you should use your words carefully. His opinion,yes entitled to it, yes. Upset a bunch of potential costumers.yes, Kinda stupid. But hey he has the right to say whatever he wants. I have the right not to buy his product.



HeatBombastic said:

He probably is saying he loves retro Nintendo. You know when people say "ever since N64 Nintendo has sucked!!" and "I still love them, but I hate what they're doing now, Reggie's an IDIOT!!!". From what I can tell, he's a Retro N fanboy, but not like PattheNESpunk, he's more of a negative kind. The one that only thinks Nintendo is good before, but not now.



Geonjaha said:

@ktribal - While you pose a very good point, if people are responding just because they feel the need to defend Nintendo then they are just fanboys. People who actually don't agree with what he says and aren't simply calling him names are the ones that are being swept unfairly into the 'fanboy' categorisation. The worst people here are the actual raging fanboys and those generalising the rest. Of course none of this needed to happen if this was simply kept to his own Twitter and not published on the site.



thepig said:

yeah, this guys totally backing off. if he was this totally huge nintendo fan like he says he is, he wouldnt have been hating on the touch screen and the 3d effect calling them both gimmicks, also im pretty sure he said it was, "bullpoopiedoodledingdongs". so im pretty sure anyone with a right mind can figure out this character. it would have been different if he only went after the controls for mh, but instead he went after the controls and basically all of nintendos recent handhelds. with all honesty though, this is atually my very first mh game that ive ever played and bought, and i dont really have a problem with the controls at all and im super new to this kind of genre of games. oh and about the, "the txt is too blurry" crap, no its not. i mean, ive only played the game in 3d and i dont have a problem with it, i can read it just fine. but yeah, haha



ktribal said:


I get your point. However, I don't see why commenting to defend Nintendo is so bad, or rather, why the act of 'responding just to defend Nintendo' relegates one to being 'just fanboys.'

Must all pro-Nintendo comments come with qualifications just so you won't be stuck with that label?



Windy said:

@ktribal Not at all. The guys comment about the Dual Screen and the 3D come across as un-educated. The DS and the 3DS are not the #1 selling systems of all time because of the Gimmick 3D and Gimmick Touchscreen. His comment isn't even worth reading and is just totally stupid. Then the guy goes onto to say I wish I had 1 screen instead of 2 with the DS......Huh? What? Common Man! Millions upon, Millions of people can't be wrong to his crazyness along with his foul mouth. I love all systems and this guy probably does also. The problem is he has a soup box to stand on because of his popularity (like it or not) Seems he gets himself into trouble with his words on that soup box. I would be willing to bet he loves all the systems such as most of us do. It must be tough once you write a very popular game and then the haters come out of the woodwork and say crazy things to you like "I wish you would die." I bet it wreaks havock on the psyche. Maybe I should cut the guy a break. He does receive alot of mail from haters. There is a segment in the INDIEGAME movie about that. Fez is a great game no matter how you feel about the guy. I wish it was coming to DSiWare or 3DSWare but what can you do?



Jaz007 said:

May I ask why Damien has violated the site rules with the swearing in this article?



Geonjaha said:

@ktribal - A fanboy is someone who is loyal to a certain company even to the extent of defending them when they've done something wrong. (If you're throwing away objectivity to defend a company you love then there's a problem). People have no real reason to get angry when someone criticises Nintendo. Disagreeing and posting why is fine - but swearing and angrily responding just for the sake of it doesn't make any sense for someone with no emotional investment and really adds nothing to the discussion.



Jaz007 said:

People seem to think you're automaticity wrong as if you think the DS's dual screens are a gimmick. I think some people are over reacting at that opinion. It may be an uncommon one and your welcome to disagree with it but I think people are overreacting a bit to it. I don't think it's a gimmick either by the way.



ktribal said:

Ah, thanks for clarifying your 'responding just to defend Nintendo' comment. With that being said, I still echo the sentiment voiced by a previous commenter who wanted to get a non-fanboy certification just so the counter-fanboys would see merit in their arguments.

iI'm not sure if you're being sarcastic or not, but yeah, a bit. More so if they champion a double standard under the guise of being supposedly 100% objective. I've been seeing a lot of condescending comments across websites even to people who defend Nintendo using meritorious arguments. Like Geonjaha said, sometimes these people get unfairly swept in the generalised 'fanboy' derogative.



Dreamcaster-X said:

@KenB Exactly Ken B!!! I LOVE Nintendo but they have made many bad choices throughout their history the same as any other company. I've been playing the hell out of Monster Hunter 3 on Wii U this week and I'm amazed how good it is. The Wii U handles it beautifully. The gamepad & Miiverse are perfect for this type of game, it's really s match made in heaven. However I tried the 3DS version & in my opinion it's a blurry mess visually. The lack of the 2nd analog is my biggest gripe. Sorry but the virtual camera button just doesn't cut it, you really need the 2nd analog for the camera. He's right in saying that the game would be better on Vita. It's a better piece of technology, pure & simple. That doesn't mean I don't still love my 3DS but every time I fired up the 3DS version I just couldn't get past the limitations as it drew me out of the game. On a side note, I'm really looking forward to Luigi's Mansion this week!!



thepig said:

ktribal, nope, i wasnt being sarcastic but i did sorta mean it jokingly although its true. i agree on on what u said right there though. apparently people dont know what a fan boy is these days. i mean, i guess there are some legit fan boys on this site, but a lot of the so called fanboys arent eve fanboys to begin with.



thepig said:

see. i dont really get why everybody has a problem with mh ultis camera. its my first mh game and i have it for 3ds, i dont haave any issues with the camera angle or anything likek that. i actually think the 3d makes the graphics look better to me but i guess not huh?



TheInvisibleTor said:

this guy is a douche saying how bad the 3ds is because he's probably never played any of the 3ds's good games like TLOZ: OoT, Super Mario 3D Land, MK7, Luigi's Mansion 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, RE: Revelations, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Star Fox 64 3D, this list just goes on from there and if this guy wants to hate it so much, I don't care anymore because he's not going to bring Fez to the system so why bother with him anymore and just stop supporting him!!!



Volmun said:

He is only sorry as he was cort out Oh and about 3DS XL and the CPP not fitting LOL thats what the CCP XL Is for! and that was released the same day as MH3U.



Damo said:

@Chrono_Cross @pixelman GameLord08

Thanks for the constructive comments, guys. I'm sorry you seem to have an issue with this kind of content being posted, but at the end of the day we're an Nintendo site and we cater for all kinds of Nintendo fans. Some of our readers come for the reviews, some come for the features and others comes for the news. Believe it or not, just because an item of news doesn't personally appeal to you, that doesn't mean it's not of worth to others.

We try to report on every facet of the world of Nintendo, and I'm afraid that Phil Fish's comments fall under that remit. He was directly referring to Nintendo in his comments, and the story we posted yesterday was praised by many people on social networks as being quite even-handed and fair. The story above has a positive headline, illustrating that Fish is at least trying to clarify his comments.



k8sMum said:

imho, 3D does come under the label 'gimmick'. even tho it's called the 3DS, nintendo has been back pedaling on the 3D angle for quite some time. they seem to feel it is the least important aspect of the unit.

i do feel the selection of the accompanying picture is less than professional. but NL knows which side its bread is buttered on. fair enough.



Zellybeanie said:

And seriously, what's this: i love nintendo in ways it probably doesn't deserve.

What in backhanded hell is that?!



Windy said:

@k8sMum I hope they don't back peddle to much I happen to love the 3D Classics and it does seem they are doing less and less of those releases. I'm also loving the 2D platformers that are being done in 3D. they look incredible and I think it does add to the game.

Let me clarify I love the 3d effects



Volmun said:

@Windy agreed although i felt that Kirbys Adventer(think thats the right name iv forgoten -_-) 3D Clasic was half harted as thay framed it 8( id rather thay just added to the screen like with Exsitabike 3D. Other than that mone iv verry happy with the 3D Classics iv played Id LOVE a Super Metroid 3D Clasic thow.



Mickey said:

I think he's pulling a Me...

He says something outrageous, people get mad and then he backs off...



WaveBoy said:

If the 3DS didn't have stereoscopic 3D i probably wouldn't even give it the time of day, as it would just be another DS with prettier graphics. Nothing
against the DS, but at this point i'm looking for a more unique and innovative
experience. '3D' adds a TON to these titles....I don't understand when people say 3D is a gimmick. Break away from your computer screen for just a second,
look around your room. What do you see? DEPTH PERCEPTION. 3D when done right is the natural next step in making games look more realistic and immersive. The world around you doesn't look flat, so why should videogames have this archiac restriction? I'd kill for all my NES games to magically appear in 3D. 3D simply put is amazing! I couldn't imagine playing PilotWings Resort without it hahaha.



GameLord08 said:

@Damo: That depends solely on your interpretation of the term "news". Of course this is going to generate interest, regardless of its content or intent - it's been depicted as on offensive towards Nintendo (not just on NL, mind), and this is a site dedicated to Nintendo fans. Whether or not it actually is worthy of replies, it will generate a ridiculous amount of response from many people - that's a suspiciously predictable fact.

Personally, I'm indifferent on this being posted but I believe I'm not far off when I say it can have no "appeal" whatsoever to anyone - it just happens to spark off endless debate (read: slur) for all the wrong reasons.

However, it's not my place to question your motives and if your reasons are as stated, then so be it. I just find this entire practice unattractive as of recent, especially since these types of posts are becoming quite frequent on NL.

In short, not everything calls for a re-post. I respect your position as editor, but it doesn't make this any less questionable.



Reala said:

how about a poll

vote for Phil Fish articles, I believe in Phil fish!



Chrono_Cross said:


Yes Damo, posting a news article about an indy developer's opinion from his Twitter that is known to upset your entire community is definitely, without a doubt, news worthy.



Windy said:

@Volmun I am hoping beyond hope that Konami who now owns Hudson soft will do a 3D classic of Bonks and Bonks Revenge. To me it would be the best software in the Eshop. That might make me a PCEngineboy



Windy said:

Oh as Far as Phil Fish goes. He is just a Brilliant guy who needs to work on his people skills. Plain and simple Genius!



The_Fox said:

How about I have Fish give his SNES a kiss. Will that sufficiently prove that he likes Nintendo and stop the complaining ?



Windy said:

@Chrono_Cross Checkout INDIEGAME THE MOVIE on Netflix. he is in it and you can see he definately could use some work on people skills. Great Movie by the way. It shows what these guys go through to put out a videogame. It's tough going. It's a documentary about how Indiegames are made and released to their respective online stores. The guy is super Smart, Just a genius



DaemonSword said:

Will he apologize for being a hipster? Really, that's a million times worse than ripping a on gaming console with 2 screens.



LordessMeep said:

@WaveBoy - This. Two reasons why I picked up a 3DS in the first place - Luigi's Mansion 2 and the 3D. When done right, the 3D in games is simply gorgeous.



Windy said:

My last comment in this thread. The guy is Brilliant for sure. But, he uses foul language like crazy. I cant say this enough and i've said it with my own kids....Foul language is ugly. People will perceive you in a bad way if you are constantly using it as a way to communicate. Well Fish uses it alot in The IndieGame movie (documentary). If you want to be perceived better by people, simple and easy......Don't do it! it's ugly



Stuffgamer1 said:

I had no problem with his point about the Circle isn't enough for this kind of game. Some of the rest of his rant went a little far, sure, but it may very well be that he wishes Nintendo would just catch up to Sony in hardware design so he could play THEIR awesome software in the best format possible. I like my 3DS, don't get me wrong, but it DOES have its issues.



MrMario02 said:

Phil, what do you take us for? Idiots? I know you're lying to us to prevent a drop in sales. Now you'll look worse for lying to fans.



Bliquid said:

I'll say this and get out of this flame gathering post:
The sole existence of the circle pad or, to a slightly less degree, the "Kid Icarus" stand, is proof to me that the 3DS could have been implemented way better.
Let aside the shameful screens resolution.



AtomicToaster said:

And the Ds could have had an analoug stick and better screen resolution too and the first gba could have been backlit, etc.etc. Its about the games at the end of the day. Nintendo handheld have always won over superior tech because they get the point of a handheld. It's tough for me to go back to not having a second touch screen even on Wiiu the big map feature adds a lot to gameplay!



gsnap said:

The guy was a DB before this and he'll be a DB after. The guy has done nothing to garner good will from anyone, he constantly runs his mouth and says things that he shouldn't. Ignoring anything he says about Nintendo or the 3DS he's still a rude, arrogant person who does not deserve the time of day.

Quit posting news stories about him.



Chrono_Cross said:


I don't think a documentary that revolves around Team Meat, Phil and the man who made Braid is the best source of discovering Fish's, or anyone else's, people skills or any other aspect of their personalities.

Especially considering how short the movie is, how limited Phil's part was and the fact there's no concrete evidence to validate your observation.



LittleKing said:

@Chrono_Cross @GameLord08 @pixelman

I agree with you completely. This is not news worthy. There are hundreds of indies on Twitter posting their opinions all day long. That's why we have Twitter, so that people can Tweet every time they itch their family jewels and we can keep it off the news.

Some random little Twitter rant from an indie developer who made one game isn't considered news by most of humanity. I care about what Miyamoto says and what Iwata asks. I care about what major competitors and developers say about Nintendo. I don't care about what an individual indie developer says. It's one thing to post an article that tries to sum up the aggregate opinion of indies, but NL posts every time one of these guys takes a crap. It's not news that one indie developer doesn't like how Monster Hunter plays on the 3DS.

It's almost as pointless as the articles on ROM hackers. Anyone can open a ROM in a hex editor and mod a few graphics, especially if the assets weren't compressed and you don't want to change the color palette. People all day long around the globe are modding ROMs. There is free software specifically to edit graphics in ROMs. Yet, NL will run an article every single time someone changes a string of text or one graphic to make a male a female, because it'll generate a large amount of comments and page hits.

"Look at me! I can change this 11111111 11111111 11111111 to a 11111111 00000000 10000000 and make a black pixel purple, slanted towards red!" How is that news?

I may be making a mountain out of a molehill, but I see these posts as a contrast to the higher journalistic quality seen in other parts of NL.




Something smells fishy about this... >:3
A lot of people use excessive cussing all the time and it makes them seem a lot angrier on the internet so that is what it came off as. Still super un classy but it's w/e



thatoneguy4419 said:

Hmm... Well the things he said about the 3DS, and the things he's saying now don't exactly line up. I mean he was dissing every prominent aspect/feature of the 3DS, which in my opinion, is what made the DS and 3DS so famous. If he didn't like the 3D, the clamshell design, or the touch screen, then what does he like about it?



WindWakerLink said:

It's like people are making this guy out to be like that "Patcher" fellow that is almost always hating on Nintendo...



GN0LAUM said:

Vehemont said it best. It really shouldn't impact you or your day one iota what someone else thinks; especially what some guy across the continent/world. Enjoy his games if you please, but please don't turn this matter into a flame war.



doctor_doak said:

I think he's been made the victim of a global conspiracy (probably born out of some nefarious CIA plot) to ruin his credibility.



KAHN said:

he's gonna whine about this kind of thing more often in the future, so i see no reason to forgive him.



WaveBoy said:

I can't take many of these indie developers seriously...This guy has like one game under his pubic facial haired' hipster belt and acts like his
opinion is GOD. His opinion shouldn't be posted in any article, he's not worth the time of day.....It all feels rather cheap. Save these types of articles for Miyamoto, Inafune, the real stars of the gaming industry. Not whiny 30 year old unproffesional potty mouthed' & pretentious college students who have made a couple of overrated 'downloadable' games, that think they're ahead of the curve. He's basically the equivelent of a teeny little pimple on WayForwards a**.



onery said:

Hey Phil, here's a thought. If you really wanted to clarify your stance and all, how about porting your game Fez to the 3DS (and no bullpooping about technical difficulties and all that, really)? That way we can see your sincerity about the system.




Zombie_Barioth said:

Its all to apparent that Fish realized he shot his mouth off and ended up shoving his foot in his mouth in the process, and is trying really hard to cover his own hide. The guy is definitely old enough to know better and police himself but so are most of the people lashing out at him so harshly. It should be obvious to everyone that people have a tendency to let their frustration get the better of them from time to time, something thats all to easy to do on the internet.



eleven59 said:

not having the defacto industry standard for the past decade dual thumb sticks, is a bit perplexing...



Zodiak13 said:

I'll give him the fact that he clarified his position, but I have decided to be very careful not to buy any games he makes though, he just seems like a jerk regardless. Maybe he wants to be the Rob Liefield of the gaming world...



Gameboy123 said:

His tweets seem kind of passive-aggressive... which is a bit ironic considering he's trying to cover his butt...



Sir_Deadly said:

Yes, everyone is entitled to their own oppinions. But there is a difference between voicing an oppinion and just flat out bashing something. Unfortunatley when he put words like "s&*$t" in his tweets, it seems to be more bashing to people. If i was him, i would think about how to word my tweets before posting them.



Sanqet said:

I think he has a point about Nintendo hardware. I own a 3ds xl and a wii u and both are not perfect I bought both of these for Nintendo games I love to play not because the hardware is perfect



AtomicToaster said:

That's so silly! " I don't hate Nintendo, in fact I love them even though they're probably actually pretty poopy!" That's one way to phrase it I guess!



GreenGaming said:

This is hilarious to me. His explanations here don't add up against his previous rant. He says he doesn't hate the DS or the 3DS and states that he was merely "pointing out a few aspects I dislike" but his "points" - as he calls them - were too aggressive in my eyes. According to him the circle pad pro was an "atrocity", the two screens were gimmicks that nobody wants, and he's never played a DS and said 'this is fine as it is'. No mention of the good points then, just a broken console in Fish's eyes, but the Vita, well that's just "PERFECT". You're right, Fish, people are jumping to conclusions, you love Nintendo really, you're just terrible at it.



thepig said:

i bet u they put that pic of him on here to make him look like a total dweeb



Solatorobo said:

I am not a fanboy, if nintendo screws up (like with the 32GB Wii U HDDs) I will say that they have. But really I don't see what is the problem with the 3DS, and while Phil is entitled to his opinion, however, he shouldn't go around making comments that immature and stupid (As I have said before, it reads like a GameFAQs post) and still have it be considered okay.

And also with the attiude some of you less pro-nintendo people have are just as blind as the Nintendo fanboys around here (and anyway, that site's called NINTENDO life for god's sake, what were you expecting, Mircrosoft fanboys?)



Bucho said:

Oh Fish... you're Pachter-Bound, people are just going to skip over the articles that feature your name.



Henmii said:

Dear Phil: There is a circle-pad pro especially for the XL! Problem solved!



ZinogreMaster said:

Im in the middle. of course some of the nintendo fanboys were up in arms about this Fish's comments and i understand, i was mad too but i agree with people like Bliquid, if we call him names and such we dont have the right to critizise. And everyone should be able to express their opinion freely but i think he could have had a more respectful way to say it.



Fuzaki said:

I don't understand why capcom didn't release monster hunter on multi-platform. I mean i like the 3DS, but for someone who originally played MH on the psp, I just don't understand their reasoning.

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