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Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Conference

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A mixed bag

Nintendo E3 conferences are a funny business, with just 70 minutes to try and please as many people as possible: not an easy task. This year Nintendo went big with Wii U and showed off a variety of first and third party titles, covering a lot of bases. Of course, it's easy to focus on what wasn't revealed, but ultimately we do have big franchises in the form of New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3, to name just two.

You can read our thoughts in our short and personal reviews of Nintendo's E3 conference, but we've chosen some of your comments to show the varying opinions on what Nintendo showed us.

@Guhin13 said:
The way the presentation was put together was all wrong. Nintendo Land and all the other casual things should've come first, with things like Pikmin 3 and NSMBU at the end to leave off on a good note.

That said, the conference was decent, and I still feel some excitement for Wii U, just not enough to save up for one on launch day. I was really hoping to see some sort of big reveal also, and that's a little disappointing.

My only other pet peeve about this whole conference was NSMBU. I think it would've been better had it been named New Super Mario World. I'm just tired of the "Game Title Wii" and what's sure to follow, "Game Title U" gimmicks. Even ZombiU's title bothers me. I mean, you really couldn't come up with something better than that? Ugh.

@EvisceratorX said:
Yeah, I'm hoping the 3DS conference tomorrow is going to be awesome. I was really disappointed that 3DS only got a few minutes of showtime.

@TruenoGT said:
As big as EA's Wii U relationship was shown to be at last year's show, it’s surprising they are almost completely absent from the Wii U presence this year. I don't generally care for what EA publishes, but it's a bit worrying to not see more HD ports of games such as Battlefield, Madden, etc. I would have thought this was a golden opportunity for Nintendo to say, "hey we've got everything Microsoft and Sony have, PLUS our games". To me it seems like they have a warmed over selection of PS3/360 games plus a warmed over selection of Wii games...

@TruthBeTold said:
I think the best way to describe it was solid, but lacking the surprise factor that make these presentations memorable. Not every conference Nintendo has will be the best. They also said that they learned from the 3DS launch failure, so I'm sure we will hear more about new games very soon. It seemed today was about showing off a few awesome looking games, but mostly showing everyone that Nintendo can still be Nintendo while catching up in the HD and network areas of gaming.

Also, the weakest part must have been the ending. Easy way to tell? People's impressions are getting better as the day goes on, the final impression just kind of hurt their initial view of the presentation as a whole.

@ApparatusMini said:
It was poorly paced, reiterated too much information from the Sunday presentation, left too many questions unanswered, lacked any brand new original core game announcements from either third party or first party, had several games bumped off for casual stuff, and completely failed to make me want a Wii U.

I expected better, sorry.

@mumof2kids82 said:
I wish you all would stop complaining and just relax. They have a lot of information to tell us and only an hour to tell it in so of course it's going to look rushed. E3 isn't over yet. Yeah it could have been better but I, for one, am excited about the Wii U and the third party titles that are coming out for the system, like Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Mass Effect 3 and LEGO City game.

@TimboBaggins said:
The biggest response came to ZombiU. People were excited about the possibility of a exclusive mature core game at launch. Nintendo needs more exclusives like this, it looks great. The Rayman Legends demonstration should have been done at Nintendo's conference too.

@Gamesake said:
Cheer up you guys. The Wii U's E3 showing could have been better, but at least it wasn't PS Vita bad.

@aaronsullivan said:
I think the more important question is how much does it matter? Nintendo is carefully doling out information here. The Nintendo direct thing on Sunday was very calculated. There are key things Nintendo needs to educate the public about and it's taking it a day at a time so things aren't overlooked. This is a company reacting to the confusion over whether Wii U was a controller or a console last year.

Also, I know people are upset about the conference not catering to gamers, but the conference is a hot point for general media attention. Gaming reporters in that audience are getting to play this stuff hands-on and their opinions will be formed from that more than the quality of the presentation. In fact, Nintendo knows it can reach us gamers through simple press releases and online videos. We don't miss that stuff.

Also, Nintendo Land is the gamers version of Wii Sports. It's all themed with our favorite characters and utilizes a lot of competitive play that doesn't rely on sports familiarity. on top of that it's a way to introduce more casual gamers to the characters and games we like. Plus the asymmetric play is going to make gaming sessions addictive as you'll want to get your turn at the GamePad.

@Assassin87 said:
I kinda thought it was rushed, so they didn't have enough time to explain and show the things people were expecting. It felt like to me, they wanted to make it clear that they made this console that can appeal to casual and the hardcore gamer. then you can also dance, sing, and exercise on this new console. They're trying to do at least one or two games showing each genre and there's something for everybody. It wasn't bad or great It was just there. No other company did better or worse then they did.

Now that the dust has settled, have your opinions changed in any way? Let us know in the comments below.

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bezerker99 said:

I ordered extra gallons of brain bleach last night, I'm hoping they arrive shortly - I'm trying desperately to forget that horrid mess I saw yesterday at Nintendo's E3.



Aviator said:

My biggest issue was that most of the information given was already known.



shingi_70 said:

Just as bad as microsofts and Sonys. At least Microsoft and Sony have a mature ecosystem and are building to next gen while becoming media boxes.

Still probably will try to get one day 1. Seems like they are going to have Lot of software hitting at the same time and I'm not sure that's wise.



SkywardLink98 said:

I was hoping for some new game or announcement. Nothing. I was left feeling like I was going to cry. All throughout the show I was thinking "When are they gonna get to the GOOD stuff? C'mon, you don't need to explain Arkham City to us, we already get it's gonna have new features! Ok, ok, we get it you're making a new Mario game! Where's the 3DS announcements, it's been nearly an hour and nothing new for the 3DS... wait WHAT no new/unexpected games announced!?"



Tsuchinoko said:

Hmm, I'm confused. When is this 3DS conference that people have been referring to?



123akis said:

This year Nintendo wanted to show that the wii U aint just a DS with two screen separeted... they also wanted to show that they have hardcore games and are more social with miiverse

^^^ Thats my opinion



Ducutzu said:

If Nintendo talked more about its core franchises other than Mario (for example F-zero, Zelda), then headlines in the press would have been been: "Nintendo focuses on core Nintendo fans, abandons Wii Fit audience". The Zelda series is unfortunately irrelevant to most moms around the world.

If they talked about Mass Effect 3 and all the pixel shader effects supported... then presented a 10 minutes cinematic cutscene with some war-like scenes... then the headlines would have been: "Nintendo goes after Sony crowd, Wii U is a new home for ultraviolent games".

Instead, they did very well to explain how the new console expands on the Wii concept and brings families together. They showed how the family can give the Wii U GamePad to the five years old or to grandma and let them join the family fun.

I am surprised that people did not get it. The Wii U GamePad screen gives something to do to your girlfriend that doesn't care much about your weird passion. That's a good thing.



HandheldGuru97 said:

As a handheld gamer I was VERY disappointed three Mario games, really? Hopefully tonight is a bit better than the three minutes they spent on it yesterday. The sad thing though the 3DS did better than the Vita at E3.



123akis said:

@tsuchinoko At the E3 conference Nintendo only reveleaded wii U news and that took an hour long (they only had 1 hour for the presentation time) and they had no time to reveal 3ds news so they are doing a 3ds conference today 6th june at 6PM PDT on (7th june, 2AM)



tinman said:

They had plenty of time. They just spent too much of it telling us about garbage and non-games I never wanted to see or hear of in the first place. Throw in some lukewarm ports of games that were hot yesterday and one must be confused about what they were trying to achieve with this.



Tsuchinoko said:

@123akis So its a conference separate from E3? Well, I'm just waiting for 3DS stuff, so that's going to be what I'm watching for. These conferences seem to just be geared towards western markets though, so hopefully it will include both Western and Japanese oriented games.



Moshugan said:

The presentation surely lacked the surprise factor. At morning I felt like having a E3 hangover.
One thing I noticed: They only talked about launch window games! So it means that there's going to be many more games which just weren't mentioned because they are released at a later date.



1takauchiha said:

Are you kidding me? I loved the entire thing! You all should be happy you got even that! Aww, no Zelda even though there were no plans to make a new one? Too bad.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

They certainly could've organized it better and spent more time on some things(THE 3DS!!!) and less on others (WTF NINTENDO LAND?!?!)



Tsuchinoko said:

Maybe I'm just confused about what this E3 thing actually was. I'm not sure why everyone was so disappointed. I'm just waiting for 3DS announcements, but things seemed okay for those interested in WiiU. No?



Highwinter said:

What they showed was alright, but there wasn't anything impressive and they completely failed to sell the Wii U. I'm more looking forward to the 3DS showcase tonight.



Burning_Spear said:

I didn't see anything that made me think I have to run out and buy a Wii U during the launch window. After being burned by the 3DS' quiet launch period, I'm strongly considering sitting this one out. I don't need to spend an extra $80 to get a few VC games I already have several times over.



Zergling said:

I know they have the special 3ds conference tonight but man I was ticked Animal Crossing 3DS got no mention at the press conference. I have my fingers crossed for a Metroid 3ds annoucement tonight.



rjejr said:

Last years was better, nothing "popped" - as others have said - after Pikmin 3.

Moving forward I'm still hoping they can win E3 - but more importantly win people over to buy the system - as there was a more info outside of the conference -
Projext P100
transfer Wiiware and saves
Skype and Facebook and Twitter like functionality
tv remote (shows they're thinking - pick up GP to turn on tv, forget about watching tv and start gaming)
Game and Wario
Tomb Raider?

and the news we all wanted but was buried under the presentation blahdom - 2 GPs will be supported. Admit it, some of you said that was all the news you wanted to hear.

But now we have to wait for the price. And the date. And the ACTUAL launch line-up and follow-up dates. I don't see how anybody can make a decision about buying a WiiU without knowing this.



123akis said:

@Tsuchinoko yhh i think its part of e3... and same im waiting for 3ds announcements too... at this point im not sure if i will buy wii u



RedYoshi999 said:

I enjoyed the start but got bored through the middle as I realised no big announcements were going to be made and it was just third parties talking and then Wii Fit U and singing games were shown and I knew it was all over. Nintendo Land was an odd thing at the end and I was left confused as to what it was afterwards. I was hoping to get some more real details on the Wii U itself but that didn't happen. I'm looking forward to the 3DS conference however as they have an hour to show all the awesome games we already know about and hopefully something new too!



6ch6ris6 said:

they did so many things wrong. i dont even know where to start so i just say this:

what where you thinking, nintendo?



Tsuchinoko said:

Like I've said before, there's been a big push in Japan towards portable gaming in general, and I've completely fallen for my 3DS. I really hope you guys get Fire Emblem, and I know Monster Hunter 4 and Layton vs. Ace Attorney will come out there. I don't even buy that many games, but what I do have (Monster Hunter 3G, Fire Emblem, Guild01, Dasshutsu ADV) are so worth it.



123akis said:

seriously though... what is nintendo thinking with all this family play thing... people this days play games (1 person) in a room and like to play online, not family play



Tsuchinoko said:

@123akis Honestly, in Japan its kind of the opposite, and that's an issue. One of the reasons that Monster Hunter 3G wasn't given online was that many people here play with friends face-to-face with those kinds of games. And one of the Wii's biggest sellers was Wii Sports, and Wii Play. Also NSMB Wii sold huge, and I knew a lot of people even in the States and Canada that had Mario Wii parties, family play style. I think single player online is more xbox market honestly. It does seem like Nintendo is trying to push into that a little with some of the games that it showed, but mostly that kind of market is not its focus.



komicturtle said:

It was underwhelming. They really shouldn't have had Ubisoft and Warner Bros. on stage- particularly Ubisoft since they already had their show. Then again, if they didn't, then it would have been a shorter presentation.

My biggest issue with both Nintendo and Microsoft is that they highlight "casual" games. People who watch E3 are gamers. The casuals probably and most likely don't even know what E3 is. Showing WiiFitU was a bad idea.

Though, this 1 hour briefing isn't stopping me from getting WiiU. I'm totally open to Nintendo Land and already have almost 10 games on my radar for WiiU so far something I couldn't even say the same for Wii or even 3DS near launch. I think the games launching alongside the console are stellar and cover all bases. Best launch-line up since Sega Dreamcast.



DreamOn said:

It was everything we come to expect from N at e3 except everyone expected a big new reveal like usual and they chose not to include it. So why not? It's not like they don't have something in dev.. Was it to let 3rd party devs know N will give them center stage on their new platform so come join us?



123akis said:

The main game that catched my eye is pikmin 3.... i would buy it and it looks good, so did new super mario bros and lego city.

With the other games though... they were ok but didnt impress me as much as the ones i said above



Tsuchinoko said:

Honestly, I'm sorry guys, but I really wish Pikmin 3 was for the 3DS. It would make my life so much easier. haha



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Ducutzu: My mom likes Zelda. Anyway, you're completely right, Nintendo needed to show how the Wii U is really for everybody, and thus far I'd say they're doing a MUCH better job of convincing me of that than they ever did with the Wii.

@123akis: As Tsuchinoko pointed out, the gaming culture between America and Japan is really different (as is culture in general). I for one think it's a GOOD thing to include local multiplayer focused titles. I had a blast (pardon the pun) growing up playing Super Bomberman with my brother and dad, for example. Local...I've played Bomberman online, and it's just not the same. That said, TOO MUCH of a local focus ruins concepts in America, depending on circumstances. All the rural folk complaining about never getting StreetPasses, for example. In Japan, that's WAAAAAAAAAAAY less of an issue than it is around here because they don't have the land mass necessary to be ABLE to spread out like we do. Thus far, I think Nintendo may actually be set up to create a decent balance on the two with the WiiU.

@Tsuchinoko: People are disappointed with the conference because years ago, E3 built up a reputation it can no longer maintain...THE annual source for all the biggest, most exciting game reveals. With the advent of the internet, keeping secrets is infinitely harder than it used to be, so info gets leaked or announced early (see: literally EVERYTHING at Sony's conference except the Wonderbook). This showing is seen as failure because it just wasn't exciting, which is a hard-to-define trait most Americans value far more than we probably should.

Now for my personal opinion of the show: Nintendo did (as I said above) do a good job of showing how the system has something for everybody on a level Wii never managed. They also did a good job showing examples of how the GamePad can be used for (mostly) new and exciting applications. I say mostly because some of the minigames they showed off just reminded me of Pac-Man Versus...which I loved, so that's not a PROBLEM...just it's not as new as you might think. I hope they put a version of Pac-Man Versus on WiiU, actually.



123akis said:

I hope nintendo reveals flipnote studio for 3ds weve waited so long for this



WolfyWardark said:

I personally had no problems with the conference, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt that it better conveyed what the Wii U is all about, showing off some interesting games and new ways to play. I'm now looking forward to the 3DS Software Showcase a little later.



pc999 said:

3 new marios in the same day !!! that is a sign that something is wrong

We need good and new games and a good price (look at steam).

Also here is my motion gaming ? (I said gaming not Fit U).

If this can do any good is giving us a low/fair priced console/games at launch, for the first time in N history.



LavaTwilight said:

What on earth are so many people moaning about?
Nintendo has never been about one person sitting in a room by themselves congratulating their win over defeating a difficult boss/enemy and bragging about it to their online friends they've never met before and seriously what has that acheivment got them? Congratulations about 1million other people have already defeated that enemy before you - woo!

Nintendo are all about innovation and they're all about enjoyment! That is what the Wii had done and it is what they intend to do with the Wii U! If you want to sit on your own playing online on your own in a room on your own and having imaginary crowds cheer you own as you complete a game on your own only to pick up a new game and start again then go off and do that and stop trolling on Nintendo forums! Meanwhile the rest of us will be laughing and enjoying ourselves over games such as Nintendo Land and the like!

I'm by no means a casual gamer and I love to get stuck into a good game but games don't have to encourage or condone violence! I was appalled by what I saw at the EA conference and Farcry 3 at Ubisoft! It was shocking actually and I'm only 28! There's a reason why Nintendo are still going strong after pioneering the home video games console back in the 70s and are still in the market even after Sega consoles fell and despite the strength of Microsoft and Sony. They produce nothing but top quality products! Microsoft and Sony both get the majority of their profits elsewhere! Nintendo keep themselves strong primarily in the videogames market. There's a reason for that! I'm not saying the presentation was hugely amazing but I still think they're now giving XBOX and PS a run for their money.
So all you haters out there just chill out have a coke and a smile and shut the #@$* up!



Tsuchinoko said:

@Stuffgamer Thanks for clearing that up. And you're right. Its not just because of the landmass though. In Japan, we call the...Streetpass (crap I keep forgetting the name) すれ違い通信, which I guess you can call "Cross-communication". I don't even live near Tokyo. My area is kind of countryside, but still I just put my 3DS in my bag when I'm walking to the store, and almost always when I come hope the green light is on and I get signal for Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem. It really adds a lot to the experience of having it.

As a Japanese resident, I am happy that Nintendo keeps its own culture Japanese, and that's why people here trust it so much. The xbox on the other hand, never gets popular here. We almost don't see big franchise games go to xbox, and Sony these days really tries to follow western business model since Playstation 3.

Anyway, I'm sorry that NoA and NoE are waiting to publish certain games out there that are here already. I hope you can play some of these games soon. I'm really happy with my 3DS. I just hope we get more VC.



Contrary said:

It would be cool to see a good launch game. I can fathom a new Pokemon game that is HD and the whole deal. During battle, they could have the entire screen devoted to the just the Pokemon while the Wii U Gamepad could have the action commands on its screen. When you select to throw a pokeball, you just quickly jurk your Gamepad forward and the Pokeball goes flying onto the TV. And no more new Pokemon. They will start to look worse if they continue. Just use old ones like Mewtwo. Mewtwo is awesome. Who does not think that Mewtwo is awesome? Nobody, that is who.



C7_ said:

I still don't understand what was wrong with Nintendo's E3. Sure, they spent too much time explaining a single minigame in Nintendo land and not enough talking about basic WiiU functions, but I remember seeing a lot of comments that said they were angry because no Zelda or smash bros. Which is pretty stupid because unlike Activision and EA, Nintendo normally doesn't do the consumer aggressive strategy of yearly iterations of the same game.

We just had Skyward Sword less than a year ago, smash bros seemed to be more of an overhyped slip than anything and wasn't even started until after the guy working on Kid Icarus finished with that, so of course they have nothing to show yet. Not enough 3DS? They're having another conference for it, calm down. Remember when people used to get excited at announced Mario games? We now have 2, one coming out in 2 months and one that takes the good ideas of NSMBWii and improves on them in HD.

I'm not even mentioning the massive amount of 3rd party support they're getting, which, don't even kid yourself, looks GREAT. Yes, the pacing was wrong, but that's no excuse to harp on it for stupid reasons.



Kaio-Ken said:

It's not that the conference was necessarily bad, it's that Nintendo's main focus is on material that doesn't interest it's core group of fans anymore.

Pikmin 3 was the only "core" game showed off by Nintendo. The rest was more of this "casual" mockery that's consuming the gaming industry these days. It would seem at this point that Nintendo is relying on third party support to deliver the hard core games we actually want. If that's going to be the case then we'd all be better off buying our next console for Sony or Microsoft (since they'll actually have up to date hardware, Wii U is maybe a 360 at best?).

I hate to say it, but I've been a dedicated Nintendo fan since the N64 and at this point Nintendo's just about lost me.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@pc999: Yeah, it's a sign that Nintendo's doing their best to make a profit this year...history shows that Mario's the best way to do that. It may also allow them to price the WiiU more competitively if they're making tons of money on software. They may NEED to do that in order to stay in business long-term at all, so...I think we should give them some slack on the Mario games.

@LavaTwilight: Little nitpick...Nintendo entered the console market in the 80's, not the 70's. Aside from that, I think you made a good point.

@Tsuchinoko: I live in a reasonably well populated area (kind of between two large cities), and I can't even really expect a StreetPass going to the mall nowadays much less anywhere else. I wish people around here WOULD take the thing with them wherever they go...I keep mine on me at work, but people don't think to take the 3DS to the grocery store around here, it seems.



BattleBorn said:

As the writer of the most sharply negative comment displayed on the article, I want to qualify myself a bit. (TL;RD alert!)

The Wii U launch lineup doesn't look bad — far from it. I'm excited to play Pikmin 3, Rayman Origins and Zombi U and I'm somewhat optimistic about New Super Mario Bros. U (much more so than the upcoming 3DS installment) due to the gorgeous backgrounds and alleged high difficulty. I also believe the casual games have their rightful place in the Wii U conference and library; the issue was Nintendo's insistence on an hour-long conference which led to them bumping off several high-profile games (P-100 and Game & Wario).

The problem I had was Nintendo didn't offer any glimpse of the future. E3 is about glimpsing the future, and with all the skepticism surrounding it, Wii U truly needed evidence that it's future would be as strong as it's immediate launch. We know Zelda and Smash Bros. are years away, but why not stoke the fires now? Maybe Retro's game won't be ready for the launch period, but why not create a little advance hype? They don't need to be playable on the show floor, just put out a few quick teasers.

I also have a big problem with Nintendo Land in general. Aside from the fact that it is a hideous way to close a conference (we went from Watch Dogs and The Last of Us to THIS?), I think it is the ultimate proof that Nintendo has fundamentally misunderstood the success of the Wii and Wii Sports. Wii Sports succeeded speficially because it wiped the slate clean of the Nintendo brand's baggage and (like NintendoLife themselves said in a preview) was effortlessly approachable by anyone. Nintendo Land is completely dependent on the company's brand and IPs for appeal and required Katsuya Eguchi to take several minutes in explaining a single mini-game. I'm sorry, but that was not Wii Sports' recipe for success. Not even close. Wii Music's steep sales drop-off — back when Wii casual simulation games had become their own brand — is already evidence that brand alone does not guarantee expanded appeal.

Then there's the questions about price, performance, and long-term third-party support. Maybe they specifically wanted to leave price details for another date, but Nintendo completely dropped the ball with explaining the latter two issues. I'd be perfectly content if Wii U was moderately more powerful than PS360, but now there are questions whether it's actually even as strong as that (this is personal observation, but the Batman: AC Wii U footage seemed kinda shaky to me). They have lots of Ubisoft at launch but what else? A bunch of late ports (one of which, Ninja Gaiden 3, was already panned in it's PS360 incarnation)

Nintendo's entire message with the Wii U is a confused one. They want to rope in disillusioned core gamers, yet they also want to pretend they can manufacture the breakthrough casual success of the Wii. I'm sorry, but the latter will never happen again. The maket has changed fundamentally and Nintendo needs to accept this as soon as possible — or else, they won't even manage to attain core gamers.

I like the Wii U, I want it to succeed. But they did themselves absolutely no favors yesterday. Although I'll concede a point to the commenter who said it was better than Sony's complete abandonment of the Vita (which I'm also upset with).



Jese_1 said:

A point to bear in mind is that there's still 6 months until the Wii U launches. If they reveal everything now the excitement will have long since died down by the time the consol hits the shelves. They need to dish out enough information to keep people interested, but hold enough back that they can keep people interested until people can actually buy one. It's marketing 101 really.



Malkeor said:

@stuffgamer1Keeping secrets wasn't even a problem though for Nintendo...the fact of the matter was that things discussed during the conference were things we largely already knew about. No surprises...surprises get people excited for a system, it makes people hopeful for what's to come, and E3 is all about the show and the it's alright to expect high hopes because that's what it is....a presentation aimed to get viewers as excited as possible.

I personally thought they showed to many games Ubisoft already touched upon, or should have left untouched because they already had their conference.ZombiiU was great though, and i'm glad they showed it, the trailer was a nice teaser for the Ubisoft conference, and gameplay and light discussion fit well and showed NIntendo and other developers were serious about the core.

Nintendo Land is all well in good...but it was over-saturated and too much time was spend on it. It's not good whenever I hear about NintendoLand I wanna punch it in it's face if it had one. And that was supposed to be the big game of the show? E3 is viewed by the core gamers...the people who visit forums and message boards and go online and are vocal in the community. Big final games are big surprises or big first party games/exclusive content...all this casual stuff doesn't fit with the E3 persona. It sells sure...but you have a whole other market out there you're trying to reach, expanding upon...and focusing that much on that game doesn't make the core gamers or the finally interested core crowd too confident.

Momentum was all wrong with the show, it coulda been an EXCELLENT conference...shave some time off the NintendoLand...please never show a sing/dance game on stage again, and instead shown us that Wario game or at least a small teaser for other games in development, JUST LET US KNOW IT'S COMING, and you got a deal Right now people are looking for reasons to get a Wii U and old third party ports are just bleh. ....but oh well. I could go on and on but i'll give my fingers a break.

Overall not the worst conference in the world, but it was underwhelming in my opinion.



NintyMan said:

@StuffGamer: I completely agree with your third response. It's just like with game magazines. I remember the days when I would wait eagerly for a monthly game magazine in which I got all of my Nintendo news, and E3 carried far more weight than today. Now, we learn all we want to learn on the good ole internet, where secrets are leaked and everybody can know most of what to expect. Game magazines now are just something entertaining to read for me.

I personally was all right with this conference. It started out with a bang with Pikmin 3 and seeing its gorgeous graphics. Seeing Scribblenauts Unlimited was a pleasant surprise and New Super Mario Bros. U was very neat. Scott Moffit introducing the three 3DS games was good as well. Then it kinda slowed with all the focus on third-parties, which is definitely not a bad thing but I felt they were propped up a little too much. I was surprised in a good way to see Nintendo Land revealed since I had always dreamed of a Nintendo theme park, but I do think the long demonstration on it was unnessary. The conference was good; not as good as 2010 or 2011 but still better than 2008 and 2009.



Lin1876 said:

I spent most of last week comparing this E3 to E3 2006, at least from a Nintendo point of view, but it just didn't deliver. Perhaps it's as much to do with the fact that the Wii Remote was very easy to demonstrate, but the Wii U Game Pad is not. Nintendo are keep saying the playing is believing, and in no games is that more true than Nintendo Land. The impressions coming now are of a better game which is much better in practice than on paper, something which is hard to show in a media conference.

Sure, I think we're all a bit dissapointed that we didn't see what Retro Studios are working on, and that fan favourites like Star Fox, Metroid and F-Zero were absent, but I think Nintendo could have mitigated that by showing Project P-100 or Rayman Legends. I think Eurogamer summed it up well saying that "Wii U looks great, but it was a bad press conference."



Tsuchinoko said:

@Stuffgamer Well...I was under the impression that it wasn't just other 3DS's, but many kinds of communications. Any wireless connection, or smartphone, or free-use public internet spot would work, at least for certain games like Fire Emblem where the reward is random encounters. For Monster Hunter I get those Hunter Cards, so it has to be a 3DS. It does seem to depend on the game. There are quite a few people that carry their 3DSs around with them on public transport here. It seems a shame that what works here doesn't work there. Again, different culture. Anyway, I'm really loving the thing. I feel like after the Wii, I might be done with home consoles. I'm not even that old (only 26), and I feel like I'm just fine with my little 3DS. I know many people here that don't own home consoles, just portables, so I guess that's why they push the games and download soft here more.



MetroidMasher17 said:

Nintendo's E3 wasn't that bad, but neither was it exceptionally good. NSMBU looks too similar to previous NSMB titles, and Nintendo spent far too long on presenting NintendoLand than it should have. On the other hand, we have big names like Mass Effect and Arkham City coming to Wii U, and that's definitely going to help the system in the future in terms of sales. Personally, however, I don't feel like Nintendo introduced anything shockingly new in terms of software; the third-party and games are going to be the backbone of Wii U sales.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tsuchinoko: Yeah, it's going to vary from game to game, but I've personally never heard of a 3DS game that could communicate with smartphones. Sure, they can connect to Wi-Fi, but that's SpotPass, which is a separate entity from StreetPass. And of course I should hope you're already aware that public transportation is not NEARLY as big a thing here as it is in Japan.



Ecto-1 said:

For me, it wasn't so much what was or wasn't shown that disappointed me the most; it was how it was (or wasn't) shown. For the last two years Nintendo's E3 conferences have felt like celebrations of everything Nintendo. Whether it was the epic orchestral opening of last year's E3 or the fantastic reveal of Donkey Kong Country Returns from two years ago, Nintendo's shows had a certain pizazz that made them special. Even the screens at last year's show became fascinating as they transformed from Mario's racetrack to Luigi's mansion. Perhaps it is irrelevant, but it kind of saddens me that the closest Nintendo got to bringing that kind of charm and wonder to this year's show was this:


I still am a huge Nintendo fan, and I will defiantly get a Wii U when I can, but I can't help but feel that Nintendo could have done so much more with yesterday.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Stuffgamer oh, I know that. haha I'm not ethnic Japanese, I'm a permanent resident immigrant here though. I'm British-borne American (Its complicated, yes), but my main language now is Japanese. I have lived in New York, Chicago, Calgary, and London. I do see that the culture here allows this kind of system to work easier. I don't know about how the 3DS communicates, but I have connected to internet with a friends smartphone before, and it after I did get a lot of stuff for my Fire Emblem too, but it might have been a different person's 3DS or an public internet spot, I dunno. I'm not sure what spotpass or streetpass are, just the program I mentioned. I don't know the programs for English language 3DS.

Anyway, It does seem that Nintendo has a hard time pleasing Japanese and non-Japanese markets, a well as the differences between NA and EU regions. I just prefer Nintendo to do the franchises that it does best, and not worry so much about things like "hardcore" gamers, or worry so much about what other game companies are doing and just try to please their fans the way they always do.

Hmm, that movie, I'm really hoping they make Pikmin 3DS now. haha



Kid3dizzy said:

I said it before and I'll say it again, There's really no solid way to please the fan or the consumer. (I didn't say it earlier, but it's true) Almost everyone on gaming site whine on about different things, and not just Nintendo, but Sony and Microsoft too. even their fans were disappointed, some harsher than others. They do the best they can. Do you really think they want to make a bad game. So I'm keeping faith, and not just for Nintendo either.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@Tsuchinoko Agreed. I'm sick and tired of people jumping the gun. Nintendo can't fit everything into one hour. That's what the 3DS conference is for.

But they NEED to reveal Fire Emblem today, with Nintendo Power hinting at the game a while ago, and the domain. Regardless, people need to understand that THIS E3 HAS MULTIPLE PARTS. We learned good info last night at roundtable, so we will learn even more tonight. You guys jumping the gun are almost as bad as those whining about E3 on their facebook. Blood doesn't make a good game. The sole reason amazing games like Mass effect and Assassin's creed are amazing is due to their well-made storylines, good gameplay and fun experiences.



JayArr said:

This is the first E3 I can remember that didn't have a winner. All three companies lost.

The only thing that impressed me at all was Watch Dogs, which unfortunately isn't coming to the Wii U.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tsuchinoko: I do seem to recall you having mentioned your origins once before...I was aware you're not Japanese native, anyway. Some phones are capable of acting as Wi-Fi hotspots using their 3G service...that could be what happened for you. StreetPass is 3DS-to-3DS connectivity, and SpotPass is 3DS-to-Internet connectivity. It's the difference between the green and blue notification lights. You guys have that distinction in Japan too, right?



crazyj2312 said:

I thought they would take more advantage of their online stream and show off all of the casual stuff there and show all the hardcore stuff on stage. I'm hoping the 3DS conference fairs better.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@crazyj2312: Honestly, I think the casual stuff is more likely to get the casual gamers' attention the way they did it. The main conference gets more media attention than the post-conference stream, thus increasing the odds that people who don't follow E3 obsessively will hear about it. For example: A coworker of mine watched the conference on TV yesterday. He and his son are very excited about some of the stuff Nintendo showed off...but he missed the post-show stuff entirely.




Basically, the presentation was overall below average. It started off very well with Pikmin 3 and hardware related stuff then gradulaly petered out. Spent too long on some stuff. Content was good though and you have to have the imagination to see past all this and see the potential and look at the software. The system had to much info released about it before hand (or leaked) which didn't help. Also, whereas I'm glad for Ninty to go into the itablet world, it isn't exactly innovative. Nintendo brought touch screens into gaming with the DS effectively anyway and unfortunately it gives Apple fanboys something to chew on and spit out. Another point is that Sony, Microsoft and Ninty's presentation were ll below average anyway. Not a lot of new stuff. Still, I'm more than satisfied personally. Just keep calm and think about the FUN you could have with the hardware and software.



Tasuki said:

Its wasnt as bad as it could have been but it wasnt great either. I liked all the third party support that the Wii U will be getting like with Mass Effect 3, Batman, and Assassins Creed III but first party support seemed a little weak. I mean I figured a new Mario game would make its way to the Wii U at some point thats just Nintendo but I would have loved to see info about a Zelda game on the Wii U and maybe even a Metroid game. Also would have liked to see more 3DS games rather than the ones we know that were coming.

On the other hand it was nice to see the Wii U pad in action and to hear about the specs and that the downloads will be transferable from the Wii to the Wii U.



Tsuchinoko said:

@Stuffgamer Umm, I think so, but usually I just get the green light. Which colour is that?
I think I did mention it before. A lot of people (including most Japanese people, sadly) have no idea about Japan's immigrant population.

Anyway, I don't think the E3 presentation was so bad, but maybe I'm misunderstanding something.



luminalace said:

Firtsly I don't think Nintendo have anything to worry about! You have New Super Mario Bros U, Just Dance 4, an exclusive Lego game, a new Wii Fit? and between them that's a lot of selling power.
However from the perspective of Nintendo going after the core gamer, it was pretty disappointing! Assassins Creed 3 & Mass Effect 3 are very nice but where was Call of Duty, Battlefield, Resident Evil or heck even FIFA?



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Tsuchinoko: Green is 3DS-to-3DS communication, and I can definitely believe it would be more common for you. SpotPass really hasn't been used for all that much, at least not in America. Even though StreetPasses are relatively rare, they're still far more common for me than SpotPasses.

I agree with you, the presentation wasn't really bad. This is just one of those things where your opinion will be HUGELY dependent on your expectations. I think it was an overall good show, though I do agree with those who say they went a little long on Nintendo Land (especially video of the park with no gameplay involved), and should've mentioned Game and Wario. A minor complaint to me, though.




We know what Nintendo are capable of and most of us want them to succeed. They can be so innovative and intelligent. However, boy can they be amateurish at times. I agree, where are all those cool 2nd tier games we saw up to the Gamecube era?



Tsuchinoko said:

Well, for me, I had no expectations for the system at all, and to me the presentation looked okay. I guess that's why. I'm looking forward to the 3DS presentation, but then again, I already have a nice little list of about 4-5 games that are coming out over the year that I want, so I'm just looking forward to any news about games I don't know about already.



kyuubikid213 said:

I thought it was a great E3. For some of us, it seems as though the information was already known. However, Nintendo was presenting this to the world, not just the groups of people who are on Nintendo-fanbased websites. Imagine hearing about Pikmin 3 or New Super Mario Bros. U for the first time. EXCITEMENT!! If Nintendo would have gone out there as though everyone saw the Nintendo Direct or as though everyone had the information from the fansites, then there would be so much more missing at E3 to those who didn't see the aforementioned Nintendo Direct and fansite articles.

Thinking about it as a first look into Wii U, I think Nintendo did a great job. They had proven that the system will be as great as the 360s and PS3s of this generation whilst shedding their "Nintendo is for kiddy games tag." I can't wait for the system's release date and price. And maybe thanks to all of you who are hating on the E3 conference, maybe I will be able to pick up a Wii U for under $350.



DrCruse said:

The last two years have been nothing compared with 2010's press conference in which we got tons of new games:
Donkey Kong

This year they completely destroyed any interest I might have had with Wii U by focusing on Fitness and Karaoke games, the gimmick controller, and Nintendo Land. On the other hand, With the growing amount of 3DS software, I might end up getting a 3DS within the next year or two.



Wheels2050 said:

I think that making such a big deal about getting Arkham City was a bit revealing. In the gaming world, it's old. It'll be even older by the time Wii U comes out. In addition, the demo didn't really show off any unique use for the tablet. It just seemed they moved a few things to the second screen that would work just as well on the main screen.

It's great that it appears the Wii U looks like it might get some good 3rd party support, and I know Nintendo wanted to prove that after it was so lacking on the Wii. I just don't think a slightly enhanced version of a game from last year (that, let's face it, many people will have already played by the time it's released for the Wii U) is the way to showcase that.



Smooth27 said:

First of all It was very unproffessional. They said they didn't have time to explain a lot in one measely hour and yet they were talking about their social pages to follow them???????, and e3 will continue an on their e3 website and blah blah they reiterated this several times. Now to ky opinion on what they they showed. First 25 minutes got me excited miyamoto came out mentioned pikmin 3 was pretty excited, then WB came up with BATMAN! (huge b-man fan), Harley Quinn was their! Scribnlenauts which was pretty cool then I was like alright bring on injustice, but nope. Then after Wii fit U, third party line up only like 3 games we didnt know and the best one was mass effect. Being a big fps fan that i am the abscense of call of duty ( made me cry), medal of honor, conduit, and Metroid!
Not even other hardcore titles to look for. As a hard core gamer I was let down badly seemed like once again their catering to casual
Overall, it flunked no hardcore sense in the presentation, more causual heavy, said things they said this Sunday and last e3, were not stupid nintendo we know how the controller works now, except the system.



pntjr said:

I think it would've been allot better. They dragged on about Nintendo Land for about 20 minutes, which got EXTREMELY boring. It was really nice that Ubisoft got a chance to show off ZombiU, I'm excited to get it. Just Dance 4 was trashy as usual, we've all seen it before. And I don't care for Batman Arkham City, but some people might've liked it. The rest was OK, and it was good that the 3DS got SOME showtime while still having ANOTHER show tonight at 6. New Super Mario Bros. U got the perfect showtime.

Overall, the reason why I like Nintendo is because of their first party games, and some third party for support. There wasn't enough first party games that made me want to get it, only NSMBU, Pikmin 3, and NintendoLand were shown. I got my 3DS because of the HUGE OVERLOAD of first party support. I don't want everything to be released at once, cough Vita cough but more first party games should've been announced.

I give it a 6/10 this year. Excited for the 3DS show tonight.



DerpSandwich said:

They just went on and on and on about the stuff we already knew, and didn't really reveal ANYTHING. They acted like they were spreading their conference out because they had so much to say, but... they just didn't. They acted like they understood that what we wanted was more games and they just didn't deliver. Not one huge announcement. I mean, there's always at least ONE cool surprise, right? This year they hyped it more than ever, and delivered less than usual. I just don't get it, and frankly it makes me was to crawl in the corner and cry myself to sleep.



Popyman said:

"The Rayman Legends demonstration should have been done at Nintendo's conference too."

But then NSMBU would look even worse in comparison.



GreenDream said:

@Tsuchinoko According to a magazine interview with one of the producers of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, printed a few years ago, he had the feeling that handhelds were more capable than consoles at providing a gripping, "I want to keep going" experience. He thought that was inexplicable, yet logical.

That might sound strange, but I believe it too. Handhelds do a much better job at allowing the player to be just involved enough to enjoy it, while not fully demanding your attention like a PC or console. I think this "partial immersion" is a more accessible feeling than "total immersion".



randomlypikachu said:

i thought nintendos confrence was good .-. but it just felt incomplete

lets face it we all went in yesterday expecting some big first party anouncments and a bunch of suprises. our suprises .-. .... nintendo land, our big anouncments the mario game everyone was expecting, nintendo land, pikmin 3, and the 2 mario titles and luigi title we already knew about. now dont get me wrong here im not trying to imply that these will turn out to be bad games or something like that, but im just saying what they showed us yesterday simply wasnt enough, and thats basicly all that can be said to some up it good confrence but it just isnt enough.



TheDreamingHawk said:

E3 wasn't bad, as I said many times before. We had been waiting FOREVER for Pikmin 3 news, we wanted new info on mario U, we hoped for Wii U news, and we got all of that. Stop complaining because Zelda or Metroid wasn't shown, as NintendoLand was meant to fix that. We can only complain about NL if they exclude good series like Starfox or Mother (The latter which isn't that important in this case anyway).

And for those saying Wii U isn't hardcore, I persume you forgot about Assassin's Creed III and Ninja gaiden 3 (Which is one of Nintendo's VERY FEW M-rated published titles, even if it's developed by Techmo Koei). Regardless, those games alone don't magically make it hardcore. Any game can be hardcore if you make it.

2008 is the only conference that is bad, as there was hardly ANY titles period, and said titles weren't good when released. Except for Animal Crossing, maybe.



King_Boo said:

I think they were trying to avoid what happened with 3DS, promising so many titles for the launch window and then they all being delayed. Plus, just me staying hopeful with this, but whenever it is they tell us release date and price, we might also hear about some big games.



OldBoy said:

If we are talking about the games revealed ,then sure, it was OK. Nothing got me excited,but that's personal opinion. What cannot be denied though is that the presentation was absolutely dire. Whether it be the two people talking at once, annoying!, the frequent moments of utter confusion/awkardness or the embarrassing 'Family videos' it all reeked of utter amateur. The only good bit was the beginning with Miyamoto and Pikmin3 after that it went downhill very fast indeed. Disappointing. How they f****d it up I'll never know but I've seen more professional presentations at work!!



yobucky said:

Hardcore gamers are idiots. Period. It seems that in order to qualify as a hard core gamer you have to announce yourself as such. ("I'm a hardcore gamer and I'm pissed that my favourite isn't here") Fact is "hardcore" seems to normally just mean lots of gratuitous violence, language and sex, the games themselves are not even slightly difficult to play, I've had much more of a challenge grabbing all the stars in SMG2 than I ever did getting 100% completion from Batman Arkham City, and other "hardcore" games.

Nintendo has always had an image of being family friendly so forgive them for not jumping the shark and trying to be more "hardcore" than a PS3 (which had just as much shovelware as the Wii). Clearly this presentation shows that the new hardcore games will be able to run on the system easily and can offer new ways to enhance these games but they needed to ensure they are still attractive to the absolutely massive casual audience they tapped into with the Wii. Honestly if selling 40 million wii fits means nintendo has the profits needed to make more consoles, then I say that's awesome. The PS3 tried to be more hardcore and they only recently started turning a profit, casual gamers are were the moneys at and everyone benefits from a company that is doing well.

These games they've shown are just the beginning, there will be new zeldas, and metroids and 3d marios, and many more games you'll love. And of course COD and other core franchises will be on the console because they'd be idiots to ignore it. They released COD on the Wii for crying out loud.

I think overall they did an outstanding job in showing off the type of range the new console can handle and once the change-shy consumers see the final product and can play it for themselves I'm pretty sure it will be another success for nintendo. They've been doing this very successfully for longer than most of us have been alive so give them some credit and don't write them off until the console is in stores.. The only complete flop they've ever produced has been the virtual boy, all their other consoles have been profitable and produced excellent games. (just look at the top 50 list on to see which publisher has more individual games listed than any other)

Like with the 3ds, everyone hated the launch games and they had to adjust their pricing but now suddenly interest is rising and it's starting to become a really desirable toy. I play on the thing more than my PC and "big boy" consoles. The Wii and DS were oustanding sellers and so maybe nintendo did get a bit complacent with the 3ds at first but this Wii U showcase shows they have learnt their lesson and there are some strong launch titles that will tie in perfectly with the new console. But everyone seems to want to just complain about the games that aren't there instead of focussing on the fact it's a brand new console, the tech is very cool and there are already some kick butt games scheduled for launch day.

Of course now that sony and microsoft have had a good look at the console we can expect their next releases to have a few borrowed ideas... lol.



siavm said:

I wish I could forget most of this week. If only watch dogs was coming to wii u. That might have brightened my day. At least Ubisoft was games that show off the wii u because nintendo forgot to in all the damn explanations of a minigame.



hYdeks said:

It was a good conference, definitely compared to Microsofts and Sony's

I liked what they showed, they basicly showed what changes and stuff they did since last year and showed us whats basicly being released at launch and around launch time, which if u followed the small videos very closely, had some good titles.



TheDreamingHawk said:

@yobokkie This. I agree with it 100%. What I hate is that today most people call themsleves hardcore because a game has blood. Hardcore games can be ANY game. I like games like assassin's creed and Fire emblem, but I'm not instantly hardcore. VVVVVV has no blood or violence, but it is one of the biggest hardcore games out there. Mario can even be hardcore in the last levels. Sing is obviously casual, but that is the only one at E3 that I feel could be classified as such.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@TheDreamingHawk: Even Wii Fit can get hardcore if you want it to. I've seen people competing for high scores in some of its minigames...they can get pretty serious about it.

Of course, that just highlights YET AGAIN the inherent flaw in trying to break us up into "casual" and "hardcore" in the first place. Games (that is, well-designed games), are games, plain and simple. There IS a set of games I would call "casual" for lack of a better term, but those are games that actually just aren't well made in the first place and exist mainly to take money from people who don't know any better.



MitchVogel said:

Well, they didn't do anything wrong, but they didn't really do anything right. I thought this E3 was pretty neutral. I wasn't really disappointed, but I don't feel any more hyped up or excited for anything that's on the way than I did a week ago. I think there was just over saturation of WiiU in this conference. There was like a half hour of WiiU, three seconds of 3DS, then the rest was WiiU. If they evenly paced this conference between both consoles, I think it wpuld've gone over much better.



DarkKirby said:

While I would like it to be more clear how good the Wii U's online will be, I think Nintendo is heading into the right direction.

They are showing they are not only interested in casual gamers, but are focusing on hardcore gamers and making sure their system has all the 3rd party games the other systems do.



Squiggle55 said:

Sticking "U" at the end of game titles is very forced. Very awkward. Who comes up with this stuff? Since when is that a requirement? Someone in the naming department needs a lot less power and a healthy dose of good taste.



DashDG said:

Not the best, they put too much time on NintendoLand, even when it seems to be a good game is not that awsome, they should close with Pikmin 3, and merge all the info about 3DS and WiiU specifications...



vegeta044 said:

I really liked the WiiU presentation. I feel they did a good job and touched on a multitude of games and basically showing how this is different from the Wii which is a good thing. I was kinda surprised that the 3DS got little screen time but it makes sense seeing the meaty stuff will be today at 6 pm. This is the first home console I feel excited for. Yay Ninja Gaiden.



ATDI said:

I wanted to see a level creating mode for NSMBU and I wanted to see a non-franchise Nintendo game. I'm personally not excited by Pikmin or Nintendo Land, but those were very solid showings. Pretty good conference.



LavaTwilight said:

As Cervantes said, The Proof Is In The Pudding! Someone made a good point earlier that E3 is all about showcasing the future and the future won't come until at least tomorrow (or after the 3DS showcase anyway) but essentially Nintendo still have 6months to make the Wii U what they want it to be! When it is released I think that the actual use of the new Gamepad by Nintendo and 3rd party developers will reveal that the Wii U has a LOT more to offer than what we've seen at E3 this year!



vherub said:

back in '06 or so, when E3 was being canceled, it may not have been the right move. But I think E3 as an epic, yearly event now just isn't the right strategy. The appeal of e3 was always this niche of gaming, and in recent years, gaming is everywhere. And I think it's damaging to gaming, to have this cycle where developers need to devote resources towards creating something for right now. The downside is so much greater than the upside.



mamp said:

My problem was they showed a lot they just didn't show us why some of these things (like ports that have been out for a year) would be better on the Wii U than on any other system also too much time was devoted on Ubisoft (who had their own press conference BTW and also showed off Just Dance). They squeezed in so much we didnt know why this would be great or how it would be great.



Candido0411 said:

It was terrible. They didn't accomplish the task of convincing me or any of the so called "hardcore" players why they should buy a Wii U. Already played Batman AC, Mass Effect 3, and going to already played AC3 (assuming it launches after Oct 31st). Plus, from what I've seen so far, they showed no EA sports games, Black Ops 2, or Battlefield 3 which is depressing considering they're trying to grab that core market this time around and ZombiU isn't enough.

Pikmin 3 and Mario were expected which are great and no other first party games shown which is a downer.



WolfRamHeart said:

My opinion of yesterday's press conference has not changed. It started out great with Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. U but after that it all went downhill. Nintendo knew that their press conference last year was an underwhelming dud so they had plenty of time to put together a killer press conference. Instead they spent all their time focusing on singing, fitness and mini-collection games. They promised us that they would bring out big games and huge third-party support but they failed to deliver. It was just mostly stuff that we have already seen and ports of games that are already out on other systems. Nothing surprising; just a safe, predictable and boring press conference. Nintendo said E3 would be all about bring core gamers back with the Wii U but instead they chose to focus on the casual stuff once again. Doesn't Nintendo realize that casuals are not the ones who watch E3? Both Microsoft and Sony delivered sub-par conferences this year so it should have been an easy win for Nintendo with a new console but I felt that they completely blew that opportunity. I really hope that Nintendo can turn things around but for right now my enthusiasm for the Wii U has been knocked down significantly. You can do much better than this Nintendo.



RevolverLink said:

It's a little hard to be too disappointed when my most wanted game of the last decade (Pikmin 3) made a featured appearance.



chiefeagle02 said:

Didn't really see anything for me this year (that goes for both the Nintendo side and the Sony side). Admittedly, I was really hoping for a Brain Age 3 announcement or more info on Pokemon B&W 2, but this year's show really didn't excite me. The Wii U looks cool, don't get me wrong, but it's not the same spark of innovation that made me fall in love with the Wii.

If nothing else, the big news for me this E3 is how gaming companies are integrating portable devices into their plans (eg: Xbox Smartglass; eventually controlling the Nintendo Mii-verse with a smartphone; et cetera). We keep hearing about the threat that mobile devices and tablets wage against the gaming industry, but now we're seeing companies try to adapt said devices for added dimensions of gaming, instead of fighting the ever-increasing user base of iPhones and Droids. Being is how people use these devices for practically everything already, I think it could work. I'm really interested to see where this goes a few years down the road...



Mahe said:

Before the conference, I was almost sure to buy Wii U at launch, as long as the games materialized. They didn't. No Excite game, no Wii Sports, nothing positively surprising. It seems Nintendo has lost their way, and I don't trust them to be able to deliver high-quality gaming experiences anymore.



kdognumba1 said:

I think the conference ended on a bad note. There was a lot to show and very little time, which is why 3DS basically had its own separate conference. I don't think many of the games that were shown in the conference were shown off well, minus Mario and Pikmin. I understand why they put Wiifit, Just Dance, and Sing in there and they needed to be there but with minimal focus.

If they could redo the conference I would say cut down the talk time unless it is describing stuff as it is demo'd, put a smaller focus on the sequel's, a bigger focus on the exclusives, fit in more gameplay for games, and end with Mario.

I don't think the message of what Nintendoland is about really got by to people. I didn't really get it until after I saw the round table video the next day which afterwards it looked fun. I didn't really get the big deal on ZombiU until I saw gameplay vids after the conference. I didn't know what Project P-100 was until after the conference. I know 1 hour is a short period to work with for that much content but the time used wasn't used well.



Mok said:

Undercooked, underwhelming and underperforming. You might actually think E3 was in Australia this year; Nintendo was really down under on this one...



blackknight77 said:

I thought it was good. It did not blow me away like when the Wii was introduced but it was good. Still thought a new F-Zero or Star Fox would have been great to introduce an HD system.



Shworange said:

Wii U conference was ok. The 3DS software reveal was a friggin train wreck! I thought Reggie was an awful speaker, Scott Moffit blew him away in his ability to be uncomfortable in front of a camera!!



alLabouTandroiD said:

To me it was a good show. I'm now sold on the idea of the Game Pad and asymmetrical multiplayer.
I think it was more geared towards the general public instead of core gamers. Everybody knows Batman, right.
As the only third party exclusive ZombiU isn't very attractive to PS360 owners imo since zombie-wise they should be more than happy with having the Resident Evil games. But they could only have done that with a huge mainstream game like GTA or one that's an extremely cult classic. If that had been an exclusive reveal with the Wii U controls seen before gameplay on any other console it might have impressed them. Yeah, that's easier said then done though.
And yes, if they would have been more brief on Nintendo Land they could have suqeezed in gameplay of Game & Wario and Project P-100 too. That would have made things a bit more interesting imo.
The games showed a good use of the Game Pad, this was more important to me than seeing forgotten franchises. Yes, a new Metroid would most likely have been the best way to show the controls and the graphical horsepower of the console but let's just hope that's coming later on.
Pikmin 3 just had to be shown after all that time though i would have loved talk about four player online co-op. That should be good with the map on the TV and your gameplay on the Game Pad.

So where does this all leave us? Pretty much with the situation we had on the Wii imo.
I hope we'll hear more information about online and external hard drive support and maybe even more games soon.
Game-wise i liked Pikmin 3, Project P-100, ZombiU and Rayman Legends but i'm also pretty much interested in all the other games we saw. Heck, for the first time in my life i was even impressed by Wii Fit.



OoOshii said:

Great and all. But I wanted Nintendo to prove that WiiU is indeed a console that will support hardcore gamers. So far, They failed



Yanchamaru said:

Nintendo is about to launch a new system but the Wii U feels more like an enhanced version of the Wii. Where was the triple A title to get people excited? They should of shown Project P-100 and updated the status of Dragon Quest 10 instead of spending so much time on one mini game in Nintendo Land. Virtual Console was not even discussed and Xbox 360 and PS3 ports had no major graphic or gameplay improvements. This was such a big mess that Nintendo's stocks dropped. Stop playing safe and come out swinging.



Lyssified said:

Excited about 2 or so 3DS games coming out... I still like the look and design of the wii u/gamepad... but there was no Animal Crossing 3DS. I'm sorry but I can't help but rage over the fact that this game was announced 2 years ago and still it seems like we're getting NOTHING on it. A video showing some more development in the game and even a release date (for NA!!!) would have kept me happy. I'm almost considering importing the Japanese version to keep myself quiet.



ianmage1 said:

The non specific action figure is going to start a huge trend for memes. Like the non specific action figure, I also don't approve.



ianmage1 said:

They were given the favor of not having Sony or Microsoft reveal their new systems at E3. They could have used this opportunity to blow away audiences, but they choose to waste that opportunity on showing very few new content and disappointing us. Horrible move.



Bryon15 said:

I thought nintendo's showing this year was just as bad as E3 2008. I mean seriously what the f***? They didn't show anything new. We already knew about pikmin 3 and super mario U. Where the hell was retro studios with star fox! No zelda, no metroid, no star fox, no f-zero, no kirby, no ssb4. I'm extremely disappointed. I don't think I'll be getting a wii u this year. And they didn't even say the price or release date for it anyway. F*** you, nintendo!!



Bryon15 said:

I thought nintendo's showing this year was just as bad as E3 2008. I mean seriously what the f***? They didn't show anything new. We already knew about pikmin 3 and super mario U. Where the hell was retro studios with star fox! No zelda, no metroid, no star fox, no f-zero, no kirby, no ssb4. I'm extremely disappointed. I don't think I'll be getting a wii u this year. And they didn't even say the price or release date for it anyway. F*** you, nintendo!!



King_Boo said:

no big games this year, but next year, or 2014, when ps4 and 720 launch, Nintendo, at least I hope, have a huge line up of first party stuff, how the 360 had gears to compete with the ps3. Nintendo can show off a ton next year and totally keep people away from the other systems. I bet now sony and microsoft are feeling pretty safe after this e3 and will let their guards down.



Sir_Deadly said:

@King_Boo probably because you personally arent interested in any. But for people like me who think Nintendo had a great Line-up of launch games, I see some big games in there.

@Bryon15 Obviously you must have been watching a different E3 this year, because e3 2008 was horrendous compared to this year! I will admit it wasnt a great conference, if anything it was ok. But NOT as bad as 2008!



Traxx said:

I feel this presenation was hardly any different compared to last year. If this were the first showing of the Wii U, all power to Nintendo, but one year has past and nearly nothing new of significance? Really? And they wasted too much time stressing they have not enough time to show all their non-existent hardcore and 3DS games.



King_Boo said:

there are a handful I'm interested in, I only meant from a first party view there wasn't a twilight princess moment, or mario galaxy moment. There was no "we're starting off with a bang" game. nintendo land doesn't really scream "welcome to the 8th gen"

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