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Tue 3rd Jan 2012

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1takauchiha commented on What Not To Do With Your Brand New 3DS XL:

Why on earth would anyone do that?! Not only is that wasteful, it's a very spoiled little thing to do in my opinion. All that money wasted because you thought you'd microwave your brand new 3DS. I can't stand people like this.



1takauchiha commented on 3DS XL Comparision Gallery:

I really hate how you called the older 3DS 'old school'. It's much better than that huge piece of crap Nintendo is trying to get everyone to buy. It reminds me of the original DS, horrid.



1takauchiha commented on Official 3DS XL Japanese Website Launches:

I so hate this. There's nothing truely good about it at all. Go ahead and flame me, I don't care. If Nintendo keeps doing things like this, I may stop defending their decisions. Do you see how big it is? It's hardly portable!



1takauchiha commented on Miyamoto Talks Down Idea of 3DS Redesign:

"If there's never a 3DS redesign, will the existing setup satisfy you for the handheld's whole lifespan?"

Yes, I will. Not only do I feel that the 3DS is perfect as is, there's no way I'm going to spend some 250$ on a second.



1takauchiha commented on E3 2012: Paper Mario Sticker Star Out This Hol...:

So getting it. No way am I downloading it though, that's just stupid. Imagine if Super Mario 3D Land was digital? Then I couldn't give my sister one of the save slots in exchange for one of hers on another game. Saves money that way-
They have Luigi's Mansion too?!



1takauchiha commented on E3 2012: Assassin's Creed III Trailer:

I can't wait for this game. Sadly it will be on PC for me, but it's good enough <3
Is it just me, or does Connor sound like Altair? I guess they had to make up for him not looking like Altair, Ezio, or Desmond.



1takauchiha commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Announce Bigger 3DS Tomorrow:

I'm so mad about this. Who would want a BIGGER 3DS? Especially so soon! It really gets me mad that they're wasting time building unnecessary stuff like this when they could be making the 3DS we have now better. There's hardly anything out for it!



1takauchiha commented on Make Your Own Movies in Pokémon Black and Whi...:

...Go ahead and flame me, I don't care. I love Pokemon, I will NEVER stop playing, but I'm going to say it anyway.
This is stupid. It may just be safe to say that Black and White will remain the best, unsurpassed by Black 2 and White 2.



1takauchiha commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 to Kick Off Retail Dow...:

I won't be buying the game, or any retail games that make you download. I prefer the cases, boxes, and whatever. Where's those awesome special edition cases then? Or the cool pre order bonus? Not to mention how much room some would take up on an SD card. Most people don't have the money for such a size they'd need to keep all the games on one card. I'd end up with a bunch of smaller sized ones, and it'd be exactly the same! I'm very disappointed in this move.



1takauchiha commented on Nintendo Still Envisions Selling Retail Games ...:

I'd hate this. There's no way I'd buy any retail games from the shop, EVER. Not only would they take up major space on my sd card, and not to mention it's stupid. I like getting limited edition cases and stuff for actually pre ordering games. I even like the plain cases! I just hope they don't go through with this. I can't afford all the sd cards I'd end up needing.



1takauchiha commented on Kore Gang Publisher Needs Your Money for a Re-...:

I have never heard of this game before, and it doesn't look like I missed out on anything. It just doesn't seem to catch my interests.
Even though I don't think it's right of them to ask their 'fans' for money, I'd still help a bit if I could.