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Thu 26th Apr 2012

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Kaio-Ken commented on Poll: Which Nintendo E3 Wii U Game Got You Exc...:


I agree, Nintendo has literally given up on their fans in exchange for these "casual" mass appealing gimmicks. Pikmin 3 looks great, other than that the only decent looking games are ones I can just play on my Xbox. Why even bother with a Wii U?



Kaio-Ken commented on E3 2012: Nintendo Land is More Expansive Than ...:

Nintendo Land is literally all of our beloved Nintendo franchises turned into "casual" mini games. It's a total disgrace. This is NOT what we wanted. I'm literally furious that Nintendo thinks this is how it should be appealing to it's core fans. Can't they just set aside this "casual" nonsense for even one damn game?

They should have spent their resources making full retail versions of each of these games; Wii U Zelda, F-Zero, Animal Crossing, etc. This is total garbage.



Kaio-Ken commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

It's not that the conference was necessarily bad, it's that Nintendo's main focus is on material that doesn't interest it's core group of fans anymore.

Pikmin 3 was the only "core" game showed off by Nintendo. The rest was more of this "casual" mockery that's consuming the gaming industry these days. It would seem at this point that Nintendo is relying on third party support to deliver the hard core games we actually want. If that's going to be the case then we'd all be better off buying our next console for Sony or Microsoft (since they'll actually have up to date hardware, Wii U is maybe a 360 at best?).

I hate to say it, but I've been a dedicated Nintendo fan since the N64 and at this point Nintendo's just about lost me.



Kaio-Ken commented on Sakurai: Smash Bros. to 'Change Direction a Li...:

Adding more content isn't a bad thing. I don't blame him for wanting to mix things up a bit but I'd still hope to see an increase in content. I'd be ecstatic if the next Smash Bros. had say, 50 characters. Maybe bring back Dr. Mario...I don't know, Nintendo has so many characters that don't get enough attention. There's so many I'd like to see, like Dry Bones or E. Gadd.