The dust has settled on Nintendo's E3 2012 press conference. Here in the Nintendo Life offices the pizza boxes have been pushed to one side and we've taken a few minutes to collect our thoughts and summarise how we think it went.

James Newton, editor

I wouldn't say this was a classic show for Nintendo — a lot of the right components were there, but they didn't all click for me. Nintendo Land looked interesting — it's a Nintendo theme park with Zelda and Animal Crossing! — but the presentation lacked spark and didn't leave me on a high. Don't get me wrong: Wii U looks great and I'm very excited to try it out next week, but overall the show was more of a glancing blow than a knockout hit.

I have to keep reminding myself that in the bigger picture, today is really just a reintroduction to Wii U. The system's fate doesn't hang on a single day's media coverage, and as it's not out for a good three or four months Nintendo has plenty of time to show us more. Keep the faith, Nintendo fans!

Anthony Dickens, technical director

To me Nintendo had arguably the best press conference of the week, concentrating on games and gaming unlike some other companies. First party titles seem solid, but perhaps not as varied or ground-breaking as some probably were hoping for. Additionally a number of popular Nintendo IP's still haven't been mentioned in today's briefing — we were all expecting to hear what Retro Studios are working on, or news on a Zelda 3DS game.

That said, Nintendo has developed a system that looks like it builds on all the fundamental principals of Wii and should bring the company forward — Nintendo games are now in HD.

Tom Whitehead, features editor

It's been a frantic and, in some ways, strange day. If I think about the Nintendo press conference and its overall E3 efforts today my instinct is that it's had a strong showing. Pikmin 3 finally became a reality, there's yet more Mario on the way, and there's a thoroughly decent third party line-up, with the highlight in my eyes being ZombiU. It's also good news that two GamePads will be supported, even if there's a hit in frame-rate performance.

The only negative, in my eyes, was the way Nintendo put its conference together. The structure and tempo was all wrong, with a terrific start and reasonable middle, before momentum got lost in the slightly ponderous Nintendo Land reveal. While it's understandable that Nintendo targeted an accessible potential system seller at the end, it lost its flow and culminated in a rather poor fireworks ending. That was a shame, as looking at the content of the conference and information that's followed, I think we're looking at a concept with great strength and a real variety and depth to the launch period line-up. To get that positive feeling, I've made the choice to move beyond the conference alone.

Overall, Wii U is exciting, and could be the success story that Nintendo seeks.

Mike Mason, assistant editor

Nintendo's E3 presentation wasn't a bad one, but it was perhaps a little muddled in its message. Everybody was more or less equally looked after when you look at the list of games on show, but the way the presentation was weighted, offering Nintendo Land up as a big final announcement, gave off a slightly different impression.

Put that aside, though. Wii U looks like a fantastic console from what we've seen, but there's a feeling that there's much more left to come. Particular highlights for me were Rayman Legends, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Pikmin 3 and ZombiU, which actually looks like it may have a chance of setting itself apart from all the other zombie games on the market. And let's not forgetLEGO City Undercover — it's LEGO Grand Theft Auto where you play a cop, an open world game filled with all the tongue-in-cheek fun that the toy franchise is known for. What's not to love about that?

What do you make of Nintendo's E3 conference so far? Speak your mind in the comments below. Remember the comments automatically refresh so have at it!