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Tue 5th Jun 2012

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Lyssified commented on E3 2012: Wii U to Launch in White, Black Avail...:

"white reeks casual" "black is hardcore" .... seriously? They are colors (shades? lol) , and they shouldn't label what level of gamer someone is. Anyway - I was hoping for black... so hopefully this turns out to be false and they launch with black - if not - I might consider just getting a white console... Don't even know if I want WiiU on launch day yet.



Lyssified commented on Reaction: Your Opinions on Nintendo's E3 Confe...:

Excited about 2 or so 3DS games coming out... I still like the look and design of the wii u/gamepad... but there was no Animal Crossing 3DS. I'm sorry but I can't help but rage over the fact that this game was announced 2 years ago and still it seems like we're getting NOTHING on it. A video showing some more development in the game and even a release date (for NA!!!) would have kept me happy. I'm almost considering importing the Japanese version to keep myself quiet.



Lyssified commented on Animal Crossing:

GAHH!!! I'm still waiting for this game!! It's the game I'm most excited for and the major reason I bought a 3DS!!! I'm hoping we see it at the 3DS conference!!!!