With E3 now only one month away we should prepare ourselves for plenty of rumours, some genuine and well-sourced and others that are more questionable. Today we give you — Retro Studios preparing a Wii U reveal of Star Fox at next month's video game industry spectacular.

We'd class this rumour as one that's potentially true, as the only output from the Texas-based studio since Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii has been some track designs and oversight on Mario Kart 7. Website Techtroid claims that an inside source has told it that a Star Fox Wii U title may be announced at E3, with Retro Studios being the likely developer.

It may be speculative guess-work, but we imagine that not many Nintendo gamers would complain if Retro took the reins of the Star Fox franchise. It's certainly going to be working on something, and there are plenty of neglected franchises that would benefit from the developer's magic touch: F-Zero, perhaps?

[source techtroid.co.uk]