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Rumour: Retro Studios Preparing Star Fox Wii U Reveal

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's an E3 rumour, prepare the salt

With E3 now only one month away we should prepare ourselves for plenty of rumours, some genuine and well-sourced and others that are more questionable. Today we give you — Retro Studios preparing a Wii U reveal of Star Fox at next month's video game industry spectacular.

We'd class this rumour as one that's potentially true, as the only output from the Texas-based studio since Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii has been some track designs and oversight on Mario Kart 7. Website Techtroid claims that an inside source has told it that a Star Fox Wii U title may be announced at E3, with Retro Studios being the likely developer.

It may be speculative guess-work, but we imagine that not many Nintendo gamers would complain if Retro took the reins of the Star Fox franchise. It's certainly going to be working on something, and there are plenty of neglected franchises that would benefit from the developer's magic touch: F-Zero, perhaps?


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Cia said:

They should reboot the whole series. Make it an open world shooter with space exploration. They should try something previously uncovered. Rail shooters are yesterday.
But seriously, i just want them to do the next 3d- Metroid.



antdickens said:

Retro Studios are world class, would be great to see what they can do with this franchise.



abINC4L said:

I would love to see a new Star Fox game. I remember being a kid and I LOVED playing Star Fox 64 at the store (because we never owned an N64). Plus Star Fox is really one of those series that would highly benefit from HD so I'm excited, especially to see if Nintendo will breathe new life into their other IPs.



Shiryu said:

I hope this turns out to be true. That will only leave F-Zero to be announced as well and I would be one very, very happy camper.



theblackdragon said:

Depending on how this pans out, it might be a system seller for me. It will have to be something brand new to the series, though (not another remake), and it'll have to be solid in-air dogfighting from beginning to end (no running around on the ground like the GC titles).



cheetahman91 said:

Hopefully it's true. I'd buy a new Star Fox game if it's got gameplay like the first two.



misswliu81 said:

@theblackdragon i agree.

whether or not it is starfox, the fact that they are working on a wii U game sounds really exciting. with mario, pikmin, star fox and a couple of third party releases ready as launch games, and the wii U is all set and ready to go.



MAB said:

Would love open world type gameplay with a mix of dogfighting and being able to park my starfighter and help out galactic villages with quests and make myself a home with furnishings and whatnot



TikiTong said:

Im excited for this. I hope it's not another 64 remaker though, because as good as it is, the Star Fox franchise has to come out with something new, and I hope it doesnt try something like land combat or such, just give me arwing and landmaster levels.



Spoony_Tech said:

Like was said above. I was thinking Retro has been awfully quiet as of late. Must be working on something big if not starfox something else that will blow our socks off. Can't wait to see what it is. Hopefully they are working on two games. One for each system!



AVahne said:

I would hope for it to be true, though there are already rumors that Retro is working on a new Metroid game for Wii U. Are they big enough to handle two huge projects at once?



Kirk said:

After seeing how they did the interior sections for Samus' ship in Metroid Prime 3, with all the brilliantly implemented touch interaction and just the look and feel in general, as well as just the quality of the cutscenes and whatever else with the ship in them, I really wanted them to do sections where you were actually flying Samus' ship in Star Fox style levels.

If they are actually making a full Star Fox game and it's anywhere near as good as those sections hinted at then it could be blimmin amazing.

If they're just working on a new Metroid game however then they should most definitely add full flying sections into the game in a similar vain to Star Fox.



Mandoble said:

If it turns to be Metroid hope Sakamoto is put well well away from the project.



motang said:

This is would be very good, I have been very happy with Retro's track record, and I think they can do StarFox a log of good!



Adam said:

I've been hoping this would be true for a long time. They should pull in the writer(s) from Kid Icarus to work on this if true.



NintyMan said:

I've hinted before that since the Wii U charging cradle rumor that more rumors would pop up, and now I stand corrected. Let the stream commence.

Still, I can definitely see Retro Studios work on Star Fox, as it would be a great fit for them. They're already used to the science-fiction genre with the Metroid Prime series, and they got their sense of animals from Donkey Kong Country Returns, so put those two together and you get Star Fox. E3 will shed the light over whether this is ultimately true or false.



pastasauce said:

I don't know why they would have to hire all those people to make a Star Fox game. Unless they are going to make it much bigger than a 90 minute long on-rails shooter



dizzy_boy said:

both 1080 and wave race need new entries at some point.
tbh though, i was supprised that neither turned up for the wii as they would have made good use of the balance board.



CommanderAudio said:

I would die if this is true

I don't care about Retro Studios making this (although they are AWESOME), it's just that a Star Fox Wii U game........ I can't wait....



Undead_terror said:

pretty much what im gonna do in the game if it comes out (only 3ds)
but give me a star fox command alike then im not buying it at all



nba4life said:

yes!!!! my only concern is that it should be more like starfox 64 than starfox adventures. either way i cant wait to do another barrel roll!(this time in HD!)



hYdeks said:

a Star Fox Retro game? sure, I'm definitely down for a TRUE sequel But honestly, I was hoping more for a F-Zero too

no star fox command though, that was the WORST thing I played EVER.



komicturtle said:

Didn't they say they were working on something everyone wanted them to work on?

Star Fox or F-Zero would be the franchises they are most likely working on.



Knuckles said:

Any chance there will be a 3DS counterpart? Star Fox 64 3D was great, but it was a remake



pixelman said:

I'd love to have ground combat mixed in again, personally. I think it's safe to say that Retro would do a helluva lot better job than Namco did.



LztheQuack said:

Sometimes I think these rumors are more "We want this to happen" rather than "We think this will happen"



Freelance said:

Not getting the console so it doesn't make any difference to me. If it was a Star Fox game for the 3DS then I'd be way more excited.



WesCash said:

Design it like the excellent Rogue Squadron games for GC and I will be one happy panda. If it ends up being some kind of rail shooter my excitement will wane...



rjejr said:

In for Starfox Adventures 2, though it might be better off just keeping it Dinosaur Planet 2 w/ Krystal riding around on a pteradon waving her staff. Considering how good it looked on GC hardware I think it could look like Avatar on the WiiU. (Avatar 2 is due out in 2015, might as well ride the hype machine to $.)

Though a true Starfox game w/ the Upad screen as a radar for aiming kinda sounds cool also. (Since I'm sure we're never getting a "Last Starfigther' game.) Starfox in HD on the WiiU could also be CG movie quality. I remember being blown away by Rogue Squadron on the GC (as was everybody else at the time), so that, 2 hardware generations later (ok 1 1/2 for the haters), w/ the Starfox humour and colorful color palate. Can't miss.



Knux said:

I'm taking this with a LOT of salt, because getting excited over rumors will likely lead to disappointment. However, if this turns out to be true, then I'll buy the Wii U. Star Fox has gone for far too long without a new game, and the Wii U is the perfect system to revive the franchise on.

All I care about is that it isn't short and linear like Assault was. But if a upcoming Star Fox game is in Retro Studio's hands, then I have nothing to worry about.



aaronsullivan said:

One thing is for certain, there will be no pleasing everyone on this thread even if Retro IS working on StarFox. At least not initially.

I can't imagine it NOT on rails in some portions, honestly. 64 had a good balance and there's plenty of room to play with the formula. I'm very curious about what approach would be taken with the new controller.

It's interesting that Nintendo has a much fresher hit in Kid Icarus which has very similar gameplay to the old Star Fox games. There's room for both franchises now and they will have to diverge. Not sure if they really had time to plan for this though.



Alienfish said:

I actually just finished Metroid Prime 2 only a half hour ago, and with 100% items and scans! I swear, everything that company touches turns to pure self replicating gold.



Pawtrick said:

Lets hope this rumor is true, I recently just picked up a 3DS and it is funny how I remember every dialog line from Star Fox 64, that game had a big influence on me growing up...



RR529 said:

I don't think it'll be completely on rails, but I do believe it will be completely Dogfighting (with a few landmaster and underwater segments). The on foot sections of the newer games weren't good, and were disliked by the majority.



Robo-goose said:

Intelligent Systems > Retro Studios > Nintendo > great quality > normal quality.
In other words, the next Starfox game is going to be absolutely incredible if this turns out to be true.



Hejiru said:

"We're working on something everyone wants us to do."

Hmm... Star Fox could fit that bill. A lot of people predicted this, so it could be real. However, its likelihood also means it's easy for someone to make this up; they know people will believe it.



I-U said:

That's a lot better rumor than them working on the next Metroid game. I'll likely be sticking to the likes of Star Fox Command and Star Fox 64 3D though, as I think a likely $59.99 would be far too overpriced for a Star Fox investment. Not to mention, getting the Wii U itself.



Neram said:

WOAH... man... you guys need to make the "Rumour" on the front page more obvious! For a moment there I almost screeched like a little girl.



Cloud-San-VII said:

If you're happy and yo know it: DO A BARREL ROLL! But yeah, they should also announce a Metroid Wii U to attract even more people.



Onett said:

If it IS indeed a Star Fox Wii U game...
1. Bring back the context sensitivity from 64 (Paths)
2. Make good use of the all-range-mode
3. Give us a Online Mode
4. If ground missions are included, learn a thing or two from Kid Icarus: Uprising and help us forget the monstrosity that was Assault. Think of the way Magnus would assist Pit during ground missions. Now imagine exploring a hideout as Fox with Falco assisting you with his blaster in a similar manner.

One can dream, right?

Open space exploration would be pretty awesome.



TheRegginator said:

I have been saying that I wanted Retro to do a new Star Fox game before the Wii U was even revealed. When it was, it had crossed me that the Wii U was the perfect console for such a game. I really hope this rumor is true. While all of the Star Fox games after 64 have sucked, I'm confident that Retro could breathe new life into the series.



NintyMan said:

I remembered a rumor last year in which it said that Retro Studios was making a game for the Wii U, so I checked out my comments list. Sure enough, it was back in April 20, 2011. I don't remember where the rumor came from, but a rumored Retro game was brought up before.

Of course, it would only make sense for Retro to make a new game for the Wii U eventually, but the question is what kind of game? I'm going to keep my expectations low for the big day.



CanisWolfred said:


At least your Dream is better than Faron's, who's basically asking them to make another Freelancer instead of Star Fox.



Nin-freak said:

Starfox is one of its kind. Just make it like Starfox 64, with better graphics and a huge online mode and it will be the best game of the generation!



astarisborn94 said:

I really want this to be true, but it just feels like something that is too good to be true, especially since the comments made on Official Nintendo Magazine was from one of it's employers.

Which sucks. I want something to hype beside Smash 4 before I put away the controller for good.



Henmii said:

Ah, finally not a rumor like: "The controller can do this and that", but a rumour about a interesting game!!

Would be very cool, Retro doing Starfox. But I guess it's more likely they do a new DKC Returns! But what's also possible is a new Metroid, or even a Zelda-related game! Whatever they do, I am looking forward to it!!



aaronsullivan said:

So... what do you do with the Wii U controller to make Star Fox controls make sense? Gyroscope for control? Maybe just for barrel rolls? Maybe aiming could happen via gyroscope and/or IR while analog stick for steering. Though I do like the tension between steering and aiming that comes from shooting straight off the nose, other wise it's too easy to make movement just about going in circles.

Any way that holding up the screen to the other screen would be useful? HUD could end up on screen of course... oh, maybe communications from other ships will take up the controller screen. That could work. Also, radar... hmm...

@Donjwolf and @Cowlaunch
Thanks for sharing. Curious why you thought anyone reading these comments would find that at all interesting.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

That's interesting if this is really the case. I'd like a Star Fox game that's more open world though, you know seeing as how there's the whole Lylat system to explore. Perhaps have some kind of central hub where you take storyline missions but have sidequests and the ability to explore other planets?

I'm also curious as to what Nintendo's other studios are working on. Intelligent Systems is probably working on Paper Mario 3DS right now, though they might have something in the works for the Wii U. Monolith Soft seems a little quiet right now, and that ad for HD artists means they most likely have something but won't be released for awhile (if I had to guess a RPG). Miyamoto "might" be working on F-Zero.



DrDaisy said:

Part of is excited and part of me is afraid moving the Arwing will be done with motion controls and no other options.



OverlordMao said:

I'm not even a fan of the Starfox series...
but anything Retro Studios makes is absolute gold so I will buy it anyway. They convinced me with the Prime series and DKCR that they are extremely talented.



phoenix1818 said:

To be honest, I don't care which series Retro Studios work on next. I have complete faith that their next game will be as excellent as their past record. Just imagine what they could do with the Wii U tech!



AltDotNerd said:




SuperNictendo said:

If this were true it would make sense considering the fact that they just reintroduced younger gamers to starfox 64 3D. Not to mention that game re-inserted star fox into gamer relevance. A new star fox would be a very intelligent move.



Uncle_Optimus said:

F-Zero? Why not again let Sega's team handle the next game (they made the excellent GX) but task a robust online 30+ player's the key feature F-Zero demands and would surely boost sales considerably.
With Star Fox, all we know is that Retro themselves said some months ago that they were working on a new game that would make fans "very happy"...and Starfox would certainly make ME happy! I agree with @Onett ...robust multiplayer options and an online component (leaderboards, dogfights, team duels etc ) would be crucial to popularizing this series again



CowLaunch said:


Can't speak for Donjwolf, but I'm not interested in whether you find what I have to say interesting, but to answer your inquisitive musings, I think a new Starfox would be great on the 3DS.

I've greatly enjoyed Starfox 64 3D, and would like to see a true sequel to it on the 3DS.

We're increasingly seeing games on Nintendo home consoles that could be achieved on the 3DS. Indeed, Smash Bros. will have a portable version, and the upcoming Wii and 3DS NSMB games don't look all that different so far.

I'm quite content with playing the likes of Kid Icarus on 3DS, and don't feel the need for a home console anymore. In a way, Nintendo could be a victim of it's own success with portable consoles, as the gap between actual gameplay between home and portable consoles seems to be getting narrower.

Certainly it seems Nintendo themselves have recognised this, with the functionality of the Wii U tablet, and I can certainly forsee a future where the home and portable consoles are one and the same thing (indeed, I made a thread about this possibility before the Wii U was announced.)

I hope that satiates your obnoxious curiosity.



naut said:

Please, please, please let it be true. Can't think of a better dev than Retro.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah Star Fox is cool & all but I'd prefer a new F-Zero game or a new Wave Race game, anything from Retro Studios is bound to blow my mind anyway though
Edit: Not to forget the 1080 games either!



CaPPa said:

I had been saying over a year ago that Retro might had started work on a next gen Star Fox, not because there was any proof of it but just because I wanted it to be true. When it was announced that they were collaborating on Mario Kart 7 tracks I thought that perhaps they were working on F-Zero or Mario Kart Wii U instead; but to be honest I'd be happy to see them produce any of those games as they seem to have that magic touch.

Star Fox or F-Zero would certainly be the kind of games that could produce some great eye candy and fit the hardcore bill; so I hope there is truth to the rumour.



JimLad said:

That would be cool.
I'd be a bit wary since I wasn't exactly a fan of DKC Returns or any of the Metroid Primes (although I'm not a Metroid fan period)
But I know these guys are talented enough to make it. Just so long as they don't make it as infuriating as Donkey Kong it should be awesome.



aaronsullivan said:

Fair enough. I just hope that every rumor about the Wii U doesn't have to have a stamp on it from folks who would rather have a similar new game on their system of choice — probably too much to hope! I guess I was just struck that any post that starts out "I'm not interested" or "it makes no difference to me" is disingenuos at best and felt like I should say something. I was a bit of tool about it, I admit, and I apologize for that.

To answer your discussion, for me and I believe a great deal many other gamers, portable systems with tiny screens are never going to be enough because of certain trade-offs. The biggest one for me is that I like to share my experience with others as we game for the most part and the DS and its predecessors has never allowed me to really do that. The other is the very cramped play style. I find it simply uncomfortable to use for the most part.

If you have smaller hands and don't mind playing in isolation most of the time and are often in places you don't want to be, like school, or travelling, the portable systems are a great proposition.

I sort of share the reverse frustration. Kid Icarus looks great to me, and I'd love to play the remakes of Ocarina and Starfox. In fact, I could see myself picking up a 3DS just for a game or two, which I have done before — Metroid Zero Mission is one of my favorite games, period.

My probably vain hope is that Nintendo will integrate 3DS support so deeply into the Wii U plans that we actually get to play 3DS games using the Wii U controller on the bigger screens (TV and controller screen). I wouldn't even mind if Nintendo made me buy a 3DS for this to work, so it could read the cards and transfer the data to the Wii U.



aaronsullivan said:

If I have some concern about Retro doing Star Fox, it's in the characters. They are weird and tough characters to get mainstream appeal out of. A reapproach to their look could be great but I don't think character design is Retros strength. Really disliked their rendition of Samus without armor, for instance.

On the other hand, Nintendo has insanely good talent in that area (I especially love the design from the Zelda games) so maybe the collaboration will do some magic here.

Also, what about Metroid? What is next there if Retro is not doing it? I'd be content with a 2D metroid with the graphics engine used in the Rayman Origins/Legends games. Any Metroid fans at Ubisoft?



drumsandperc92 said:

If Star Fox on Wii U took full potential of the HD graphics, included ship battles such as in Star Fox 64, and perhaps SOME but not a lot of on ground stuff, and better done than the SF outings on GC, then we may very well have ourselves an incredible and true successor to the original SF and SF64. (i didnt care for the gc games too much)
Oh, and if this or an F-Zero was a launch title, that's a wrap for me. I'd be getting the console at launch then.



KLZ said:

I would like more variety on the missions like on assault. If its an on rails mission it would be cool that at some point you have to stop, land de arwing and do a little mission on foot and then return to the arwing or the tank, or like if you could control exactly when and where you want to star the all-range mode.
It would be cool also to see the fox from the smash bros series, using the reflector and kicking and punching, and running like hell!



Ichiban said:

This may sound crazy at first, but I can see a new Starfox game working as a Mass Effect style game. (with plenty of space combat of course!) Think about it.....



EddieEddieEddie said:

I'm SO hoping that this is real. Retro Studios made the Metroid Prime series AND DKC Returns so, this game is going to be unbelievable.



miletich3 said:

Hopefully it's a sequel to Star Fox Assault because Star Fox Command's canonic it is just too ambiguous.



Whopper744 said:

I really really really really really hope this is true. Retro knows how to make some good games, and I would love a new Star Fox!! And FZero for that matter



MeloMan said:

F-Zero and SF have be equally missing and both are ripe to come back hard for WiiU. Agreed, Retro will be working on "something", and it looks like the moniker of "Retro" is not just a name, so who better to resurrect dormant Nintendo franchises (and make them good). I'll wait for official word first before I get hype...



MikeyMikeMike said:

I would much rather see a new Starfox than F-Zero. I have to disagree with comments about an open-world fzero and perhaps even question those that say its time to let go of the game's forced rail scrolling. Those things allowed the developers to create tight, planned scenarios... Star-Fox was never intended to be a flight sim nor do I think it would benefit from being able to spend tedious hours flying amidst empty space with AI fighters. The game's strength always sourced from being able to maneuver around grounded environmental obstacles (or in parts of the game between floating yet basically still fixed objects.



kdognumba1 said:

If it's not Starfox it's F-Zero, either way, they'll be showing something off at E3 that will blow our minds.



Nintendude789 said:

Yea. We'll hear more info about that Star Fox HD roumor at E3 this summer!! Oh!... and one more thing......... DO A BARREL ROLL!!!!



Fiskern said:

Whatever they decide to do, I'll buy it. But I hope Retro some day can create their own IP.

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