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Sun 30th Jan 2011

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spzero15 commented on Yarn Yoshi:

Any Clue when this one is coming out? I'm getting very impatient.



spzero15 commented on Yarn Yoshi:

I am pretty excited about this. My wife and sons had a great time with Kirby Epic Yarn, i Hope it is as good.



spzero15 commented on Feature: Nintendo Battle - Game Watch: Super M...:

I still have my super mario watch, it came with a set of head phones.
I also had a few others, they were made by tiger electronics.
I had Batman, Dick Tracy, and a simpsons game where you Play as Bart and Shoot Homer with a slingshot while he tries painting a fence.



spzero15 commented on Nintendo: "Experience of Playing", Not Tech Sp...:

Graphics arent everything but i would like to be able to look at the screen and enjoy what i am seeing, wii's graphics suck and im am tired of so many good games only being on the ps3 and 360 and not being ported to the wii. has anyone played call of duty on the wii, the games suck. first party games on wii were good but there was tons of generic shovel ware, for the gamecube that wasnt the case.



spzero15 commented on Hands On: Hyperkin SupaBoy Portable SNES:

I have one, My wife bought it for my birthday, I have been pleased with everything about it, except after owning it for a couple weeks my screen started getting fuzzy. It got worse and worse until it finally stopped working. i was able to hear noise but only had a blue screen. Luckly my brother was able to replace the screen with an $20 lcd we got offline. Now it looks better than before.



spzero15 commented on Star Fox: Assault:

I love this game. Not close to as good as the Snes Starfox or Starfox 64/3ds. But a great game still. The ground levels get a little boring. But the flying levels are top notch.



spzero15 commented on Geist:

This is a great game, a fun story, and good action. Kind of like an updated Avenging Spirit from the Gameboy.



spzero15 commented on Maru's Mission:

I think i am going to give it a try! Hopefully its good (fingers crossed)



spzero15 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES Pulled from V...:

I love this game, I played the heck out of it when i was a kid and have since shared it with my wife and kids since, Compared to the arcade game or better yet the manhatten project the game isnt great but it is still a good challenge.



spzero15 commented on Nintendo Reacts to PETA's Tanooki Campaign:

I am a vegetarian myself, I dont eat white meat or red meat, but this is just ridiculous, I dont eat meat for personal reasons but i am not going to tell others they shouldnt eat meat. My wife and two children are eating a roast chicken as i write this. I hope the next mario game released is Mario's Big Game Hunter.



spzero15 commented on RE Mercenaries 3D Save Data Will Not Die:

After I beat a game I like to start over new and play thee game a bit different. So in order to do that i would have to buy the game two or three times. I'm not going to spend my money on a game i can only play once!



spzero15 commented on Retro Gamer Celebrates the N64 with Special Issue:

My 3 1/2 year old son has been playing n64 for the last 2 months now. it is the first console i have started him on. He has been playing gameboy and ds for the last 2 years but i thought n64 was the most appropriate console since racing games are his favorite.



spzero15 commented on Talking Point: Is the DS Dead at Retail?:

I dont think the DS is as close to dying as they say, They sold tons of them over christmas, i think developers will still support it for a few more years, just like the GBA. It lasted another 2 years after DS came out.