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Wed 2nd May 2012

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Uncle_Optimus commented on Angry Birds Trilogy to Cost $29.99:

They are forgetting what angry birds really is and what made it great.
A simple, cheap easy to fire up and play game for your mobile device.

Making it digital and no more than $15 seems a better value to me. This seems to be a cash grab, trying to maximize angry birds revenue before the property loses its turn in the limelight.



Uncle_Optimus commented on E3 2012: Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct Round Up:

I wonder why it will take them so long to build the browser and mobile apps. Having the entire concept live and on display could help push initial demand into overdrive at a time when the general vibe seems ambivalent at best.



Uncle_Optimus commented on Feature: Why EA and Nintendo's Partnership Is ...:

@James thank you for the article. Indeed, this announcement that the companies were partnering on certain Nintendo services has been incredibly under-covered in the year since!
Yet Nintendo's online platform is every bit as important a component of their strategy over these next 5+ years as any hardware choices, and probably more important. What I am curious to know is the scope of EA's involvement. Beyond helping to design a network of features for developers to utilize and users to connect, is there actual tech being licensed? With their Origin experience, will EA advise on digital storefront policy and...gulp, security?



Uncle_Optimus commented on Doubts About Monster Hunter 3 G Worldwide Release:

Tri sold about a half million in then states according to Vgchartz (not the best I know). The marketing expense was tremendous, though Nintendo likely helped in that department.
Meanwhile the server cost to provide the online experience (considered required as a free service in the west) is a further drain on the game's profitability, as is a continuing expense as Capcom must pay the upkeep costs as long as they keep the game live.
I am guessing Capcom therefore doesn't consider it worth localizing especially when they may be prepping localization and marketing for the higher profile MH4 (and if they did they would also be paying upkeep costs for 3 MH games in the west, Tri included).
Unfortunate for fans who want their fix now, but this seems realistic as long as MH4 is indeed in the cards for an early-ish 2013 release.



Uncle_Optimus commented on FIFA 13 in Development for Wii U:

EA and Ubisoft are looking like the primary WiiU 3rd party backers (healthy dose of Capcom as well).
I keep thinking back to how Nintendo specifically had EA come on the stage during their presser. Now we have a good idea of all the support and enthusiasm Ubi has for the new platform but EA has been relatively quiet (most BESIDES those kerazy French have been mostly mum on support). I am really expecting an impressive spread of WiiU software come E3!



Uncle_Optimus commented on Nintendo Still Top of Japanese Charts Despite ...:

@Qeuix You can think of it like Christmas and thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Day all rolled in one. Wait. What I meant to say is that this period of festivities is practically the only serious time Japanese have off in the work year so as such it is the time to blow wads of cash on cool things and vacation.
And just like the week after Christmas, folks are all shopped out and enjoying their new shiny things (or perhaps exchanging those things for more preferred things). And depressed to go back to work. That too.



Uncle_Optimus commented on Xenoblade and Kid Icarus Missing from NPD's Ap...:

@3dsFanatic4419 Glancing at vgchartz (not the most reliable, I know) if they are in the correct ballpark for NA sales figures, it is very surprising that the sales in Japan are not so far behind. I actually thought the game would appeal to NA action game fans and the marketing effort did seem decent as well.
I suppose negative press on control schemes may have suppressed sales a good deal but the metacritic still carries a very promising 83.



Uncle_Optimus commented on La-Mulana Director Would Welcome Offers from P...:

@accc unfortunately, it apparently would. Every time you submit the game it has to go through a "quality check" process...labor that carries a fee. In addition, on WiiWare, an ESRB rating is also required which is a separate submit process that carries its own fee. THEN, you gotta spread the word for the game (since, as we learned with MDK, <5000 sales equals Nintendo keeps all yo monies) and that will incur marketing costs.
@Monkeh Kickstarter....THAT would be very interesting. They would need an American/English-speaking liaison to put together a compelling Kickstarter pledge and also decide how to reward supporters (free downloadable goods such as OST perhaps?). Localization may also still be required assuming Nicalis would not be willing to share their work (perhaps it could be licensed?). It helps that good coverage around the American gaming press would be almost guaranteed...for a modest project like this, a reasonably modest target seems quite attainable!
@SKTTR !? Gawdspeed!



Uncle_Optimus commented on Interview: Nigoro on La-Mulana's Cancellation:

Oh crap, I am still talking.
I really have to reiterate Mr Naramura's hope that Nintendo greatly improves their future eShop iterations. Not just in user interface and software selection, but for the Love of Bowser, developer policies.
Take down the barriers of entry for developers with proven work, Cave after all can self-publish on iTunes with no problem, heck even a niche team like Kairosoft has multiple popular releases in NA. I bet they sure wouldn't mind putting out their very portable-friendly games on 3DS for example, if the publishing policies were more equitable (fair).
@odd69 Given that a ton of core gamers (and La Mulana targets a niche of this segment) have Wiis but have no idea what to play on it (mostly because there is...almost nothing new for them to play on it) I feel like a market for La Mulana definitely exists. But the effort it would take to get the word out would be significant. Then, lots of people would literally need to dust off their systems and perhaps purchase some Wii points (wheeeee)...and realistically, with the game likely available soon enough on a superior platform like Steam, they may very well prefer the PC version. I sure would. IMO, Nicalis made the harsh but correct call.



Uncle_Optimus commented on Interview: Nigoro on La-Mulana's Cancellation:

@BulbasaurusRex Wow, not cool. I imagine other Nintendo Life readers such as myself are very interested to learn more about the process behind international publisher collaborations and specifically why La Mulana was ultimately cancelled.
Given Nigoro is a 3-man indie operation that is very low on funds and Nintendo Life is essentially a fan-run endeavour, I would like to thank both parties for the time and effort to deliver this interesting and unique content for free. The English was fine, the developer's meaning was received clearly.
About La Mulana, I am very curious what are the costs to publish the game here...fees must surely be exchanged with NOA and the ESRB (an anachronism, IMO) and then there are internal localization and marketing costs. It sounds like the localization was long complete...assuming every resubmit costs Nicalis a fee, the cost risks to resubmit again and then market must have outweighed the sunk cost.
I really hope the PC effort proves rewarding and the game can live again on NA consoles...perhaps Wii U?



Uncle_Optimus commented on Ubisoft Announces Avengers Game for Wii U:

@James Something I have been wondering is whether or not Nintendo has confirmed that a Wii Motion plus remote will also come packed in with each Wii U. If there is, then publishers can develop a game knowing that every Wii U owner has access to those controls in addition to the tablet and can design gameplay accordingly, using what they see fit.
That said we have seen rumors that Wii U will track the player via camera. Seeing how the tablet already packs a camera, I doubt a kinect style separate camera would be included



Uncle_Optimus commented on New Fan-Made Mega Man Games Emerge:

@ecco6t9 I missed that memo dude...can you reiterate how Megaman 9 (a critically and financially successful venture) spelled out the doom of the blue bomber franchise?
About Legends, I actually still expect Capcom to come around on this. The 3DS market is currently looking very healthy in Japan and skewed more toward a core audience. With the game being eshop distributed (and with a decent amount already invested in creating game assets) I don't see why Capcom would leave a fair business opportunity on the table. I would bet They could get Nintendo help to market as well, using some of that Monster Hunter "goodwill".



Uncle_Optimus commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Offer Indie Gam...:

@CaPPa while there are costs that go into distributing a digitally downloadable title, just the act of the game sitting on a server is not incurring significant upkeep. There will be costs when a purchase is made (bandwidth and potential credit transaction fees) but that is dependent on getting the sale in the first place.
Higher sales should make everyone happy and I have to believe Nintendo can design a game sale scheduling system that allows developers to remarket their game while not having customers just sitting on their wallets waiting for the inevitable sale (as I do with iOS).
The major issue I have with the eshop currently is CONTENT, or rather curious lack of it. Before we get into humble bundles and eshop game sales in general (also important!) I think a considerably more robust library of software is needed.



Uncle_Optimus commented on Japanese Charts Bring Golden Results for Nintendo:

@ChocoGoldfish Yup, pretty much! Although I also think there would be a market for these type of otaku games in N. America as well, there just needs to be the corresponding platform that will support them...sideways glance to iOS. No really, no explicit nudity so it should fly by the censors and the game itself has a great developer pedigree. Couple that with a higher percentage of the revenue pie and c'mon Chunsoft whatcha waitin for?



Uncle_Optimus commented on Rumour: Retro Studios Preparing Star Fox Wii U...:

F-Zero? Why not again let Sega's team handle the next game (they made the excellent GX) but task a robust online 30+ player's the key feature F-Zero demands and would surely boost sales considerably.
With Star Fox, all we know is that Retro themselves said some months ago that they were working on a new game that would make fans "very happy"...and Starfox would certainly make ME happy! I agree with @Onett ...robust multiplayer options and an online component (leaderboards, dogfights, team duels etc ) would be crucial to popularizing this series again



Uncle_Optimus commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

I am pretty sure Iwata implied that Nintendo will supply game download codes to retailers at a cheaper price but that the purchase price is ultimately up to them.
This could very well mean cheaper download Games IF purchased at retail.
I do wonder how sales tax sorts out tho (I'm kind of new to this)...if I buy a New Super Mario Bros download code from GameStop do I still pay sales tax?
What if I purchase the game direct from Nintendo eShop?



Uncle_Optimus commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Campaign Hits 100,000 Strong:

@NINTENBOY That it took a year to rustle up those signatures is a good point. Still Capcom already has a sunk cost in the assets they invested to create the concept. I feel like they should find the courage to see the project through this "prototype" release. (heck I bet Kickstarter would procure the necessary funding in a heartbeat, I.e. demand is there!)
It may also prove constructive, if not profitable: a true gauge on the modern Megaman market. They can charge $3-5 for this prologue with the tacit understanding that sales of this release would determine the full version...but the kicker is, the full version should itself be a more modest download title priced at $15 or so since I think the market for $40 Megaman games may be untenable now, especially with physical distribution costs factored in.
To reassure customers they are serious, Capcom could add IAP for these early adopters allowing purchase of the full game at a discounted price and perhaps with bonus items as a cherry atop the sundae.
And then heck, cuz it's Capcom, IAP some fashionable hairstyles and bowties for the characters for some sweet extra moolah



Uncle_Optimus commented on First Impressions: ATV Wild Ride 3D:

@RR529 That is super interesting info, thanks!
I wonder why iTunes developers are not subject to this same restriction? There are plenty of violent games on iTunes.
Also, I wonder if Nintendo, MS and Sony can elect to forgo ESRB ratings and fees, at the very least on their download content?

@xbrothawizz while I largely agree with your man point of changing value standards, as of now a 3DS version of a same game on iOS would have the benefits of 3D and physical controls...these differences, while they may not justify the suggested price to you, are significant added value to others. In other words, It is still premature to classify the pricing standards "garbage".
The market will decide that!



Uncle_Optimus commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

@Tony64 I believe Nintendo's slant here is to offer download codes to retailers at a cheaper wholesale price (minus manufacture costs) with NO other words retailers will price this digital content as they see fit. This LIKELY means cheaper digital versions, but you will have to purchase from the retailer instead of directly from Nintendo via EShop.
This strategy should work for now, they are walking a thin line but it is something they still must do in deference to retail partners. Notice that Sony and MS do pretty much the same thing but non-console platform holders like Steam do not.



Uncle_Optimus commented on Wii U Will Launch With Digital Store:

@Hyperstar96 Those birds have already flown the coop tho, have they not?
That value destroyed when their Wii software was pirated is not going to come back. I think even the record industry realized this when they gave Steve Jobs the tacit OK to allow iCloud music libraries.
In the same way the 3DS is the clear successor to DS, the Wii U is the successor to Wii. As with 3DS I expect Nintendo will offer some kind of (likely slightly inconvenient and clunky) method to one-time transfer your content.

On another note: woohoo to downloadable GC games...but I wonder how Ninty will price these...



Uncle_Optimus commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Finally 'Get' Dig...:

@Geonjaha what a reasonable reply to what may possibly have been a joke post.
I agree that it comes down to a value proposition: is what I receive worth what they want me to pay?
A physical good can be lent, resold, returned or exchanged. A digital good generally lacks those privileges. A physical good may offer a collectible value, i.e. Offer the customer a case or artbook that the customer values.
On the other hand, a digital good can be immediately acquired from home and exist perpetually on the device (assuming no hw failure!). Does the value proposition balance out to equal (which is what pricing them equally suggests)?
I think for most "core" gaming customers the answer is still no.
So perhaps retailers will offer their digital games at a lower cost even if Nintendo will not? It seems to be what Nintendo alluded to...can't say for sure, that Iwata guy sure is wordy.



Uncle_Optimus commented on Interview: Trent Oster - WiiWare from a Develo...:

@Hetsumani: why? As opposed to making a 3am statement dismissing the Wii platform (itself somewhat taken out of context), this time he sits down and explains quite succinctly what his issues were. He is even asked what Nintendo's motivations were with some of their policies and his responses are honest and civil.
But perhaps you just meant that you find the guy a jerk (maybe he cut in front of you at the Froyo, I dunno) and thus the company he captains is undeserving of your support. In which case, if you are a fan of good RPGs, it is unfortunate because those are some gooood games his company looks intent on putting out there.