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Sat 11th Dec 2010

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n0body commented on Retro City Rampage Has Only Sold a Quarter of ...:

Serious question: How hard would it be to just figure the amount of money each WiiWare game that hasn't crossed the minimum threshold has earned, and just give the developer their cut as an act of good will?

I mean there weren't that many WiiWare games to begin with*, so it seems reasonable to assume there are about 100-200 games that didn't make the cut?

I don't think it's a ton of work contacting a hundred or so devs via email and organizing some kind of electronic transfer. I mean Nintendo has their contact information as well as their bank account info for sure. They should also have a fairly accurate estimate on the sales of these titles, and figuring out the exact number should just be a matter of poring over some logs.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but if my assumptions aren't completely off, this is a task a single individual could accomplish in a week's work.
It would do a lot to improve Nintendo's image with indie developers, especially since their new policy seems to remove many of WiiWare's old restrictions.




n0body commented on Interview: Vblank Entertainment On Bringing a ...:

Bought this game on WiiWare yesterday after reading about the developer's commitment and care. I hope others do the same, because the game turns out to really be a joy! And you can tell by all the extras included that the person who made it really put his heart and soul into it. Maybe we should organize some kind of campaign to push sales over the threshold.

$20,000 is only 2000 sales, which isn't impossible to achieve, and I've seen similar sentiments from readers on other Nintendo websites.



n0body commented on Expect New Product Announcements at 3DS Confer...:

okay, here's my outrageous guess. If you read previous Nintendo shareholder meeting protocols carefully, you'd know Iwata has hinted at some kind of integration between Nintendo devices and other popular consumer electronics, like smart-phones, tablets and so on.

Maybe this is an announcement of just such an add-on for the 3DS, something that would allow their devices to be relevant to a much wider user base without having to develop for a different hardware platform.

For example, they could announce an "app" of sorts that allows you to transfer limited information from your game onto your (or other people's) mobile phone, and keep it there, kind of like a "download-play" thing.

A more hardware related option I'd like to see is an official Nintendo Flash Card that would allow you to install multiple retail games on your 3DS.

An even more outrageous guess would be a headset peripheral for the 3DS for some Actual VR gameplay!
They could call it the Virtual B... I mean, the 3DSi (as in eye)



n0body commented on Xenoblade Chronicles Assaults UK Top 10:

I pre-ordered the PAL version and am waiting for it to arrive. Frankly, no matter what NoA decides to do about this, i find their attitude repugnant.
Wii owners should never be "tested" to see if there is demand for good games, no matter the genre. Not by Capcom or EA, definitely not by NoA!



n0body commented on Interview: Microforum - Kyotokei and the Futur...:

Cool interview! I like this guy's way of thinking. Hopefully there will be demos of Kyotokei and 3D Pixel racing on WiiWare (especially the latter which I still want to love despite the review it got here...)



n0body commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

Ahhh the Wii. It doesn't have great graphics because graphics don't matter. It doesn't have great online because online doesn't matter. It doesn't have great games because great games don't matter. Why don't you go outside and read a book?

this message brought to you by Nintendo of America



n0body commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

Best Buy and other retailers are already offering it for $199 so you can buy one this week and pay $1.50 for each game... not a bad deal IMO.
If you are really money grubbingly cheap, you can also try to buy it with price protection (which Best Buy offer among others) for a 30$ refund when the time comes...



n0body commented on Combat Wings Readying a Wii Air Raid in September:

I too hope it's decent... There's not much else to play on Wii in terms of flight games. Sky Crawlers unfortunately bombed at retail, and Legendo have also said they don't plan on finishing the Pearl Harbor Trilogy on wiiware...



n0body commented on Nintendo Refuses to Confirm GameCube Downloads...:

This is one of the things I hate the most about Nintendo...
Failure to communicate, well, just about anything properly.

Remember when Iwata said Miyamoto was planning for something special for Zelda's anniversary? Most of us thought it would have to do with games...

Remember when they said multiple times this year that Wii still had many awesome games coming — some before E3?

Remember the statement "we're making Pikmin" back on 2008?



n0body commented on EA CEO Loves the Wii U:

You guys are funny with your "precision" arguments. Keyboard/Mouse, WiiMote, Move and even dual analog are WAY more accurate than an actual rifle, and much MUCH more comfortable to use



n0body commented on There Will Be No Zelda 25th Anniversary Collec...:

@SanderEvers @skywake
Skyward Sword looks AMAZING but it has nothing to do with Zelda's 25th anniversary... It just happens to be releasing on the same year. It's not like we wouldn't be getting it anyway, exactly as it is. And it's not like there is some special pre-order bonus or something to make it stand out as a special Zelda release. As I already said, it would have been bundled with a remote anyway as the game is motion-plus exclusive. The only difference I can see is the color of the remote, which for me personally is in no way exciting and not really unique either.

The point of a 'special celebration' is to do something out of the ordinary. Concerts qualify, porting over Four Swords for free qualifies. This does not.
Once again let me emphasize that Skyword Sword looks AMAZING and I am pre-ordering it.



n0body commented on There Will Be No Zelda 25th Anniversary Collec...:

3DS owners get Oot 3D and Lttp, DSi (and 3DS) owners get FREE FOUR SWORDS (!!) and Wii owners get nothing!

Skyward Sword was scheduled to release this year anyway, after god knows how many delays, and it was always going to be bundled with a motion plus for those that don't have one, so I'm not buying that whole special golden remote stuff.

Nintendo could have quite easily released a complete compilation of every single home-console Zelda on one disc for Wii if they wanted to. WW and TP (GC version) are no more than 1.5 gigs each, so that leaves a whole 1.6 gigs for Zelda 1, 2, LttP, OoT, Master Quest and MM which should altogether take up maybe 10% of that. If Nintendo really wanted to they could have filled up that extra space with content not seen in the west, as well as a behind the scenes "making-of" documentary, soundtracks and artwork... all on a single layered disc!

The cost of porting the games to Wii would be next to nothing, and they could've easily sold the thing for $30-$40 and make a ton of profit!
I guess they figured they had enough green for one Zelda anniversary already.... their loss entirely.



n0body commented on Play Lists Pilotwings for Wii, Pre-Orders Open...:

I just read through IGN's liveblog for both developer round-tables and nowhere does it say anything of the sort. The closest thing is Miyamoto being asked if Skyward Sword is Wii's last Nintendo game, to which he answers "I dunno..." and adds that SS was planned to give Wii a proper send-off during its development, should that be the case...
Not exactly a confirmation of anything... Quite the opposite I'd say



n0body commented on Aya and the Cubes of Light Speeds Towards Launch:

it is faster, they just edited the new trailer to match the pacing and length of the old one so it's not as evident at first. Play them both at the same time and you'll easily see the difference.This one is definitely on my radar!



n0body commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

Thanks for the response. Since I posted my reply I started thinking about some of the themes in TP, and your reply helped me realize how wide-spread some of them are. It's difficult for me to isolate motifs that are completely unique to this game since it's the only Zelda I've ever finished (played parts of Minish Cap and Majora's Mask, which I am now completing thanks to VC, and a tiny part of PH and WW, which I hope to return to).

With that said I have started to realize how pervasive the whole theme of appearances and transformations is in this game. Not only does Midna go through a transformation both inside and out (twice if you include the "golden giant" towards the end), but Links transformation can be seen as a form of commentary on Midna's. Even when his appearance is beastly, in his wolf form, he is still kind and willing to cooperate. In other words, his true character is not skin deep, a lesson which Midna must learn from him. Another transformation that seems important in the game is that of the yeti's sick wife, the snow-woman. There is also the transformation of Ganondorf to a giant boar, although I can't say I understand the significance of boars in the game yet, seeing as they are so common.

Other plays on this idea of appearances and meaning beneath the surface can be seen in the whole idea of "sensing" the world, by which I mean the player is taught not to trust the initial appearance of his environment, and instead look for "hidden" information that isn't immediately apparent.

There is also the side-quest about the man in Hyrule town that is transformed into a doll, I forget his name, with his eyes being replaced by jewels or coins or something, not to mention the guardians of the mirror Link encounters in the desert temple, who are all masking their true faces.

To that extent, you could equate "seeing past appearances" to sight in general in the game, which allows you to add the concept of the Mirror to the theme, in addition to perhaps explaining the recurring use of prominent EYES in every one of the bosses, as well as Midna having one eye covered during most of the game.

Still, this leaves me with more questions than answers. It is fun to speculate about these things, even though sometimes I get the feeling it's often too easy to come up with your own outlandish conclusions and not "see" the game for what it is, but rather what you wish it was...



n0body commented on Features: Re-Examining Zelda: Twilight Princess:

I find the author's analysis interesting, yet incomplete.

To me it seemed as if the twilight realm was meant to be an inferior version of Hyrule, perhaps because of the character flaws of its denizens. Link and Zelda are good and pure from the very start yet Midna is selfish and un-trusting of others. Her impish form seems representative of her flawed character. She may be concerned with the well-being of her people but she has no scruples about messing around with the land of light in order to achieve her goals.

Only when she realizes the importance of balance between the two realms does she gain the integrity required for her inner beauty to shine through, and this is no doubt a result of the kindness shown to her by Link (and to an extent, Zelda) throughout the game.
To me that sounds more like a "Beauty & the Beast" kind of story than anything else. The Beast may be an intriguing character, but there's no doubt that Beauty (in this case, Link) is the protagonist of the story.

As much as I would like there to have been a deeper, more complex narrative, I can't seem to find one in this game. The author himself admits his interpretation is flawed, since the player, as Link, goes through no shift in perspective regarding the twilight realm or its people. Only Midna experiences a transformation, with Link remaining a static character throughout the game. It is a very one-sided transition.

Sadly, even the role of "kind obedience" is thrust upon the player with no option of deviating from it, since this would delay the progress of the game. In that sense, even the so called "kindness" that melts the heart of the beast is undermined, since the player has no alternate path to follow and therefor no actual choice to make.

I would really appreciate it if the author's line of reasoning could be extended, because the cynic in me feels it is influenced too much by wishful thinking. The Zelda fan in me would love for there to be a less superficial story in the game, but I don't feel there is sufficient evidence supporting this case.

Either way, thank you for an interesting read, even if I happen to disagree.



n0body commented on Review: A Monsteca Corral: Monsters vs. Robots...:

I just downloaded the demo and it seriously sold me on this game!
I'm getting a points card just for this!! plus I know there are some more good games coming, such as MotoHeroz and shinen's FAST so the points won't go to waste. (not to mention many already available games, and of course VC!!)
Anybody even remotely intrigued should try the demo for the game while it's out - it was just made for the wiiware service! quirky, original and fun!