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Wed 19th Jan 2011

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DigitalGreentea commented on Rumour: New App Store in Development for Wii U:

"hich could conceivably include services such as digital magazines, varied video streaming options and practical lifestyle apps. There are plenty of possibilities, with rumours also suggesting that these apps may work as standalone entities on the Wii U controller."

Would be nice.



DigitalGreentea commented on Iwata Shoulders Blame for Low 3DS Sales, Cuts ...:

Wow...I'm almost speechless. Not only is he taking a 50% pay-cut (almost unheard of), but he's accepting responsibility for something that was not his fault alone. In a world where almost every other CEO would be laying people off and taking a 50% pay increase, I cannot tell you how refreshing this is to see. Company presidents around the world should follow this man around on their knees and take notes. It's amazing that he's sacrificing his own money for the good of the company - Again, it's almost unheard of. Now I see why we Nintendo fans are the way we are. We're always so happy and forgiving - we love Nintendo. It's apparent to me now that this man is a large part of the reason that we love Nintendo. Nintendo fans can rest easy knowing that the money that they put into their consoles will be used well by this gentleman. I have so much respect for Nintendo, Nintendo fans, and Iwata.. I really hope they manage to pull things together, because I would hate to see such a rarity and such a gem be swept aside.

Best of luck Iwata!