Just one week ago we reported that Nintendo is working on a new Zelda game, as confirmed by series producer Eiji Aonuma. With that comes the inevitable sound of the rumour mill grinding away, resulting in the image you see in this post.

The image was uploaded to the notorious 4chan site, and seemingly shows two new titles that could share a linked theme, similar to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. The Japanese titles, when translated, mean Fire Prophecy and Ice Prophecy, with the image also suggesting that these would both be 3DS titles.

There is absolutely no evidence or comment from Nintendo to suggest that this is true so don't take it as gospel, but a bit of harmless speculation is fun. So, would you like to see a dual release of new titles? Should one be on 3DS and one on Wii U, or should they share the same console? Should we finally hear Link's voice? Let the frenzied speculation begin.