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Thu 17th Nov 2011

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LonelyGreyWolf commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

@SKTTR I don't know about you, but like most people in industrial countries I own a portable PC (got one for free from my school), and opening it up and looking something up on the internet takes a minute. There's no way that Nintendo's slow connection will beat that. And, again, there's no way that there will be as many answers and FAQs on Miiverse as their is online.

Furthermore, I see that you lack reading skills, as I have already stated that I am indeed buying a Wii U since I'm a big Nintendo fan and buy all their consoles, but again there's no way that I'll be buying one on launch. And the part where you said that you would "beat me up" in all online games was just immature, unnecessary, out of context and stupid. I don't understand what that got to do with anything, I don't understand why we would even play with each other and I have no idea why you automatically think you're more skilled than me just because you're an extreme fanboy.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

@aaronsullivan What are you talking about? Contact someone? Why would I do that? It's just video games.

@BenAV Completely missing the point. They spend hours talking about it acting like it's a revolution when it's simply a glorified e-mail service. Pointless and useless.

@SKTTR Haha, would Miiverse be MORE accessible than Facebook and MSN? There's no way. And are you saying that you would get faster answers on Miiverse than by googling or checking gamefaq? No way. There'll be way more answers on the internet.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Reggie: Friend Codes Return on Wii U, But They...:

@Stix_Remix Yeah, wow, totally amazing... -_- I think I'm the only person left in this world who owns a console to play games. Miiverse? Good lord if I want to talk to someone who's not next to me I'll send an e-mail, talk to him on MSN, Facebook or I'll just call him. Help with games? Just go to gamefaq or whatever you prefer. If you ask a question it's going to take hours to get it answered — months even if it's on a year-old game that few people still play. This is so pointless. Back in the old days Nintendo said that a console is used only to play games on. Now they have the most stupid gimmicks and makes a huge deal of it. They talk for hours about a fancy e-mail system. They're dying.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on E3 2012: Our View of Nintendo's E3:

Nintendo were AWFUL. They started great with Pikmin 3 but then it went downhill. They would dedicate their conference to Wii U yet they barely showed any exclusives at all. Multiplatform games and, oh, yet another 2D Mario game. For the love of everything, the Wii U is getting released THIS YEAR. Launch date? Specs? GAMES? Nope, none of that. Nintendo said that they had learned from the mistakes they did with the 3DS. Clearly not.

Now, I'm a huge Nintendo fan and I will definitely buy a Wii U. But there's no way that I'm getting one at launch. Two-three years alter — absolutely. Can't wait to see what Nintendo will release over time; Retro's new game, Zelda and so on. But buying it at launch ain't gonna happen. Nintendo are very ineffective. Again though, Pikmin 3 looks fun and Scribblenauts look great too.

Regarding the winner of E3, it's a no-brainer. And it's actually not a first-party publisher. Ubisoft blew everyone else away. Mediocre presentation, but easily the best games, with Rayman Legends, Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed 3, the big surprise Watch Dogs and whatnot.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on E3 2012: Miyamoto Talks Zelda Wii U Experiments:

Seriously Nintendo. Just let the player choose the difficulty. Good lord you are being stupid. At the beginning let the player choose between "casual" — with few moves during combat, puzzle assistance and guidelines on where to go, and "in-depth — with proper gameplay.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Musical Epic Mickey 2 "Won't Make You Sing":

@Wii_Win It is my understanding that the musicals are only cut-scenes. So what difference does it make? Instead of watching people talk all the time you hear them sing from time to time. Did you even read the article?

Funny that you say that games want to play games by the way, what with these Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain and Asura's Wrath games. The latter of which has, what was it, 70% cut-scenes and 30% gameplay, yet it's like five hours long or something like that?

In any case, I think having musicals could work well.

@ThomasBW84 Aye. It's hard to judge from text, he could be joking, but he really does seem irritated that people didn't seem to like the idea. Especially in the end where he's like "if you don't like it, skip it". I bet Disney didn't like to see him say that; as a publisher, they want to sell as many copies as possible.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Nintendo UK Pushes Wii RPGs with New Trailer:

@Gamesake I have to say though that Xenogears and Xenosaga have little in common with Xenoblade. The games are not part of the same franchise. Xenoblade was originally going to be titled Monado, but the name was changed to honour the creator of the Xeno games, or something along those lines.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Surprise! Disney Announces Epic Mickey 2 for Wii:

Not Wii U? Any way, the first game was a weird experience for me. At some points the game was amazing: really fun, great characters, great atmosphere, nice exploration. But too often did the game become repetitive, boring and just awful. The level design is some of the worst I've ever seen. All that said, I'd still consider buying a sequel, just for those good moments. But there are certainly room for improvement.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Review: 3DS Circle Pad Pro:

Personally I have no intention of buying it. If you can play Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart without it, then I don't see why any game, except for shooters, would need it. Surely it could always be useful in adventure games, but no necessary. The two 3DS games I'm looking forward to is Paper Mario 3DS and Luigi's Mansion 2 — and the latter is the only reason why I would possibly buy this. But I'm sure LM2 will be fully playable without it.



LonelyGreyWolf commented on Nintendo and Namco Team Up to Bring One Piece ...:

I have Unlimited Cruise 1 & 2 on Wii and I love them. They're actually not all that great and are certainly repetitive, but they're so open. I love how you always progress and evolve, even though you're always doing the same thing. It's a heavily-flawed masterpiece, if you know what I mean.