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Mon 19th Sep 2011

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KittyKatMeow commented on Miyamoto Keen On New Zelda Based on Link to th...:

@SkywardLink98 They have that story covered already. It's called Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Which I would love to see released on the 3DS virtual console.

But really, A Link to the Past already has more direct sequels than any other game in the series. And if he means a new game in the spirit of the SNES classic, don't they have several of them as well? And by that I mean, all of them after 1992? Don't get me wrong, I will love it whatever they do, but I find this a little strange (and if he's just talking about a remake, I'd much prefer Majora's Mask 3D). Oh well, I hope we get some good solid news soon about what they are planning to give us, I'm tired of all these hints and vague "I'd like to do ___" comments.



KittyKatMeow commented on Nintendo Working On New Zelda Game:

I'm greedy and I want four games from them and in this order.
1. New Zelda 3DS game, and I don't care what it looks like since I trust them to make a good game
2. Majora's Mask 3D which is already 6 months overdue since it should have been included with Ocarina of Time 3D
3. New Zelda WII U game, again I don't care what style they go for because it will be fun no matter what
4. And anytime there can be new Zelda stuff for the eShop like Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, and also that 3D Classics: A Link to the Past I heard about.



KittyKatMeow commented on Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012:

@ThomasBW84 I'm glad you didn't tell them that fans don't want it. I want to apologize for my harsh response, I thought that you had betrayed the fans who wanted to see the remake and this was very upsetting.

I'm sure a little advertising would make the game more well-known, just the Virtual Console release alone has nearly tripled the game's modern notoriety. And I'm sure Nintendo would fix the issues players had with it in a remake, like they fixed the Water Temple. But I agree it would be best to save it for a slow time. Remakes can wait, but new games shouldn't be put off for them.



KittyKatMeow commented on Round Table: Looking Ahead to Nintendo in 2012:

Why would you tell Nintendo that people don't want Majora's Mask 3D?! That's completely false, it's probably the most asked-for remake. Aren't all the new games we're getting good enough for you? Boo-hoo, you can't handle one more remake, even though we've been assured that a new Zelda title will come first?

I and many others would love a Majora's Mask remake for the 3DS. The remake-phobia is so stupid that you should be embarrassed for being part of it. Remakes are not new to the gaming world, and they don't and have never hurt the development of new games. We've had 2 first party remakes for the 3DS, Ocarina of Time and Starfox, that's not too many. If you don't want remakes, don't buy them, but a remake developed by a third party and released during the development time of a new game won't effect you at all. Majora's Mask uses so much from Ocarina of Time that it wouldn't take much to make it and Nintendo would get a profit, a profit they could use toward new games. There is no reason at all the be against it, and I have lost all respect for you and this website.



KittyKatMeow commented on Talking Point: The Role of the N64 on the 3DS:

Thank you for pointing out that the remakes provide Nintendo with the financial capability to keep making new games. It's completely true, so if you like Nintendo's games, then don't fuss at them for making money. They need money to stay afloat in today's economy.

I haven't played many of the games on the N64, I definitely want Majora's Mask 3D because I loved Majora's Mask, and I would probably buy other remakes too since many of them I've not played.



KittyKatMeow commented on Talking Point: The Most Memorable Nintendo 64 ...:

Majora's Mask! Good to see it on here! I prefer it to Ocarina of Time, it just feels more developed--more complete. They're both great fun, and my two favorite games from the N64! Also loved Banjo-Kazooie and Super Smash Brothers, great list!