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Sun 6th Feb 2011

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DivineDope commented on Tekken Boss Thinks Nintendo, Sony and Microsof...:

At first, it sounds ridiculous and overkill to me, but you know... I can actually see his vision. The idea that competition inspires innovation may be true but it isn't the whole story. Nintendo themselves stand by the idea that they don't care what the other guys are doing, they're in their own world! They are not inspired by competition. How inspiring is it really to imagine all the ConsoleJuggernauts shaking hands and coming together to make something entirely new? A system that has awesome games like Mario, but isn't lacking in a variety of other DopeGames. No more seperation, ThisGuy vs. ThatGuy, XboxGuy vs. NintendoGuy, Realistic-looking-ShooterGuy vs. Cute-Colorful-NintendoGuy, talkin between fans of different systems, its all silly anyway. and The Best of All Systems together, seems to me like it would not leave any room for CrappyShovelware. And really, if console gaming is ever in any sort of danger, they might just have to work together, or stick to their guns and all crumble on their own. HeHeHe



DivineDope commented on Nintendo Buys Web Domain:

Me and my Brother were just talking about this a couple days ago!

We were talking of, how Fantastic it would be, if a new Sonic was made, in the Genesis graphical style, with Genesis type music. Not something like Sonic Advance, for example, which has more Cartoony graphics. But a New Game totally made with "Genesis Pieces". ONTO MARIO; the same aforementioned idea would be IncReDibLe applied to Mario. I'm not Anti-NewSuperMarioBros-esque 3D Mario, I just think it'd be great for a game to be released with NES or SNES Graphical Style/Vibes.

So THAT is the kind of game I'd like Super Mario Bros 4 to be, a New, Completely 2D (not 2.5D) game that utilizes the Look and Feel of the OldSchool games, and of course the addition of whatever NewSchool Technologies that could add to the experience... besides 2.5Dness. : )



DivineDope commented on Feature: The Super Mario Renaissance:

Great Article! I always appreciate someone that reminds me to appreciate things.

To add to this... isn't there another Mario 2D SideScrolling game announced for the 3DS? It almost seems like a Dream... it's the Best News Ever.



DivineDope commented on Could It Be Magic? First Ace Mathician Trailer...:

This is the BIGGEST CASE of Plagiarism I've EVER SEEN... speakin on da monkeys spittin watermelon seeds... SuperMarioWorld2 INVENTED da WatermelonSeedSpittin Monkeys! And dey shamelessly bitin'...

I don't know about the Math part but the game looks tight.... aesthetically and characteristically.



DivineDope commented on Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting:

To me, putting voices in Zelda doesn't seem right... it feels too "real"... its like trying to make Mario look like a real person... GraphicsWhores might want to see Mario with RealHuman looking Skin Texture and 5 o' Clock Shadow ... But that aint gon' work



DivineDope commented on Interviews: Renegade Kid - Mutant Mudds:

This game looks so Bomb! Truly gets me excited! It's funny he should mention being inspired by Wario Land for Virtual Boy, because this games style very well reminds me of Wario Land 4.

Thanks for the interview!



DivineDope commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

A Few Memories PopOut for me.

One of them, is that me and my brother used to Skip School like, Everyday. We stayed cooped up at Home, ate String Cheese and White Bread by the pack, and played Video Games all day, Heavily Primarily Sonic.

I have spent ALot of Time in School DayDreaming about Sonic. Sonic doing LoopDeLoops, Sonic running on the ChalkBoard and Jumping off to Defeat Students and Free the Animals.

A Profound Memory that I have, that I'm sure many share, is the Discovery of, and Gathering of all of the Super Emeralds in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. This is Absolutely Magical. That little Room that you go to with all of the Super Emeralds placed around.

Yeah that one. Pure MysticBeauty. Getting Super Tails was a Particularly Surprising and Stunning Accomplishment. There was this part in Carnival Night Zone with a Drum that seemed Impossible to get past with Tails... we weren't aware of the mechanic at the time, that you can merely press Up and Down to make the Drum Move.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles may just be my Favorite Sonic game. Or Favorite Game Ever. Something like that.




DivineDope commented on Feature: Sonic: The Nintendo Years - Part One:

Thank you Very Much, Sir James, for writing this article. You brought back the Beautiful Novel feelings of when Sonic first debuted on Game Boy Advance.

I would like to put in some defense for Sonic Heroes. I haven't played it since it was first released, but I remember it being an Awesome Game. Looking at screenshots and such certainly suggests of it's Beautiful Visuals. The Character Count is more than justified - it is the point of the Game! You get to be three characters at once! This was a Dream come true for me and my brother - piloting the whole Sonic Team at once. And how Awesome was it to be able to the Chaotix Characters? The concept brought us much Joy.

Much Love.