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United States

Thu 24th Jun 2010

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DKmania commented on Review: Okamiden (DS):

I was a bit hesitant to purchase this game, but it turns out it's very well-made. Well worth the money.



DKmania commented on Review: The Legendary Starfy (DS):

I was thoroughly surprised by this game. I got it for $15 while it was on clearance at Best Buy and it is by far the best deal I have ever snagged on a game this good.



DKmania commented on Chew Man Fu:

Possibly one of the most underrated games out there. Well worth the $6.



DKmania commented on North American Club Nintendo Year Coming to an...:

I currently have 580 points, and I'm hoping to obtain Platinum status. Problem is, I haven't any more games to register, so I'm waiting for the Post-Play survey to appear. Fortunately, I registered my games today, so according to the seven day wait period for the surveys, I should be able to fill them out. My question is: will I still be able to fill them out on June 30 (the last day), or will my Elite Status reset the morning of June 30? Thanks!