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The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final Fantasy Scribe

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ex-Square writer says the iPad marks the beginning of the end for Nintendo's handheld dominace

Although Nintendo's position in the home console market has been contested numerous times over the past few decades, it has always held court over one sector of the video game industry: the humble handheld.

With the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, the veteran firm has seen off all challengers and its portable division continues to rake in cash like its going out of fashion.

However, Masato Kato - the chap who wrote Final Fantasy VII, Xenogears and Chrono Trigger - thinks that is all about to come to a rather dramatic end.

After what we can only presume was a trip to his local Apple Store, he gleefully tweeted:

"With the iPad going on sale, the epoch of Nintendo is finished. But with the DS and the Wii, it's been digging its own grave."

He is of course referring to the Apple iPad, which launched worldwide recently and has gone on to shift an impressive two million units in two months.

Much has been made of the iPad's gaming potential, with many developers commenting that it could change the portable gaming landscape forever.

There is a rather glaring flaw in his argument, though - surely "digging its own grave" would suggest that Nintendo has somehow made some kind of error with the Wii and DS formats - last time we checked, they were both doing pretty well, thanks very much.

As far as we're concerned Nintendo's slice of the pie is secure for quite some time yet. Kato - as well as many other so-called "experts" - is missing one vital point: the iPad is not something kids are going to get their clammy hands on, and ultimately it's the kiddies which have made the DS such as massive success.


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Kaeobais said:

XD Oh god, that's awesome. He really believes that, doesn't he? That's precious. Most everyone I've spoken to, internet and real life, think the iPad is ravishing. I know it's selling well, but there's no way it's going to beat out Nintendo.



Crystalking18 said:

Nintendo can't be beat in the handheld. With Mario and Link among others for their platforms, what does the IPad have? Plus, everyone I know thinks it's a waste of money, and it probably is.



Omenapoika said:

Really? The pad sold over 2 million units? I haven't paid any attention to it after I heard about it's launch. Just seemed like a silly fad from the start. Well, by all I know about apple, it is.
People may speculate, but I just can't figure out Kato's thoughts on this one. How is this media browsing tool going to compete with DS? Somebody please enlighten me.



grenworthshero said:

Nintendo always has, and will continue to own the handheld market, and the iPad isn't going to change that, anymore than the invention of laptops changed anything.



ECM said:

Speaking as a writer: most writers haven't a clue about anything--even writing



shingi_70 said:


I would argue that the ipad and most of apple's products aren't fads.I mean whole websites have been switching to HTML5 just beacuse the ipad doesn't use flash.

The laptop isn't a handheld and neither is the ipad in terms of what the DS is. They are two different products with different aims.

But who would like to see a game system made jointly by nintendo and apple.



Boshar said:

I have an iPhone. Games are realy cheap and for a while I bought a lot (too many) games om it and played on it. Now I'm back on the Wii and DSi. It was more a case of seeing whats possible, beeing awed by the great graphics and low price and after that came the painfull hands and realisation that its not that easy to game on an iPhone.

Don't get me wrong. Its great as phone, for mobile internet, e-reader and some remote sysadmining. But I tired soon enough from the games and I won't let my 9 year old son play on it either.



xAlias said:

Nintendo won't fall for another 20 or so years, mostly because of the Wii. Hopefully the 3DS changes things.




LOL. Cuz the Ipad is super portable and inexpensive. We are all gonna get this byebye DS
(sarcasm for those who don't know)



Boshar said:

The one thing that Apple did right was the online Apps store. Thats the succes Nintendo want to emulate witgh Wii Ware and DSi ware. Thats te reason for the ridicilous Sony PSP Go.



bboy2970 said:

So.....this thing will end Nintendo? Well if the Ipod Touch (aka: Small Ipad) didnt do it, how will the same damn thing just bigger do it? This pisses me off so much! Why people sit there and praise Apple for the Ipad is totally beyond my understanding. Everyone listen good! Ipad is not a computer! Ipad is the thing you would get if you blew your Ipod Touch up several times! No difference! Just bigger! Please, can people stop calling the Ipad some great, new, innovative product! Its not! Its not new, Its certainly not innnovative by any stretch of the imagination, and therefore, its not good, great, or any other positive discriptor! Sorry, rant over



AVahne said:

Well then, read what this guy had to say, and it sounds like he has absolutely no idea what he's saying.



Aviator said:

Cause a writer has the best opinion to follow. And spending $600AU for a small computer that you can touch, compared to a $200-$300 gaming system is much more an investment, as on top of that, you need to pay for millions of apps which you will only use a few times. I say this man is a genius. Nobel Prize?

EDIT: @pix There's 1 button.



shingi_70 said:

isn't that kinda comparing buying a pc all this software and in the end only really using a few.
also most of the folks i now with ipads use it alot for typing (????),video,web surfing, and come creative uses like art or photograpy.



pixelman said:

@Aviator: Yep, the exit button. :3

That said, I'm planning on dev'ing games for one of these things simply because it's easier than doing so for Nintendo. That and they're awesome; but to even suggest that Apple will put Nintendo out of business is absurd.



Meta-Rift said:

The iPad is a great device, but not for gaming. Apple will never come even remotely close to Nintendo in the gaming market.



Oregano said:

I respectfully disagree and I imagine quite a lot of people at Square Enix do to. It'll be interesting to see if the 3DS support compares to their stellar DS support.



SquirrelNuts said:

What a douchey thing for that guy to say. I have seen the iPad in use. It is not easy to hold on to and play at the same time for long periods. The screen gets all mucked up from our oily human hands. It is also very cheaply made. What a tool to say that. What a dip stick. He should proof read what he writes so as not to sound like a moron.



kevohki said:

20 years from now we'll all look back on those who laughed this off when everyone is playing games in the virtual reality iThunderdome.



Yosher said:

If anyone's going to push Nintendo off the throne on the handheld devision, it'll be Sony like they did with the Playstation- oh, wait...



jbrodack said:

Is what someone tweets really newsworthy? Twitter is kind of lame anyway and such a comment would only hold any weight as part of a longer interview. Maybe include the quote in an article that looks at the issue of whether apple products are going to take over handheld gaming.

Anyway, the ipad is barely portable and definitely can't fit in someone's pocket. Though whether the ipod touch and iphone can take over portable gaming is something worth discussing.



motang said:

All touch based controls like what the iPad has will never replaced physical/stylus control.



V8_Ninja said:


I'm sure Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, and even Kirby can beat out every game that's currently on the app store for the original iPod Touch.



Chris720 said:

Wow... Nintendo going out of business? I doubt it. Nintendo have been going strong for years! And no portable, slim-lined, laptop thing isn't going to stop them now.

I mean seriously, here's the math: iPad = The Daddy of the iPhone. There's no difference... Its just bigger, so... If the iPhone didn't do it, why would its Dad?

And I'm guessing every App that goes on the store will be from 3rd parties, mostly shovelware, and usable/enjoyable for a few hours or so. I'm sorry (not), but this guys comment is fail!




Corbs said:

If 3DS can do what those in the know say it can do, I think Nintendo will be just fine.



dizzy_boy said:

the ipad is really nothing more than a new age yuppie toy, not something that gaming fans would really get in to as far as i can see.



Raylax said:

Yeah, Nintendo's barely digging a grave this generation. N64 and Gamecube generations, I'd give you that. But this gen? Last time I checked, the arrow pointing upwards on the sales graph was a good thing.



ToastyYogurt said:

Sure, your saying the iPad will kill Nintendo because the iPad is way better than the iPod touch just like the DSi XL is way better than the DSi- oh, wait.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Lest we've forgotten already, he gifted us with Chrono Cross, one of the most disappointing, bland, pretentious, and uncharismatic sequels ever, and which pretty much ruined the Chrono series. And Xenogears was pretty bad, too.

Yeah, this guy doesn't have much room to talk.



WaveGhoul said:

LOL...The 3DS is going to blow everybody away. Enough with these silly predictions by random developers, None of them turn out to be right. Just like that moron who predicted the Wii would be NIntendo's last console



theblackdragon said:

and everyone should hang on this dude's every word... why? i'm sure Squeenix is more than glad this dude was an ex-writer before he popped off and said that, though, lol



firecookie29 said:

the only time nintendo should be even the tiniest bit afraid of apple is when the people at apple decide to make an "actual" gaming machine. apple has millions of free and cheap games, but they can't beat full retail games. especially since you can't get some money back by trading in games.



Nintendoftw said:

Kids didn't make the DS a massive success... The DS's massive awesome library of games did... So what is this guy talking about?



AVahne said:

Well then, the only thing that I see the iPad being used for if I got one is art-related stuff. But then again, I can just get a laptop for cheaper and have it a lot easier to and more comfortable.



Denkou said:

yeah but the ipad isnt all games. its also a music player and a laptop. not every one of those 2 million sales was a gamer looking for something new. lol, failure.



WarioPower said:

I think that the ipad is too big and clumbsy. Nintendo will always be the king of handhelds!



Klapaucius said:

...but the iPad isn't a handheld gaming device, right? Its just a bigger iPhone, as far as I understand it.



Ickaser said:

Pfffft. What experience does Apple even have with real video games? Oh yeah, World of Warcraft. If one could consider that a game.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

I think the most it's had Squeenix-wise is those updated ports of FFI and II...which are also on GBA and PS1. Oh, wow...these are such rare games that I MUST buy an overpriced toy to play them!



Dodger said:

The only people I know that have Ipads and like them are the "Apple People" and Apple could sell a cardboard box and they would buy it. :/ It is also too big, I think for games. I like my DSi because it fits in my pocket and I don't have to use my fingers.



TimeGuy said:

For those of you bashing the iPad (bboy2970), it is a truly amazing product. Having had the opportunity to try one out at my just opened local Apple Store, I can see what all the rage is about. It may simply be a larger iPod Touch, but the larger and far more accurate screen makes the experience of using one incredibly immersive. Now, as top whether it can knock Nintendo down as king of the handhelds? No, I don't think it can. Simply nothing can compare or top Nintendo's games and products, especially now with the 3DS on it's way.



zionich said:

People are amazing. If that's his opinion he's deffinitly entitled to it, but unless he has facts to back it up, thats all it is, opinion. Simple fact is, Nintendo has been going strong for a very long time, regardless of what the "cool kids" say about them. Not only that, very few game or console makers innovate the industry, which is what Nintendo thrives on.



MasterGraveheart said:

Yeah, I can't put an iPad in my pocket when I'm making short treks on foot. While I won't knock the iPad's tech, I can't exactly use it as a practical portable music player and none of the games available for iPad compare to even the middle-of-the-road games that you can find on the entire library of portable Nintendo goodness. Like I said, no knock on the tech, just the size, practicality, and library... as far as being a gaming platform, anyway. As a thin tablet PC, it's decent, but give me my DSi any day.



GammaGames said:

I liike my brothers Ipod Touch, but it is crap compared to my DSi. And, with 3DS coming out, IPad is simply an e-book reader. or web browser.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

...what? Seriously? iPad will never beat out the DS. If the iPod Touch didn't beat Nintendo, (and at least the Touch could be called a handheld gaming system) then nothing can. Nintendo's on their biggest roll ever, from the Game & Watch to the DSi. Frankly, the 3DS doesn't look too great to me, but Nintendo will smash through the competition, there's really no stopping those strange Japanese folks now.



x10power said:

Maybe he is writing a script of his failure lately and taking blame at Nintendo



Token_Girl said:

I really don't get the iPad. It's not much smaller than a Macbook, which has way more practical functionality, and it doesn't do much, if anything more than an iPod Touch, so why not just get the cheaper iTouch or get an iPhone and have a cell phone as well?

I really don't get the point of having a giant iPod Touch, unless you want to use it as an ereader. I suppose if you carry your kindle around EVERYWHERE you go, and you want to have the variety of features the itouch has...then great. Apple has a LONG way to go before a "tablet computer" would be any threat. To start, they could make it an actual computer and not a giant smartphone.

I love Apple products btw. My Macbook is great, and the iPhone is incredibly useful. I think there's a lot Ninty can learn from the iTunes store. I just can't see what an iPad would provide beyond my iPhone, which easily fits in my purse next to my DS, and my Macbook is not too difficult to carry around when I need it. Say I have to do some sort of word processing, until Microsoft Office has apps, it's pretty much useless as an actual computer. If someone could explain what the iphone offers that makes it worth $500 or makes it revolutionary, I'd love to hear it. The Apple website sure can't.

Bottom line, if the iPhone/iTouch hasn't destroyed Nintendo in the portable gaming realm yet, the iPad doesn't have a prayer. As long as Ninty keeps prices below their Apple counterparts, they'll continue to have a large market share in the kid/teenager market (who don't have much use for other smartphone features). Also, as long as they produce higher quality retail games than what can be downloaded on the app store, they'll do fine with adult "gamers," who may buy both for different purposes.



StarDust4Ever said:

Once again, Apple is creating a device whose gaming function is an afterthought. It is firstly a media device, secondly gaming. Nintendo's hardware places gaming first, anything else is an afterthought. Furthermore, there are no buttons/pads on the ipad for classic style gameplay. I give Apple credit for their effort, but they have yet to produce a true gamers-first device. Given their market status, they are more than capable of jumping on the portable/console bandwagon, but given their brand awareness, creating a gaming device would likely dilute their media reputation.



colmtheperson said:

The ipad is definitely gonna whoop the ds's rear end

Oh look at that points to the sky - It's a flying pig!!!



Wolfcoyote said:

I'm sorry NL, but this wasn't worthy of posting. I just happened to visit AnandTech and read their in-depth review of the iPad, and included with the review were pictures of how iPad users would hold it or balance it in their laps. Seeing those photos made me give up on the iPad completely.

If tech-savvy people have trouble holding the iPad for long periods of time simply watching media or doing light web surfing then how the heck can gamers play full-featured games on the thing? Kato-san's comment is very misguided and makes no sense based on this fact alone. There's also the issue of price (paying $300.00 USD more just to play pretty yet cheap and unpolished games? Really?), controls (we all agree that we need buttons - as in more than one for gaming - unless we use a stylus [not fingers]) and distribution (too many complaints about Apple getting more than their fair share of revenue from game sales, plus too much control over the development kits and the approval process).

NL, your site is great and it's the only one worthy of being my home page, but while you've succeeded in opening up some dialogue using a not-so-great topic (and from Kotaku? Come ON) just...just...I can't say anything else.



BulbasaurusRex said:

My prediction: The DS(i) will hold the iPad at bay until the 3DS comes out and blows the iPad out of the water, KABOOM!



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Apple products are, IMO, overpriced and overrated. They're fancy toys for people to show off and I don't see a glorified touch screen toy winning with afterthought games.

Again this guy is to blame for Chrono Cross



Wolfcoyote said:

@WildPidgeyAppears: if it makes you feel any better, I NEVER liked Chrono Cross. I purchased the game thinking that it would exceed all of my expectations and it turned out to be a boring, slow-paced game unworthy of the original's fame.

Back on topic: I really hope that a semi-intelligent (I'm assuming) SE writer like Kato-san would have the sense to rethink his stance logically and retract that statement. And shame on Kotaku for being so desperate for content that they had to go to the depths of Twitter to pull out something as illogical as this. I would point the finger at NL as well but for some reason I'm hesitant.



XCWarrior said:

Considering the iPad is still $500 and you can buy both a Wii and DS for less than that, this is a bit farfetched.



Sean007s said:

He's only saying this because the Ipad just came out in Japan so maybe he's too excited?

Either way,this was unprofessional and childish.



C7_ said:

Congratulations, you're comparing an oversized ipod touch pretending to be something it's not to something that's 1/5th it's price and does exactly what the company intends it to do, and rather well I might add.

But it's a good thing he said this because now when it all falls back in his face it'll be all the more hilarious.



longtimegamer said:

I like to play my games when I lay down, like one the ds and GBA. I think this is too big to do that comfortably. So there's one for Nintendo. I think this would have to be smaller for this to even be feasible (the idea of ending nintendos handheld "riegn"). The ds and gba would be more convieniant to carry around too, I would think. Plus laptops haven't overtaken nintendos portable market and why is that? They can have more power, so why didn't they overtake them?
I think something more portable like the I-phone or i-pod would have a better chance because of its size. By the way.... isn't this like an oversized i-touch phone, (or Ipod touch, as was said above) minus the phone?



"But with the DS and the Wii, it's been digging its own grave."

Data does not compute



aaronsullivan said:

Typing this on my iPad. Sure, he's exaggerating a bit and there is a major hype going on over the iPad in Japan, but there is a point here. My daughter has lost interest in the DS since we got the iPad and spends way more time on it than she ever spent on the DS. Same with me. It goes back and forth between my wife, my daughter and I all day.

There's plenty of great games, some are short, some are longer like Space Miner, or the original Square RPG. And that's the real issue. Japanese developers are very interested in the platform, it seems and the iPad is a big hit there apparently. It's the hot place to be.

If there's enough reason to have an iPad in the family (or two) the reasons to have a DS become less clear. The 3DS is coming at just the right time. Nintendo will be sweating it for awhile though. That's good for us, though.

It destroys any other portable device for racing games, too,



Slapshot said:

Sony did dethrone Nintendo in the Home Console Market in the Gamecube/PS2/XBOX era and nobody thought that would ever happen!

Maybe someone at some point can dethrone Nintendo in there handheld market as well. Im sure just as with the Wii in this generation Nintendo will jump right back into the lead again. Here is something to think about though! What if Nintendo would have won the PS2 era with Gamecube (a system with no stand alone traits compared to the other systems, except for cheaper and lesser powered). Wii prob wouldnt exist at all, as we would prob have a lesser powered PS3/360 instead of the motion controlled Wii that we now have today. Nintendo had to step up to the plate with Wii after being slaughtered by the PS2. Competition brings out the best in the gaming world!

Time will tell and 3DS has alot of negative vibes toward it from a lot of gamers currently, but nobody has seen the thing in action yet to really know if its going to be a gimmick handheld or true new handheld console. If its just DSi with 3D gimmick thrown in, Nintendo definately has something to worry about then!

If Nintendo falls behing in the handheld market it wouldnt be such a bad thing. These half-a knockoffs again and again of the same handheld will stop and antother fantastic new handheld would be out next full of fresh new ideas from Nintendo. Maybe 3DS is it? We shall see!



AVahne said:

BTW, why hasn't Nintendo Life posted about the scans of The Last Story that were in Famitsu a month ago? and also the new scan that showed the hero and heroine and their names?
I don't think many RPG fans would know what the game looks like



AVahne said:

@ slapshot82

it was the same thing with the original DS. most people decided that the "sexier" PSP would beat the crap out of, did that happen?



Mike1 said:

The iPad is too big to carry around. I have an iPod touch and while some of the Apps are fun, they kill the battery too fast. I'll stick with my DS and PSP for handheld fun.



Slapshot said:

@Koto... sorry I edited it to add more to elaborate on what I was trying to say. PSP had no chance to beat out the DS, but it has survived for a long time and been a very profitable system to Nintendos giant.

PSone didnt take the crown from Nintendo either, it was Sonys second system that did. PSP2 is becoming a bigger and bigger rumor and who is to say that Sonys second handheld wont do what the PS2 did?

I dont think iPad will be the one to do it, but I think Sony could have possibly learned from there mistakes with PSP and PSP Go and come up with something great to compete with Nintendo even stronger with PSP2.

If 3DS does in fact turn out to be not so hot of a system and gets loaded with shovelware and Sony drops a bombshell somehow with PSP2 then I think it could well happen.

Im not being anti-Nintendo jusy hypothetical! I love Nintendo as much as the next guy. Nintendo fans were screaming long before Sony thought about making games that they would always be on top, but they in fact lost that spot at once, and the creativity that ensued afterwards made the years where Nintendo sat dead last in the home console market well worth the wait with Wii.

The bad times in life make you stronger and this goes for game companies as well. Look at EA and Activision they have been monster giants in the gaming community, they relied on rehashing the old and got comfortable and now struggling to stay on top.



Cheezy said:

OK...well I know quite many people who own a DS...but I don't know ANYONE who owns an iPad...let's have them do the math, shall we?



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Slapshot: Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket, and PSP were all going to destroy Nintendo in the handheld realm. Moving on...

To aaronsullivan: as soon as iPad gets New SMB, Pokemon, Final Fantasy III/IV, Kirby SS Ultra, we will talk.



AVahne said:

@ slapshot82
i don't think you're being anti-Nintendo.
Sony may very well finally beat Nintendo in the handheld department, but then again, they could totally crash and burn. We'll just have to see.




If you are buying an iPad, its more than likely you are not buying it to play a video game. If your buying a DS, its more than likely you are buying to play a videogame. Sure, you CAN play games with an iPad, but its not the reason you buy it. In the other hand, you buy a DS when you want to play games, but you CAN still go on the internet and listen to music. They are not direct competition atm. Nothing to worry about yet.

Nintendo should make their OS more pick-up-and-play friendly, though. Everything from internet, music, and shopping for DSiWare feels clunky and slow in the DSi. When they can make it very easy to just quickly access anything simply and quickly, they will have a superior product. I use my iPod much more, (not for gaming necessarily) because its quicker and its easier to access.



timp29 said:

Bottom line, nintendo isn't really the best in any individual category of gaming except for the standout of sales. If nintendo has figured out anything, it is that the selling point of your gaming device is the most important aspect, closely followed by established series of games. Everyone knows who mario is (almost everyone knows who link is) and everyone sits up and pays attention when a new game in those series comes along,

Nintendo can't be beaten on the price of their consoles and they can't be beaten (for now) on established successful game series. They get flogged in power/graphics, they get beaten in online store games, they get pipped to the post in innovation by apple (only for now - the wii was #1 in innovation for its time and 3Ds will be #1 for its time). Without some interesting innovation or amazing game library however, I can see the the wii successor struggling. Handheld market however? I don't think they're worried one iota.



Bassman_Q said:

How is this even considerable!? The iPad is pretty much a flaw itself, what with it being so un-compact and doing everything the iPhone already does! Surely if the iPad were such a threat to Nintendo, the iPhone would've been three times the threat during the past few years, what with it being so portable. But no. It has not outsold the DS, and that is unlikely to change in the coming years.



Caliko said:

Apple and Nintendo are my 2 favorite companies.

But no, Nintendo is far from over.

why all the hopeful despair for Nintendo?



Simon_Deku said:

Isn't the difference between the ipod touch and ipad the same as the difference between the DSi and the DSiXL? The only difference is size! And if the ipad DOES get more popular, the DS will still be more popular.
Then when the 3DS comes out, then the ipad will just, EXPLODE!!!(if you know what I mean)



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Nintendo's specialty has always been gaming, and unlike a certain company with an S at the start of their name which consists of four letters and ends in Y, the gaming systems don't have schizophrenia over what they're supposed to do.

Apple has always been good at making overpriced toys that cause their hardcore fanboys to line up in droves to shell out for their wares. Sure Apple products do different things, but gaming's an afterthought on the systems -- I don't need an iWhatever to play games, I have VIDEO GAME CONSOLES which -- gasp! -- play video games.

Really, there is no comparison.



JakobG said:

I guess he's former writer for a reason.
The iPad is still unaffordable and not recommended for the masses.
Besides, you only have the full features in the US, and some countries won't even have it. It is yet to be released in Austria.
I also doubt that Apple will come out with a device focused on portable gaming using online services, because that wouldn't be multifunctual.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

On another note, I don't understand why so many game business people have such an air of self-importance and egotism -- why can't they follow the example of Miyamoto and develop awesome concepts while being excited for their company's future yet being very down-to-Earth about it?



TimeGuy said:

MasterGraveheart, did you seriously make the heinous mistake of referring to an Apple product as a PC?! Thats a little offensive. o_0



grenworthshero said:

@11 That's exactly what I'm saying. The iPad isn't a handheld gaming system anymore than a laptop is, that's why it will never win in the "handheld gaming" market.



IanUniacke said:

@slapshot82: I think you're wrong about playstation 1. A quick look at wikipedia (for want of a more authoritative source) suggests that the PS1 sold over 100 million hardware units, whereby the nintendo 64 only sold approximately 30 million.

Also I do not believe that the PSP has been profitable for Sony.



Peppy_Hare said:

Here's a post from an iPad: this thing doesn't have any buttons. It a great piece of technology though, however, nintendo definately has something big to unveil.



thaneds said:

no offend to Apple, But D*** IT! it's like when they said that the iphone/ipod touch would be gaming market (which made more sense), yet unless it could produce games that use controls AND touch screen at the same time with out the need to change modes, then NINTENDO still has family oriented games and such. nintendo will never give-in, even when they dominated around final fantasy for the first time.....



WildPidgeyAppears said:

That's one of the things about iPad that bugs me -- no buttons. I have a compulsive need for buttons on my electronics, even touch screen -- which is why I went with the Droid (with buttons and sliding keyboard) over the almost-exclusively touch Droid Eris. Also, as gamers we are conditioned to use some kind of button as an input or confirmation for our games, which is a reason I don't think Natal will take off, either.

I'm sure some people do like the iPad, but there are less expensive and less awkward-to-hold alternatives that do many of the same things. And unless a system is designed as a video game system, it will never live up to its potential as a gaming device, since that was not the intended purpose (remember the schizophrenic N-Gage that wanted to be a phone AND a game system at the same time?).



Hardy83 said:

I agree that Nintendo's dominance will flounder next generation...However I think the reasons are far more complex than just the (really really stupid) Ipad.



Wesbert said:

Ah, that reminds me of those days when various self-proclaimed experts predicted that the N-Gage would completely blow all opposition away and revolutionize the handheld market for years to come...



Bobpie said:


Seriously, how the HELL would THAT be even CONSIDERED as a gaming device????? me/ is struck by delusional hilarity (God, that's funny.....)



Varoennauraa said:

500$ equipment to play fart games. And gaming device isn't gaming device without having gaming controls.



Nintendo-64 said:

That statement is really laughable. And Nintendo has already recognized Apple as their only enemy. That is what Satoru Iwata said a few month ago.

And by the way who with some intelligence use Apple products?!?
I dont even have a cell phone. There is just no reason to have one!
And who need internet on the go? That is ridiculus.



Zyzzybalubah said:

These are incomparable. Like you buy a PC, it COULD be used for gaming but just because it can and it's so accessible and whatever doesn't mean it's going to make the 360 or PS3 obsolete. They are TWO DIFFERENT MARKETS.



Slapshot said:

@koto... exactly, nintendo could def pull out a massive killer handheld that hurts the PSP2 to no end. It's very possible. I'm glad to see you understand where I'm coming from.

@ian... Sony did indeed beat Nintendo in sales with PS1. PS2 though is the highest selling home console ever though. N64 was revolutionary and was groundbreaking and regardless of sales, as the system and games were ridiculously expensive, N64 pushed the way into 3D gaming and Analog Controls the right way. Leading the way in the home console market.

PS2 and Gamecube is where Nintendo just couldn't compete and many many people thought Nintendo would become a handheld only company.

....and man were they wrong lol.



RyuZebian said:

Bullshait. The iPad is going to have some success, sure, but it's not like it's gonna dominate the whole market! If Nintendo just uses the more powerful Tegra 2 chip in 3DS, the iPad won't have much to compare in graphics! The chip is made for great gaming, unlike the A4 that has a more universal usefullness. Dual-core mobile processor= Incredible graphics! With some good downloads (mobile VC!!!!) and good audio/video support, the 3DS is definitely isn't going to lose to that stupid iPad!



ZarroTsu said:

iPad vs paper


  • Thin flimsy interface, can however be bent into any shape and remain intact; can also be dropped from extreme heights with minimal to no damage.
  • Stylish retro look, light blue 'authentic' writing pattern
  • Manilla-envelope sized
  • No USB ports
  • No CDrom capability
  • No built-in light source


  • Thick durable interface, if dropped will break and destroy the product
  • Stylish black border around main interface
  • Manilla-envelope sized
  • No USB ports
  • No CDrom capability

iPad wins.



Spoony_Tech said:

Wow i dont think i`ve seen a story get so many responses. As it stands right now it over priced. Its not a gaming system however third party companys might start taking it seriously. Thats what nintendo has to worry about. Will apple make it cheaper for developer to work with. Even nintendo themselves said that apple is now the enemy. Nintendo does not have a great history with third party developer over the years but its getting better. Its going to be a interesting E3 this year thats for sure.



JebbyDeringer said:

I don't think it's the end, far from it. It's more likely the end for the PSP. I do see some sales being taken away from Nintendo. A lot of people have iPads, iPhones, iTouchs, and if the games are good enough some of those people won't buy a dedicated gaming system. While everyone has a PC and many still buy a game console that has more to do with accessibility which the PC is not when it comes to gaming.



LittleIrves said:

@Corbie: "If 3DS can do what those in the know say it can do, I think Nintendo will be just fine."
Oh, how you love to tease us with faux-insider info! I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's becoming more and more like trying to stop that hungry elephant from snagging the last Peanut M&M from the bowl. Unless--of course!--put it in a narrow bowl so its trunk is too thick... (jots down note to self)
Anyway... great thread here. Last two comments make me roll around with humor noises. Nintendo sees Apple as a competitor. If they come out and say that, I give it some credibility. But I'm glad they're acknowledging the threat instead of turning their noses; hopefully this brings the competitive spirit out of them that slapshot82's been talking about and that brought about the Wii.



Chris720 said:

Wow... Everyone commented on this?

Apple will never be able to take Nintendo out of the top spot in the handheld section. Even Sony tried, and then failed, with their PSP and its got near enough the same uses as an iPad in my opinion. But its PORTABLE!!

If the iTouch/iPhone or PSP couldn't topple the king, then an inportable tablet PC never will!

This guy is obviously talking out of his backside...



SteveW said:

There were so many people saying the DSi XL was too big to fit in their pocket... how conveinent would it be to carry around an Ipad? the touch controls are okay for some games but without the option of a real gamepad and fire buttons I don't even consider it serious competetion.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

Did he make the Tweet from his iPad then go for a session of FFI or II later? Because that totally means it's gonna beat Nintendo.

Also, check his portfolio of work:

There are a few Nintendo games on there, even a few recent DS games. Foot-in-mouth disease afflicts many people, sadly.



TLink9 said:

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe because the ipad came out this year and the ds came out in 2004 smart one.
EDIT: Nintendo is probably so mad at them now.



Slapshot said:

@noname... Im right there with you! No buttons is a major pain. I hate typing on my Droid because of the touchscreen controls. Buttons are the way to go IMO or touch/motion and buttons as well. I cant tell you the frustration I find in playing games on my phone with onscreen buttons, its really frustrating.



Feld0 said:

Jeez, none of the above 133 comments support this "theory." did.
Here's the 133rd one!

The iPad is a giant iPod Touch (or perhaps iPhone, if you get the 3G version). Yes, it CAN game, but the 6-year-old DS to this day, manages to provide a superior gaming experience to the whole iHandheld family.

Also, doesn't anyone else remember the days before the iPhone 3G, when there was no App Store? And no 3G? The very features that make the iHandhelds so desirable today? That's proof right there that they were never meant for gaming.

The current DS is doing better than the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad combined. I can only imagine what's gonna happen when the 3DS rolls around.



postmanX3 said:

The iPad would make a terrible handheld gaming system; how exactly does one go about fitting it in their pocket?!

That being said, I believe the Touch is a worthy handheld console, but, naturally, nothing will ever top Nintendo's handheld dominance. It's like a law of nature.



Rm88 said:

How are they even competing? I've never considered getting an Apple console... because they don't make consoles. Their devices can play games? Hey, that's nice. I own an iPod Touch with zero games on it, because I own a DS.



Mike1 said:

@136. Rm88
The only game I own on my iPod touch are The Simpsons and Solitare. The games kill the battery too quickly, even more so than videos.



3230ru said:

1. iPad is not a console and not even designed for gaming 2. Apple is not a game(and console) developer, never was and will never be 3. Nintendo is still doing well and the only question is - did they managed to put enough sources into developing next generation Wii and DS and also if they managed to use them right or not.... BUT iPad is still a great device and Nintendo should think of technological improvements in next DS as well as everything else



aaronsullivan said:

Why are so many of you guys obsessed with pockets? I carry my iPad around with me all day. It's not an issue.

What are all these weird proofs about what the iDevices were meant for? Of course they're not exclusively for gaming. That would be really limited for most people. Portable devices should be multifunction because there is a mich bigger limitation on how many you can access at once compared to consoles/pcs.

IPad is not getting Nintendo games anytime on the foreseeable future, so I'll be a Nintendo console owner and fanboy. Most people aren't like that. The extra wide market for the Wii and DS isn't as focused on the core Mario/Zelda/Metroid games as most of us are. The wider market of general consumers cares even less.

The success of the DS is based on many factors that the iPad and variations -- remember Apple doesn't wait 5 years for new hardware -- can compete with.

I think the rumored half-size iPad for January might tempt some, too.

Bottom line: DS and 3DS will be superior game devices for a while, while iPad and variations will be superior portable devices. The question for the next 5 years is whether enough people will care enough about a slimming DS gaming advantage to carry around a 2nd or third device.



WildPidgeyAppears said:

@aaron: You see the constant releases of minor hardware upgrades as a GOOD thing? If people had to constantly buy new versions of consoles, they'd be upset. Good thing Sony hasn't done that with their portable syte -- OH WAIT

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