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Mon 23rd Nov 2009

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3230ru commented on This is the Wii U Controller in All Its Glory:

nintendo made exactly what I wanted to have, a perfect handheld, but not portable to play wii games(and especially WiiWare and VC), while some TV shows going bla-bla-bla in the background and at last but not least I will be able to actually do this while lying on the couch !!!!.... oh, and that hide-and-seek game looks pretty fun too )



3230ru commented on Rumour: Famitsu Details 3DS eShop Launch Line-Up:

XEVIOUS! 3d Classic! so maybe now I need to buy this 3ds thingy... and if they will release CyberSled also I will make a 3ds tatoo on my shoulder )))) I believe classic arcades on 3DS will be very appreciated - just imagine Battlezone on 3ds, mmmmm delicious.... And that would be just for antipasta)))



3230ru commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd October 2010 (Europe):

Glow Artisan! Finally! Hm.. It looks like NoE was afraid of me smashing my DSi into pieces if they wont release it till the end of the year. But it still took so ridiculously long to release award winning game.



3230ru commented on Review: SteamWorld: Tower Defense (DSiWare):

for the fans of genre this game is must(this is my opinion based on what I have heard from my g/f who is a fan of comic tower defense games like ninjatown, plants and zombies and so on) Gameplay is pretty challenging (but if you try hard you will finally beat it), the art is funny, graphics are smooth even on XL, music is just nice so this game is descent and maybe the truth is somewhere between IGN and NL review.



3230ru commented on Date or Ditch:

date or b.... another cool game from gameloft a great game developer with lots of original innovative titles released..



3230ru commented on Reggie Confirms 3DS is Coming Next Year:

I believe that N has still a lot to do for 3DS. Games, online services, VC(maybe), 3DSWare - DSiWare compatibility question, announced multi-player feature etc. Though I am not sure that finally there wont be any Christmas surprise from Nintendo.



3230ru commented on 24/7 Solitaire:

wonder is N planning to beat everybody with amount of solitaire games available on both consoles?



3230ru commented on Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda Greatly Saddened by W...:

I think those "Kinectimals" are the only living beings interested in playing with kinect... also if you play with Kinect you become one of them... Kinectimals .... When you are hooked its not your body who gives orders to that box any more, but its MS giving orders to your body... through its freaking red eyed box... just look at that guy he opens his mouth, but who's speaking?...



3230ru commented on E3 2010: Miyamoto Unexcitedly Scopes Out Xbox ...:

those guys playing the game "dance till red ring"... be my guess. and @35 +1 about sony move. though Kinect could sell well as something new if the promotion campaign will be solid enough to attract casual gamers, as for the core gamers..nah! its not for them. And about Miyamotos face - he just have to be there with such expression and thats it. Its a part of his work.

edit - I think i can hear one of dancing guys telling to another: "come on, man, be quick! we must do it before red ring!"



3230ru commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

1. iPad is not a console and not even designed for gaming 2. Apple is not a game(and console) developer, never was and will never be 3. Nintendo is still doing well and the only question is - did they managed to put enough sources into developing next generation Wii and DS and also if they managed to use them right or not.... BUT iPad is still a great device and Nintendo should think of technological improvements in next DS as well as everything else



3230ru commented on Art Style: light trax Smoothly Glides to North...:

another ArtStyle would be just great I am pretty sure this is a remake of Dotstream (which was fantastic). Also I think this would not use wiimote features. But I hope they are already working on some other Artstyle title which would. Also I think that Coloris should be released as DSiWare.



3230ru commented on Flight Control Cleared for Landing on WiiWare:

wow... unexpected. all this price questions are wasting of time (which equals money by the way ) ..But anyone who haven't tried this game - try it immediately on any platform that You own! And that's it, because this one is amazing.



3230ru commented on Metal Torrent:

no plot, no cool bosses, you have just 8 short levels/waves (they look very similar) in each EASY and MANIAC modes(actually trailer shows everything the game can offer ). also developers tried to bring something new in damage and power-up scheme, just some elements. but in general this is just cool bullet hell shooter which plays a lot like Cave shooters (actually because they took a lot from Ketsui I think) Though it is short and quick to play, very good for beginners in Easy mode, but also can offer something for the hardcore shmup gamers as well. And I must admit that the music in this game is pretty good at my opinion. So this game is descent shoot-em-up. For me this one is actually on the 2d place after Ketsui Death Label in the DS poor shmup list. So if you like bullet hell shooters and if you even a beginner in such games this title is a must have!



3230ru commented on Metal Torrent:

OMG!!! Yeah! Huge thanks to NoE for this one!!!!! Now I am happy and know for sure what for I bought my DSi XL )))
quotation from 29 of April by me myself)) "....or Gods of East and West, make N release Metal Torrent in UK/EU for gods sake.... and make me believe in DSiWare again!!!"))) and this just works. So anyone who wants N to release something just give it try here at NL)



3230ru commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April 2010 (Europe):

OMG - Solitaire, omg - shi-T tennis, omg - 2 more puzzles and a game about High School! Wow.... or Gods of East and West, make N release Metal Torrent in UK/EU for gods sake.... and make me believe in DSiWare again!!!



3230ru commented on System Flaw Recruit:

omg I played similar game on my nokia years ago. I dont see any difference so I think that it could be fun, but for the short period of time. And prepare Your videocam when giving this game to play for a friend or (which is better) a girlfriend.



3230ru commented on Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

CONGRATS!! ! You guys running the best Nintendo site so far. Content, design, update, sense of humour - everything is great here! Thank You and Happy Anniversary!