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Sat 22nd Aug 2009

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firecookie29 commented on Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D:

got a psp the same time as peace walker and i enjoy the peace walker game. i cant wait to get this. if only nintendo would make an account based system so i could transfer dsiware games and sell my dsi.



firecookie29 commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

the only time nintendo should be even the tiniest bit afraid of apple is when the people at apple decide to make an "actual" gaming machine. apple has millions of free and cheap games, but they can't beat full retail games. especially since you can't get some money back by trading in games.



firecookie29 commented on Mario Party DS:

I was playing my game earlier, and it glitched. Turn 23/30, it goes to minigame chooser, chooses game, and bam. The game stops at the black screen. I gotta admit, the game IS fun, but I'm probably gonna trade it in now for WarioWare: D.I.Y.



firecookie29 commented on Reggie: No New Nintendo:

GASP! oh well. I like my wii and the games I have, but I'll have to change consoles sooner or later because of beating most games that I get in a weeks time.



firecookie29 commented on DSi Gets Motion Detection:

I was going "wow!" while watching the video and thought near the end of it that it would probably use the camera, wich I thought would be cool. But yeah, it could be very glitchy if it uses the camera.



firecookie29 commented on DS XL Promo Footage Shows Off Generous Proport...:

wow. it does like cooler, but my original DSi is better. LL has better battery life but portable game systems, in my opinion, should be "portable". Not a hunk of cheese in your pocket. not to be mean to anyone that likes it. it's still cool though. if I got one, it would be the brown one.