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Mon 1st Feb 2010

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ZarroTsu commented on Dig Into Cave Story 3DS on 28th June:

I can say right now, with this rate of development, as well as the previous installments and the most recent preview of the game's utilized 3D, that this game is going to suck. And it will be rated a 9, because everyone loves to praise the original game, despite the developers at Nicalis being insanely lazy. I mean no disrespect to Pixel himself, and if he's happy with it, that's fine, but if the music continues to be half-assed and physically painful, and if the 3D remains unpolished and lazy, then I would highly recommend EVERYONE avoid this. You can still get the game for free. If you want it portable, then get the DSiWare version. But they've officially milked Cave Story beyond its worth. And made it worse along the way.



ZarroTsu commented on Square Enix Brings More SNES Goodies to Virtua...:

Come to think of it, why AREN'T they just out and calling it FF6? There are still japanese roms around, I'm sure, and I'm certain they have the original copies available regardless. Can't they just splice the JP title screen over the original rom, and rename the credits heading? Will FF5 never be released?



ZarroTsu commented on Square Enix Brings More SNES Goodies to Virtua...:

The remake of Lufia 2 is totally different from the original game in every possible way, save for the general chain of events in the story. If it doesn't show in VC, Squeenix is tripping balls on some potent drugs.

That being said, the remake was far shorter than the original, so they'd be "losing money" in releasing a longer game for 1/8 the price.



ZarroTsu commented on Man Arrested for Blackmailing Nintendo with St...:

To clarify:

It sounds, to me, that the man attained user data for the sole purpose of either using the fact that he stole data to sue Nintendo for Negligence, or leaking it online in the hopes that his claim would be noticed by others, and Nintendo wrecked by its outcome. If it were successful, Nintendo of Spain might have had their image tainted a bit, or a lot, depending on the end result.

It sounds like a Nintendo hater desperately wanted Nintendo's image ruined, and/or a lot of money to boot. Fortunately, the man was an idiot.



ZarroTsu commented on Features: Nintendo Life's Game of the Year 201...:

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm fairly certain the ownership of Cave Story on the PC is fine as-is. I own it several times over, including mods and hacks of the game, those inclusive that I had made, and I can safely say I know more about how the game ticks than some of the people who actually worked on development for the WiiWare/DSiWare titles. And I'm not tone deaf to boot.



ZarroTsu commented on La-Mulana Falls Back to 2011, Developer Apolog...:

@pixelman Nicalis goes on vacation every-other month. Their delay rate is to be expected by now.

@Omega The game doesn't suck because you suck at the game. There is nothing wrong with the final boss being an endurance run, either. Nonetheless, I'm sure you hadn't even written down a specific order of which to harm her, later in the fight - so you'd probably never have won ANYWAY.

Stop talking about other games. This is La Mulana here. Go spam the forum or something. :x



ZarroTsu commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

I'll just go ahead and quote myself from a comment I left on TSE:

Other M: (I've not played the game, so my comment is by Spoony's description of it)

Am jumping the gun when I say that it sounds like they went all-out sexist in their portrayal of Samus? And for all the wrong reasons. It sounds to me that they molded Samus around the other events and scenarios, rather than vice versa. I'm going to shoot myself in the foot here, and say I could damn well write a better story myself.

Adam was... a flashback concept in Metroid Fusion. He was speculated her commanding officer at some point "in the past" - however, in fusion it was subtle, and she only brought him up a few times due to the on-board computer having his voice and memories, leading to the eventual conflict of the computer having a consciousness, and snapping out of its pre-programmed droning. (Spoilers: It does.) Fusion was very short, however the story was actually well told. And Samus' relationship with Adam wasn't a whiny stupid worshiping, but a simple mutual respect. No where near love. Just respect for Adam and his position in the federation. While Samus is a freelancer kicking ass and taking names, Adam worked under a military, did his time, and gained the respect of the military and its followers as he rose his rank -- freelancers working toward the same goal as that type of person would have every means to respect the guy, and Samus is no different.

And that is how Other M's story should have been based. Not a downright sexist disarming, but a mutual respect for the guy. Gameplay-wise, it should have been entirely optional to follow Adam's judgment in limiting your arsenal. If it were done in a very simple change of dialog from "Good job, Samus" at the end of the conflict, to Samus stating "Sorry Adam, but now's not the time for games--!", followed by "Damn, Lady, watch it next time!", then by god it would have probably been a thousand times better.

I really need to get into writing more.



ZarroTsu commented on The War on DS Piracy may be Hard to Win, but I...:

Here's how it works:

1. Nintendo implements strict hardware and software to thwart hacking and pirating

2. Hackers find a way around this barrier using exploits of great complexity, as a means of intelligent personal alteration, to try to help others, Nintendo included, in bettering the console experience.

2b. Pirates steal the hacker's shared exploit concepts/programs, and use it to hoax free games for themselves with very little hassle, compared to the work put into (1) and (2).

3. Nintendo acknowledges the faults in their security, and fixes it asap.

4. Return to step 1.

4b. Pirates throw a hissy fit.



ZarroTsu commented on Nicalis Drops Hints at Further Pixel Ports:

Those "Extra modes" can be found for free as well. There are several hundred cave story mods that have been made by fans, including ones I've made, that are each a means of personal expression, or something someone might want to play. Of these, there are DOZENS of "Curly Brace" mods, and there is a Boss rush mod that is far better than the crap Nicalis put together. All of these are free. $12 vs $0. HMMMMM.

The only reason for paying for CaveStory Wii is as a donation to Pixel. Unfortunately, I think Nicalis will likely have more control out of the funding demands, and Pixel may only get less than half of this.

Please direct your attention to the words "Cave Story Remix", inclusive or exclusive the word "Project" at the end, and search either word combination on Youtube. Listen to the remix "Never Die", and say that again, that CSWii's music is remotely likable. I assure you Nicalis could have done a bucketload better than they did, but they didn't. There were hundreds of complaints to their music when they released demo videos, but they refused to listen to the complaints of fans, and kept the same loud buzzing that you (dare) consider music.



ZarroTsu commented on Nicalis Drops Hints at Further Pixel Ports:

Ikachan and Guxt would make pretty good DSiWare if they're priced at $2~$4. I somehow expect them to turn the music all to blueberries before release, however.

Unfortunately when you actually play the game, you begin to notice the gfx changes less and less, while you notice how god awful the music and sfx are more and more. Moreover, the 'new' sfx tend to drown out the 'old' music unless you set the volume quite low, so * TING*TI-TING*TING*TING*T-T-TING*TING*TI-TING*TING*TING*T-T-TING *



ZarroTsu commented on New Nintendo Video Reminds You Wii has Great G...:

Muramasa's footage saddened me. Really I'd have shown footage of fighting the (secret) boss in which both main characters fight each other. Nothing really happened in the video, and it cut away whenever something good was ABOUT TO happen.

Sin and Punishment was probably the best video of the series, if only because the whole thing was gameplay, and there was a crapload of stuff happening on-screen, making it look down right exciting. I definitely need to buy this, when I have the money.

Guitar Hero 5's footage was hilarious though. (It looks the exact same as every other Guitar Hero game) Maybe if they hacked it for a custom song using the theme that was playing during the overall trailer, then synced that for it; then it'd have shown something moderately plausible.



ZarroTsu commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

iPad vs paper


  • Thin flimsy interface, can however be bent into any shape and remain intact; can also be dropped from extreme heights with minimal to no damage.
  • Stylish retro look, light blue 'authentic' writing pattern
  • Manilla-envelope sized
  • No USB ports
  • No CDrom capability
  • No built-in light source


  • Thick durable interface, if dropped will break and destroy the product
  • Stylish black border around main interface
  • Manilla-envelope sized
  • No USB ports
  • No CDrom capability

iPad wins.



ZarroTsu commented on Dennis Hopper Passes Away:

Am I the only one cruel enough to find it funny that he lost to those pesky plumbers in the only cancer-relative way possible?



ZarroTsu commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

Certainly these, as all others, are unique at least. The otter one verywell looks like a clown, and for all we know it might be INTENDED to become a clown-like. A giant evil otter-clown. It will drown you, and it doesn't NEED a squirt-flower.



ZarroTsu commented on Flight Control Cleared for Landing on WiiWare:

Here's the thing: It was successful on Handheld products. I somehow doubt it will live up to the hype of a console, if only because this doesn't sound like the sort of game intended to be played for hours at a time. It makes much more sense to flip the thing out of your pocket and play it for maybe 10, 20 mins if your bus was delayed.



ZarroTsu commented on Guinness Appoints Zelda the Third-Best Game Se...:

One of the things I assume with these results is that Guinness held some form of pole in which people could more or less only decide on their "best game evar", and no others than that, although it's assumed by the article here more than anything. I think what should have happened was each player given their own "top 3" list to submit, and the additional submissions could be tallied and applied by a halving modifier, and this would have drastically changed their results.

The problem is the general definition of "Player" in the videogameverse. Many people who have played games on the 360 or Playstation absolutely REFUSE to play on another console, as if it's some sort of blood pact with Microsoft or Sony that they cannot own another console. This is reminiscent of the early console wars of Nintendo vs Sega, but back then it wasn't a legitimate ploy, it was the sake that most households could only afford one system, and the sides of this war were depicted not by the arguers, but by their parent's wallets.

Back on topic, and as was stated above ( 9 ), ANY big-time name is immediately considered "overrated" simply because they're household names. Even the word "overrated" is overrated because of how damn often /it/ is used. STOP USING IT. The word you're looking for is over-hyped. Halo games are really only low-quality shooters with only pretend-to-be-epic story lines. If you gave the guy from DOOM the same current-get treatment of big budgets by Microsoft, then I guarantee you it would hold itself up just as well as Halo or Call of Duty. The /problems/ with Halo, Call of Duty, and several other high-brow games, is that the primary focus of gamers, and especially younger ones, is how shiny the dangley-thing on them are. Halo has no right to be on any top-50 list, but "gamers" are going to vote for it anyway, because (A) They've never seen anything like it, and are awestruck by the magic of technology, (B) Want something 'new and original' to stand ground to and praise, and (C) Have never played a good video game. The same goes for Call of Duty, but I personally haven't payed much attention to it (or played it), so I can't argue; but as a rule of thumb, NONE of today's FPS' deserve a high placement on an overall game list. If it's for the XBox, sure, but only because at least 40% of XBox' games ARE FPS', as a lure to small children, and at the same time, poisoning what TV considers "A Video game". You'll never see "The World Ends With You" mentioned on TV, ever, and until that day comes, nobody on the damn planet knows what a good game is, or the fact that one-time things can hold up on their own. The media thrives and abuses the video game acknowledgment of children and morons, so really, big-company names outside of video game development itself should probably just sit tight and stay quiet.

The flip side argument is the ever-present statement that Zelda games are just the same game with new maps, but I could go on for twice as long as the above paragraph about this, so I'll save anyone actually reading my blathering the trouble.

@Aviator: You forget that Runescape probably has approximately the same player base as World of Warcraft by sheer numbers, which is ironically the reason Runescape receives such a bad status. For an online RPG, Runescape is actually one of the best concepts and ideas to go around, especially considering it RUNS IN YOUR INTERNET BROWSER. But the problem with it is the players, in that high-level players primarily mess around in low-level towns, while the low-level players remain both unaided, and crowded by the high-level. You can argue the reasoning why they go back to big cities looking for other people their level to team up with or PvP, but it is not world of warcraft in the sense that WoW's primary cities, say StormWind, are used a majority of the game because of it's military and guilds, whereas other towns in the game pale in comparison, and aren't as easily accessed by new players. Runescape on the other hand, doesn't offer new things to high-level players, so they seriously are sitting around doing nothing in low-level places. And at the same time, refusing to help low-players out. Oh, unless they ask you to trade for something they made, in which they ask for a million gold, and you don't even have 20 yet.

tl,dr: These games are UNDERSTANDABLE as the top 3, but sure as hell don't deserve the placement.



ZarroTsu commented on Fancy Playing Super Mario Bros. With Other Nin...:

I'd really like to know why the Zelda 1 link doesn't grow into the Zelda 2 link for the up-stab or something. While the boomerang is nice in theory, I think link is majorly underpowered.

Especially when Bill and Megaman can completely destroy the game.