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Thu 9th Oct 2008

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Sean007s commented on Nintendo Power Claims Sonic 4: Episode 1 Will ...:

15 Euro for a 2D plat-former seems kinda harsh.
But given that it does have Trophies on the PS3/360 I shall buy it for that price.

I mean hell I've completed Sonic 1,2, and S&K so many times that I know them 100% and I paid like 30 Pound for them back in the day. If you guys understand what I am getting at. If this Sonic 4 is atleast good I will play it the same amount times I've done with the past sonic games so to me it is worth 15 Euro.



Sean007s commented on Rumour: 3DS Tech Specs Revealed:

For those who do not understand the specs of consoles.
I'll sum it up how powerful the 3DS is:
It's more powerful than a PS2, Gamecube and close to the Original Xbox and Wii. It's not as powerful as most smart-phones like the Iphone.
As for the PS3 and Xbox360. The 3DS does not come close at all to those systems.

However with the power close to or better than an Xbox1/Wii and the smaller screen, you will have games that look excellent for a hand-held gaming system. I am personally getting it alone for Zelda OOT 3DS.
I also hear it's a tad bit smaller than a DSi. That is quite astounding to me.



Sean007s commented on Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK:

Sony usually carter into what's popular. I would not be surprised if they got either the Jonas brothers or Miley "I got help from Disney to get me where I am today" Cyrus to some marketing.
Lord have mercy on the future generation of Pokemon.




Sean007s commented on Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK:

Maybe that's too extreme.
I'm sorry but most people that like these superstars are more than likely just dumb and speak in a "like oh my gosh" type of theme. They're idiots.
I hate seeing it when I go out. I hate seeing it on TV. And now i'm probably gonna see it on my favorite hobby. Video-Games.
I'd like to rant on more but all in all,most teens I come across are idiots that have the grammar of an 8 year old. The world needs to be more strict on teenagers and kids because it ain't what it used to be.



Sean007s commented on Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK:

Not surprised at all. Microsoft hired Justin Bieber to do some 360 Kinect marketing and to be at the Halo Reach opening.

Seriously,what is wrong with most teens today?
I'm not gonna degrade every teen out there but I have to be honest,most of the teens today and growing up,are pure stupid. (Don't care if you hate my opinion,I can only say from what I am seeing and I rarely see a mature smart teenager now days.)



Sean007s commented on The War on DS Piracy may be Hard to Win, but I...:

Well maybe Nintendo should use their brain's and not get owned by some random basement dweller.
Sony did it. And they did it damn good.
Nintendo needs to combat piracy in their next consoles/handhelds, because its gonna get very very bad. With the internet starting to become VERY VERY popular and same with video game consoles,more people will be searching for ways to get free games and trying to use cheats in online games.



Sean007s commented on Interviews: High Voltage Software - Conduit 2:

Perhaps this time they can make the online actually work.
It was good online but not implemented well in the fact that the servers would be incredibly laggy and would take awhile to join matches.
Plus most times when I joined a match,my character would giltch out of the game and I have to turn the Wii off.

This game better not have that.



Sean007s commented on Captain Lou Albano Passes Away:

The Super Mario cartoons were brillant....i always loved how they had the music and sound effects from the Mario games..

Anyway i loved the Super Show.

RIP dude..



Sean007s commented on If the PS3 is an F1 Car, the Wii is a Go-Kart:

Well...sorry Nintendo Fans but heck i'm selling my Wii for a PS3 very soon.
the Wii is CAN be Amazing.
However i'm sick to the bloody death paging through Shovalware.
The Wii just does not have the games i simply want....
I have completed and played COD:WaW to the death....but on PS3...they even give you more maps and has more modes.
The Wii is alittle TOO under-powered.

Im sick of developers not making good Wii games. and no i am not blaming Nintendo,however this is the Wii...its a console that isn't as good as PS3 or 360 in MY OPINION.



Sean007s commented on Japanese Monster Hunter 3 Sales Slump: site is good for news but the bloody people it bunch of 360 and ps3 fanboys...all i ****ing hear from them is "wii sucks" or they try to be biased against it without it being obvious...

you know what sucks?...magazines and critics and sick of em all. fanboys can go to hell aswell.



Sean007s commented on Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horseback Riding P...:
Nintendo...i double-dare you to announce a horse game at E3 next year....and if you do.....BYE BYE! packing my bags and going to the other consoles for good.

Stupid bloody ideas they have.



Sean007s commented on Iwata: We Need To Raise Our Game at E3:

I sincerely have to agree.
Cammie makes Nintendo very kiddy looking and im always emmbarissed when she gets on stage knowing...."do i actually love the company shes working with?!?!?!"

She needs to get out.
Reggie is fine as he makes things serious but she makes it look like a freaking toy which bothers me.



Sean007s commented on Wii Gamers Called Up for Modern Warfare:

If you want the full experience get the 360 version or PS3.....wouldn't that be logical?
Considering the Wii's Limitations i dont nkow if they can add more stuff or dumb it down even more..(like they might get rid of levels and other stuff)

Screw what the 360 fanboys say...if your worried about them then stop it.
they are brainless idiots like any fanboy(no offense but i really dont like faboys of any type)



Sean007s commented on Wii Gamers Called Up for Modern Warfare:

Guys...its a port.
they are not gonna add anything or break anything(tiny slight chance)
im sure it will be using the WAW Wii Engine which is fantastic!

Guys...just give them a chance and stop hating them ok?
its not fair on these guys. sure they screwed up a couple of times but lets see you make a better game. its not easy making games for the hardcore fans guys...they want it PERFECT. _