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El Salvador

Mon 27th Apr 2009

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rustythekid commented on n-Space CEO Describes the Games Industry as a ...:

I like the part where they say they might start calling back staff asap, that's how a real company must act.

And the problem with games not selling is with gamers most of the time. Look at MadWorld for example: Only six bucks at amazon right now. And it's a shame because the game it's awesome.



rustythekid commented on Review: NBA Jam (Wii):

and boom goes the dynamite.

To buy or not to buy, that's my dilemma, because I have my eyes set on something golden.



rustythekid commented on Hands On: PlayOn:

Damn, I was ready to jump on the bandwagon but Hulu hates my country, and I guess it will be like this for all the other services.



rustythekid commented on Nintendo Download: 13 September 2010 (North Am...:

With the VC the main issue comes down to copyright holders and companies no longer around. Period. Sad? Yes. But it's the truth and it's not changing. One thing I agree with you: They made it seem back when it was first announced that all your beloved games of old would see the light of day again at some point, BUT it's our fault we were so gullible.

Right now, I'd be content if LucasArts releases Shadows of the Empire or Rogue Squadron.



rustythekid commented on Super Mario Collection Special Pack Revealed:

like $32 I believe

@Relevant Latty
There is no All Stars version available on the Wii. I grew up with Super Mario Bros but I never got to spend too much time with SMB2 and 3, I got to really play those games on the SNES, so for me, the All-Stars version (which I lost and I still don't know how) is the one to treasure. I love those games and I love Super Mario All Stars.



rustythekid commented on Original GoldenEye Designer Suspicious of Wii ...:

But I believe he's talking about their lack of passion rather than their money hunger. All companies want money, what would be the point if it's the other way? But in order to achieve good things in this industry you need that passion, gamers making video games, not mercenaries, and I believe this was his point, that they are far more interest in milking the cow than releasing an epic game.



rustythekid commented on And Yet It Moves:

What if I registered my Wii in North America and I use the North America store? and according to Nintendo I belong to the North America region...



rustythekid commented on Nintendo Download: August 23rd (North America):

hey guys to anyone that already played the wiiware version, I'm trying to decide, the PC version AYIM is on sale and I really want it, but the gameplay on the Wii grabs my attention too, is the game worth it for Wii? does it change a lot?



rustythekid commented on Nintendo's Q4 Schedule Outs BIT.TRIP FATE:

Other M, Goldeneye, DKC Returns, NBA Jam, maybe Sonic Colors and Epic Mickey, and that's just the physical retail... it's going to be quite entertaining for me, I need money. That's what I want.