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Sun 24th Feb 2008

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x10power commented on New Club Nintendo of Japan Rewards:

Kirby medallion sounds great for me to pick up if it is ever added to the NA Club Nintendo. I could also use those Super Nintendo Controllers for when I play games off the Virtual Console.



x10power commented on Feature: The Evolving Role of Swapnote:

Great Article, also love how you mention about the Swapnote RPG, once I am done with this insane school semester I am so going to start on the one I started to design. More information on it will come later when I get around to it.



x10power commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

I got to say you did an excellent job with the website. Coming from a person that designs websites on the side for local businesses you guys truly inspire me to do a much better job.



x10power commented on Site News: A Better Nintendo Life:

I want to say congrats to NintendoLife Owners, mods, reviewers, members. I have a few ideas I would like that you all can think over.

1. More Retro Reviews for games not on the VC eshop, etc
2. A contest where a member writes a review for a game and your reviewers and editors go through and pick the best written one.
3. A youtube series dedicated to videogames (I can help with this one )
4. A weekly podcast that pick members can join
5. Read tips 1 through 4 again

My favorite of the 5 ideas is the 3rd one with the 4th one following behind. I hope you consider some of my ideas and start fighting to the death which one is the best of this small group.



x10power commented on Just Why Is La-Mulana Taking So Long?:

Arg Germans they ruin all of my fault. Wait this is the first time I know they cause me any trouble. This is one the only one game I am looking towards to get from Wiiware.



x10power commented on First Impressions: Sonic Generations:

I dont see everyone problems with Sonic 4 is played great for me and who care about physics when the game plays nicely. I think everyone gaming now-a-days are getting to nitpicking with this and that.



x10power commented on Review: QIX (Game Boy):

@Gavin sorry man Kirby Dreamland is a must own for any Kirby Fan since it the game that started the series without his most well known ability.



x10power commented on Nintendo Collaborating with Third-Parties to M...:

Wii U launch I can see a game from the following companies

Square Enix (I can dream it be a RPG right?)

Now we know not all of the games at release will be hardcore games but I could see a 15 to 20 game release Day 1 for the Wii featuring a all around roster of games of different genres. I also think Nintendo will have the online going from the gecko this time unlike the 3DS. Call me insane but I also still see the big 3 coming stateside before Wii U launch which will cover the gap games between Wii and Wii U since I don't see it appearing before even August of 2012. Now I am no insider of the industry (So wish I was) but I been gaming for a while and i follow patterns that I see.



x10power commented on Rumour: Project Cafe Controller Contains a Camera:

it better make hot chocolate during the winter and chocolate milk 24/7 I would be set for life. It would use that sensor (the one that tells you mood forgot what it call) to decide your drink of choice along with a game to get you out of your depress mode or take you out of your very happy mood just so you see all of the in game advertisements cause they give you a very tough game to play to keep you playing.



x10power commented on New Elements Planned for Mario Kart on the 3DS:

Im not a huge fan of racing games but for some reason I always get and play through each Mario Kart. I'm not saying I am bad but some items (BLUE SHELL OF DEATH) does come to mind that make it impossible to do real and get Gold trophies or AAA ratings from happening.



x10power commented on Happy Two-Year "Nintendo Life" Anniversary:

I remember the days of VC-Reviews those were great days with 3 games for the virtual console each week. Well we got 2 years down so lets hope this site goes on since I visit this site at least once or twice a day. Even right now when I am suppose to be working im typing this up for you fellows to read and hopefully smile at.



x10power commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2011:

Wow Japan gets FFV my favorite Final Fantasy Pre FFVIII, Post FFVIII is FFIX, than FFVIII with FFVII. I could go for more Enix games like Soul Brazer, Illusion of Gaia, Actrasier 2. I just recently pick up Illusion of Gaia for my Snes (I fell in love with it so quickly).



x10power commented on Capcom Announces Franchise 3DS Titles:

OMG Megaman Legends 3 finally after years and years of waiting for the 3rd game after I beat the first two games in the series so many times I can finally do the same with the 3rd game in the series.