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Mon 11th May 2009

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thaneds commented on Next March, North American Pokémon Fans Can C...:

the only thing unlocked on the dsi and 3ds is the ability of video chat, but both online and story wise... and no more need to poke center mart with another b/w user you can just use the touch screen for trading and such.... i play the japanese version.... same thing.... i beat the easy game



thaneds commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

no offend to Apple, But D*** IT! it's like when they said that the iphone/ipod touch would be gaming market (which made more sense), yet unless it could produce games that use controls AND touch screen at the same time with out the need to change modes, then NINTENDO still has family oriented games and such. nintendo will never give-in, even when they dominated around final fantasy for the first time.....



thaneds commented on Review: myPostcards (DSiWare):

it's better than mysims camera, but no matter how simple,,, it's like playing rayman, ALWAYS WORTH IT!!!! an opinion is still an opinion, as such... no one person can decide for the rest of us, unless you a have a relation...



thaneds commented on Ferrari GT Evolution:

800 point tag again _... still seems steep, and yes it will be, yet i hate racing games only to look good even to me...
please be multi-card AND single download card



thaneds commented on Elemental Masters:

@FrankGrimes: I noticed this too, but it does play out pretty well and it's a good ground especially for card players... BEST CARD GAME among the best dsiwares by far... until the next new card game.... lol



thaneds commented on Nintendo To Appeal French Flash Card Case:

WOW! Extremly stupid of the judge! a 50/50 chance. nintendo does state that when you buy their product you bought what is entitled to use in your own way and all that you do are not condoned by nintendo... this means that if you download even their own games with money even, that you are entitled to be able to be arrested... see.. 50/50 do not condem me for my opinion. just think of it....



thaneds commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

Look! this is actually more based off the gba version... Same Thing! SECOND remake of the game! notice how it has similar capabilities? THIS IS A VIRTUAL CONSOLE GAME SOLD INDIVIDUALLY!!! hate if you want, but it is what i love because i owned rayman advanced for gba.... NO GBA!!! VC = Rayman and Oscar in toyland are WEIRD VCs....



thaneds commented on Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo:

These are the pros and cons of what flawed pspgo and dsi:

-dsi and psp 2/3000 and pspgo = portable
-dsi added camera (no matter how useless, it's still a plus even if only +1/2)
-dsi added flashdrive (atleast we now can save data to system)
-dsi compatible with ds cards
-psp compatible with discs
-dsi and psp can download content (psp was powerfull until nintendo go this for ds)

-loss of gba (this is because of VC games for wii and hopefully dsi, lol)
-loss of disc use (this is arguable unless you have a ton of umds)
-bulky and requires to open before use.
-Adding GO to the word PORTABLE seems like a double negative

now that i think about it, nintendo added crap and made ds a powerhouse. yet psp was a powerhouse and took away umd and became a GOD, because we cannot understand it.
all in all, nintendo is convenient for me and not too powerfull. p.s. only a GOD can handle a GOD, sony should use this slogan and pspgo will aleast be closer to nintendo standards. lol.



thaneds commented on First DSi-Only Retail Releases Hitting This Fall:

@Kawaiipikachu: first: its 4, not 8mb. I do not blame you for the sd card, yet if they make it play your music instead of the regular background/sounds im sold. WI-FI !!! have you seen 85% of wi-fi, THEY RUN OFF OF CHANNEL 7,8, AND 9!!! DS AND DS LITE ONLY RUN ON 6!!!
sorry about that, but its true and so is this.....

sorry again, but nintendo is done making ds systems.... i know "SOB", but we still have not seen Wii, GBA, and GAMECUBE!!!! they CAN become new....



thaneds commented on Oscar in Toyland on DSiWare This Friday:

WAIT !!! Platformer that does not require strategy more than gameplay, but reversed???? MVDK was good, but not like the original and was questionable. and now people are questioning a game like this?! What are you people on?! This is the game that will knock guitar rock tour and may even include MVDK (although i do love dk and mario) knocked off the top 20 forever!!! This is the next game i want!!!!!!!!!!!! no games for christmas, only NINTENDO POINT CARDS!!!!!!!!



thaneds commented on Flipnote Studio Available This Friday:

I LOVE NINTENDO OF AMERICA NOW (in a brotherly way of course, lol). PARTY!!!!!!!! I WILL DESTROY THE CREATORS WITH MY ART, lol just "CARAMELL DANSEN"!!!!



thaneds commented on Iwata: We Need To Raise Our Game at E3:

Shiggy and Reggie are what NOA is, Reggie seems misunderstood, but he is fun. Shiggy is always fun. add cammie and it makes fun more business. Shiggy + Reggie = awsome, Shiggy + Reggie + Cammie = Descent



thaneds commented on Review: Sexy Poker (WiiWare):

anime is short for Animation (Moving)!!! this game seems to lack too much, besides, we seen sexier in the dragonball anime. not too mention, people should not pay for otherwise free. who does not already own poker cards? rest my case



thaneds commented on DSi Firmware 1.4 Defeated Already?:

sorry for that statement, but like one person said "Unless someone comes up with the ultimate update, the battle continues". have faith in nintendo, but i like to watch videos on my dsi and yet nintendo needs to make a video file that plays videos i want to watch. Wii No Ma has two problems: ONLY IN JAPAN and only plays limited type videos.... mp4 and 3gp are treated like music which is very wrong...



thaneds commented on Nintendo DSi Browser:

soon we will be able to watch in 2020... we do have that works better than youtube... no deleted videos and loophole!!!



thaneds commented on Nintendo Download: Mechas, Sexy Poker, Footbal...:

not to offend, but where is flipnote???? summer will end soon and we only have a few left before school... i want to own all at school... and prove the dsi is not completely worthless... Art Style games are cool, but only one dsi download this game is not cool nintendo when they promised us Flipnote Studio, alien havoc, and uno all summer... the last day they can is the 17th and thats when school starts in FALL!!! all in all, i do like that wii is getting strong. but nintendo has two weeks left... i better get flipnote studio next monday... jk, lol



thaneds commented on Guitar Rock Tour:

this game should be like popstar, but it should not be a chick game, a good story, and more songs... lol



thaneds commented on Nnooo Planning New DSiWare Franchise:

gizmo your right, but what can be gained when you have not announced. take dragonball Evolution, they did not annouce it until they made it in the dark, it became stupid but it would have been easier if they told about it more. and the story would not have been screwed up too bad.



thaneds commented on Flipnote Studio:

they should, we bought the dsi solely for this app, plus some other minor stuff, but this is what will make psp hate us. jk, lol ... or am i??? this is why i atleast bought my dsi...



thaneds commented on Top 20 DSiWare Games in USA (25th June):

True that mario is badass! and the symbol of nintendo, but the only thing i know that will beat the dsi browser even include a new picture (maybe). the item is FREE, has FREE Updates, and is just as good as youtube. anyone have a guess??? It's name is lame in american, but i can guarantee that it is better than any (sorry for saying this) lame mediocre apps that you can get at any 98 cents store, however, make a guess of the obvious dsiware app that im waiting for that will pawn all who owns it. lol, jk. this is just my opinion though, so do not hate...



thaneds commented on Jump Superstars:

best game ever!!! this game is for fans of: DS, Nintendo, SSB, SSBM, SSBB, SSBC(ds version), Anime, Shoenin Jump(sorry for misspelling), and any one who loves DBZ and non-stop fighting games....