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Puerto Rico

Mon 18th Jan 2010

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Willy105 commented on Review: Super Paper Mario (Wii):

No, Vaynard.

This game deserves it's score. Just because it's not in the genre you wanted doesn't make it a bad game. In fact, quite the opposite.



Willy105 commented on DS Successor To Offer 3D Gaming:

Good thing Nintendo Life properly named the 3DS as a next-gen DS instead of "a DS".

A lot of sites confused it and reported that it was a new version of the DS, and a lot of peoples till think it's a new DS! lol



Willy105 commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (DS):

I agree with the 7/10 if you played the original.

Considering we got IMPROVED versions of the NES and SNES games on the GBA, no reason we should like an INFERIOR version of Mario 64.



Willy105 commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

How do you handle the non-believers that can't comprehend why you play games and why you and other people find them so engrossing?



Willy105 commented on Rogue Listing On Retailer Website:

When I was growing up, I didn't want to be a Jedi Knight, I wanted to be an X-Wing pilot.

The X-Wing/Rogue Squadron games are the best Star Wars games.



Willy105 commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

Giving Nintendo a reason to leash developers would end up making the third party publishers go away. Nintendo's super tough polices towards third parties is what caused publishers to leave Nintendo when Sony came out with their Playstation, which promised much better deals for publishers.

Now that Nintendo lifted their old ways, now they are being criticized with allowing shovelware into their systems.

There is a lot of gray area here, and it will take more than just exercising quality control to fix the issue.



Willy105 commented on Final Fantasy Creator Working on Last Story fo...:

Despite their technical problems (which is attributed to the 360's disc drive and HD textures), Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were very well received.

If those technical problems don't show up, this could be a great game.