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E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo Figures for Entire Super Smash Bros. Roster

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Explains how the figures will work

As E3 draws to a close for another year, one of the most significant reveals for Nintendo will likely be regarded as the Amiibo figure platform. Previous codenamed NFP (Nintendo Figurine Platform), an initial range was finally shown, demonstrated and confirmed for a number of new and existing titles, even including Mario Kart 8.

Speaking to IGN, Shinya Takahashi (general manager of Software Planning & Development) explained how even figures targeting a particular game will function in a more basic form on other Amiibo compatible titles.

Takahashi: "I think the biggest distinction for the amiibo figures is first, we're releasing them with Smash Bros. and there will be figures for the different characters in the game. You can take the Mario amiibo and use it in Smash Bros., but then you'll be able to use it across different games that Mario appears in. For example, you can use the Smash Bros. Mario figure and use it in Mario Kart 8 when that functionality releases. You can also use that same Mario figure in Mario Party 10. So for the amiibo project in general, we're looking at having all of the figures be useable across a lot of Nintendo titles and not just the one game the figure was [visually] designed for.

To get technical, the amiibo is able to store data, and within the full data set you have this much data (mimics a large space with his pointer finger and thumb) which is reserved for Smash Bros. But then you have a subset of data (mimics roughly half of the space from the previous example) that says this is the Mario figure. Smash Bros will use the big chunk of data in the Smash Bros. amiibo, but the other games are able to read that this is a Mario figure through this other set of data that identifies the character, and that is how the characters are able to interact with the Mario amiibo.

When you use the Smash Bros. Mario amiibo in Smash Bros., it's able to do all of the different things designed for that game. When you take that amiibo and you use it in different games, it's not the Smash Bros. Mario, it's just a Mario. It's a more simple use for [amiibo functionality] but it's able to do those two things.

What that does seem to clarify is that the range shown at E3 is primarily in place for Super Smash Bros., despite that functionality carrying across to other games. Takashi-san and Shigeru Miyamoto explained that there may be alternative ranges of figures for particular releases, for more specialised functionality; future toys could be bigger, too.

Takashi: "We probably won't prepare amiibo for every IP. We haven't finalized which ones we will just yet. It's tough to explain, but if there's something that particularly useful to have a dedicated amiibo for within a particular game, then we will probably create an amiibo line specifically in support of that."

Miyamoto: "So for example, if you look at the Mario amiibo from the Smash Bros. line, it's the Smash Bros. Mario, which is a little bit different from the normal Mario. We'll probably prepare a more standard Mario family line of amiibo characters that includes your typical Mario designs and typical Peach designs. Those figures would be the ones you use with Mario Party 10 or potentially with Mario Kart 8. As for Star Fox, we haven't decided what will happen when you put the Smash Bros. Star Fox amiibo on the GamePad yet, but I do want an Arwing amiibo (laughs).

Takashi: And the other thing is we're not putting any restrictions on size. We can make amiibo in a variety of size ranges. We could make a giant one. We could even make a giant robot amiibo (laughs).

Though Nintendo has promised that toys will work across multiple titles — hence arguments that it's potentially better value than the established Activision and Disney franchises — it seems there will be scope for Nintendo to make the most of the platform with an extensive range of toys.

Let us know what you think, and which specific figurines you'd like to see.


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raghouse said:

Does anyone know who manufactures these figures? I expect a toy company outside of Nintendo is involved.



Chouzetsu said:

Sounds awesome. Having the Mario figure to use in every game where Mario appears makes it so much more worth it to buy. I wonder how much they will cost?



NintyMan said:

I want a little clarification on the range of amiibo figures. A Smash Bros. figure, such as Smash Bros. Mario for example, could be used in any of the Mario games that support amiibo. But if a more traditional Mario figure was eventually released with added bonuses for a mainstream Mario game like Mario Party 10, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a single figure being good for every amiibo-supporting game, or am I just getting mixed up here? Another question I have is what figures would be supported for which games? I don't think I'll be able to use the Pit figure in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker or the Donkey Kong one in Yoshi's Woolly World, as awesome as that would be.

Since the entire Smash Bros. roster will get figures, that also includes the third-party characters like Mega Man, Sonic, and Pac-Man. If it's true that they won't just be usable in only one game, what other games would they be usable in?



YouSeemFRAZZLED said:

Wouldn't it be cool if you could get custom Mii Fighter amiibo figures with the class and Mii of your choice?



NintyMan said:

@BlueStar101: Yeah, what about Miis? How would they be usable in other games besides Smash Bros.? There's so many questions surrounding this. It's very complicated, but exciting to think about nonetheless.



whanvee said:

As long as they keep supporting these in games it sounds like a good time. I'm afraid it might not work out that way if it doesn't sell like hotcakes. We will see though.



Tops said:

Looks like I'll be buying amiibos of the entire SSB roster (I wish >.<)



Tops said:

Oh yeah, I was gonna say, I hope these do well so that they're not too difficult to find in stores.



sinalefa said:


I guess you can use the Smash Mario for all other Mario games, or the non Smash Mario in other games. If you want to buy both, that is your call. Or just the design you like best.

The third party figures are an interesting thing. So will Sega add Amiibo support to Sonic Boom? It is a Nintendo exclusive after all.



BooJoh said:

"there will be figures for the different characters in the game" doesn't seem to specify without a doubt that every character in the roster will have a figure. The statement could be interpreted simply as them saying that there will be figures for various characters, or all characters.

EDIT: okay, the IGN interview plainly states that they will all be included. Might want to add that particular quote to this article too.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

I'm not sure about their idea.
Take figures like Mr. Game & Watch, MegaMan, or Wii Fit Trainer as examples - they starred in very few recent games, so which ones are they supposed to support? If a certain figure simply doesn't have many games to function with, it would effectively lower its value. I hope Nintendo is aware of that and works out some interesting solutions.
Also, it would be great to release a program similar to AR games, just with amiibo, where you could do some nonsensical minigames and other funny stuff.

@DestinyMan It's more or less a matter of taste when that happens. Regardless of your version of Mario amiibo, they both support amiibo features the same way, just the figures themselves look different. But the Smash Bros. Mario will work with the same titles as Mario Party Mario, which is every amiibo-supporting game with Mario in it (Smash Bros., Mario Party 10, Mario kart 8)



Phantom_R said:

That's a tad disappointing, how it only saves data for one game. This reminds me of how you can save data into a Wii Remote... but only for one game at a time.



ToastyYogurt said:

@BlueStar101 Oh man, as expensive as it could be to buy, a website where you can upload your Mii and get a Smash Bros. Amiibo of it would be awesome. Such a personal thing for the idea of making your friends fight your Amiibo. I've seen other games have similar websites for that. With Rockband 2 you could order a figurine of your avatar, Rabbids Go Home let you buy a figurine of your customized Rabbid. Needless to say, both of those options were very expensive for a figurine. Don't think Nintendo would go to the trouble of setting that up, being the company that likes to feature low price points they'll feel people probably won't want to buy such a figurine at a proffitable price (heck, even non-proffit would probably be too much).
As an alternative, I could see an Amiibo that has a genericmii on it, or better yet, a transparent figure of a Mii (to better represent any possible Mii), that let's you do a one time only upload of any Mii. Both options would be cool to have, one for the average consumer and the other for people with way too much money on their hands.



HappyHappyist said:

Ugh, this has got to be their worst idea. Whatever interest I had in Smash has perished because of this. I want to play a fighting game and win or lose fair-and-square, but when someone paid for extra abilities to use against me, Bullpoopoodoodiecacapoopledooples.



TheAdza said:

If you dont want to play against an amiibo character you don't have to. This is an added extra to the game. Im all for the amiibo in Smash, but its not tied to it in any unfair kind of way like Skylanders. What it means for me is when I am playing 2 player with someone else, but want 4 fighters on the screen, instead of them being CPU players, they could be fighters that I have trained and customised. They probably dont even have to be on my team if I didnt want them to be. I think its a great added dimension to the main game.



BooJoh said:

@HappyHappyist I'm pretty sure players can't actually control an amiibo figure at all anyway. They're just CPU players you can train up to fight against or with or pit against each other.



HappyHappyist said:

@Emblem Either way, content is locked behind a paywall, and what should've already been in the game i now have to pay extra for. BS. It's one thing when Kid Icarus sells pointless AR cards for a pointless part of the game, but it's another when Smash sells expensive dolls that alter the gameplay.



3dbrains said:

they are basically fancy AR cards, like the ones used in kid icarus.

If I buy metroid amiibo (LOOKS AWESOME) will it be useless in mariokart?



parkerjames said:

I don't really get it. What's the advantage of the amiibo if I can just pick the character in the game without having the toy?



JaxonH said:


I think the general idea is to allow figures to be used in more than one game, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will, as in cases of less seen characters. I'm sure you'll have a pretty good idea of which characters will have multiple games and which won't.

The separate line would be more for marketing the toy itself, as people will probably want (and will buy) a separate figure of Mario (or whoever) that's more in line with the games they're playing. They'll probably all be compatible with all games of Mario (that use Amiibo), just a question of which figure design you prefer most.



TwilightOniAngel said:

Im just going to buy the figures for myself too put them in my room and have a collection cause they look awesome . who would it want a little mac, ike or Mr. Game and Watch figure to have cause you can.



Andremario said:

I think this is a great idea for nintendo and the customers! Very cost effective depending on unsaid cost. It's unfortunately gonna be a bad idea for our pockets....R..i.P Pockets
take my moneey



Hero-of-WiiU said:

Although I still can't seem to understand the definitive purpose for these, I'll get a few just for the fun of it, plus there not McDonald toys, they are highly detailed.



Mega719 said:

Interesting he said "Star Fox" instead of just Fox confirming there are more reps in Smash Bros. I definitely would buy these no matter the price they are very useful, good thing we don't have to keep buying more special figures. No Skylanders for me ever



Action51 said:

Pit = Mine
Palutena = Mine
Mega Man = Mine
Samus = Mine
Ike = Mine

Mwahahahaha!...get your own!



Dodger said:

The custom mii figures would be great Club Nintendo prizes. But that is unlikely. I would pay for a figure of my mii to sit on my shelf and fight me in Smash.



NavySpheal said:

Please, PLEASE tell us how much these cost. The anticipation is killing me. I really hope they are less than $10 bucks per figure, or I may just get what I want and leave. This makes me want Chrom even more....

Also, they should bundle a Mario Amiibo with every copy of Smash.



PlywoodStick said:

Somehow, this reminds me of the DexDrive for N64, and VMU for Dreamcast... just in figurine form...



FriedSquid said:

Arwing confirmed as playable in Smash Bros.! Project Giant Robot also confirmed for amiibo support!!

Ok, but in all seriousness, this is really interesting stuff. I wasn't really on board with this idea at first, but it sounds like they're trying to change up the figure formula and make it very widespread. I think I will definitely be getting some of these in the future, if my wallet can't afford to collect them all!



Shambo said:

I'll have to clear some shelf space, it seems. Well, no problem. With Nintendo going this awesome, I think about stopping my collection for non-Nintendo systems. Not too sure yet, but a lot can go already. Guess I'll keep the best horror games for all, the best gems, and the games from my favourite series and developers.



SuperiorYoshi87 said:

@HappyHappyist Actually no it dosent alter gameplay. Amiibos are their own game within itself Smash "supports" the Amiibos it dosent require them. When you place a figure into the game it fights a computer/player/other amiibo and levels up to become stronger eventually you can have your friends play against your Amiibo or you yourself. They can't be used online at all and everything that should be in SSB is there the figures are a stand alone thing. Saying you won't buy the game because other people can buy figures for it and play with them and not affect you sounds like a wasted reason to not buy the game. It's not content you need nor require it's an extra incentive for those interested in such a thing.



Inkling said:

Wait, will they just be figures you race/fight/play against? I know that's the case for Smash, but...



BooJoh said:

@SanderEvers Well yeah, I realize that. I was replying specifically to the person complaining that amiibo would be a pay-to-win mechanic.



supremii said:

I don't understand the excitement, won't buy any of these figures. It doesn't feel very natural in my eyes. I wonder if it could be a way to add "dlc" in physical form with the data stored in the figurine (they say there is no limitation in size) but that would be a partly exit from the digital route that has been taken so far.



solcross said:

I'm curious to see if there'll be a way to transfer data between Amiibo figures. I say that because I'm sure we'll see variants of characters down the line (like a fire Mario, for example), so it would kinda suck to have to start all over.



SuperiorYoshi87 said:

@unrandomsam It does nothing to take away nor really add to the game. Buying or not buying dosent affect Smash differently in anyway. It's not like Street Fighter X Tekken where's there was like 6 characters on disk that you had to pay for. It's basically a mini game that's unimportant in the grand scheme of the game. People think you need to buy figures to have access to the characters, does anyone read anymore?



Action51 said:

@unrandomsam - Is it really?

Did you see the explanation of how they will work for Super Smash?

Honestly, it's like a "toy" that allows you to have a Nintendo smash fighter as a trainable NPC....that you can move from system to system using the figurine.

Now honestly, there is no evidence whatsoever that it's going to contain codes to unlock stuff that exists on the disc at this point. In fact it would seem that's not the case, but I suppose we'll eventually learn the technical details.

Is it a gimmick....yeah kinda...but it's also kind of fun and the figures are nice looking, so at least when you pay for the "DLC" you have an attractive physical item instead of a digital download receipt.



MrGawain said:

Personally I question if the amiibo's functionality in games will be worthwhile, as the reason Skylanders toys sell so well is because you have to have the figure to play the character in the game. It's DLC that in a sick sort of way makes the game better and last longer BECAUSE it isn't in the game when you start off. I do know though that many game fans would like certain figures of characters even if they didn't connect to a game.

Wonderful 101 figurines? I'd lose 30 years of my mental age for that.



LavaTwilight said:

I wish Nintendo would stop taking my money. There's still a few games I haven't picked up yet that I'm dying to get hold of.



andreoni79 said:

What about a "Fan Edition" of their upcoming games with the proper amiibo included? Something like Yoshi's amiibo for free (or hardly discounted at least) if you pre order Yoshi's Whooly World?



Jazzer94 said:

@HappyHappyist The figures are useless they don't lock away things like costumes, stages or characters only the learning cpu fighter that can be taken to other peoples games so ji can't see how this is a deal breaker I'm actually pleased how this worked out compared to peoples ideas on the forum.



meltendo said:

Awesome....I love collecting good figures. At least these will have a purpose outside of just looking good on a shelf. On another note, they could have really hyped this up by giving out a special E3-only amiibo this year.



theBluntKnight said:

I have not really one to buy collectable figures, nor did I get tempted to buy in to the skylanders or disney infinity franchises but these I am feeling very tempted to get into. They are highly detailed and look really cool to display but the fact that they can interact with SSB and other nintendo games is really interesting.

If this thing takes off I'd like to see Nintendo come up with a thing where you could take an in game snapshot of a character or a mii and send it through to be 3d printed with an NFC chip.



Daz-brum said:

I am a big skylanders fan have nearly all the figures i hoped Nintendo would do this for mario kart can you imangine Zelda and these figures WoW over load need to lye down........



luke88 said:

I'll probably buy them, though I am not really in to collecting figurines, this is Nintendo.



Expa0 said:

Thankfully judging from the digital event they made these things relatively pointless, that you don't actually need to get them for anything.

That being said I will probably get at least Samus, Gordondorf and whoever my main is going to be.



Sakura said:

SSB is not for me, though from seeing gameplay I can understand how it will be fun for many. Still may pick up a couple of figures though. Would be good to have a mii figure that shows all achievements for all games played by user, shown in miiverse perhaps, but then they'd have to create an achievements system to make use of it and 3DS achievements already driving me nuts because of the lack of special miis. Hope they maximise potential for these amiibos and don't leave us in the same vacuum of disappointment that we've had with plaza games before homepass because we couldn't get enough hits to play them. Coming up with innovative ideas is promising, but has to be followed through if amiibos are not going to get smashed against walls in frustration. It's a fine line. They need to offer enough so that they are worth buying, but not so much that you can't play the associated games without them. Pricing will be an important factor, for me at least.



Rafie said:

Darn my OCD. I will have all of them....even if I don't use those said characters. -_-



Luna-Harmony said:

So say 20 smash bros people thats 20 figures and say £10 a pop that's £200 for a complete set + smash bros wii u and smash bros 3DS = £70 and the gamecube pad and adaptor £30 ?
= going to be an expensive time for collectors and nintendo fan's.



Longaway said:

I think the general idea of Amiibos is fine, and I like the idea of having different sculpts based on different games, however the concept that a Smash Bros figure won't have the same functionality in MK8 as an MK8 figure sort of defeats the purpose of making them cross game compatible.

They should be selling based on the idea that people will want to buy multiples of the same character because they like the new sculpt, not because "well, this is the one that goes with this game". They're going to run into problems when the masses figure out that cross-game compatibility does not equal full compatibility.



absuplendous said:

I was more or less on board with Smash's implementation of Amiibo, but for other games, it sounds like the figures just arbitrarily unlock content already embedded in the game; that's exactly what I predicted, feared, and don't want. If these figures do nothing more than what an unlock code does, they are superfluous; they're on-disc DLC in physical form. It's really disappointing, because initially it sounded like Nintendo was consciously avoiding that route; now they seem unabashed about it.



Corleonis88 said:

Must be one of the reasons why transformations are over. so you cn buy a zelda and a sheik amiibo



Haxonberik said:

I like the amiibo idea but I definitely think they should let amiibos from other, lesser franchises be usable in games outside their own to compensate for the lack of support, say, letting you use Mr. Game and Watch on Mario Party 10. Otherwise I'll feel I'm paying too much for some characters compared to others.



Terrible_Majesty said:

WHAT IF...using amibo you can unlock secret characters in seemingly unrelated games? e.g. scan fox mccloud in fzero and unlock him as a racer. lots of potential here with cross game functionality!



Th3PlaidHatter said:

@raghouse lol, it would be strangely ironic if they don't manufacture them. They consider themselves to be a toy company and in fact were for the first ~70 years of their existence (well, cards and toys).



Drawdler said:

"We'll probably prepare a more standard Mario family line of amiibo characters that includes your typical Mario designs and typical Peach designs. Those figures would be the ones you use with Mario Party 10 or potentially with Mario Kart 8."

I was excited until I heard about this. The figures look great and I like the idea of using each in a wide range of games where each would play differently. Now I'm more cautious than hyped. I'll probably still buy a number of them because I want some Nintendo figurines to display but this made me much less interested in actually playing with them and now I probably won't go after a whole set (even before this, I really wasn't sure because I'm afraid they'll be really expensive here).
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're going to do new versions of characters at some point anyway, since they can't keep re-issuing old ones but... This makes it sound like they won't be that hesitant about making a whole bunch you can pick from, and then I can see that becoming an issue with all the different games and I'd really hate if if they went too far with specialising figures for a lot of games. Maybe I'm just being cynical about it, but then if they do it right I'll be pretty happy about it I'm just going to keep my hopes for this low now.

Gotta get every Greninja one no matter what though



YoshiTails said:

So these amiibos are like... trainable pokemon but for smash bros? Is that a fair comparison? Not sure how significant the content will be. Will it allow someone who is struggling to just wipe their opponents off the floor? Will it be usable against folks with wiimotes? And for them, too bad. Many questions!

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