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HUGE Nintendo fan had every system and get them day one. Super Smash is my favorite game series of all time along side Zelda and Mario of course!

Wed 18th Dec 2013

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SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Video: Donkey Kong 64 Tumbles Onto Wii U Virtu...:

lol at complaining about "sluggish" controls on an N64 game which basically all of the games have sluggish controls especially by today's standards.....

Every 3-D platformer from the N64 era had some
Form of backtracking or replaying the same area, Mario 64 has 8 stars per level which required you to repeat the same course 8 times everytime....Banjo Kazooie was the only one that didn't make you backtrack as much as you could collect every jiggy in one go. I don't see the complaints DK64 gets as being all that valid. It was great when it came
out in 99 and it still holds up great today.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Mysterious Murasame Castle's Takamaru Was Cons...:

@NintyMan I 150% agree with you DK deserves a 3rd rep honestly I think deserves 4 reps all together in a perfect world we'd get Dixie Kong and King K. Rool as DLC. The only newcomer I wanted was K. Rool, I'm glad that Duck Hunt happened aswell as Pac-'man and Megaman but King K. Rool was my only WANT. Sakurai saw for to ignore him, and the DK franchise in general the lack of DK content in Smash 4 is disturbing.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

Almost everyone I know who dosent have a Wii U now is getting one this holiday. Mostly due to Nintendos strong E3 presence and Smash Bros. Nintendo is fighting to stay relevant and so far they're doing a good job. Having Mega 64 announce the Smash invitational, getting Robot Chicken to do skits in your E3 presentation, all were great and showed they're reaching out to the masses and their fans. The tree house was phenomenal and changed the way I pay attention to E3 and blew Sony and Microsoft out of the water I got to watch these games in real time and hear what the developers had to say. It was like I was there and it was awesome. Nintendo isn't done either, sponsoring EVO, and having a treehouse at SDCC and a 3DS Smash Tournament is just helping them more and more. Comic Con alone is one of the biggest celebrations of Pop Culture and Nerd Culture and Nintendo being there with games on hand and a few 'special surprises' will only help them rise above the rest. They're doing more work now than they did for the entire first year of the Wii U's lifespan. It's helping and it's showing. Nintendo 4 Ever.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@heyzeus002 Well my comment of SF4 was going off of what friends of mine who play it competitively say they always told me it favored defensive play. So I can't debate that nor do I want to lol. My comment still stands though on I believe it's largely the community even more so than mechanics because it's the communities opinions of those mechanics to say whether or not they are competitive as in my personal view there is no deffinets in what is and isn't a competitive mechanic it's a matter of opinion. However I will agree to disagree as we obviously have different opinions on that subject and I respect that I'm not looking to add another argument to the "Sm4sh isn't going to be competitive argument". I'm just saying the true players will play it and do so at a high level. It's life cycle will depend on the mass opinion of the game. Even if EVERYONE dosent embrace Sm4sh it's still going to have a competitive following I can gaurenteed anyone who is in the competitive Brawl community will most likely adopt Sm4sh as their new chosen game. Melee players probably won't because it's different then the game they've been playing for 10 years and a lot of people don't like change.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

People can argue as much as they want but at the end of the day the bottem line is the game is only going to be as competitive as the community makes it. None of the Smash Bros games were made with a competitive environment in mind, it was the community that made the games competitive. Advance techniques came as people practiced and found them, whether they were accidental or placed in purposely is irrelevant. Smash 4 WILL be competitive if the community embraces it to be. Any Smash game can be competitive or played at a competitive level it's the communities opinion of it that effects it's life in a competitive environment. Not all competitive fighting games are offensive in style Street Fighter 4 is a fine example it's a game that favors defensive play and yet is still one of the largest competitive games. Brawl was being chastised from the start and yet a competitive community still exits, I'll be it not a large one. It's the communities choice to make the game competitive obviously this choice will be helped or hinderd by mechanics but still. True competitive Smash players play every Smash competitively they don't just play one, they may favor one but they don't exclusively play just one. If your a true competitive smasher you play all the games and learn the mechanics, the ins and outs and play it at a high level. I've played every Smash competitively with the same 2 mains every game. Smash 4 will be no different for me, I look foreword to learning the mechanics and enjoying the game at a competitive level.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

@unrandomsam It does nothing to take away nor really add to the game. Buying or not buying dosent affect Smash differently in anyway. It's not like Street Fighter X Tekken where's there was like 6 characters on disk that you had to pay for. It's basically a mini game that's unimportant in the grand scheme of the game. People think you need to buy figures to have access to the characters, does anyone read anymore?



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

@HappyHappyist Actually no it dosent alter gameplay. Amiibos are their own game within itself Smash "supports" the Amiibos it dosent require them. When you place a figure into the game it fights a computer/player/other amiibo and levels up to become stronger eventually you can have your friends play against your Amiibo or you yourself. They can't be used online at all and everything that should be in SSB is there the figures are a stand alone thing. Saying you won't buy the game because other people can buy figures for it and play with them and not affect you sounds like a wasted reason to not buy the game. It's not content you need nor require it's an extra incentive for those interested in such a thing.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Hyrule Warriors Screenshots and Gameplay Detai...:

Seems intetesting, for anyone saying the massive cleavage is to revealing for a Zelda game, need I remind everyone of the great fairys from OoT yea the 64s graphics didn't convey it well but they were essientially naked with Ivy just covering their lady parts. Can't forget when Twin Rova fuses either. If OoT was done in HD and ehanced visuals it would be considered a bit risqué in terms of Zelda. So while the super cleave does bother me a bit it's not to out of place in the series.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Month of Yoshi: The Brightly Coloured History ...:

I said something on another article awhile back about how Yoshi certainly deserves his own year and he does. People who say he shouldn't get one are fools, he's easily one of the most recognizable Nintendo characters next to the Mario Bros and Pikachu. Hell people who don't even play Nintendo games know who Yoshi is, my grandmother knew who Yoshi is. A Yoshi egg is just a symbolic with Nintendo as a question mark block or the Triforce. His history in single games is a little spotty but he's had more single player outings than Luigi has. Year of Yoshi needs to happen or I've lost a little faith in Nintendo.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on The Year of Luigi Officially Ends on 18th March:

Obviously if you couldn't tell I absolutely want a year of Yoshi, which I certainly feel is coming. While 2015 IS his 25th anniversary I feel like the Year of Yoshi would be leading up to his 25th anniversary. Like what Nintycraze2013 said I don't think it's coincidence that Luigis year is ending right around Yoshis New Island release date. I mean he has atleast 2 games coming centered around him and is being featured in an lot of titles coming up so it just seems logical. For all those people who don't want Yoshi to have a year all I can say is quit your whining, Yoshi is just as recognizable as Mario and Luigi, everyone knows who Yoshi is. Hell I have a tatoo of a Yoshi Jolly Roger on my arm and there's not person I meet that dosent go OH YOSHI! Hal of them don't even play games. He deserves a year a lot more than Waluigi............



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Nintendo of America Running TVii Sweepstakes D...:


I have to say I find what you say about most of the people who watch the Super Bowl as bros and dudes quite insulting. Almost everyone I know watches football in general and the SB and are HUGE Nintendo fans/gamers in general. I myself am a comic book nerd/D&D player/Warhammer player/ etc. Aswell as a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan. Football is a game that has fans of all walks of life not just "bros and dudes". You know how many people I saw on FB share the article NL put up about the Broncos player playing Pokemon? It's not cool to assume things about fans of anything. Nintendo fans should above all know this from experience as we hate being generalized as kids and casual gamers



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Nintendo Dominates Festive Hardware Charts in ...:

IMO Wii U has nowhere to go but up, the bundles are a deal and on top of that 2014 is what the Wii Us launch should have looked like, Mario Kart, SSB, Donkey Kong, Beyonetta, maybe that Zelda Dynasty Warriors game! The line up looks fantastic and it's going to be hard for people not to have one especially when you have the games that already came out Super Mario 3D World, WWHD, Monster Hunter, New Super Mario Bros U, and Nintendoland! I feel 2014 will see the Wii U pull a 3DS and skyrocket can't wait to see what Ninty has up their sleeves for this years E3



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Mario Kart 8 Jump Festa Impressions:

This game is gonna be great! I can't wait, the online on Mario Kart Wii was one of the few games with good online for the Wii so this one should be phenomenal online, atleast that's what I'm hoping. Mario Kart is one of the few games along with SSB that I feel online multiplayer is vital for the game in this current Gen. I usually don't give a crap about online multiplayer, especially with Nintendo games but it really helped the replay value of MK Wii.



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct's Final Flourish of ...:

To be honest I think Nintendo has so much lined up in 2014 that it's to much for a 30 minute direct, I feel the January one after the start if the new year will show more, Beyonetta 2, more on Yoshi's Island 3DS, X, and others. This Direct was to get some things out the door January's should be extra shiny. Plus ok waiting on what I feel will be the announcement of 2014 being the year of Yoshi! Which I'm sure Mr.Sakurai is waiting to reveal my FAVORITE character for Smash



SuperiorYoshi87 commented on Hyrule Warriors Is Zelda Meets Dynasty Warrior...:

People complain that Nintendo dosent go outside the realm of what they're familiar with, then they think outside the box and people complain you can't win either way. I think it's a cool idea! It's not meant to be some deep graphically heavy game it's meant to be mindless fun of fighting massive amounts of enemies! Nintendo is trying its best to reach other audiences with this game obviously. While I'm not a HUGE Dynasty Warriors fan I do enjoy those sorts of games here and there so seems exciting to me! I'm glad Iwata threw that Disclaimer out there because if this was Zelda U then I'd be disappointed