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Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomorrow

Posted by Andy Green

Virtual Console looks set to open on Tuesday

The Wii U Virtual Console is scheduled to launch a day after the upcoming system update, which is set to go live at some point this week.

Nintendo didn't give any specific date for the update, but it appears that it could be up and running as soon as Monday as the official website has already started listing release dates for Virtual Console games.

Excitebike, which is also available in the 3DS eShop, has been given a release date of Tuesday 23rd April suggesting the update could happen on Monday 22nd April.

The system update is set to significantly improve the loading times of the Wii U, something many have been crying out for since the console's launch.

Technically there are a few Wii U Virtual Console titles already available thanks to the trial campaign celebrating the Famicon's 30th anniversary, which allows you to pick up a classic title for just 30c/30p. Incidentally, Kirby's Adventure is the fourth game to be made available and you can download it right now.

It's not official but it certainly looks as though we'll be enjoying faster loading times and a brand spanking new Wii U Virtual Console very soon.

It looks like Excitebike will be available on day one and we know EarthBound is on the way. Which titles would you like to see in the Virtual Console when it launches? Let us know in the comments section below.


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LavaTwilight said:

What titles would I like to see when it launches? Loads but the likelihood of them being there is minimal to non-existent. What titles would I like to see come to Virtual Console? Desert Strike and Krusty's Super Funhouse! I'd also like to see GCN games like Mario Sunshine, Eternal Darkness and Mario Kart DD!



TreesenHauser said:

Aside from previously-released Virtual Console titles, here are my hopes for eventual re-release:

Star Fox
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Tetris + Dr. Mario

Mega Man The Wily Wars (it's only okay to me, but it would still be cool nonetheless)

One day, Rare and Nintendo will successfully negotiate over the rights to GoldenEye, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Conker's Bad Fur Day, and I will be a happy, happy man.

Also, Nintendo needs to say something about GameCube titles arriving on there.



GoombaJMR said:

Gamecube games and the ability to play them on the controller. N64 Games would also be nice



FineLerv said:

@Hunter-D The art style looks divine but unfortunately I didn't play a lot of Nintendo when I was a kid.

Also... Oh wow! I just got an email notification from NintendoLife... is this new or did I somehow miss it in the past?



Sonicfan11589 said:

Just curious does Yoshi's Island on SNES have better looking colors compared to its GBA counterpart like Super Mario World? I had never played Yoshi's Island on SNES.



MAN1AC said:

I want more classic RPGs.
And for Nintendo to hurry up with the GBA titles.



HorseLoverFat said:

All the Wii VC games on the gamepad would be sweet. Also battletoads and more 64, gamecube games. The Rogue Squadron games and F-zero GX would be awesome.



ULTRA-64 said:

@TreesenHauser Nintendo letting rare slip through their fingers was the stupidest thing they ever did....the turning point for the popularity of their consoles and the quality of the games on them. They beat Nintendo at their own game and pushed them to make more and better games themselves!!!
Whether it's blast corps, diddy Kong racing or perfect dark rare made the best in class games that sold consoles and won over fans. Shame that Microsoft has achived nothing good game wise with them!?!
So, yeah, any rare games we can get for the vc will keep me happy...won't happen though =(



TreesenHauser said:

@ULTRA-64 Man I forgot about Blast Corps and DK Racing, good calls there! But yeah, you're probably and most likely correct. One can only hope and dream. :



goldbricks23 said:

VC titles on a Tuesday and New Titles on a Thursday sounds good to me. Gives each type of games to shine on their own respective terms. And I'm sure it would help sales of VC titles compared to releasing them next to bigger, newer games. Or vice versa, depending on consumer preferences.



HorseLoverFat said:

Will Rare ever be able to release their back catalogus of games from their time with Nintendo while they are under Microsoft? Or is it an imposiblitiy? I sure hope they can because Rare made some of the best games out there.



Yosher said:

Bring on the update!

As for VC titles, I still wish Nintendo would just make all the Wii titles available on Wii U and not make us purchase them for a second time. Even if it's for a reduced price. Because everyone who's purchased a lot of them will still need to dish out a lot of money for the Wii U VC versions in total.

As for unreleased retro games, of course Yoshi's Island comes out on top no doubt!



ULTRA-64 said:

@Yosher I'm well pissed at the idea of paying more for Wii u vc stuff I've already bought. I hear it's 99p for Nes and £1.49 for snes games......cult gamers are having their loyalty milked if you ask me!!



Nintomdo said:

@TreesenHauser: This is why, IMO, the VC can only ever be a supplementary part of a retro fan's collection. There will always remain great titles that will never see the light of day on the VC. The VC is great for promoting awareness for retro gaming and I'm pretty happy with what was released on the Wii, but it feels pretty futile to me to wait for a particular release, especially a Rare developed title. The cartridges are still pretty inexpensive online and nothing beats playing a game on its original hardware.



craigmoss19 said:

@ULTRA-64 No one is making you pay more to play it on Wii U. If you really want you can still play your purchased virtual console games in Wii mode.



WiiLovePeace said:

I also read on Miiverse (courtesy of "Wii U News") that the Nintendo Network is having some down time on Monday! Could be related... Though I was expecting it to launch on Thursday - eShop day



SilentHunter382 said:

@craigmoss19 While I do agree with you that you don't have too play it but I still feel ripped off (in a way) that the people who will get these games for the wii u for the first time will get the Wii U features for the same price as we did when we got the for the Wii.

Sure you could say that we got too play them early but its more about the extra features we are not getting. Different if it was a sale price for people who don't have them but give a free update to the people who have the games already when the game is released on the Wii U vc.

I still feel like Nintendo is only pissing off the people who got VC games from the Wii and not the people who didn't get the games.



ikki5 said:

got me kind of excited, sadly I see people asking for the banjo games and sadly Nintendo probably won't get to put them thanks to them not having the rights to banjo anymore



LavaTwilight said:

I'm not too bothered but at the same time I'm not going to dish out too much redownloading games I've already got. Especially now that we can load the 'Wii console' up by holding a button down, is there much point? Some games are worth the repurchase if you're that much of a fan, so for me I'll pay for Super Mario World again, but not for... say... Mario 3. Even though I love it... just not as much as SMW



craigmoss19 said:

@SilentHunter382 With that logic, someone who bought Monster Hunter 3 on the Wii should get the Wii U version for free. I'm afraid a lot of things don't work out that way and I personally feel that people should be grateful that they aren't charging full price to upgrade to the Wii U versions because they could have done if they wanted to.



Mr-DNA said:

Really, the only reasons to upgrade are customizable controls, GamePad/Pro Controller compatibility, and posting screenshots on Miiverse. And I have to admit, not having to break out the Wiimotes, Classic Controllers, and AA batteries is tempting.



ULTRA-64 said:

@SilentHunter382 well said man, people have got to realise that if you encourage companies to charge you more.....they will. Nintendo would not still be in buisness if it were not for their cult status making them money. I love that they still make the best games around but I don't see why the games that won us over are used to make money from us again. I bought them on the Wii for a second time out of RESPECT for ninendo and their legacy. We are fortunate the Wii u has a Wii built in to play old vc games if not we'd need to keep an old console running, defeating the whole point of old games on new hardware. The bottom line, of we pay now, they will make us pay next gen again, and then again,etc...



Yosher said:

@craigmoss19 You can say what you want but people who have downloaded the Wii versions SHOULD be able to upgrade their games for free on the Wii U (provided they transferred their Wii VC titles to the Wii U). As mentioned before, we payed the same as the ones who make the purchase on the Wii U, and now we have to pay extra for the Wii U features. It's rediculous and to me one of the dumbest things Nintendo ever pulled off.

I know Nintendo is not a charity case, but it's still rediculous. At LEAST make it so that the titles can be downloaded for 30 cents a piece or so, that would be tons better already and Nintendo would still make money out of it. I'd re-purchase all those titles again if this would happen.



rjejr said:

They shouldnt ore-anounce updares like this b/c either it will be late or it will be right on time and the servers will be delayed for the overload. Either way consumers will be upset anf Nintendo will have to apologize. Sony messes this stuff up all the time. They should just release it when its ready and tell people a couple of hours later.



RedYoshi999 said:

I just want Nintendo to finish what they started and release some more N64 games: Mario Party 1, Mario Party 3, DK64, Banjo Tooie, Banjo Kazooie to name a few. Then they can think about releasing GCN and GBA games.



ULTRA-64 said:

@craigmoss19 with that logic, I guess you like buying the same game of the same company and paying the same amount each time, right! Even though no new content is added, or changes made! Mh3 added new content/features/visuals to a couple of years old, current game. It would be stupid to think somebody buying Mario games that encouraged them to spent thousands over years on a company...for at least the second the same as's just milking the hard core fans bank balance at a time when they have been very patientfor new games. They could at least have let me copy a set amount for free then charged if I had loads more than average!!



gavn64 said:

What a bunch of whiners talk about never being happy, for an age and a half it was "we want earthbound.. c'mon ninty make it happen" and then when we get earthbound you are all complaining about something else just be happy for crying out loud the WiiU VC selection will grow in time and we might just get confirmation of GC games at E3 so just... be... patient... this constant whining is getting old.



Trikeboy said:

I hope that Earthbound is one of the first games to be released on the Wii U VC. It hasn't appeared on the Wii VC so should sell well.

@ULTRA-64 i can't believe this needs saying again but Nintendo dumping Rare was a good move. All the good developers at Rare left the company. Nintendo noticed that things with the company would go down the toilet and they let them go. I'm glad the crap that new Rare has made never made it's way to the Gamecube. Rare is only getting by on name recognition these days.



Mk_II said:

@Trikeboy absolutely. The Rare they sold was not the Rare we all love. The Stamper brothers were leaving, a lot of their best staff had already left and Nintendo saw the writing on the wall



biglittlejake said:

Any Legend of Zelda wold be awesome. I am still waiting for Star Wars Racer and Harvest Moon 64 to be announced. I brought this up to Nintendo of America, supposedly they will discusses it. I also brought up LOZ Oracle's and Minish Cap. Since I emailed them the Oracle's have been given a release date, lets hope for those other games too.



CliffordB said:

I "maybe" in the minority but unless Nintendo release stuff that never got released on the Wii VC then I really don't see much to get excited about.

Personally I'd like the N64 to get a little more love this time around, DK64 would be a nice start!

But, most of all I want to see GameCube titles added for download, we all know the NES & SNES had classic games, but I really want later stuff.



craigmoss19 said:

@Yosher There are many companies that charge extra when new features get added. For example, when Microsoft release a new version of Microsoft Office, they don't just let you upgrade for free.

@ULTRA-64 "I guess you like buying the same game of the same company and paying the same amount each time, right! Even though no new content is added, or changes made!"

Well no, since I haven't ever done that, plus you don't actually need to pay full price again so your point is invalid.

Companies have been charging people for software upgrades for a very long time so what Nintendo is doing is not unusual. It is up to you whether you decide to purchase it or not.



The-Chosen-one said:

I also want to be able to download some, Nintendo Triforce(Arcade) games..

but i really really want Killerinstinct (the arcade version) Read it Nintendo you can have all my money if you do that. lol



Gameday said:

If only they would go against their code and make these games online , well the vc's that scream do it to me now for online multiplayer !

I dont want to see the same games over and over that already made it to the wii's vc line. Lets do this proper and give us some of those titles we've been crying for.

Definitely kick up that N64 list though. I member i had like 50 games back in the day Extreme G , Quake , San Francisco Rush 2 , Killer Instinct Gold , Crusin The World , Vigilante 8 , Dark Rift , Quest 64 , Hydro Thunder , WCW vs NWO Revenge , Gauntlet 64 , Mortal Kombat 4

Man sorry got carried away but i could just keep going , bring me some of those. They said wii u is for us so lets hold up to that end agreed ?



ToxorAxiom said:

Unless Nintendo keeps on releasing the games we bought for the Wii's VC at a simple 30-cent cost to upgrade, or surprises us all with premium VC releases we never saw before, like Earthbound, for example, then I am not impressed. Because frankly, this $400 black slab of electronics and plastic deserves better. C'mon, Excitebike? Really...? Think I'll stick to MH3U.



aaronsullivan said:

I'm in the camp that would love to see the license issues begin to crumble away. There's so much easy money to be made by all sides, just start making deals! Bond games on Gamecube like Everything or Nothing, RARE games like Diddy Kong Racing, you get the picture.

Now, for even more pie-in-the-sky desires:
I'd also LOVE for them to give a couple check box options like running N64 games with high resolution or higher frame rates. It might not work perfectly in some games, but you can just uncheck the option if you want to turn it off. In some key titles release with hi-rez textures? That's way to much to ask or expect I guess.

Hopefully, Wind Waker HD is a HUGE success on the Wii U so more games can get that kind of treatment.



aaronsullivan said:

As for the complaints about the cost of upgrading already owned VC games to the Wii U ($1-$1.50), I think it's pretty classy that Nintendo is allowing a boot right into the Wii mode from power-on (holding the b button down, I think?) in the update right before it releases the Virtual Console. It will be that much easier to get right into your old games if you decide not to upgrade. Didn't expect that and it's a nice touch. I'll still be upgrading several of my games though. Save states, more controller options and MiiVerse integration are worth it to me.



Yosher said:

@craigmoss19 This isn't your avarage upgrade, this is simply re-offering the same game for one of their download services and making people pay for it yet again, even if it's not full price again. The only thing added to the VC titles this time around is the addition of save states (or rather -a- save state), and off-TV play. I'd gladly pay again for a game if it would add certain game-specific added content, but this is a simple upgrade that goes for every single VC game, which doesn't justify making people pay for this stuff again. Like I said before, they should have priced them at a maximum of 30 cents for a re-download, or have us pay 5 bucks to be able to re-download every VC purchase we have made on the Wii in the past. That would make so much more sense and people would not complain about that nearly as much, AND Nintendo would still make money out of it.



TreesenHauser said:

As far as the re-purchasing controversy goes, I feel like it's fair in most cases. There are real legal technicalities involved in licensing these games to be played on a whole other console, which is likely why there's a charge even if you already owned the game via Wii Shop Channel. In most cases of previously-released games I'll likely avoid repurchasing them, but for a select few that I'd love to play with the new controllers (like Super Mario World and Mega Man) I'll have no problem doing so!



ULTRA-64 said:

@craigmoss19 you are correct, many companies do not charge for upgrades. This is due to licencing and the fact that they are usually software tools used for buisness or educational purposes. Games are entertainment and as such not essential, but we choose to spend money on them for pesonal enjoyment and loyalty to our interests.
For ethical reasons I avoid Microsoft, they are a company with a long history of choosing money over morals. I refuse to spend money on these options which fueled my passion for nintendo as they are the only console company still specialised in making games with an honest buisness ethic. I simply see the vc charge as a lean towards money over loyalty, that's all.
And btw the full price thing, I was responding to your comment "people should be grateful that they aren't charging full price to upgrade to the Wii U versions because they could have done if they wanted to" I'm not trying to get at you, just to get you to realise the current games trend is apps, which recieve free update, nitendo is competing against this model with the vc and new to nintendo customers will expect the same.



RedYoshi999 said:

I thought people had gotten over the pricing in the 4 months this has been known for. It annoyed me at first but I got over it. I'm certainly not rebuying every VC game I bought, just the good ones that deserve it. I realised that Nintendo has to reprogram each game individually to work with Wii U so it was never going to be free. The only valid point I see is that newcomers can get the games cheaper than us, which shouldn't be the case. Then again, we were willing to pay for the games 6 years ago without these features, so it shouldn't really be expected to get these features now.



zeldazero said:

Definitely Eternal Darkness, but what would really excite me, Killer Instinct Gold for the 64, but what would be a really amazing addition would be ds and 3ds virtual console for some of it's great old school RPG's with the release of retro style controllers for each virtual console system that matches it's original controller...It just isnt the same playing nintendo 64 games without its original controller layout



LavaTwilight said:

I really can't stand some people here. Let's face it. Nintendo is a business. And however much you like to dress them up, ALL companies (Nintendo being no exception) have 2 mission objectives. 1) Make us much profit as possible. 2) Spend as little money as possible, but not to the detriment of the first rule.
It's that simple! All businesses are like that. They wouldn't add on the cost if it wasn't necessary. Don't like it? Don't buy them. It's that simple!



nik1470 said:

You guys need to stop moaning seriously I still have nes and snes carts for half these games and I don't get a loyalty bonus so count yourself lucky. There is definitely some hard games that would benefit from the save anywhere function. Shadow warriors and super star wars springs to mind. Would love a secret of evermore copy fir my wiiu and yes Mario world 2 needs a vc realease!



Yosher said:

@LavaTwilight There's smart business moneymaking, and there's dumb business moneymaking. This is definetely a dumb way to make money. They're basically kicking their long-time fans (or at least fans from the Wii era) in the nuts, and this stuff could possibly drive people away from them, which in the long run would cost them more money than it would make money for them. This is because of the competition they're up against. Look at Sony for one, if you download a retro title there you can play it on both the PS3 AND PSP (not sure about Vita, just going by a friend's experience). This is one of the (very) few things I like Sony with more than Nintendo.



sr388survivor said:

@Yosher said: "The only thing added to the VC titles this time around is the addition of save states (or rather -a- save state), and off-TV play."
You make it sound as though that's something that is incredibly simple to do and should be free. I imagine most of us don't know the whole process of programing games to work on the Wii U but honestly, complaining because you are given the choice to pay $1 if you would like to use these features seems like it's just impossible to please people anymore.
Also, in regard to Sony, I agree the cross play is nice but from what I understand, everything you have on the PS3 will not be transferable to the PS4. Even PSN purchases.



Yosher said:

@skjia I'm not saying they can't charge people for it at all. I'd be perfectly fine with it if it wasn't so expensive just for this 'upgraded' version (like I said, 30 cents would be more than reasonable, or even 50 cents, or simply 5 bucks to allow all games to be re-downloaded from the eShop). People who have purchased over 40 games will need to shell out more than 40 bucks to be able to play these with the added function, which is a bit much for games you've already purchased in the past. That's my problem here. I am one of those who made many VC purchases, and while I do want to have the added VC functionality, I do not want to shell out €1 for every title yet again for it. So in this regard Nintendo is not making any money out of me, personally.



ULTRA-64 said:

@LavaTwilight I fully respect your point, it cuts right through the bull of ethics etc and in theory your right, companies just want money. I accept that, I'm just more of the opinion that Nintendo would possibly make MORE by investing in maintaining their fans loyalty, long term, by promoting the idea of cult gamers getting more with Nintendo. I know I'm in dream land and they have to cover costs but I could just download the games onto an android tablet illegally to have off screen play for free. I don't want that but others will and that costs them money. I just wish the balance favoured loyalty a little more is all. I will get over it. I promise =)



BetweenTheTrees said:

Oh and to everyone complaining about VC and payment issues.
either you pay or you don't. simple. don't want to spend money? don't.
simple solution.



Knux said:

I can't wait to get my hands on Earthbound and all of those GBA games!



andrea987 said:

Can't be excited about excitebike (>//<) I'm afraid.
All I hope is the upgrade does what they say, and it adds a tad more stability. I'm tired of having to unplug my system from the main when it freezes.



sr388survivor said:

Yeah I am very excited for the update. I thought it was funny how people have been complaining about how slow the Wii U is and then when Nintendo shows the update that dramatically improves the speed the reaction was "meh, that's it?" lol
@Yosher Trust me, I've spent hundreds of dollars on the Wii VC so I understand that point but I'm not going to transfer every game over to the Wii U and I'm not going to do it all at once. If I spend $50 over the lifespan of the Wii U to bring over 40 or 50 of my favorite VC titles it's really not that big of a deal to me. Sure I'd love it to be free but given the fact it's not just a simple transfer but a legitimate upgrade in functionality... there are enough other things for me to stress about in life lol.



luminalace said:

Can't wait for the update. As for the VC, apart from the Nintendo classics, I really want Konami's stellar SNES games like Super Contra and Axelay.



Gregor said:

@TreesenHauser rare told Nintendo that they could do whatever they wanted with those games but Nintendo refused. They are extremely cautious and smart so I don't see it happening.



Gregor said:

@ULTRA-64 Either pay up, or get punched in the face for downloading games illegally onto your phone. Pick your poison.



HawkeyeWii said:

So will this new Virtual Console make all the games that were VC on Wii in HD?
And also playable on the gamepad?
I would love to play F-Zero X, because playing the first F-Zero game for the first time a month ago really makes me want to play the other games in the series.



Emaan said:

I'm mostly excited for all the GBA games later on, and of course Earthbound.



cheetahman91 said:

Hopefully it's tomorrow. The faster loading times would be very welcome.

As for what I want for the VC, I'll just repost the list that I posted in the wishlist thread.

Castlevania: Bloodlines
Soul Blazer
Illusion of Gaia
Terranigma (Import)
Mr. Gimmick (Import)
The Guardian Legend
Splatterhouse 3
Ginga FukeiI Densetsu Sapphire (Import)
Mayhem in Monsterland (Import)
Bruce Lee
Spriggan (Import)
Bangai-O (Import)
MSX support
SEGA CD/32X support



ikki5 said:

I am surprised with the amount of people that think excite bike will be the only VC game released when it is released, pretty sad. lol



bluecat said:

I still don't understand why GBA titles are coming to Wii U but not 3DS. Won't they look awful all blown up on a bigger screen? :/



SCAR said:

If you update the VC games from Wii, they are making the dollar they would have if you just bought the Wii U version. Your $5 that you spent years ago on a VC title now costs $6. The conversion from Wii to Wii U is necessary and isn't BS. It's called inflation, it's just more apparent based on the incremental timeframe it is happening in. They aren't doing it to make more money. They are charging the extra dollar to break even if anything.
I'm honestly looking more forward to the downloading and install while in standby more so than the faster load times.



Bass_X0 said:

What titles would I like to see come to Virtual Console? Desert Strike and Krusty's Super Funhouse!

EA don't release games on the VC and Krusty is a licensed character. So neither looks likely.



OMEGA48 said:

Nintendo plans do to "extended maintenance" on the 23rd.. so the VC might release then.



DeadAntelopesGo said:

Nintendo's Facebook page just posted 2 days until virtual console. Update is confirmed for tomorrow that means. Just a heads up.



bfnintendo81 said:

Has anyone seen the latest post from Wii U's facebook page? It seems to suggest the virtual console will be up in 2 days!



banacheck said:

I can see where companys like Nintendo/Sony are coming from, because it's only this gen that they've had BC. They have to make the money back they've put into putting these games on the Wii U and the same will apply to Sony. But Sony also has cross-play, if you buy a game on the PS3 you can download it for free on your PSP & the PSVita. The PS4 goes one step further letting you download the game for free on, mobiles,tablets,PSP,PSVita and i think the PS3 as well. But i known Sony will be fully supporting the PS3 for years to come, not sure about the Wii. So why would you buy that game again if you've already got it on the other console, i don't see the deal they are not forcing you to buy it again because they are still supporting the other console.



Neram said:

This is great and everything, but it just hit me that it seems strange to get excited over something that Nintendo should have done from the beginning.



SanderEvers said:

@banacheck The PS4 will not play ANY PS3 game. All older games will be streamed.

Ever tried putting a Wii game in your Wii U, does it work? Will you be able to say the same thing about PS3 games in a PS4? NO!



banacheck said:

Ever tried putting a Wii game in your Wii U, does it work?

The answer to that is yes because the Wii U has backwards capability, please don't be a fool.

The PS4 will play over 3000 PS3 games, PSOne & PSTwo games. Gaikai is a cloud based service, which makes it possible aka streaming so yes you can play PS3 games on the PS4 but not discs.



SanderEvers said:

Yes. But can you do it when you don't have your console connected to the internet?

The answer to that question is the same as the previous one. Meaning: no.

And yes I know the Wii U has BC, as that the PS4 does not.

Soon you can play your PS1-PS3 games on a device with only a simple video out and one network cable. But when Sony ever goes bankrupt or shuts down the server you will never be able to play the game again. Because the PS4 doesn't play the game, the server does. And all this server does is send images and sounds of the game to your PS4 and takes the input from the controller. The PS4 is completely irrelevant



banacheck said:


That doesn't change a thing if your got the internet you can still play them, and Sony hasn't even started to talk about there emulation plans yet. The PSN has a massive collection of PS3,PSTwo,PSOne games so download them if you want them on your HDD. Personal i buy a new console to play Wii U, PS4 games, so why on earth would anyone buy a new console to play last gen games? if they already own the system.



SanderEvers said:

@banacheck The cloudservice will be the only BC or Emulator option you'll see. And with the PS5 I think you can say that it's the only option you'll see at all.



banacheck said:


So says the kid on the internet, please don't believer everything you read on the internet. Yeah Just like every console would play only digital games , and wouldn't play used games. I think i'll believe Sony over a random on the internet, you should try reading what they have to say sometimes before claiming the future. When trying to troll do it properly.



Moshugan said:

I expect to see all of the games featured in the VC trailer available at the launch of the Wii U Virtual Console.
I sure hope there's more than Excite Bike!
@Tsuchiya#1 A great first comment, btw!



ToxieDogg said:

Dear Nintendo and Konami.

Please put Axelay on the Wii U Virtual Console in Europe, as I downloaded it on the Wii from the Australian VC service (changed my region setting in the options to do it) but when I did the Wii to Wii U data transfer, it refused to move Axelay over to my Wii U along with all the other games I'd bought from the EU Shop Channel.

I really don't want to have to keep reconnecting my old Wii every time I want to play Axelay.




Nintendo4Lyfe said:

Nintendo is on fire this week! First, we'll be getting the reduced load times from game to menu/Wara Wara Plaza... and then Wii U Panorama View... and finally-- the grand opening of the Wii U Virtual Console with NES and Super NES games. We'll look forward to more Wii U titles-- VC's, first, second and third parties, more indy games... and hopefully more apps.



SCAR said:

Anyone saying this should of been possible out of the box doesn't know anything about technology. How many updates has PS3 and XBox 360 had?
This is just the way things work, especially on a mass scale. They see flaws they've missed, and improvements they can make.
It's all part of the process folks. Expect the same from PS4 and Xbox 1080.



McGruber said:

If the rate of games being released is anything like that of the Wii Virtual Console, it's gonna be a huge disappointment for this guy, especially since it seems they are starting over from scratch.



ETLN said:

If they add GameCube games they may have to release a new controller or some sort of USB to GC controller adapter so we can use the GameCube controllers themselves. The reason I say this is because the GameCube controllers have pressure triggers, something that the Wii U Gamepad and Pro Controller both lack. I think Nintendo was short sighted in not putting pressure triggers on the Wii U Pro Controller at least, it would have benefited racing and FPS for Wii U software also.



Urbanhispanic said:

We are all in agreement of two things: Nintendo needs to keep their promise from the Wii days of bringing classic games to their Virtual Console AND to make sure the prices are fair enough to pay for. Because these games are digital, the whole "licensing issue" becomes a major factor and it won't guarantee us free downloads when moving from one console to the next "future" console in line.

I like the fact that Nintendo is letting you re-download the retro games you had for the Wii by paying a nice discount; it's not full price and it is something they should make permanent. But if you want to keep the "retro" or "original" feel of the game, you can't expect upgrades that will change it altogether (i.e. online multiplayer.) The purpose of their VC service is to bring classic titles as is; if they wanted to add more to it or upgrade, they can just do a's that simple.

What I want for Nintendo to do is to continue supporting ALL of the retro consoles they started adding games for: NES, SNES, Game Gear, Master System, N64, Genesis, Commodore 64 and Arcade. There are plenty of titles left to release so please Nintendo: Don't forget about your promise to your loyal fan base.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Wouldn't mind seeing all the games for Wii VC that have been released. More specifically, all the NES and SNES games from the get-go, including the ones that were de-listed. It'd be a crying shame if the DKC trilogy were to be left out of the Off-TV play department. I'd also like to see some that haven't been released at all, like Donkey Kong 64, Toy Story 2, Tarzan, and A Bug's Life, as well as Maui Mallard in Cold Shadow and Toy Story for Genesis. If GCN were to come, I'd like to see Luigi's Mansion and Super Smash Bros. Melee. I would say something about Dreamcast, but I think if both Sonic Adventures were to be released, they'd probably be the re-done versions from 2010 and 2012.



SpaceApe said:

More rehashing of the past. Pretty lame actually. Why not try to get brand new games that the masses are playing and maybe who knows people would actually buy a Wii U ?



UnseatingKDawg said:

@SanderEvers: Hey, uh, not to rain on your parade here, but I have to ask:

How do you know that this PS4 will not play PS3 discs?

I mean, I'm not too fond of Sony, and I'm not trying to defend them here, but that console's release is looking to be a long way off, is it not? A lot of crap could change by then. Sure, PS3 players might not get to play those games via disc on the PS4. But then again, maybe they might if Sony decided to throw in the compatibility if enough fans ask for it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@ETLN: Well, there's always the original Classic Controller. That had pressure-sensitive L and R buttons...

In any case, I thought about that myself once, especially for Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Sunshine. Maybe for the GamePad, they could set it up that L and R would be "pressed all the way in", and ZL and ZR could be used for "slightly pressed in", and use the Select Button in place of the Z Button from the GCN controller. Don't know if that would work really good or not, but that's what I could think of.



ikki5 said:


how is putting the VC on the Wii U more rehash from the past?

They have this on the newer consoles already so why not provide it as well especially for those who don't have a previous Nintendo Console. And they are working on new games and have set released dates for them or did you miss the news?



tddct89 said:

The release date for balloon fight says April 21st, 2013. And we never got the update yesterday. So I won't get my hopes up, I'll assume Wednesday for the update, Thursday for the VC.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Yosher That's wrong. They added the Miiverse functionality as well. That would have taken quite a bit of additional coding for the original game considering the things that Miiverse adds to each game. So no it's not just an addition of off TV and save states. This topic has been gone over a million times already yet doesn't seem to stick. You're lucky that it doesn't cost you MORE than it already does.



banacheck said:


The PS4 doesn't support backwards capability with discs, also it's out towards November time Xmas. Everything i've said has already been comfirmed by Sony.



JSuede said:

@Ernest_The_Crab @Yosher Also, you are able to modify the button configurations however you want for every VC game. Off-tv + Miiverse + Save States + Button mapping + full spectrum of controllers to use = worth more than they are charging to upgrade. You will be able to boot directly to the Wii menu after the update anyway, so if you don't want to upgrade....don't...but don't be a jerk about something completely optional that you won't be taking advantage of.

@SpaceApe Why in the world would Nintendo be exactly like Sony and MS? We already have two consoles offering the exact same experiences, we don't need a third. Did you ever stop to think that there are people who are completely new to Nintendo games that might not have played ANY of the classics? A direct emulation is not a "rehash" either.

They also have plenty of games that will innovate just like the Wii games did. No one else bothers with 3D platformers anymore because Galaxy 1&2 will be better by default. Expect similar results from Nintendo this gen PLUS the games will be in HD for the first time. All I have ever seen you do is troll....



timp29 said:

What I hope to see on WiiU VC in the early stages....

Arcade game support (Double Dragon, Strider, Ghosts and Goblins)
3DO support (possibly the best version of street fighter 2 and best version of road rash)
Gamecube support (Ikaruga, Mario Kart, Mario Sunshine, etc)
Commodore 64 for all regions (With a working Last Ninja 3 - never got my money back because I changed regions to buy it)

Paperboy (NES)
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Prince of Persia (SNES)

I understand why some people are hesitant to spend $1.50 on a game they have already bought. But seriously, if you're that tight, just shove some coal up there and sell the diamond for your VC monies.



SilentHunter382 said:

@timp29 "But seriously, if you're that tight, just shove some coal up there and sell the diamond for your VC monies."

So if someone has over "100" vc games and want too have that feature on all vc games. Can you blame those people who want the free upgrade since it will cost them over $/€/£ 100 (maybe even 200) just too do an update. While the people who are getting the vc for the first time will not be paying extra for those features if they didn't get it on the Wii.



Einherjar said:

@SpaceApe I would even buy a WiiU for a good VC line up only
And games that "the masses play" ? I dont think that i want to be part of that mass to be honest. Im rather proud of the fact, that my taste in games differs greately from many many others, and that i dont get sweaty hands when the new "shooter game 14" is announced.



SilentHunter382 said:

@Adhrast Look don't get wrong, I understand why they are doing it and there is alot of features in it but its more about the people (including me) who have bought alot of VC games for the system.

Now I wouldn't mind if Nintendo brought out a transfer tool for €5 or €10 that lets you upgrade all Wii VC (and any future Wii VC games) and upgrade them all, but at €1-€1.50 a game (maybe €2 for N64) then its alot. When someone has alot of VC games bought it starts too add up.



Adhrast said:

Well I don't think you bought a hundred of VC games all at once, did you?
You could just update say, 10 a month, starting from the ones you use the most. Isn't that reasonable?
I mean, adding features costs, and I feel that they're already being kind enough not making people pay the full price, so I wouldn't complain too much



RetrogamerFan said:

Will check after work to see if i can get the update.
i was expecting the update to be available from Wednesday, so it would be immediately before the regular e-shop update, but the sooner the better i guess.
Wasn't that bothered about the load times anyway, but will be very nice to have.
With regard to what's coming first to the VC; of the initial 8 titles they specifically mentioned in the (EU) 3DS direct last week 4 of them were on the Famicom 30th Anniversary promotion anyway, 2 were in the 3DS ambassador scheme, and then i have the other 2 on Wii's VC. I don't think Excitebike was one of the 8 in last week's 3DS direct, but i have the 3D Classics version of that.
Personally i'm mostly interested in what GBA games are coming (unless these were already in the Ambassador scheme) because i have most of the NES/SNES games i want already on Wii VC, unless they add titles which have not been on either Wii/3DS e-shop before, e.g. Earthbound.



SilentHunter382 said:

@Adhrast While I do agree that its Far Far better then re-buying them all over again. I still don't like but I am completely understand why people are also defending it.



timp29 said:

The VC titles will be released in dribs and drabs. Some may never see WiiU. So yes, if you have 100 a one off fee would be nice (although it will take over a year, at least, for all your titles to come through - which would spread the cost out nicely). Or just play them on your Wii to protest.



SpaceApe said:

@Einherjar People say well there is so many shooters. Look it how there is a crap ton of platformers and adventure games that fail miserably ? Sorry but shooters and rpgs are the way to go. Everyone has grown up except for Nintendo.



ULTRA-64 said:

This forum has turned into a roll call of who's mummies pay for their games!!!
When you work many hours in a poop job to pay for a game because you want to support retro gaming through one company you notice an unnecessary charge. They would lose a tiny amount of money if they didn't charge but would have possibly kept more fans from their biggest selling console generation on board through their decision....just a thought...



UnseatingKDawg said:

@banacheck and @dragon_rider: Thanks for the info. I mean that sincerely too - don't like to talk about stuff I don't know.

@SpaceApe: Just because a game is rated M for Mature doesn't mean jack. Just because a console has more of those doesn't mean that the company's "grown up", either. Now I won't put down shooters or RPGs - I've played both already. But just because a game is released for a Nintendo console doesn't mean it's strictly for kids. Just because a game is rated E for Everyone doesn't mean it's strictly for kids. Nintendo doesn't make the final decision for their games' ratings - that's the ESRB's job (and in the case of other countries, the ACB, CERO, GRB, PEGI, and USK). And I'm not attacking you directly here, but I will say I'll have more respect for any person who plays a game because they like it, over someone who plays a game because of its rating.



MadJay1664 said:

Can't wait to upgrade Super Mario 64! I wanna see Goldeneye, the Rogue Squadron games and the Turok games as well! Turok 2 especially!



123akis said:

still nothing yet, was looking forward to getting it today... i think we will get it on wednesday or if sooner tommorow



JSuede said:

@SpaceApe Umm.....the Wii outsold everything, the DS will soon be the highest selling console (handheld or otherwise) EVER if it hasn't reached that point already, the Wii U has sold more than the 360 and PS3 launches aligned and the 3DS is outselling everything who doesn't sell consoles again? That's what I thought.

They could have the most powerful system and third parties would STILL ignore them and write them off as "Kiddie". Did you forget about Manhunt 2 being on the Wii? The game had to be trimmed up just to get an M rating. MadWorld was definitely not a kiddie game or even family friendly. Neither were the Turok games on the N64. The reason Nintendo themselves never develops games like that is because Japan is completely different culturally and those games wouldn't sell. They don't care about shooters over there.....hell, they don't care about extremely high-tech stuff over there and Nintendo isn't going to alienate its core fanbase by pumping out crap that can be bought in a different form on other systems.

Also, what's the point of creating those "hardcore" games when they don't sell nearly as well and are massive money sinks? 33 of the top 50 games best selling games of all time belong to Nintendo. The top 15 all do. People buy Nintendo systems for Nintendo games, and they buy them in droves.

That's the main problem with the Wii U at the moment, the majority of the games can be found on other systems, so people aren't buying it as much. But when those exclusives drop, it's going to be intense. Smash Bros alone will sell millions of consoles, just about any 1st party game will. The simple fact that Nintendo's franchises will be in HD for the first time is going to be too hard to resist since you can't get those games anywhere else.



SpaceApe said:

@JSuede Look at it this way. Thief and The Last of US on the PS 4 is going to outsell everything Nintendo has to offer in the next 2-3 years. The ever great Super Mario didn't even sell well. That should tell you something right there! Your argument is pointless. So what is Nintendo going to do keep releasing kiddie platform games ? Nintendo needs a small miracle to keep up with what is going to happen soon.

The sad this is that I will miss the Wii U gamepad once I trade it in for a PS4 or new Xbox but in return I'll be getting great games that humans actually enjoy.



Einherjar said:

@SpaceApe Uhm..the way to go ? Have you ever heard what people outside of the "paid reviews" zone, wich is a huge chunk of gamers today, say about your every day brown / grey shooter game ? They dont like it either.
Have you ever looked at what people call your "everyday nintendo kiddy game" ?
There are words like "best game ever" ,"best XYZ genre game ever", "best of its kind", "masterclass" or even "unmatched even today".
I NEVER heard anyone say that about a generic shooter in the last decade. Do you know what people remember, when tehy hear terms like "best FPS of all time" ? Things like "Golden Eye" or "Perfect Dark", games, that originated on a "kiddy Nintendo" console from a once "kiddy Nintendo" owned studio. And do you know what people say about that stuidio, that once turned everything to gold what they touched since it left Nintendo ? That it stinks beyond comparison.

The only thing that needs to grow up is a certain kind of audience that thinks, gaming is solely about "next gen grafics" and "realism" and unimportant stuff like that. You know what ? One scripted cutscenes after another like in every run of the mill shooter today is NOT realism and even less a game, its a boring, scripted sope opera for the masses, that im happy to be no part of.



ULTRA-64 said:

@SpaceApe could you sound any more of an idiot.....JSuade just hit you with facts, figures and blew your point out of the water.....and you come back with 2 games that aren't even out yet and a load of whinging....get over it, you like gory games and Nintendo don't make them,never have, but will still outsell them.



JSuede said:

@SpaceApe You are out of your mind if you honestly think that. I don't know why you are even on the site if all you are going to do is bash Nintendo for doing what they have always done.

I would be surprised if Mario Kart didn't sell more than Thief and The Last of Us combined. Thief is a fairly niche franchise and it could easily be the "Aliens: Colonial Marines" in that it fails to come anywhere near people's expectations. Both of those will sell very well for a few weeks, but sales will plummet after that, that's the way "AAA mature adult" titles sell. The one thing The Last of Us has going for it is that it is releasing in the Summer which is usually pretty dry in therms of video game releases.

It looks like a phenomenal game and I plan on buying it (because I don't discriminate consoles like some people), but it doesn't have the legs of a Nintendo franchise. Anyone that ever buys a Wii U will consider Mario Kart since it will be in HD and have a vastly improved online. Mario Kart Wii didn't sell 33 million in the first month, continues to sell as people continue to buy Wii's.

2-3 years takes us into in that time you've got Zelda, WWHD, Mario, Mario Kart, Smash Bros (will sell like crazy), X, Retro's project, Pikmin 3, Miyamoto's new IP (probably the least selling because it's new), Yoshi's Yarn, Wii Fit U, and that's before getting into pure speculation like Star Fox, F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Donkey Kong, and exclusive 3rd party titles like Bayonetta and W101, and lord knows what else. NSMBU could very well outsell either one of those games, because it will continue to sell as systems do. It's plateau won't be nearly as low over time as TLoU or Thief. The reason it "hasn't sold well", even though over half of Wii U owners own the game which is a very impressive attach rate for a launch title, is because it was too similar to NSMBWii. I'm considering buying it simply because of the Luigi DLC.

Nintendo needed "a small miracle" to save the 3DS and now it is outselling ALL consoles. They still have around 7 months before the PS4/720 come out, and another year + before those have a library that will truly be worth buying the system for before a price cut...and that is being VERY generous.

Nintendo doesn't see the market as "the people who originally bought the NES have grown up, so I should cater to them". They see it as "the people who originally bought the NES have grown up, AND HAD KIDS, so I should cater to the whole family." The older people get new experiences with their favorite franchises, and new gamers get introduced to the exceptional game quality that are Nintendo games. New gamers are created every single day, and Nintendo knows this. 25 years from now when Sony has gone bankrupt and Microsoft has been broken up because of Anti-Trust legislation and doesn't focus on games anymore (see: Xbox 720), Nintendo will be offering Wii U games on the Virtual Console. I'll be 50 and you know what? I'll still buy them.



DrMonk said:

I don't think @SpaceApe could have been serious. I haven't even heard of theif and while I think the Last of Us will be awesome there is no way sales wise it will come anywhere close to Mariokart or Mario 3D or even Wii Fit U probably (Uncharted certainly didn't compare to first party published Ninty games on Wii in terms of sales figures).

Anyway, hope the update comes tomorrow. I would have preferred a cheaper upgrade for VC titles too, but I am thankful that they are at least acknowledging Wii VC sales and letting that factor in to the upgraded ports. Here's just hoping most of them will be the NTSC versions and not PAL!!



Dark-Link73 said:

Nintendo's USA page is stating that the update is out now. I'm updating my U on lunch time! =)



Gregor said:

So Nintendo is a kiddie company that produced kiddie games huh? Well.......... Metroid Prime Trilogy, Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask, Mother Series, Fire Emblem, Sin and Punishment. Boom. Space Ape has been aniahlated.



Gregor said:

@JSuede "Retro Studios project" better be Metroid Prime 4. Ima be mad if it isn't. And this time they should focus on how the first two game played. Unlike MP3 which was good... But lacking a bit.



JSuede said:

@Fusion14 I would prefer it not be called "Metroid Prime 4" but instead be a part of a new trilogy. Metroid Dread perhaps? I feel like that is a big issue with Halo's not a part of the same trilogy, yet they just stuck with plopping a new number on the game.

Retro has hired a lot of top quality animators and artists, many working on environments and characters, they've also moved into a new building....a much larger one. They snagged people from Naughty Dog, Bioware, Junciton Point, Vigil, people who interned at Visceral while Dead Space was in development, Red Fly, and the artist who drew this: and this: Everything else in her gallery is excellent as well. Whatever they are working's going to be incredible.

Rumor has it that the engine they developed for the game (and could probably license out to developers) produces graphics more detailed than Killzone 3 (purely an example) and runs at 60fps. That's just in this early stage too....just wait until the engine REALLY starts to push the Wii U. It's going to be absolutely insane.



Gregor said:

@JSuede nah... The metroid timeline in its perfect place and hasn't had a plothole yet. We don't need another series's that isn't another series clogging the drain.



JSuede said:

@Fusion14 I'm just not a fan of plopping a 4 on a title and calling it a day. Maybe Metroid Prime: Dread perhaps? I still feel like even though they may not step away from the timeline or gameplay mechanics (aside from adding super awesome Gamepad stuff), it won't don the "Prime" moniker. Dark Samus (born of her encounter with the Metroid Prime and the phazon) is no more so naming it something else just makes sense to me.

To be honest, I'd like to see a follow up to Metroid Fusion mostly in terms of story, the virus stuff could go either way.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

What's this talk of another Metroid Prime? There were only supposed to be three. Making a fourth would be a huge lie to the fans. They're better off sequeling another game in the Metroid franchise. Or prequeling.



Gate_Shikimuri said:

I bet they're calling the new Yoshi "Yoshi's Story 2". I hate that the fans are calling it Yarn Yoshi. > : /



ajcismo said:

Just tried logging into the eShop. Got an Under Maintenance message, so I'm guessing the update will be live soon.



Wilford111 said:

I'll be home in about an hour, hopefully it'll be up by the time I get there. Crossing my fingers >_<



Yoshis_VGM said:

I just got home, went to system settings, tried updating, NOTHING.
The update wasn't there. It isn't out yet. Or will it be out later today? I will try again tonight.



DrMonk said:

Yep, tried to click through to Excitebike and got errors the first two times but third time it loaded and still says April 23rd as the release date.



ICHIkatakuri said:


Really??? I bought VC games and I don't mind. I bought most of the VC games I'm interested in the first time too should they have given me them for free on the Wii??? If you want to play your Wii VC games on your Wii U then you can, just transfer them from the Wii to your Wii U, if you want the extra gubbins, stop moaning and pay up.



Einherjar said:

Man, these release dates make me paranoid I keep on checking the system update feature every hour...i dont know why, but the Virtual Console always gets me hyped. It was the same on the 3DS.



SilentHunter382 said:

@ICHIkatakuri I am more talking about the people who have lot of games that 100 of games what will set them back €/£/$ if they want too have the new features. That is what I am more complaining about. Like I said (if you read my other comments which you didn't because I understand why they are doing it) I just wished nintendo release a tool which let you upgrade all your VC games too the new update for €10. Ofc these games can only be update once they are released with the new features.



biglittlejake said:

Hmm, so tomorrow. I hope it comes soon.I thought it was supposed to come a day before the virtual console?



Williaint said:

For launch I want double cheeseburger. Errr... That's what I want for lunch...
So, either tomorrow, or Friday... these things don't often happen on the weekend.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Stop and think for a bit:

Nintendo said the Wii U VC service would launch the day after the system update, meaning the latest the VC service can go live and STILL COUNT AS THIS WEEK is Saturday. This corners the Wii U system update for either Thursday or Friday. Think about it folks.



adrenochrome said:

4 day later there's still no wiiu update in eu :/

@ChaosAngel : yoshi screenshots look a lot like kirby epic yarn design, sound enough to call it "yarn yoshi"
i just hope it wont be targetted for 5year old children, kirby epic yarn was way too easy



Yoshis_VGM said:

The update is now live! Rejoice! The loading times are DRASTICALLY improved, it really is amazing how much better the loading times are.
Nintendo Land launched in about 7 seconds and closed in a mere 4 seconds.
Very impressive Nintendo, very impressive. I congratulate you, this is very good. The Wii U went from sluggish to almost instant. Maybe the upcoming summer update will achieve that instant status.

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