Super Metroid on the GamePad? Yes please!

During last week's information-packed Wii U Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata revealed there would be a special promotion coming to the Wii U eShop to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Famicon - the Nintendo Entertainment System in the West - called the Wii U Virtual Console Trial Campaign.

The promotion will release a new classic title every month from now until July, and each one can be downloaded for just 30 cents/pence. However, each game will only be available for that price for a limited time; once the next game emerges the previous one will go up in price. For this reason it's important to know just when each game is coming out so you can be sure to pick them all up at the right time.

Thankfully Nintendo has revealed the specific dates for each game's release, when they will become available and when they will go back to their regular prices. The full list is below.

January – Balloon Fight (NES) - From 23rd January to 21st February

February – F-Zero (SNES) - From 20th February to 21st March

March – Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream (NES) - From 20th March to 18th April

April – Kirby’s Adventure (NES) - From 17th April to 16th May

May – Super Metroid (SNES) - From 15th May to 13th June

June – Yoshi / Mario & Yoshi (NES) - From 12th June to 11th July

July – Donkey Kong (NES) - From 15th July to 13th August

So there you have it, seven games for North America and Europe to enjoy for a handful of change.

Which titles are you looking forward to downloading the most? Let us know in the comments below.