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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ETLN commented on Wii U System Update 5.1.1 is Now Available:

The web browser version has been updated in the latest system update from version to The NX version has changed too. No idea whats new, perhaps security updates.



ETLN commented on PC Engine And MSX Games Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

I wonder if Nintendo has plans to release Wii games digitally. I don't see why they couldn't do that given the Wii mode could run the games. Perhaps they could simulate the disc drive somehow to get them to run. I suppose the biggest issue is if the flash memory or a external HDD could keep up with the transfer speeds of the Wii disc. There's certainly some Wii games I'd still like to play.



ETLN commented on PC Engine And MSX Games Coming To Japanese 3DS...:

I wonder if the western titles will be announced on the Nintendo Direct coming up. Be nice if they give an update on the GBA and N64 games. I still think the GBA on the Wii U is a weird choice, seems more logical to release them on the 3DS given the games were designed with small portable screens in mind.



ETLN commented on Rumour: The Recent Wii U System Update Has Boo...:

I don't think its true, I would imagine the system would draw more power if the CPU and GPU clock rates were that much higher, I just measure mine with a watt metre and mines still drawing around 32watts, 34 was the highest I saw it go. I tested it on the Wii U system menu and the Rayman Legends Challenge App.



ETLN commented on Wii U System Update Is Now Live:

@PinkSpider Try going to and turning on the HTML5 trial. I've never had the missing flash player message come up on mine so far, I have always run mine with the html5 trial on. Give it a go on your desktop browser as well, or mobile phone browser.



ETLN commented on Rumour: Wii U System Update Could Go Live Tomo...:

If they add GameCube games they may have to release a new controller or some sort of USB to GC controller adapter so we can use the GameCube controllers themselves. The reason I say this is because the GameCube controllers have pressure triggers, something that the Wii U Gamepad and Pro Controller both lack. I think Nintendo was short sighted in not putting pressure triggers on the Wii U Pro Controller at least, it would have benefited racing and FPS for Wii U software also.



ETLN commented on Rumour: Today's Nintendo Direct To Focus On Wi...:

How exactly are Gamecube games going to work on the Wii U? Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Gamecube have pressure triggers? I don't have a pro controller myself but from what I understand, it only has buttons just like the Gamepad.



ETLN commented on Wii U System Update Can Be Downloaded in the B...:

I'm not sure I like the idea of it automatically downloading the update in the background, the problem with it doing that is people of smaller data caps in counties like here in New Zealand or Australia might end up going over their caps, to me cancel should do just that, not automatically download it.



ETLN commented on Wii U Software Storage on USB Devices Detailed:

I hope that isn't the case, I mean I understood the Wii requiring the games to be transferred back to the system given it wasn't a feature built into the console. But given the OS is most likely a lot more complex on the Wii U I expected you'd be able to play directly off a USB Harddrive without the need to transfer back to the console. If the discs on the Wii U are 22MBps transferring, then a Harddrive should be able to keep up, most of them I've used do 30MBps ish depending on the quality of the drive on USB 2 ports. Its going to be a real pain transferring a game like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at 16GB back to the console each time you want to play it (if it works like the Wii and deletes the temporary data each time you change titles)



ETLN commented on Nintendo Considering Retail Downloads on 3DS a...:

The Wii U really should have an internal hard drive, its really going to limit the digital side significantly if it doesn't. How are we suppose to store DLC for games such as Call of Duty etc on a SD card? Not to mention a 32GB SD card is pretty expensive currently, an internal hard drive of a much larger size would be much cheaper. Nintendo should really do what sony have done with the PS3 and allow a normal SATA 2.5" drive to work, even just having a slot so the consumer can put one in themselves would be a wise idea. That way it cuts the cost down on Nintendo's part as well and gives the user the choice if they decide a SD card is not big enough for their needs. Of course USB external HDD support would be the other way to go which according to nintendo has stated it supports them.



ETLN commented on NES and Game Boy Advance Games Coming to 3DS V...:

The console is too expensive anyway I think. In New Zealand they are $500 which is the same as a 32GB iPod Touch. The iPod does a lot more than the 3DS can, plus the games that are on both devices are a lot cheaper. But nobody makes games like Nintendo.



ETLN commented on Looks Like There's No Sale on Sonic Games This...:

Nintendo should be having sales all the time, I bet a lot of the developers could recoup their loses if Nintendo allowed sales. They want to be competitive in the online space they need to do this.



ETLN commented on High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for...:

Nintendo need to offer more freedom to the developers and publishers off WiiWare, half the problem is how Nintendo themselves choose the pricing for the titles, and then they never have any sales. They really should let the publishers choose the pricing, and give them freedom to change it whenever they please, as how iOS and Android is done. While then Nintendo will get less money from each sale that most likely would make it up in volume as I'm sure more items would be sold. Nintendo's online strategy is all wrong and that is why it fails in comparison to Playstation Network and Xbox Live.



ETLN commented on Exclusive: Nintendo Bringing Back WiiWare Demos:

Why till at least Christmas? Why not have them all the time? I know I often like to try a game first to see if I like it, i've certainly brought games just because I loved the demo so much.



ETLN commented on Broken Rules Feels Let Down by Nintendo's Onli...:

I agree with xDemon720x they should look at merging the Shop Channel and Nintendo Channel together, would make sense and promote the games in a better way. I also think Nintendo should look at adding fullscreen pictures instead of tiny low resolution images they currently have. People can't really see what the games are about and something like fullscreen pictures would help, plus if they merged the Nintendo channel, videos could also be included.



ETLN commented on Hardware Focus: SNK NeoGeo:

The reason the N64 games normally come only once a month is because they up-convert the games to 480p and smooth / re-do some of the textures.



ETLN commented on TurboGrafx-CD games for the VC?:

I think Nintendo should release an official HardDrive but also add support for any USB harddrive as quite a few people have them and won't want 2.