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Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest"

Capcom has released its annual report, in which it outlines the current state of its business and its predictions and aims for the future.

The company has stated that it wishes to move away from the current development model - which involves big budget games with long production periods - to a setup which will see smaller teams working on more titles, and consequently 'more sequels'.

However, the most interesting comment from a Nintendo perspective relates to Capcom's view on the next generation of gaming hardware:

Although Nintendo will release the new game console Wii U and the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC, time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest.

It would appear that the creator of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter and Resident Evil doesn't see the Wii U as a true next gen platform - something that many other developers are likely to agree with, given the system's technological parity with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think that the Wii U could end up being marginalised by developers and treated as a second-class console, as the Wii was? Or is Capcom's wording just a little off?


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espinozac7 said:

I think it's still an eighth generation console, like the 3DS and Playstation Vita.



6ch6ris6 said:

WiiU is "new" gen

maybe capcom just wanted to say: "next gen begins when more next-gen consoles are released"



Token_Girl said:

Definitely could happen. Even if WiiU sales are through the roof, it'll still take more than a couple years to surpass the number of 360s and PS3s in homes now. And once the next gen consoles start rolling out, the WiiU will be In the same place the wii was a few years ago. Early launch monopolies can't save a console against technically superior machines. See: the Sega Dreamcast.



Koapa said:

I like you comment : Will be the Wii U threated as a second-class console like Wii...
If I compare the sales from every console, it doesn´t matter, which gen it already is :

WII: 96,69 Mil
Xbox : 68,03 Mil
PS3 : 66,10 Mil

I think, it´s out of question.

PS : Wii sales has slowed down, because of Wii U announcement



Silvervisiona said:

Looks like the Wii U will fit in between generations just fine, straddling the benefits of both. It's going to be several years before next gen anyway. Wii U is attractive for the pure concept that it is new, so even my xbox 360 will take second place just because it's getting stale, not because it's inferior. By the time the next generation arrives, the Wii U will mop up sales for it's less expensive value, much like the Wii did. I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo releases the true next gen successor to the Wii U shortly after Microsoft and Sony deliver.



Samholy said:

finally someone in the market who dare saying it.
WiiU isnt next gen. it is more of a current-gen update. With a wacky gamepad. (like the Wii had )
It feels like nintendo barges in the end of the party. everyone had their fun already,and theyre ready for the next big thing. nintendo will entertain briefly until the next big party starts...

rather sad if you ask me. i miss my SNES era where nintendo was the king of the party



Ristar42 said:

I suppose in terms of what consoles can do graphically, the Wii U does not require a great adaptation from what developers are doing at the moment. I don't think Nintendo are trying to directly compete with cutting edge graphics though, when they had a technically comparable system (the gamecube) it sold far less than the graphically 'inferior' Wii.

I understand a current generation console as one that is currently supported, who knows how many 'bits' we're up to by now...



19Robb92 said:

It's next gen in terms of console generations, it's not in terms of technical specs. Pretty simple.



edhe said:

Yay, more games, more sequels!

So either I buy a Wii U and see it become obselete in a year or two as developers give up on it (apart from Capcom, who don't fancy making big budget games any more anyway), or buy a Xbox720 or PS4 and wave goodbye to ever trading in a game after hints that the console could lock games to a system.

"Although Nintendo will release the new game console Wii U and the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC..."

At least they can sell us loads of DLC, guys.



SkywardLink98 said:

@espinozac7 You do realize the Wii/Ps3/Xbox360 are all 7th gens right? You just said that the Wii U, 3DS, and Ps vita are all in the "Next Gen" with the Ps4 and NeXtBox.



weirdproq said:

I think you guys made a typing error. It says Tme and I think you meant to write Time. Just wanted to point that out.



grimbldoo said:

Next gen is in six years Capcom. If the Wii U is really releasing at $250, there is no way in hell that Sony and Microsoft can make a substantial leap over the Wii U and still have a reasonable price. My prediction, if they want to compete, they will probably only be 1.5x stronger than the Wii U, meaning that they can run the full version of DIrect X 11 but they wont be running 12 when it comes out.



Scollurio said:

Ah well I don't like capcom too much but they might be right, and even if I am a big nintendo fan, things you guys obviously is this: Numbers of Wiis sold mean nothing. At least for third parties like capcom. While it is awesome news for Nintendo themselves, it doesn't mean too much for third parties.

Let me explain.

The Wii sold so well because it catered to a kind of gamer that didn't know they're gamers before, lets call them "conventional grown ups" and "casuals". It was a market that wasn't catered to much by competing systems, thus Nintendo could sell a lot Wiis. So heres a problem now. The Wii was technical inferior to the competition (and Wii U will only repeat history) thus it didn't get much third party support. We all know this story. But NOW, that market, that most likely doesn't spend a fortune on gaming equipment that Nintendo themselves catered to with the Wii, STILL HAS their Wii, they are still playing their sports resorts and minigames. They won't buy the Wii U as quickly and eagerly as a "proper gamer" would. So this sales-explosion is out of the question in my opinion. What about the core gamers? Well most of them will stick to PC or wait for Nintendo and Sony to offer their thing. So I see - at least in the beginning - only Nintendofans buying the Wii U, and even those might wait considering there is no 3D Mario, Zelda or Mario Kart or Metroid game to be seen for months or even years. Until they come out Sony and Microsoft will be ready offering vastly superior machines.

All of that doesn't mean the Wii U won't be fun, but it surely is ONLY next gen from Nintendos point of view. Next gen means that technology advanced another step. Wii U was just catching up and the gamepad definitely is nothing more than a gimick, so far there is not a single game that does anything revolutionary with the gamepad. So the best reason to get a Wii U is, again, Nintendo exklusives and even for THEM you gotta wait quite a while.

When Microsofts and Sonys consoles have been out for a while, they will again leap away in terms of "what can be done with a game" and the Wii U won't be able to catch up, thus, again missing out on many third party titles.

To sum things up:
The casual crowd might not have enough motivation/reason to get a Wii U over a normal Wii, the hardcore crowd might not be convinced by gamepad and tech specs and the pure nintendo fans/early adopters might get the Wii U early but by the time the "proper" big franchises come out (1st party) MS and SONY are on the market already as well. And if I sum up the rumours about the tech specs of the next xbox for example and rumoured launch games (like HALO 5, FORZA 5, ...) - thats all system sellers there.

Don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo but I think the area where Nintendo still really shines (despite some STILL really questionable decisions) is the handheld market but I doubt they can repeat their Wii success with Wii U.



Bankai said:

Sorry, Damien, this is a beat-up of a story, and quite a bad one.

Capcom's precise wording is 'the next gen begins in earnest' - obviously the next gen can't begin properly ('in earnest') until all the majors have released their next gen hardware.

Nowhere did Capcom say it doesn't believe the Wii U is the equivalent of 'next gen.'



Scollurio said:

Cho, I took it like that as well, then it made me think and I think, personally, per definition Wii U is NOT next gen, by what is the popular understanding of next gen, but of course its only an opinion and you're free to differ. Anyways I really wish the best for the Wii U, I just don't have the best feelings about it.



Magnet_Man018 said:

@OlympicCho Exactly.
Besides, this is not about graphics anymore. The graphical difference between Wii U and the next Xbox and Playstation won't be as noticeable as with Wii and PS3 and X360. It's all about innovation now, and I must say that for the moment, Nintendo is the only company out there which is really putting effort in creating something entirely new and innovative, so at least to me, they're winning this battle so far.



darkgamer001 said:

"...and the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC"
Yet another quote to justify my personal boycott of all Capcom products



AlmightyDerek said:

I really think they just meant that the whole next generation doesn't kick off with just one new console. They said time is required before the next console cycle begins in earnest. Sounds like they are just saying that they don't really think the next generation will truly begin until a couple of years from now when more new systems are out and are gaining momentum. It makes sense. As a business stand point it probably didn't feel like a new generation when the Dreamcast first came out or even the Xbox 360.



Bankai said:

I don't really have any opinion either way about the Wii U or whether it is 'next gen' or not.

As a business opportunity it is new hardware and therefore 'next gen' by that standard, and my point here is that, if anything, Capcom's statement recognises that the Wii U IS next gen, by highlighting it as a forerunner that Microsoft and Sony will follow on with.



Nokstromo said:

They want to say that it takes more time to start next gen, because people yet need to adopt Wii U, and it is not affordable yet to invest hugely into next gen. As it will be adopted by more and more people and as new Xbox and PS hit the market, then they will start investing greatly in next gen.

That is my personal opinion.



fredtoy said:

As @AlmightyDerek said, this statement was made from a business point of view. As Dreamcast, and other consoles before it, Wii U may or may not set the trends for the next generation of consoles. I'm not talking about horse power. Wii, love or hate it, set the trend for motion gaming. Every console received a motion controller after the Wii Remote. Xbox 360 set the standard for online gaming and download service.



Rapadash6 said:

It doesn't sound to me like he's saying that the Wii U isn't a next gen console specifically, but rather that the generation itself won't go into full swing untill well after its release.



RupeeClock said:

That statement doesn't necessarily imply that the Wii U is not a next generation console, but that they feel that more competitors need to be introduced such as the PS3 or 360 successors, then the 8th generation begins.

I'm interested to hear that Capcom will be shifting away from higher budget titles, it hasn't been working out for them because they have had VERY high expectations for their software, Call of Duty high.
And not every franchise is call of duty.

"and the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC"
That however, I do not like very much. Capcom very much abuse the idea of DLC and use it to sell the rest of the product, as opposed to additional content.



Hokori said:

I agree the next gen doesn't start with WiiU, because it started with 3DS and Vita, or if NEXT gen then no WiiU will not be NEXT gen it'll be the 4DS, PSP3D, PS5, Xbox 1080, and the Wii3



TooManyToasters said:

Capcom isn't even that fully aware of an ever-changing market and still uses words like "next gen" just because it's commonplace, plus MORE sequels? With the indie development scene getting more prominent I'm already really disliking big business strategies.



sc100 said:

You guys have some good analysis but you have to understand that Nintendo's strategy is dictated by the economics of the video game industry and itself as a company. Microsoft and Sony can produce powerful systems but they sell them for huge losses for the first couple years (the PS3 actually didn't make a profit for the first four years). Because Sony and Microsoft are huge conglomerates they can make up for these initial losses with the other businesses that they have but it's much harder for a games-only company like Nintendo. This is why all the other games-only companies no longer make systems. Around the GameCube era, Nintendo realized that the only way it could stay in the hardware business was to offer a unique experience on its console that was at the same time affordable. It worked for the Wii with its motion controls but the question now is will it work with the Wii U and its GamePad. Part of Nintendo's "unique experience" are the games that it produces, so as long as they make good games this generation and the GamePad offers a fun new way to play games I think the Wii U will do well and be viable for Nintendo, even if it doesn't match the sales of the Wii.



Zyph said:

I think he meant if all three "next-gen" consoles are released. We shouldn't take this too seriously.



Chris720 said:

I'd say it is a next gen console, mainly because it's trying something new with the world of gaming. Yes, Apple has Air Play but it isn't cheap nor is it a very mainstream device...

However, the Wii U isn't all that next gen either because it has all the features and needs of a current gen console making it more like a catch up. We'll see how it goes when the next Xbox and PS are released how the Wii U will stand.



dustin_g said:

I want to go back to snes/genesis generation graphics, make old school games, these new big budget graphics games stink, i am serious, think about a true sequel to super mario world in snes graphics, that game I would pay full price on release day for.



Ukee said:

Ohh Capcom, I can never tell anymore if you guys are trolling or if you really are dumb.

Dustin_g < I don't think I will ever agree with any on the net more then I do right now with you.



FritzFrapp said:

Damien, I thought you above this kind of provocative article; somewhat skewing the plain words and playing on preconceptions. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Capcom's wording.



Scollurio said:

dustin_g: I like your idea. Can you imagine, they could release a console that's maybe ten times as powerful as a SNES but still stick with it's graphics (well maybe ramp up resolution a bit but stay in the same style and 2D) and generate sequels to all the golden gems of the past, imagine "Zelda, A link to the FUTURE" sequel to ZALTTP with a gameworld TEN TIMES bigger, content wise. Imagine all that extra processing power NOT going into graphics but CONTENT and GAMEPLAY. Wow. Im stunned.



Porky said:

Capcom may be mad at Nintendo because maybe Nintendo won't allow them to have overpriced DLC on Wii U xd.



AVahne said:

Damnit people, Wii U IS next gen. It's the start of the next cycle of CONSOLES. The way that Capcom actually words it in the article sounds more like they meant that the next cycle won't actually start until ALL PLAYERS ARE ON THE NEXT CONSOLE PLAYING FIELD. So far only Nintendo is on the next console battleground. Handheld 8th gen has already started "in earnest", because both Nintendo's offering and Sony's offering are out.



WhiteTrashGuy said:


Master System 2, NES - 8-bit
SNES, Genesis, TrboGrfix - 16-bit
PSX, Saturn, N64 - 32/64-bit
DC, PS2, XBX, GCN, Wii-128-bit
Wii U, 360, PS3 - 256-bit
720, PS4 - 512-bit.
??? - 1024-bit

The Wii and Wii U will straddle the inbetween, just like the Dreamcast. But the Dreamcast was a true 128-bit system. The difference is that Nintendo's first party titles CAN carry a system, whereas Sega's 1st party fare was too hit-and-miss. You were either playing casual fare like SPACE CHANNEL 5 or super hardcore games like PSO, SEAMAN, & SHENMUE. Nintendo gets that middle ground.

Truth be told, the WiiU should have lanched in 2010/2011. But at the very least they were not a year late, like they were against the 360. Maybe this next cycle we will see their next console in 2017 while the next XBOX and PS will not hit until 2020...

Oh, and I would not be surprised if SONY teamed up with APPLE fairly soon.



Hyperstar96 said:

"Time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest"

It's been six years.



Rick001 said:

"Although Nintendo will release the new game console Wii U and the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC, time is required before the next generation console cycle begins in earnest."

Let's read this part by part to understand this:

"Although Nintendo will release the new game console"

"time is required"


"the next generation console cycle"

"begins in earnest."

In others words, Wii U is a next-generation, but, the next cycle will take some time before being taken seriously, where the hell is written that Wii U isn't next-gen?



Ryno said:

Sometimes I think people read WAY to much into wording. All I got out of of this message is that there is some time needed for the new consoles whether it be the Wii U or "PS4" and "Xbox720" to start appearing in homes and becoming mainstream and the system of preference and move away from the current generation of consoles. After this software can really begin to sell (or not) and the next generation can take off (or nosedive). This site can be so sensitive.



Bass_X0 said:

Yep. I doubt many people here actually have a Capcom game that has DLC for it.



TrueWiiMaster said:

The Wii U is next gen. It might be weaker than the 720 and PS4 that will come out in the next few years, but it's stronger than anything current gen. It does not have "technological parity with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3", or at least it has not been confirmed to have such parity by any reliable source. Most reliable sources have said it is indeed stronger than either competitor's current console.

"the market will be continue to be invigorated by the increase of DLC"
I REALLY don't want to hear that from Capcom. Much of their DLC has been, in my understanding, the best example of how DLC can be nothing more than a scam.



Savino said:

All three companies need to have their console lauched for a generation begin.

NL team... When a generation starts?! Talking point?! Ahn...anh?!



stealth said:

Its worded wrong

look at all the 3ds support they are given and its not as powerful as the vita



Meelow said:

Nintendo Life, I'm pretty sure you worded it wrong, it sounds like they are saying "next gen doesn't officially start until all the next gen consoles release", that is Wii U, PS4, and Xbox 720.



stealth said:

They just worded it wrong.

It takes more than 1 new system for a NEW GEN to begin. It takes at least 2.

Thats all they were saying

They are giving 3DS MASSIVE support, and is that more powerful? no




C-Olimar said:

Message of support to people hating on the Wii U's power:
I know, I know, it's a shame Nintendo are now putting great gameplay before graphics. For example, the GameCube had Mario Kart Double Dash and Super Mario Sunshine, both generally considered among the weakest of their series, but hey, at least the GameCube had good graphics for its generation! And now we've got the Wii, with Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword, generally considered among the best of their series, but the graphics are terrible! These games look awful! Okami looks awful!

So please, don't buy the Wii U, and then maybe Ninty will realise that graphics are more important than gameplay.



ThomasBW84 said:

I think the wording does reflect an attitude on what defines 'next gen', which for developers can mean graphics and all-round grunt. I would bet real money that if Nintendo was still sticking with Wii (crazy, but it's hypothetical) and Sony or Microsoft were launching a powerful beast this Holiday, that statement about the next generation wouldn't have been there.

Ultimately, I doubt Nintendo will care about that attitude, as I imagine 3rd parties will come to welcome its tech specs in the next few years, as dev budgets for the next Sony and Microsoft consoles spiral out of control.



edhe said:


I have Dead Rising 2 that sells DLC cheats and costumes (via GFWL). Then they re-released the game with Frank from #1 and are offering similar DLC items. It's still on my wishlist, because as shameless as it all is, I enjoyed the original game (DR2, that is).

Furthermore, I have steam friends who own Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition that has various pieces of DLC (which controversially was "on-disc") - forget for a moment that they actually re-released Super Street Fighter 4 as an Arcade Edition, then started selling DLC for it.

They aren't the biggest offenders by any stretch, but one thing's for sure - they pale in comparison to Saints Row the Third. Now there's a game that's a fustercluck of DLC - 20 pieces of DLC and counting.

Though I don't want Nintendo to repel any of the big companies who happen to favour DLC, I'd rather we don't end up with games with costumes and items ripped out so that they can be sold as DLC - maybe our PS3/XBOX360 owning friends are used to this, but I'd have hoped Nintendo would be the last bastion against this practice.



SteveW said:

I think people shouldn't be hung up on "generation", it's a new console, who cares what the specs are, it's a new experience!



zezhyrule said:

Dude the Wii U is totes next gen console how dare you suggest it's not! Grafix don't matter! And uh... Crapcom! Yeah.



CanisWolfred said:

@WhiteTrashGuy Dude, we stopped counting bits after 64. I'm pretty sure it never got higher than that, since even modern computers max out at 64 bits. It was never an actual measure of how powerful the systems were, anyways. In fact, I think Ristar42 may have been joking with that statement.



Yanchamaru said:

The Wii U is next gen but the cycle does not start until everyone (MS, Sony, Nintendo) releases their new console. That is what Capcom is trying to say.



Zausimo said:

Not much more to add to the conversation, though I think everyone can stop analyzing technical specifications when it comes to classifying console generations. The PSone, Sega Saturn and N64 were all considered consoles in the same generation, yet the graphical capabilities of each system were very different, with the PSone being the worst tech-wise, yet came out on top that generation sales-wise. Even tossing in the '64-bit capable' Atari Jaguar system in that same generation (3 years earlier than the N64), technical specs alone do not classify a generation.

I agree with most of the comments here that Capcom's quote is being taken out of context, the next console generation will not fully begin until the Wii U actually has other competing home consoles released in a similar time frame.



stealth said:

Wow people really are out twisting capcoms statement into something anti wii u

which it wasnt

considering capcom is putting more support on 3ds than anything else

I think people better watch it

It isnt about power

its the fact that a gen doesnt start with 1 system. It takes a group of new hardware thats what they are saying

its smart

when sony said the next gen starts when the ps3 gets there, it was silly.



Ristar42 said:

@Mickeymac Yep, was joking about 'bits' - Printing the number in gold on the front of a console was pure class back then though, Megadrive is a classic!



ThreadShadow said:

My thoughts on this statement are that it could be taken this way:
Wii U begins the next gen console cycle, but will be there for a little while by itself, thus when X720 and PS4 arrive, the next generation cycle/battle will begin "in earnest".



Void said:

I can understand Capcom not thinking the next generation starts untill all of the consoles in it release, but I think it's more Capcom saying that the next gen only starts when they are done releasing DLC for the games they have on current consoles.



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm not as upset about that. What gets me about the report is that they mention their major franchises and fail to mention Mega Man. It shows their mindset, that Mega Man doesn't matter to Capcom anymore.

They even name Lost Planet & Dead Rising. How do you mention relatively new IPs that haven't sold a fraction of what The Blue Bomber has over the years, and leave MM out??? In my mind, MM is Capcom's main mascot over Ryu! MM is already apparently a dead franchise, why don't they spit on him while they're at it?

Are they still punishing Inafune, do they have no use for MM, or what? Capcom needs to just sell the rights to Inafune or whatever if they're not interested in MM.

I noticed other notable franchises aren't mentioned. Final Fight, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Strider, Bionic Commando... I'd mention all of those ahead of Lost Planet & Dead Rising. I guess this all highlights why I haven't bought a Capcom game since Super Street Fighter IV 3D. With them looking to make more games and spawn more sequels, however, maybe it'll change.

I'd like to see a sequel to the vastly underrated Code Name: Viper. I think it'd be just as relevant today as in 1990, since drugs are probably even more widespread.

And, honestly, even as a bonafied Nintendo fan boy of 25 years, I look at Wii U as Big N playing catch up and joining the PS3/X360 generation. Wii was like 3/4 last generation (let's face it, graphically it wasn't 't a huge step up from GameCube) and 1/4 this generation. Pains me to say, but Nintendo is joining the party about 6 years later, when the new party is just about to start sigh. I'd love to see a time when Nintendo is trying to set the standard do graphics, as it did in the SNES days.



UnseatingKDawg said:

"Not a next-gen console"? Who are they to say? It's a successor to a current console, therefore, it's part of the next generation. And who honestly gives a crap if it ain't "powerful enough"? You don't need the most powerful system on the market to be the best. If you need proof, look at the current generation. The Wii dominated, even though it's the lowest on the hardware scale. The PS3 took quite a few years to even hope to match the Xbox 360, and that was the most powerful on the market. I'd say it's not really about hardware, but more about software.



Rect_Pola said:

That's fairly rude. If it's superior to the company's last piece and not inherantly "the last system with a new feature", then it's a new generation. The only grey areas are things like gameboy color and DSi.



stealth said:

This site completely took this the troll way to get hits

when what capcom said was neutral



hkeep said:

What a misleading headline. Please, everyone, realize that Capcom's wording isn't off at all; In no way, shape or form did Capcom suggest anything like the headline you devised. This is as bad as the recent Eurogamer article which resulted in them issuing a public apology for twisting someone's words, and you should do the same.
What terrible "journalism".



HawkeyeWii said:

I think that's a load of horse poopoo. If it isn't next gen, that what is it!??? I do hate that Nintendo seems to be falling farther and farther behind, technology wise....



CerealKiller062 said:

See, I would accept that if the ds and psp and current 3ds and psvita would reflect on "inferior" tech. The ds was inferior to the psp, until it was updated to the dsi. But the ds sold well against the psp. The 3ds and psvita again, 3ds is technologically inferior, the psvita is a ps3 in your hands, but is not selling enough to beat the 3ds. Wii had a solid release and catered to everyone, but the thing is, graphics won't get more real, it is impossible, so the next generation wlll rely on how you play, instead of how it looks.
Idk about everyone else, but I am waiting for the day Nintendo announces virtual reality, I know they will be the first



Neram said:

So basically Capcom is announcing that they plan on sucking even more? So what, more sequels to Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and... Resident Evil? The smaller titles will no doubt be plagued by DLC or any such cash grab methods. I hate to say this, as I've been a fan of Capcom since I was very little, but they really don't offer anything of interest to me any more.



Damo said:

In response to the comments from readers who seem to think that we've twisted Capcom's words here, riddle me this: if it was the next Xbox or PlayStation that was launching first instead of the Wii U, do you honestly think Capcom would have issued the same statement?

Granted, we've not used Capcom's exact wording in the headline, but the insinuation is plain to see: the Wii U - which uses last-gen technology - isn't seen by many devs as a truly next-gen platform. Not that there's anything wrong with that - it worked for the Wii, as some commenters have pointed out - but from a developer's perspective, the system doesn't represent the same challenges and advancements that the new Xbox and PlayStation will.



CrispyGoomba said:

@hkeep I agree, misleading. In no way is he trying to say that the Wii U isn't next gen. I think he tried saying that next gen doesn't start until all new consoles are out. Poor media....

@Damo Yes, they would have released the same statement because they aren't even attacking the Wii U. They're just saying that once all new consoles are released (like above), then next gen will truly have begun.



EvansLegends said:

It really sounds like they were saying this from a business standpoint rather than a technical standpoint. It makes sense that they would say this because of the other next generation consoles being so far away (not even officially announced yet). Perhaps they were referring to the entirety of the next generation.

***At this point, all I care is that the console is bringing the next era of Nintendo games; that is something to look forward to.



MasterGraveheart said:

Ugh... Capcom, why do you keep saying stupid, stupid things?

You want to know the truth about console generations? They're NOT some united response. The NES was Nintendo's FIRST generation console. SNES, second. N64, third. GameCube, fourth. Wii, fifth. Wii U, sixth. No company waits for nobody when releasing their next generation console and there is ZERO uniting principal to designate when a generation begins or ends because it's up to the console makers themselves, not the public no matter how much they want it to.

Sony is in their THIRD generation console, Microsoft their SECOND, and Nintendo is entering their SIXTH. This whole umbrella generation thing is stupid.



JimG said:

Capcom is really just presenting an opinion. When you're Nintendo, you can pretty much do whatever you want.



nfzeta007 said:

I also think this is bending the truth here, its just that Capcom is not really expecting the next-gen to begin without all three (or four) consoles, and its true as true next-gen games won't really come to the Wii U without at least one more console releasing.



MitchVogel said:

If by "more sequels" they mean this- then I am DEFINITELY done with Capcom!



Damo said:

@CrispyGoomba Did companies express the same opinion when the Xbox 360 launched in 2005? Of course they didn't. It unquestionably heralded the start of a new generation - yet it would be a full year before the Wii and PlayStation 3 were released at the end of 2006.

The story never stated that Capcom was "attacking" Nintendo, it was just stating that in Capcom's eyes, the next gen doesn't properly kick off until Microsoft and Sony's consoles enter the fray. And I'm sure if you asked them, many other publishers and developers would feel the same way.

Does this mean that the Wii U will fail? No, of course it doesn't. As we all know, Nintendo will lead the charge with Wii U software and that will result in a surge of interest from third parties as they become enticed by the possibilities the format offers - despite the fact that it runs pretty much the same spec as the 360 and PS3.



FluttershyGuy said:

Another thing, quotes from third parties like this give me the concern that third party support is going to be severely lacking... AGAIN! Especially when PlayStation 4 & Xbox 720 are out and Nintendo's is the inferior technology... AGAIN! Does anybody else have this fear? I was really hoping Wii U would be the only console I'd have to get in order to be covered for third party games I get, but now I have my doubts.

I imagine I'll have to get a PS4/720 for the likes of Street Fighter V & Final Fantasy XV. Just as I had to get 360 for Street Fighter IV and PS3 for Final Fantasy XIII. I guess that's life for a Nintendo gamer, having to get multiple systems or miss out on some franchises. Still, with it's rich, incomparable history & pedigree, I think Nintendo will forever be the place to go for the best first party games. So, we have that

Regardless, I miss the SNES days when we got about everything the Genesis got (except Sega titles, obviously) and often MORE!



Bankai said:

"In response to the comments from readers who seem to think that we've twisted Capcom's words here, riddle me this: if it was the next Xbox or PlayStation that was launching first instead of the Wii U, do you honestly think Capcom would have issued the same statement?"

Yes, Damo, I do. "Next gen" means "selling opportunity" to third party publishers. It has nothing to do with power.

When there's only one "next gen" console on the market (regardless of which publisher did it), the numbers are not there - there's not enough "next gen" consoles out there for the next generation to have begun in "earnest."

This is a business document. Not marketing and not a fanboy's forum post.



nungi said:

As long as i've known myself it was nintendo and then the rest of the others. Now when ps one came out everthing was about ps one with a later system after snes was out for some time.........Now we have 1080 Pin the wii u don't know or care for computer language or figures,the other two last gen consoles was in some lower figures and you say that this is a catch up console to two companies thats trying to keep up with the wii which launched how many years before the two competitors and came out on top of the crap they sell as adult games or how you kids look at it.



Henmii said:

I agree! The next generation doesn't start with Wii u, simply because Wii u only catches up with current consoles graphics-wise! Xbox720 and PS4 will be a lot stronger then the Wii u! It's sad but true!!



Malkeor said:

OlympicCho knows what he's talking about.

I don't think it's hard to understand what Capcom is trying to say if you get away from "Nintendo4lyfe" attitude.

It would be a utopia world before that happens haha. Though I do applaud the way Nintendo does their stuff.
It's actually the best of all worlds. They are doing something innovative WITH the option to use a more classic control style if developers are afraid to get their feet wet.
The only thing holding the system back is horsepower....between the touchscreen and methods of using that, having the best of both worlds would be too expensive....though it would make everything much easier and more people would be on board.

But everyone would still have their own exclusives even if everything could be ported flawlessly. That's the main factor that got me into choosing PS3 or Xbox360. I will always have a Nintendo console and 1 of the other guys as well

"Nintendo will lead the charge with Wii U software and that will result in a surge of interest from third parties as they become enticed by the possibilities the format offers - despite the fact that it runs pretty much the same spec as the 360 and PS3."

Nobody has to worry about this now...but when the next wave comes from Sony and Microsft as early as next year, then what? That's all that really matters. This may be Nintendo's next evolution, but comparing it to aging, soon-to-be-last gen hardware isn't really something that needs to be done because all that matters is how it will hold up against the onslaught of their next machines.
Once that happens will Wii-U just become and after thought, had a good 2 years of fun time in the sun? This is what people are really asking.



Grodus said:

A lot of sites are bend ing the truth to say that they said that Wii U isn't next gen. Thanks NL. You do your job well.

It makes sense. To make this statement stupider, hes saying not all of the next gen consoles are out until they're out. Simple as that.



sinalefa said:

For me the problem is that Capcom has not announced a single thing for Wii U (AFAIK), not even a port of RE6. So if they are really waiting for the other systems to appear before diving in the next gen, they may be waiting a lot.

And that talk of more games and more sequels and more DLC reeks of laziness and greed.



CaPPa said:

Capcom is a rather mixed up company, on one hand they do release some great games but at times it seems that the company is run by idiots. I think that this comment is being misunderstood though and has no connection to the Wii U's power.

The way I see it is that the Wii U is Nintendo's next-gen console. Whether it is on par with the 360/PS3 or closer to the next consoles from Microsoft and Sony is irrelevant, it is still a next-gen console.

The current gen has twisted things somewhat and many people now see a console generation purely in terms of power, believing that the next-gen cannot start until MS/Sony release something more powerful. They do not dictate generations for me though, for example Sony put out a console that was on par/weaker than the PS3 I would still think of it as Sony's next-gen.



CrispyGoomba said:

@Damo Okay, no offense or anything personal, but can you not get your mind wrapped around what I'm saying? Let me try to explain myself a bit. First off, of course 'next gen' will kick off when the Wii U is released. However, when MS and Sony's consoles launch, that will mean that next gen is definitely in since competition has arrived. I'm sure companies didn't express the same opinion when the 360 arrived, because the other consoles wasn't out yet! See where I'm going with this? If you're still confused with what I'm getting at here, look at #86 comment. And sorry to say, you do seem to have a "Nintendo4lyfe" attitude.



theblackdragon said:

@CrispyGoomba, et. al — let's all stay calm and steer clear of the insults, please; it's been a bit heated in here all day. We can have this discussion without making it personal. :3



WaxxyOne said:

Reading the comment as quoted, I believe the author simply meant to state that the "next-gen cycle" hasn't yet ramped up because there is only one new console coming in the near future. When Microsoft and Sony announce their new consoles, that will be the start of the "next-gen" phase, as all three major competitors will have a new console on the market.

I don't believe the intent was to marginalize the Wii U or to suggest that it is a current-gen system. In fact, I think this is being blown way out of proportion and ya'll just need to relax.



scrubbyscum999 said:

The next generation starts with whoever releases their "next" console first. The next generation doesn't get really revved up until everybody has their console in the race. That's all that Capcom is saying. You don't have to like Capcom, heck their DLC policy is terrible. No Megaman, what? However, their position seems to be one of indifference. The last geberation wasn't really revved up until the Wii and PS3 came out.

As for the power of the Wii U, we really don't know until they give us some info on September 13. I just really hope Nintendo is willing to make the system more powerful and expensive so they don't have poor 3rd party support. The only question is that are consumers and developers willing to pay more money to buy and make games. That is pretty much what will determine which system will be successful and perhaps whether Nintendo's competitors will released expensive systems again.



Sir_Deadly said:

Really depending on what peoples definition is of "next gen" , I consider it next gen because of the innovative way there using the controller. But if your basing Next Gen systems on graphics alone (which a lot of people do) then there wont be a next gen for a long time. Also because its there next system it is also next generation.



Lunapplebloom said:

Applejacklove wanders into the room to see what the commotion is. Five minutes later, he is reaching for the door to grab some fresh air.

Lots of points being made here, and all of them seem feasible. Nintendo will most likely be behind spec wise, but as @ThomasBW84 said, the cost for producing games on even more powerful systems and using there engines to the fullest will skyrocket. This next generation will be very exciting to see where it all goes.

And Capcom really has dropped the ball when it comes to Mega Man. I hope they finally realize people want more games with him in them. The only thing that has even new content for a Mega Man fan is a comic series by Archie.



MikeK said:

"Granted, we've not used Capcom's exact wording in the headline, but the insinuation is plain to see: the Wii U - which uses last-gen technology - isn't seen by many devs as a truly next-gen platform."

No, what's plain to see is that the insinuation isn't there at all. The fact that there are devs who don't consider Wii u next-gen is irrelevant here - clearly that is not what Capcom is saying here as many have already pointed out to you, and you are purposely spinning Capcom's statements for your article. You should be ashamed of yourself. >
Furthermore, saying Wii u uses last gen tech is incorrect, even though the new consoles will prove to be stronger. The R700 family of GPU used in the Wii u is easily ahead of the GPUs in the current HD consoles, not to mention the extra RAM/better memory.



TheAdza said:

These are my opinions on the power of the Wii U and it only offering current gen graphics.
Cons: It will get outdated as soon as the next Sony and M$ consoles arrive
Publishers wont often take the risk of downscaling big games to the less
powerful Wii U.
Publishers and devs won't often take the risk of making original games exclusive to the Wii U from previous experience with the Wii.
There will be game droughts again as more games go to the more powerful systems.
Watch the shovelware arrive in rather large amounts again like on the Wii

Pros: Games developed for the Wii U will cost less to make than games for the next Sony and M$ consoles.
It will be a while before the new consoles come out, so games could find their audience on the Wii U which will lead to games continuing to be made for it,
First party software will be awesome as always
New ways to play could inspire many new franchises that can only be done on the Wii U.

I'm looking forward to the Wii U. Nintendo just don't have the resources to do another Gamecube like console where its just as powerful if not more so than the competition, especially if it flops sales wise, I would much prefer a more modest console with great exclusive Nintendo games than have them turn into another Sega. But it's not designed to be a hardcore console, and Nintendo should stop pretending that it is. It's a Nintendo core console sure, but it will hardly change the minds of Xbots to buy one of these instead of the new Xbox when it arrives. The best they can do is try and offer it to that market as a 2nd class console. Us Nintendo fans will buy it, no questions asked, and we will just have to see how much of the casual market will buy into this as well. I'm hoping not many. The last thing I want is a flood of cheap mini game shovelware rubbish crowding the system when there is so much awesome stuff that could be done with the gamepad and asymetrical gameplay.

My hope is that enough of the casual market that bought into the Wii have converted to Nintendo fans, and that will be enough to sustain the system. It need not surpass the Wii in terms of sales, and lets be honest, a LOT of those units would be set up to play Wii Sports and nothing else. But i do see it becoming a success. Besides, I really don't think the games market will see a successor to the PS4/Xbox720. If the cycle for their next consoles is as long as this one we could see many advances in streaming services and the like. Which would give Nintendo a great opportunity to come back in with another console at the end of the Wii U's life, and haflway through the other companies consoles life with a console on par or better, with more modern components, and a better idea where the future of gaming is going than the ones already on the market.

Wow what a rant. Sorry to anyone that god bored. This is just what I see in my minds eye. It could be way wrong. I really thought the Dreamcast would have given the PS2 a run for its money. Boy was I wrong there. The future isn't written. The only thing we can do is wait and see how it all turns out. In the meanwhile though, I'm going to be having a LOT of FUN with my Wii U, no matter the specs, just like I did with my Wii.



DarkNinja9 said:

well never been a big fan of capcom but w/e its what they think to me wii u kinda feels like when the DSi XL and the 3DS XL came out... there new yes but not fully a next gen least to me D:

still either way like someone said its a new console and a new experience which is what im looking forward to

anyway the section of the DLC made me realized how cool would it be to have DLC that add more to the game like dlc for mario kart new karts or something(to much to ask huh?)



kurtasbestos said:

I still don't feel like the current generation offers anything vastly different than the previous generation, so agree with what Capcom is saying.



Grubdog said:

I guess Capcom will be late to the party again. In two years time they'll be complaining that they can't compete with Nintendo and UbiSoft's strong momentum and we'll never know what they could have done.

Isn't it a sad state when UbiSoft is making everyone else look bad?



andrea987 said:

"...given the system's technological parity with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3." ??? Somebody knows something everyone else doesn't, apparently. Plenty of devs stated that with the Wii U they could do things they couldn't with current gen, and that they're only tapping into its potential.
Games are already looking better on Wii U than current gen, and it's not even been released yet! Anyone remember ps3/360 first gen games? They were hardly better than ps2/xbox games. Look at them now.
Also, whoever is expecting a huge leap from Sony/MS, well, I'm pretty sure they're in for a disappointment. And that's coming from a big Sony fan.



Araknie said:

Capcom does not even a project on Wii U. How could they know?
They are so flawed.



retro_player_22 said:

I don't care about which console is next-gen or not Capcom, just give me Mega Man Legends 3 for 3DS already. You can't canned something you already started.



TornadoX7 said:

I honestly could care less about what the specs long as the system is fun to play great games and good quality. thats how i look at it.



Trikeboy said:

I think people are over estimating what exactly the next PS or MS console will be. It is true they can knock their machines up to 11 but honestly why would they? From a developer point of view, these high end games will cost them a lot, and I mean a lot of money to produce. Even if the consoles are able to be as amazing as people believe, how many developers will actually develop to the full capacity of the hardware when they can produce games cheaper for the Wii U?

Nintendo have done something very intelligent in getting their hardware out first. Developers will realise what they can actually do with the future of gaming and not have to sell their souls to be able to fund the game development.



Invertedzero said:

@Silvervisiona Finally, someone with some (clearly not common) sense! I've been reading forum replies and articles for the last hour and just being infuriated at how much lack of insight some people have. There's a difference of opinion backed by plausible theory, then there's just irrelevant opinion based on ignorance. Nobody is considering Nintendo's shorter console life-cycle strategy, and the ability to therefore innovate more frequently.



Invertedzero said:

Also by definition a generation is related a TIME period. If we want to describe graphical parity, a different term should be used! In consoles traditionally a new generation has started with the sequential release of a new gaming system. I can see the difficulty arising with the market changing a bit, and also in terms of time, but describing a console's generation by it's power is flawed at best



bigtakilla said:

Just to let everyone know, Damien is reading into this wrong. Capcom is not saying the Wii U is not next gen, Capcom is saying they won't know how the development teams are going to be assigned right now, because he doesn't know how much workload will be needed for ALL the next gen consoles. Wii U is a next gen console. Just like the Wii was a next gen console. Anyone who says it isn't a next gen console, if we look at it from a perspective of a GIANT technological leap over competitors or their previous console, then the Wii wasn't next Gen either. (It wasn't a HUGE technological advance from the GC, it could just process graphics at a much higher speed, as well as improved lighting engine and shading engine.) That would make Nintendo's last gen the gamecube, and lets face it, if the XBOX and PS3 got beat out, (and if the next gen will get beat out by the Wii U) then these great technological giants are being embarrassed by a gen 6 console. That just doesn't make sense. Next gen console refers to a console that is more technologically advanced than the companies current console. This is Nintendo's 8th gen. Just wondering, if the Nintendo does outsell their competitors, what are there competitors gonna say this time? Everyone is stating that casuals will not be pulled in to the next gen because of price. The Wii U is superior to the X Box and PS3, (granted only by like twice the power) the next gen has arrived! (Is the 3DS not a new console either? Seems to be doing much better than the Vita. Casual gamers right?)

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