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Tue 15th January, 2013

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bigtakilla commented on Nintendo Direct: Japanese Monster Hunter 4 Bro...:

Couple of things, 1: This is freaking awesome, definitely am going to pick it up on Wii U.
2: Hoping they will end this direct by saying oh by the way, we picked up atlus! (hold for both the uproar of applause and the minds blown.)



bigtakilla commented on Feature: What You Told Us About Wii U:

@gojiguy There is a petition being signed for people who want cross game chat.<br />

Get as many people as you can to sign this! I honestly think if enough people did Nintendo would listen. Put this on facebook, twitter, everywhere. Let's make this happen.



bigtakilla commented on Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U:

Just to let everyone know, Damien is reading into this wrong. Capcom is not saying the Wii U is not next gen, Capcom is saying they won't know how the development teams are going to be assigned right now, because he doesn't know how much workload will be needed for ALL the next gen consoles. Wii U is a next gen console. Just like the Wii was a next gen console. Anyone who says it isn't a next gen console, if we look at it from a perspective of a GIANT technological leap over competitors or their previous console, then the Wii wasn't next Gen either. (It wasn't a HUGE technological advance from the GC, it could just process graphics at a much higher speed, as well as improved lighting engine and shading engine.) That would make Nintendo's last gen the gamecube, and lets face it, if the XBOX and PS3 got beat out, (and if the next gen will get beat out by the Wii U) then these great technological giants are being embarrassed by a gen 6 console. That just doesn't make sense. Next gen console refers to a console that is more technologically advanced than the companies current console. This is Nintendo's 8th gen. Just wondering, if the Nintendo does outsell their competitors, what are there competitors gonna say this time? Everyone is stating that casuals will not be pulled in to the next gen because of price. The Wii U is superior to the X Box and PS3, (granted only by like twice the power) the next gen has arrived! (Is the 3DS not a new console either? Seems to be doing much better than the Vita. Casual gamers right?)