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Fri 5th Jun 2009

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Invertedzero commented on Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U:

Also by definition a generation is related a TIME period. If we want to describe graphical parity, a different term should be used! In consoles traditionally a new generation has started with the sequential release of a new gaming system. I can see the difficulty arising with the market changing a bit, and also in terms of time, but describing a console's generation by it's power is flawed at best



Invertedzero commented on Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U:

@Silvervisiona Finally, someone with some (clearly not common) sense! I've been reading forum replies and articles for the last hour and just being infuriated at how much lack of insight some people have. There's a difference of opinion backed by plausible theory, then there's just irrelevant opinion based on ignorance. Nobody is considering Nintendo's shorter console life-cycle strategy, and the ability to therefore innovate more frequently.



Invertedzero commented on Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Dev...:

Hmm... Many potential combinations which could be interesting.

TREASURE have a unique knack for creating battle systems and game mechanics. I wouldn't mind seeing them assist with a new Zelda or Metroid game even. Obvious ones however would be FZero and Starfox

SEGA (AV) - If they did FZero again i'd be happy, however i'd like to see a collaboration with SEGA (Amusement Vision reassemble) and Retro Studios to tackle the next Sonic game. Even treasure could help here. These three developers (and of course Nintendo) could potentially have what it takes to turn the Sonic franchise around.

HAL Laboratory - By default i'd like to see them handling the Pokemon Stadium like games instead of Genius Sonority. And making more decent games in general.

NAMCO - The Soulcalibur team to assist with creating a more in depth battle system for the new Zelda (If nintendo isn't deliberately not focusing on it)

SQUARENIX - Anything worthwhile Nintendo franchise really - Surprise me.

Retro Studios - Sonic Zelda or FZero



Invertedzero commented on Review: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GameCube):

I'm sorry but i have to say, apart from the snes version which i didn;t have the experience of playing back in the day (mostly due to having a megadrive), Double Dash is certainly the top of the series along with perhaps the portables. The worst? I'm afraid i'll have to say the Wii version.

Mario Kart Wii lacked originality and simply seemed like a quick-make for nintendo to fill in a gap and make some money. It plays far slower than Double Dash (if you play them side by side you'll see), and is more frustratingly random, i mean the bullet bill and mega mushroom just make the game ridiculous in aspects, there's little strategy remaining with it. Even though Double Dash was item based, it featured more strategy and less randomness of winning the race based on skill than the wii version. Wii's battle mode is simply crap, Double Dash's battle mode is arguably the best on any mario kart. The courses are very well thought out, after you play with experienced players on these courses you'll see what i mean. I hope they redo double dash with wii control.



Invertedzero commented on Review: Dragon Warrior Monsters (Game Boy):

There was something about these "8-bit" gameboy games that seemed quite deep, just the fact that even with the limited graphics, developers could make a fully fledged and entertaining game that you could play whilst on the move seemed more exciting than the fact you can have a portable ps2 with the psp nowdays. I have no idea why but the 8 bit games seemed more realistic ( not in terms of realism, but overall gameplay and game world).

In fact i think the word i am looking for is 'complete', its as though the whole of the universe within these gameboys games was 'real' or complete (not literally), mostly because of the limitations of the system. It's like because the sprites were discrete and pixelated, and used limited or no colour, it kindof made the denominator of the fraction which determined potential possibility lower. In newer games the static graphics have evolved, but the interactions and possibilities within each game hasn't, hence the games seeming less real/complete in a sense.

i'm really rambling on here hoping someone will get what i mean in a sense through my poor explanation.



Invertedzero commented on Golden Sun Coming to DS:

Probably the best announcement at Nintendo's E3.

I hope the battle system sees a few slight tweaks mind though. Will the graphics be as good though now it's in 3D? On the GBA camelot just mastered the usage of the little they had available to use in 2D, hence making use of drawn/rendered art/sprites. In 3D with the DS's power, what tricks will we see camelopt use to make the game look just as stunning (relatively)?



Invertedzero commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii To Feature Gamer Ass...:

I seriously think this is a good way of helping to tackle this experienced/skilled, inexperienced/novice divide. The only way people learn is by taking on more difficult challenges - that's the nature of life, school, workplace, uni, everything.

So whilst its expected that these games won't be of extreme difficulty because of the new audience, it is expected now that the new audience will have to gradually play more and more difficult games, like we did back in the day (80s or 90s). to be honest though, super Mario bros on the NES was a simple game, but difficult. All of my family played it, my, auntys, uncles, (part from my nan) and even though it was difficult, everyone found it fun due to its simplicity and the fact that even though it was difficult, it could be seen that the result was obtainable, and in reach with enough practice and skill. We didn't have all these ingame hints and faqs back then. I mean heck i completed some very hard games somehow when like 6 years old that i look back now and think how on earth did i do that? People learn by seeing that something is possible whilst being challenged. It's this balance that needs to be achieved in modern day gaming. people have grown too accostomed to being fed information, i even used to see this a few years back when i was at school - maths, people just dont try!! i would go home, try and figure something out, and 49 times out of 50 figure it out by myself, through persistence and effort. Others would just not bother think and ask ridiculous questions instead of going and figuring themselves.



Invertedzero commented on Miyamoto: Mario Galaxy 2 Is All-New, Baby:

Yeh i think Miyamoto will make Galaxy 2 more challenging. I only wish in a way these games didn't have to be dumbed down for the new audience of gamers. The so called casual gamers will have had a chance to get used to galaxy 1 as an introduction, and if they haven't its still available for them to buy, so yeh galaxy 2 should be about improving the difficulty, challenge, complexity and epic scale. I seriously feel some developers at nintendo have been frustrated with the limitations of what they could do because of having to cater for its new audience, but its only a few more years hopefully we'll have to put up with this, then the new market and old market will gradually settle into place and coexist peacefully, with traditional games getting back to where they left off on n64/gc, as the new set of gamers will have had time to get used to the nature of gaming, and if they don't like the traditional games, can always still play the casual games that come out.



Invertedzero commented on Suda51 Has Bonkers Ideas For Wii Vitality Sensor:

I actually thought even though it seemed a bit gimmicky, after about a minute or so that it was a great idea. It's a genius form of input, and i thought about the possibilities of it being used in traditional games, even if as a supplementary add-on feature. Imagine a Boktai-style system where based on the data gathered from the pulse patterns detected from the vitality sensor, weapon effects or attributes could be formed, creating a sense of unique experience to the player. The way this data could be used in the regular games could be very innovative. Games should build upon these principles, first we saw catridge lock on dependency in sonic and knuckles, then data transfer fromm game boy games on the n64, time dependent events, memory card dependent events in Metal Gear solid and smash bros melee, sunlight dependency in Boktai, weather channel input in Nights (abysmal sequel to a legendary game with so much ptential on the wii... anyway), all these different, randomising types of input that have dependent variables in the game, can really flourish a gaming experience.



Invertedzero commented on New Nintendo Handheld Dropped Amid DS Success:

DS has been a very good console, its catered for us traditional gamers, while expanding the gaming audience with its so called casual-gaming approach.

I'd expect to see the next nintendo handheld released in late 2011/early 2012, maybe shown at next year's E3, or a gaming conference in late 2010. The DS would still be running, but the new console would run alongside it for a couple years till the DS dies. Who'd have thought this would be possibly the most successful console of all time, when seeing that bulky brick-like prototype mocked for having two 'unescessary' screens at E3 back in 2004



Invertedzero commented on New Wii Zelda Artwork Leaked?:

I like the feel of the art - its more similar to the style of ocarina of time. Twilight princess was not like OoT imo, but more cartoonish and anime-like.

In truth when i saw the beginning of the Metroid: Other M trailer i was Hoping that it was the new zelda, until i realised it was samus which really confused me as i thought they'd lay metroid to rest for a while (unless on ds or wiiware). So yeh something a bit more radical would've been nice, but i'm pleased with the little been shown so far, seems like it could be back to being a more thought-out and deep zelda game.



Invertedzero commented on Metroid: Other M - Will Samus Get Sexy?:

Yeh I kinda get what Big A2 means. Even though it's always nice to have a different direction, Samus has always been quite ordinary and serious, as well as being blonde, which has worked well for the character. I certainly hope the graphics improve from where they look now though - rather toy/plastic model-like.

And lol in the first part of the trailer where it went from space to that massive futuristic city and the young short blonde haired female, i was thinking it was the new zelda game till a bit later on in the trailer and realising it was samus and thinking who on earth is that guy in the captain's hat lol



Invertedzero commented on GoldenEye Designer Backs Virtual Console Release:

BOOO! Why can't some of these developers/publishers just get over these silly legal arguments, and do an odd collaboration. Making these exclusive is hardly going to make anyone buy one console or another, just a section of unhappy gamers, and less overall profits for Rare. Can't they just take a leaf out of Sega and Nintendo's collaboration on games like FZero and Mario and Sonic, and other partys with Super smash Bros Brawl? A mutual agreement would see gamers happy, Rare making money off both consoles, and the games being in the place's they should be on both Nintendo's and Microsoft's console. I mean surely nintendo had some rights to the Banjo Kazooie games on the N64? I find the whole situation strange.



Invertedzero commented on Melee! Pokemon Scramble announced for WiiWare:

Looks like a mixture between Zelda:Four Swords and Pokemon Dungeon to me, with a concept or two from smash bros 3d experimentation. This is why i like Wiiware, nintendo can try out random experimental stuff without releasing it as a fully-fledged game (like how they had to with the original Smash Bros.), then based on that potentially produce a new franchise of game based around it