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Fri 6th Jul 2012

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CrimsonLoftwing commented on Club Nintendo's Gold and Platinum Prizes Have ...:

Phew, I thought that the posters were the only Platinum gift at first. I mean, I like them and I think they're neat, but I was expecting a much better reward. You know, something more... collectible. So, when I realized that there were the Platinum Mario Playing Cards, I was so happy. I just placed my order on Club Nintendo for them. c:



CrimsonLoftwing commented on Nintendo Land:

Truthfully, I'm looking forward to this game very much. I enjoy the idea of many of Nintendo's first-party iconic characters combined in one game with many attractions. I can't express to anyone how thrilled I am about the Animal Crossing: Sweet Day attraction, though. It's just so cute! :3



CrimsonLoftwing commented on Pandora's Tower:

I'm dying for this title. I've been following along with Pandora's Tower since Nintendo teased it with a trailer and website over a year ago. I've read all about it and I've watched many videos, so now I really hope that it comes to North America. <3



CrimsonLoftwing commented on Animal Crossing: City Folk:

This game was quite fun and exciting, as it saw many features returning from the original Animal Crossing on the Nintendo GameCube, but were skipped out in Animal Crossing: Wild World for the Nintendo DS. I really enjoyed how they combined the first two Animal Crossing titles into this game, with additional features. However, the city, in my opinion, was quite wasteful. So many additional features could have been added or changed to make the city a funner place to visit. The Wi-Fi connectivity in Animal Crossing: Wild World really changed the way people connect in Animal Crossing, and was refined even better in Animal Crossing: City Folk / Let's Go to the City. I did find this title more appealing than it's predecessor, but not a single Animal Crossing title wins over Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube.



CrimsonLoftwing commented on Animal Crossing: Wild World:

Truthfully, in the beginning, I was quite addicted to this game, despite my love for the original Animal Crossing. However, this title lost its charm much quicker, and the low-end processing power that the Nintendo DS could withhold really ruined a lot of the quality. Many of the memorable features and exciting heights the original Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube brought were removed from Animal Crossing: Wild World, and many of the returning features were quite scratchy (for example, the graphics AND the soundtracks). I do however, enjoy all Animal Crossing titles, including this one, but I do wish that Nintendo could have improved the quality of this game, in my own opinion.



CrimsonLoftwing commented on Animal Crossing:

This game is so relaxing. No matter how far technology advances and how stressful life can get, this game always soothes me. I've been playing Animal Crossing for seven years, and I've played all in the series, including the Japanese versions. This game is by far the best retro game ever. I'm quite excited to see how Animal Crossing 3DS is, but no matter what, Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube will always be my favorite title, for many purposes. <3



CrimsonLoftwing commented on 3DS XL Comparison Gallery:

I'll be purchasing a Nintendo 3DS XL, and since my family performs the hand-me-down system, I'll have to give my sister my Aqua Blue 3DS. I do, however, wish that the 3DS XL's design was a bit more... attractive.



CrimsonLoftwing commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2 Pre-Order Bonus is Golden:

Truthfully, I really want this! I mean, I probably wouldn't take it everywhere, but I'd definitely keep it for collection. However, since I'm in North America, I'll be receiving the Gold Mario Pin! I usually don't order games online, but because that's the only way North America's exclusive bonus item, I'll make an exception. :3