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I enjoy animating.

Male, 17, United States

IDK what to say here besides I'm a hardcore gamer and will try any kinda game.

Fri 5th Aug 2011

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Bubbab5 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Year of Giving:

That pic at the top was my avatar before you guys used it for that. whats up with that JK I'm surprised Nintendo is catching up to Xbox and PS3 online capabilities so it's nice to have all the free fun stuff merry CHRISTmas everyone!



Bubbab5 commented on Miyamoto Stepping Down Into Smaller Role:

Does anyone think he stepped down because he didn't like them adding costomization to the karts on MK7 so he decided to work on games by himself so he could have them his way. I remember hearing somewhere he said he didn't like costomization on MK7. Maybe thats why he decided to move down. Who knows though



Bubbab5 commented on Review: The Sims 3 Pets (3DS):

I'd get it but the woo hoo part is the only reason I'm not getting it if there Is no children whats the point of the woo hoo it's just stopping kids from getting the game more