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Fri 30th Dec 2011

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3DS_Supporter commented on Operation Rainfall Takes Aim at The Last Story:

Let's think about it this way: The Wii U isn't coming out until after E3, so late summer early fall. Now the only worthwhile games coming out for Wii are Rhythm Heaven Fever, PokePark2 (if that appeals to some), Mario Party 9 and Xenoblade. Xenoblade comes out on April and it's a long game. Between April and E3 is baren for Wii games and it's still a long way off for the Wii U to come out, so my theory is Nintendo has to announce Last Story and Pandora's Tower for NA by E3 maybe a little later but not much. That way the Wii will have some longevity by the time Wii U is launched.