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Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mario’s gloves come off

If we were to summarise Nintendo’s year so far, we’d say that it’s been having a tough time. There have been moments of brilliance that have reaffirmed the faith of loyal gamers, but there have also been a lot of mis-steps, mistakes and bad publicity, some of which has been unjustified. In fact, despite the release of a brand new handheld with glasses-free 3D visuals, much of the year so far has been spent on the back foot tackling complaints about high prices, lacking software and the perceived abandonment of the Wii. Even the unveiling of the Wii U at E3 2011 received a surprisingly mixed response amongst gamers and the media.

The year so far has, in some ways, represented an important period in the developing maturity of Nintendo. It may seem strange to say that about a gaming company with an un-matched legacy and level of experience but Nintendo has learnt, the hard way, that methods and tactics that brought immense success with the DS and Wii no longer work. They’re now competing against gaming rivals who are embracing motion-controlled experiences, while also facing the threats of smartphones and tablet devices. Nintendo has started to react with an aggressive 3DS price cut, a strong line-up of software titles and planned improvements and innovations to the device’s online capabilities. There are also some efforts to revive the Wii, let’s not forget.

They’re now competing against gaming rivals who are embracing motion-controlled experiences, while also facing the threats of smartphones and tablet devices.

At a recent investor’s meeting, the embattled company President Saturo Iwata made it clear that Nintendo would work hard to once again rule the gaming roost. We’re going to cast aside any doom and gloom and outline some of the upcoming attractions and announced plans, which promise to get the famous company back on track.

A final flourish for the Wii

It can be said with a degree of certainty that the Wii has been in decline for most of 2011, with a limited number of ‘must have’ titles being released. In one high profile case, Xenoblade Chronicles didn’t even see a release in North America, while titles such as Mario Sports Mix did little to satisfy the appetite of many gamers. There is, however, hope that the Wii will have one more fling with success before standing down in favour of the innovative Wii U.

A major boost for the console, and Nintendo gamers in general, is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. A new Zelda adventure is always big news, but this is the first title in the venerable franchise developed exclusively for the Wii, and many childhood fantasies will be realised as Link’s sword will be wielded accurately with the Wii MotionPlus. It’s arriving very late in the Wii’s lifespan, but is generating buzz through orchestral concerts, active marketing by virtue of the series’ 25th Anniversary and, well, it’s Zelda. On top of that, there’s a new Kirby title to enjoy, still to be released in Europe, and 2012 carries the promise of Western releases of The Last Story and Nintendo’s own Pandora’s Tower. Experienced gamers in particular have some exciting titles to look forward to, so it’s not time to pack away that little white box yet.

The new version of the Wii, with GameCube compatibility removed, also comes at an exceptionally low retail price. With family-friendly bundles being marketed at such a small cost, the Wii may enjoy one final sales boost this Holiday season. Overall, the console that established a whole new market in motion gaming, not to mention some top-notch titles, is having a reasonable final hurrah. Nintendo has even spoken about the Wii continuing to sell as a budget machine beyond the Wii U, in a similar manner to the PlayStation 2: time will tell on that front.

3DS gamers rejoice

While the Wii is winding down, the 3DS is just beginning its lifespan. We’ve spoken about price-cuts and a difficult start for the handheld in other features, but now it’s all about looking forward. Even pessimists must surely acknowledge that the 3DS has exciting software on the way, and Nintendo’s hopes for the console rest on these titles convincing gamers that the 3DS does offer experiences that they cannot miss.

The obvious big hitters due for the Holiday season are Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7. They’re the first 3DS retail releases with Mario in the title, and they also look like titles to excite a variety of gamers. While our preview of Super Mario 3D Land was justifiably reserved in its initial judgement of the title, there is little doubt that it will be an enjoyable slice of handheld gaming. Mario Kart 7 may not be full of surprises but does promise new gameplay twists, not to mention what appears to be the most expansive online component of any 3DS release. Not only will enjoyable experiences be presented in 3D for the first time, but Mario Kart 7 shows early signs of Nintendo’s desire to finally join in with the concept of substantial online gaming.

If these releases are well scheduled and deliver on the hype, the 3DS will have a substantial library of titles that are compelling and, in many cases, exclusive.

An important point to make about these titles is that they promise to be top sellers way beyond the impending shopping season. Mario Kart DS, New Super Mario Bros and their Wii counterparts have consistently sold in huge numbers, at full price, for a number of years. By bringing these games in reasonably early, Nintendo will hope that they will be system sellers in the long term, as well as immediate hits. There are also plenty of first and third party titles on the way: Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, Resident Evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D and Monster Hunter 3 G are only a few examples. If these releases are well scheduled and deliver on the hype, the 3DS will have a substantial library of titles that are compelling and, in many cases, exclusive.

The 3DS is modernising

The functionality of the 3DS on launch was arguably underwhelming, once the novelty of the 3D screen and AR games began to wear off. The potential of the device is slowly being realised with subsequent updates, and those who purchase a 3DS towards the end of this year will have a lot of functionality to enjoy. In addition to the eShop, the update scheduled for late November will bring notable enhancements: 3D video recording, an improved eShop experience, additional StreetPass content and improved ‘friend list’ functionality. All of these changes show that Nintendo is starting to understand, and act upon, areas where its online service has been left behind. While some early-adopters may feel that this has been a frustrating and slow process, new 3DS owners from December onwards will have this functionality right out of the box, and it will surely give their shiny new handheld extra sparkle.

DLC may not be desirable to all gamers, but it is a means of extending the lifespan of a game for enthusiastic buyers.

There are also key enhancements coming to the 3DS in 2012. In terms of online functionality, Nintendo has stated that 3DS titles, both retail and digital, will have the option of offering and selling DLC (downloadable content). This has been a major part of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC gaming for a few years, and this announcement shows that the big N has realised the importance of these downloadable extras in the modern market. DLC may not be desirable to all gamers, but it is a means of extending the lifespan of a game for enthusiastic buyers.

Another major addition which is similarly divisive is the Circle Pad Pro, as it’s likely to be called in European and North American markets. It’s a controversial peripheral in terms of its appearance and timing of release, but beyond those issues it will provide a valuable extra control option, especially in genres that necessitate aiming and camera control. Resident Evil Revelations is out early next year and Capcom has developed a control scheme specifically for this add-on, with a number of other major titles set to do the same. While opinion does vary it undoubtedly boosts the 3DS control options, which may in turn lead to further third party support.

Don’t write Nintendo off

The recent announcements and briefings from Saturo Iwata in particular make one thing clear: Nintendo is determined to make up for mistakes and take on the competition. The 3DS in particular is, through a concerted effort and level of investment, being given every chance of succeeding. There is little doubt that Nintendo face major challenges to achieve its targets for the 3DS, and the Wii U will also face stiff competition. If recent announcements and future plans are anything to go by, however, Nintendo is willing to evolve in order to survive.

What do you think? Will you still be playing your Wii in the New Year, and do the upcoming titles and enhancements on the 3DS bode well for the future? We’d love to read your comments below.

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wqerty said:

I buy nintendo consoles only to play first party games and there's only one decent game on the 3DS for more than half a year, which is very disappointing, but hopefully mario 3d land and mario kart is coming soon.



shingi_70 said:


If you only thought the 3DS had 1 good game I would hate to see your wii or HD system Library.

The 3DS launch reminds me of the 360 launch so much. Hopefully it can have the same success.



pntjr said:

To all "Nintendo's Dying" people:
Nintendo knows what they're doing;
They wouldn't abandon us!
When they trip and fall, they come right back up!



thanos316 said:

i agree with u shingi the 3ds has some good games out and the launch wasn't spectacular but good nonetheless considering the amount of games its lauch with. I also agree with the article about nintendo changing to fight off the competition. nintendo is putting a lot of money into the 3ds and developers are taking notice. heck the ds had some great games on it, im still catching up on all the great rpg's that came out on the ds. the wii is slowly dying and not many good games will surface for it now but it had a great run, such as the first madden that came out on the wii was great. And im sure that ninty been spending all that surplus money into developing the wii u. so i have faith in ninty.



Supremeist said:

The 3DS is a great system, but right now, I get feelings that the $250 wasn't really worth it. The free games they gave us aren't even that good, except for Mario Bros. and Zelda. The eShop isn't getting very good games, and they aren't even taking advantage of the 3D effect. Instead, they have been giving us a ton of crappy VC games. (Not all of them are bad, but you know.) I don't fully regret picking up my 3DS on launch, but I'm starting to get the feeling that I wasted alot of cash. I'll admit, I'm bored of the 3DS right now, I haven't touched it in weeks. I'm waiting to see if the update is worth it, and the christmas titles like MK7, SM3D Land, RE: Revelations, and even better - To hear more news on Animal Crossing & Paper Mario. I've also read some news that a new Zelda game will be developed for the 3DS. I think that's great news, but I would also love a MM remake. The big announcements for later in the year are what is keeping me from getting rid of my 3DS. I am almost positive that all of the upcoming titles, updates, eShop games, and more are going to make the 3DS worth every penny. (LONGEST COMMENT EVER~!!!)



Chris720 said:

The 3DS is getting there... slowly. But it's not long now until most of our wants have been realized, especially the messaging system we've always wanted.

Nintendo was always on track... it's just their internet connectivity is a bit of a bummer, but with the new updates, coming soon, I can see Nintendo flourishing again.



pikku said:

@pizzacore Again, you must have thought the 3DS was worth $250 when it launched, or else you wouldn't have gotten one. Nintendo is well within their rights to change the price at any time, and they had no obligation to 'repay' you for anything. Yet they did. And if you s don't like one of the games that they're giving you for free then you don't have to download them; save your storage for something you do like. There is absolutely no reason to be complaining about the price drop whatsoever.



Slapshot said:

@Thomas Thanks again for another fantastic read with my Saturday morning breakfast. I love starting off my weekend with a great NL Feature!

I have to say that it truly pleases me that I'm back pre-ordering Nintendo titles once again. I'm very pleased with Nintendo at the moment, as they are truly showing that they are stepping up to the plate to play ball.

I wasn't happy with the Circle Pad addition at first, but I've come to grips with it - especially now that I see them trying to fix more and more mistakes. I think Nintendo has finally realized what I myself have seen coming for year: they're standing on a ship so full of cash that slowly it's sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

You have to keep on innovating to stay competitive and Nintendo has done this, but if you push to innovate your hardware (3DS), you've got to push out the software to sell it; making sure that your owner's are keeping their systems on everyday.

3DS is quickly becoming a love letter to Nintendo fans and if they keep on catching-up, innovating and producing great software, they'll make it truly worth playing everyday!



siddharthbandhu said:

I too am an early adopter of 3DS, but I will try to buy SM3DL, if I find it in india.



Slapshot said:

@siddharthbandhu Please tell me that you've been able to download Shantae: Risky's Revenge? I think that the game's setting would really appeal to you seeing that you're in India.




Of course Nintendo are the best as they are a specialist gaming company with a rich and powerful history both recent and more distant. However, they should have "fought" more effectively and sooner if they employed a bit of common sense! TBF its a transitional period for Nintendo and they've got one heck of an act to follow.

Fantastic article btw



NinjaMario said:

Wow. Another big awesome article by NL. Luv it. I definitely be playing my wii in 2012!!! I'm gonna have skyward sword for goodness sakes! As for the 3DS, I am VERY excited 4 Super Mario 3d land, and Mario kart 7! I will always stay true to Nintendo!!!!!



kingothekoopas said:

it's worth noting however, that the Wii U, is a piece of crap. if i wanted a controller that big, i'd own an ipad. thing looks like a giant game gear. i mean seriously, controllers work best if they have a corded option like PS3 and 360, no argument there. it's one of the faults of the wii. but when that corded option is a charger, you've got to ask yourself, are these guys out of their minds? i may still buy it, but if it let's gimmicks get in the way of gameplay, or the controller is too much for me to hold, (the DSiXL almost met that criteria) then i'm not sure it's going to be something i want.



DarkEdi said:

All is 3DS now but the Wii needs and extra-urgent update: the mii channel, a new sound channel, the exclusive japan-european titles, more wiiware titles, keep the demos, revive the VC, etc. The Wii is almost dead and are they thinking it will be selling when the Wii U comes out? it is like a naive idea, i doubt it can keep the sales if in this moment they can´t keep the sales growing.



misswliu81 said:

excellent piece thomas!

2011 has been a mixed bag for nintendo, although it wasn't a huge downer that lots have claimed it to be. although there were some things nintendo could've done much better. alas, the 3DS launch line-up could've been better, the lack of major wii games during the first 6 months or so of the year to name.

but it was happy news when xenoblade sold incredibly well in europe, in spite of little marketing and promotion, ocarina of time became a big seller for the 3DS and the DS has become the biggest selling handheld so far. oh and we've got kirby's return to dreamland and skyward sword to round up 2011.

it's not all doom and gloom. lots have written nintendo off completely and the wii U still has people scratching their heads. but they have been in the business for a long time and have had a few shortfalls. yet they still manage to bounce back after that.

they did it with the wii after the relatively poor sales of the N64 and gamecube, and they did it with the DS and the subsequent versions that came after that. the 3DS's progress is encouraging to see day in day out, at last it is picking up some steam. that should continue when super mario 3D, mario kart 7, tekken etc get released.

i'm sure as soon as we get more details about the wii U next year and the extensive line-up of games for it, it will be great. but of course, the key thing is the price: if its too high, it will put people off from buying it.

but in all, it's been a good year for nintendo and us fans.



meltendo said:

I love my 3DS since I have zero time to play console games. I also enjoy gaming on my iPad and it hurts every week to see the limited selection of downloadable games in the e-shop.

As much as I'm looking forward to the first party games releasing soon, I hope Nintendo is busy making 3D versions of the NES Metroid, NES Kid Icarus, etc.



Will-75 said:

Cant wait to get the new MARIO 3D LAND, looks awesome . I have no regrets with my 3DS, I own a PS3, Wii, DSI, & a PSP I play the 3DS more than any of my other systems I have to say that there is more than one good game out for the 3DS at this point I own ten 3DS retail games that are great games and I can think of four more that are out right now I'd love to own..



Sam_Loser2 said:

I keep hearing about some 3DSware coming, but where is it? There are plenty of games I'm looking forward to that should make up for all the upset (cave story, mario land, animal crossing, BETTER have Fire Emblem over here)



Robeson64 said:

Nintendo will learn from their mistakes and come back strong. The 3DS has so much potential atm, cant wait for the system update and Mario Kart : D



Nin-freak said:

The 3DS has sold faster than the original DS in the same amount of time after launch. So why are people saying Nintendo is failing?
Jealousy, ignorance, fanboyism? Nope, Nintendo just released the 3DS early so they could focus on the Wii U(Confirmed by Nintendo)which caused the 3DS to lack all the features they wanted to put on it. But I will say this, better late than never!



C7_ said:

What would've made for a successful launch would've been a few 1st-party games that used all of the 3DS's features. They really need to realize that 3D doesn't add much to gaming other than "Ohey, that looked cool". If they had delayed Pokemon Black and White a few months and released it as a 3DS title, bragging about online functionality and streetpass features as more important than the 3D functions, sales would increased HEAVILY. I know about 3 people who would've bought a 3DS just for that.

And now with the talk of the circle pad addition I'm unsure about my own 3DS purchase; should I have waited until a new shinier version came out that would have all the features? Really there were a lot of things that happened shortly after release that would bring uncertainty to purchase.

Oh, and DLC is MUST these days, so long as they aren't intentionally leaving things out of the final product and then making you pay for more later (half the games for 360) and are actually updates to the games that needed it (Valve frequently fixing bugs and adding features to sustain last-ability in their games).



Nintendo64Boy said:

Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Nintendo!!!!!!!! They will never lose my money!



nothankyou said:

The 3DS is a great system, and I'm happy they're boosting the online features. In fact, a lot of my friends picked up a 3DS, and a few of them made fun of Nintendo on a daily basis. Keep up the great work, Nintendo!



chiefeagle02 said:

Tell you what, I'm going to hook up my PSOne and play some Final Fantasy (got Anthology and Chronicles for my birthday last weekend and I still haven't beaten VIII or Origins). Maybe when I'm done (six Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger in all), there will be something for me for the 3DS.

Don't get me wrong, I like my 3DS. I still take it around when I'm at school, averaging three StreetPass hits a week. The Ambassador Program was great and I'm really excited for the GBA games to come (breaking up Final Fantasy gameplay a bit). I think my problem is I'm spoiled by tne promise of new experiences from Nintendo. The DS came out, essentially reinvented genres of gaming (particularly edutainment), and sold over 150m consoles. The Wii mainstreamed motion controls and is nearing the 90m mark. The 3DS...feels too much like the same old flame from the DS, but with 3D (that gives me a headache after 20 minutes), prettier graphics (which don't matter to me, illustrative by my new PSOne binge) and faster guts. I guess I'm still waiting for the next Brain Age or Wii Sports, games that took the hardware and hit a home run with them. Admittedly StreetPass, Face Raiders, and the AR Cards were nice in the beginning, but I'm still waiting and hoping.



ocarinaoftime said:

I feel the same way pizzacore does about 3ds... I got mine for 100 dollars and im bored with it... It came with 4 gb vc games and 14 dsi ware games....ive only had it for maybe 2 weeks now maybe 3 weeks at the most... maybe i wont feel this way latter on but as of right now i feel like i wasted a 100 dollars...



DrCruse said:

Well... they're not getting any of my money until they provide a product I would want to buy.



Onett said:

"The 3DS...feels too much like the same old flame from the DS, but with 3D."
Thank you.

It sounds to me like Nintendo is trying to dig themselves out of a 40ft ditch by going back to what they've always done best, which is making quality games.

I remember buying the DS for Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing and Pokemon. I still haven't bought a 3DS primarily because their lineup as been weak up until recently. With more worthwhile games on the horizon, buying a 3DS may finally be a worthy investment. Not only for the 3D, but for the quality games. 3D alone doesn't warrant spending $170.00. However, more than 1 worthy game title does.

Similarly to the 3DS, I was sold on the Wii for the big titles, not the motion controls. Big games like Super Smasl Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii didn't require motion controls and are still the only two games I play on the Wii with the occasional PBR. I hope whatever newfangled gimmick Nintendo comes up with on the Wii U doesn't harm them any further than the mistakes they are paying for now.



WereBeaver said:

That's awesome for the 3DS and all (I really wanna get one but lack the resources at the moment...), but as an American Wii owner, one Zelda game isn't enough to hold me over, no matter how brilliant it is. NoA give us some love.



AlbertoC said:

Well, i'm glad (and its about time) the blockbuster titles got 2011 release dates. I recently purchased a red 3DS (by the color alone, no ambassador games) and i have nothing to do with it aside from the cameras and street-pass. (Even with the VC games, i've played them all and i have some of them still working on their original consoles...)

I also agree that the late november update will offer a lot of new stuff and will not be a waste like 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 on the DSi, or the last update to the wii, that did absolutely NOTHING NEW.



North99 said:

I'm in my late 20s, and was a very loyal fan of Nintendo for years. I've owned the very first gameboys, and haven't missed out on any home consoles. My loyalty is no more. I bought a Playstation III, and have plans to get an Xbox. Nintendo has really let me down. I never did like playing Wii games that have me feeling like I have tourettes when I play them. And the way they've pumped out handhelds and slightly modified handhelds seems like a disgusting marketing ploy to a business/marketing student. Smaller and thinner versions. Bigger and wider versions. It smells like desperation. It feels to me like Nintendo has lost its sense and dedication to fans with its panic.



retro_player_22 said:

If they're planning to fight back, how bout them getting started on bringing all those Wii VC games from Japan here like Strider.



LittleIrves said:

Thomas said: "The DS came out, essentially reinvented genres of gaming (particularly edutainment), and sold over 150m consoles"
Probably good to remember none of this happened in the first 6 months on the market. The first 1/2 year of the DS was dominated by N64 remake (Mario) and shorter arcade-type experiences (Yoshi Touch 'n Go, Pac-Pix). Sound familiar? The 3DS will have an extensive library of innovative games and sell just fine. Need to give it time, though, for that to happen.



Scissors said:

It's just a bad launch no big deal, the PS3 and 360 launches weren't too great either I remember my brother had a 360, and all we did with it was play geometry wars and replay the demo to Dead Rising over and over again. Then he caved in and bought Far Cry which did not translate well to a controller, the driving levels were so frustrating that it made me stop playing the game.




Like it how somome ppl right off the wii u when we have only been given an introductory insight into the new console. Same old story.



Bassman_Q said:

Wait... The Last Story and Pandora's Tower are coming to the west next year? Meaning they'll be coming to North America? Operation Rainfall actually worked?

Why is this the first I've heard of this???



Thwiidscube said:

Poor Nintendo, I feel bad they're having hard times with everything... but with the all new awesome games coming this month and next month, and the 3DS update, maybe that'll change!



LordTendoboy said:

Compared to the N64, GBA, and GameCube, the 3DS had an amazing launch. Plenty of quality games were available right when the system launched.

Compare this to the N64 launch, when we only got 2 games (Mario 64 and Pilotwings).



LordTendoboy said:

@Onett (33)

You only play Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii? You're missing out on a ton of good games.

  • Donkey Kong Country Returns
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
  • Mega Man 9 and 10
  • All those Virtual Console games
  • GoldenEye 007
  • Kirby's Return to Dreamland
  • Wii Sports Resort


darkgamer001 said:

They need to localize the 3 jrpgs in NA asap, or they're going to learn another thing the hard way with the WiiU - no one buys your console if they think that you'll limit their ability to play the games they want



grumblegrumble said:

tendoboy... don't forget about Tetris: Axis. I am addicted to that game now and can't put it down! They just added extra free Spotpass content too in Fever mode.



MeloMan said:

All I can say is for the love of Nintendo, I complain, and I complain because I give a damn as they will ALWAYS have a place in my gamer heart. But for once, it's nice to know my (all of our) b****ing is paying off in SOME sort of way. Not bad, but there's LOTS more to do Nintendo... just keep on going forward.



craigmoss19 said:

Everyone seems to be forgetting that Nintendo still make some of the best first party games ever.

I can't imagine never being able to play a new Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., etc.

If Nintendo made a console that only had first party games on it, I'd still get it



drumsandperc92 said:

I haven't owned a handheld since the original GBA. There were some great titles on DS, but honestly nothing that really struck me as "oh, i need to have a ds to play this!" So i didnt.
That said, 3ds has some pretty incredible stuff coming out, and i think it's not out of the question that i pick one up one day. I'll probably pick one up though once price is even lower since i'm primarily a console guy, and on a tight budget. also, looking to see if they include the second circle pad built in in a redone version of the 3ds. if they do that, lower the price to around 100-150 TOPS, after Super mario 3ds land, mk7, the next zelda 3ds, kid icarus, and the next super smash bros are on the handheld. then, i will definitely make a purchase, but i'm not feeling the need for one now. Nintendo wouldn't have had to learn anything if they released the system this holiday season along with all of these great games coming out, it would've flown off shelves quicker than you could say rudolf.
Far as Wii U, I'm getting it Day 1. Why? because nintendo, unlike MS & Sony, have not had a history of system failures at launch or other major technical issues. I'm confident Wii U will be built incredibly well, and as long as they launch it with a strong lineup of Nintendo favorites AND, HOPEFULLY something new from Nintendo (not slightly better than shelfware type stuff a la wii sports, i'm talking a brand new IP) than i think Wii U will sell like hot cakes.
But when they release the final hardware E3 2012, they better realize that MS & Sony are going to do everything they can to make Wii U look like yester-year's technology, a la wii compared to 360/ps3. That means 720 & ps4 are going to be coming out with the big guns, loaded with top-tier tech of not only 2012 but 2013 and possibly 2014. So that means, even if they have to sell it at a loss, the Wii U better be BRIMMING with some of the hottest technology that 2012 offers. Otherwise, i'm simply afraid it'll lose all 3rd party support after a mere year or maybe two.
The reason the wii has pathetic 3rd party support is because devs don't want to make such drastically scaled back versions of their games just to put it on wii. If 720/ps4 surpass the Wii U tech wise by any substantial margin, it's very possible devs will feel the same way again. Right now, if it was released and compared to 360/ps3 im sure it would blow it out of the water, but keep in mind nintendo is flagging this as a next gen console, they are jumpstarting the next generation, so it is going to be compared not to this gen but to the ps4 & 720. I really want to see Nintendo back on top where they belong.
They are the best innovators, game makers, and all around most honorable company (not just in video games) that i know of.
C'mon Nintendo, show us what you've got!!!!!



Infernapeking said:

9 days til Super Mario 3D Land so what up with this 3DS moving Slow after it reach 6.5 million since price cut. 3DS is on track to sell even more now so stay calm.



Jono97 said:

I feel sorry for nintendo, even that I only started being a fan when the nintendo DS lite came out.



Gamesake said:

@North99 What are you waiting for? Go buy that Xbox. The PS3 makes a nice Blu-ray player for grampa, but when you want a real gaming console, you want an Xbox 360.



Onett said:


■Donkey Kong Country Returns (Fantastic game.)
■Kirby's Epic Yarn (Kirby Wii puts it to shame.)
■New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Great game.)
■Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 (Great games.)
■Mega Man 9 and 10 (Meh. Soundtrack(s) were poor.)
■All those Virtual Console games (?)
■GoldenEye 007 (Got enough of it on the N64.)
■Kirby's Return to Dreamland (Excellent game.)
■Wii Sports Resort (No interest whatsoever.)

I've played all of the games mentioned above, most of which require very little to no motion controls and for the most part could do without. Donkey Kong and Kirby's Return to Dream Land had the most replay value because of the multi-player feature. Till this day, Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl spend most of their time in my Wii rather than in their cases because of their online capability and replay value (mostly do to the fact that they are party games) while the others collect dust or get loaned to my friends to get a little more love after I'm through completing them. Don't get me wrong, just because I don't play most of these games anymore doesn't mean they are bad. I simply end up going back to the games that have features to connect and have fun with friends near and far.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Speaking of the Super Mario and the friend list, can you guys confirm that the friend list update will also be provided by the software patch from Super Mario 3D Land?



grumblebuzzz said:

I feel like the doom and gloom of the 3DS at this point is greatly exaggerated. Yes, the launch was bad. Yes, the sales were slow before the price cut. Nintendo cut the price, started stacking on the features via system updates and now the sales are fine and fewer and fewer 3DS owners are complaining. They're fixing their mistakes, they're redeeming themselves. What more do you want out of them now?




Well, I'll have to miss the days when game systems were simple and reliable. Well, not really with my Gamecube around.



StarDust4Ever said:

My biggest gripe about the 3DS, besides the fact I still have to wait a while for 3D-Land and MK-7, is that it won't make me waffles and hot coffee in the mornings. [sarcasm]



TheGreenSpiny said:

@onett: Thus is the nature of all entertainment (except maybe music). Do you sit and watch the same movie over and over? Do you read the same book again and again? No. When you finish them, you get rid of them or put them away for some future play through (or viewing/reading).

Personally I get sick of all this online gaming crap. I'm tired of it ruining the single player aspects of games. (FPS anyone?) Sure it extends replay value but playing the same short arcade experiences over and over gets old quickly. No online multiplayer has ever been as deep and rich as a well made single player game, and by their very nature never will be.



WertyYertrew said:

Nintendo, five words: Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandora's Tower.

Other than that and leaving the 3DS to third-party developers for three months (which was a massive mistake and should not have happened) not much else to say about Nintendo's year. We all know what's wrong. Now they better take steps to go and fix it.



Jono97 said:

I simply think nintedo just targets on gamesr too much and not other people. To non-gamers the 3DS would be like an ipod with two screens,buttons and with with 3D. Well I think the biggest problem is actually the variety of games and apps and freebies.



Onett said:

Yes, as a matter of fact, you can read the same book or watch the same movie over and over again. It depends entirely on what content you are dealing with. Some people like the short and sweet arcade games. It means that they can run through it and keep trying to top their new high scores each play through.

I can agree that some modes in certain games take away from the focus of what the game should have been focusing on in the first place. For example, the Subspace Emissary mode in SSBB is a completely different game from the VS. Mode, even down to the slowed down physics. You can go compare the two yourself if you like. They spent more time rendering cut-scenes and mapping out stages (which looked FAR better than the ones they give you in the VS. mode) rather than focusing on giving us more characters, items, a better fighting system and pretty stages like in subspace. Smash Bros. has always been a fighting game, not an adventure game. It seems Nintendo realized that The Subspace Emissary (Adventure Mode) should have been its own game from the very beginning, which is why the 3DS installment to the series is likely to be developed and marketed as an adventure game rather than a fighter (for the leveling up/personal experience to the game that Sakurai mentioned) while the Wii U version will be a fighter that you can port your characters to.

You are playing the wrong online games if you are complaining about depth. You may want to look into some MMORPG's if you are looking for depth instead of bashing FPS games. You can't really compare those two genres and expect one to be more like the other without changing it beyond recognition. Tossing massive amounts of dialogue, context sensitive scenarios or puzzles into a FPS would most likely cause a fan of that genre to get a refund on the game he just bought. Not everybody wants something complex. They like games they can pick up and play with ease.



NocturnalYoshi said:

Nintendos year I feel has been a tad disappointing. I am an early adopter and for 6 months, I've had my 3DS and only one 3DS game to play on it. However I still feel that it was well worth the $250 pricetag. It is the best system I have ever played on and it lifts my spirits to know that they are finally going to start releasing more worthwhile titles and improving the console with these system updates very soon. I haven't lost faith in Nintendo, and I knew the tides would turn, i just wish it would of happened a little sooner. But we can't change time.



Kyloctopus said:

I felt like this year was unique, bumpy and full of flaws. Nintendo released the 3DS with a huge start as the most preordered console ever, but eventually good things come to an end. And this year was slow for both the Wii and DS. But there were, and will be major events for Nintendo.
1 Project Rainfall: Let's face it we are not getting those games on the Wii
2 Major Game Releases: I'll get to that later
3 Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary: With the many events it's hard not to feel the excitement.
4 3DS Launch: It felt amazing first picking up the glossy 2 screened device for the first time, and nothing can replace that feeling.
5 Project Cafe: The mystery In it all. The basic rumours were true and it looked awesome from my computer.
And the major games were...
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D
Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Kart 7
Pokemon Black and White



Mandoble said:

@34 I agree, Vita might fail which would boost Nintendo. I see it failing in two possible situations: games too expensive or due to design/magnufacturing/firmware problems. The problem is that 3DS survival is not in the hands of Iwata, but in the hands of Sony. It doesnt matter how hard Iwata wants to fight back, he doesnt have any weapons and he only depends on potential malfunctions of enemy's ones.



JimLad said:

Nintendo are definately fighting back with 3DS, but they need focus much more on their home console strategy or they're going to be in big trouble in a few years.
Most gamers buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games.
The third party support sucks, and the online sucks.
It's the only way they can play Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, Kirby, Donkey Kong etc...
You can see the problem with that list though, until now none of those franchises have seen a release this year. Two of them haven't seen a game in six and eight years respectively!
Last year was pretty good, but ultimately they don't seem to be making games fast enough to cover the black hole left by third parties.

The WiiU looks good, but there is no way they can ever hope to catch the Xbox 360 now when it comes to third party support or online abilities. Microsoft show no sign of releasing a 'next gen' console either, because it would be pointless. They've pretty much reached end game since graphics can't really get much better, and third parties are so used to developing on their hardware.

If Nintendo want to claw back a market for themselves, one of two things need to happen:

  • Create a developer friendly console (HD/hard drive/decent online) then focus completely on making more first party games. Maybe use some of their enormous wealth to buy more second party dev houses?
  • or... create some absolute killer aps for the WiiU. Something that will have the impact that Wii Sports did when it came out, and change the face of gaming again. (this solution can be short lived though as the Wii has shown us)


Jamouse said:

2011 was crap for Nintendo
2011 was great for us

Honestly, Nintendo has given (okay, a couple aren't out yet..) us 22 free games this year! This is Nintendo were talking about, how great is that!



StarDust4Ever said:

@thedarkness #68: You believe that games, movies, etc have zero replay value once completed. If that is true, then why the heck am I still holding on to my old NES toaster, just so I can break out the classic Super Mario Brothers / Duck Hunt 2-in-1 cart, or play the awesome rare Tengen Tetris every now and then? I have literally saved the princess hundreds of times, shot thousands of 8-bit ducks with the zapper, dropped tens of thousands of tetris blocks, etc, etc, and to this day it never gets old or boring. I generally keep the games I enjoy, selling back only the ones which lose my interest, and believe me, I own a lot of games, both old and new!



Nintendo3DSLife said:

Well I like everything the 3DS is doing right now and in the future but I hope the 3ds games in the future is not a lie like they said after they release Kid Iraccus,they would make super smash bros for 3DS then will be release somewhere in 2013.idk i read it off from a site so ya...idk.:l



North99 said:

@Gamesake Sometimes patience can be a virtue. Within a month or so, I should be able to get the Xbox 360 for absolutely FREE. Just like I got my Playstaion III absolutely free. The joys of having many many bills all payable by a VISA that gives me points. I won't pay any S&H either.



TheGreenSpiny said:

@80: I'm not saying they don't have replay value. Any good game does. I also own a lot of old games, but most of those games sit in a case in storage till I feel nostalgic. I keep all my faves, unless I get some kind of remake/reissue. Most people I know dump games after they finish them (and sometimes don't even finish them). People recycle games at an absurd rate these days.

My point is that onett's complaint is not valid. Once you beat most games you're not just going to keep playing it over and over. When it's finished you move on to the next game, if it's good enough you come back at a later date and play it again.



ZukutoBen said:

I will feel sad unless my Parents let me get The Wii U which is extremly unlikely sigh. I would trade my Wii if it werent for all those points i Spent on The Wii Shop Channel and Game memory isn't tranceferable is it. Is anyone here in the same situation.



Onett said:

There is a difference between a complaint and a gamers preference.

"Once you beat most games you're not just going to keep playing it over and over."
"if it's good enough you come back at a later date and play it again."

You are playing them over and over again, just not in the literal sense. While it is possible to sit there for hours at a time and do so is entirely dependant on the game and the gamers preference. You are just reiterating what StarDust and I are saying.



Ren said:

love my 3ds but I would have been less cynical about it if it came out 3 months later and more stuff worked from the start. Then some of the goodness coming this holiday wouldn't have felt so far away, either.
I hope they got some people on overtime working on that WiiU. My wii is still much loved but I've been fighting the urge to get an HD system and I only have time/money for one. The 360 is so cool and cheap now, it seems like forever before the U will be out. I can't be the only one that's starting to feel jealous about HD graphics and sound now that it's kind of a standard.



Gamer83 said:

Lets just call this year what it's been. Complete crap, and one good game doesn't make up for it. I've always had a soft spot for Nintendo but this year the company has absolutely sickened me beyond belief. It's gonig to take a lot to win me back. I sold my 3DS and I haven't regretted it one bit, won't be re-buying any time soon either. As far as Wii U... Well at this point in time it's not even a consideration, the last year of the Wii has been handled pitifully (and it's horrendous how they crappedon the North American market) and the way they launched 3DS doesn't inspire confidence. Its most interesting games announced are ones that will have been available on 360 and PS3 for a while by the time of launch. I'll definitely wait to see what MS and Sony have to offer with its next consoles before even considering the Wii U as an option.



lalalalalalal said:

Nintendo is not a company to be left in the dust.
It is the leader and the heart of gaming. Nintendo learned from its mistakes. They know now, from the 3DS, to through in some killer games at the launch of the WII U. And, they may be a tiny bit late, but some amazing 3DS titles are out, or coming really soon. And the 3DS will practically be the newest console at Christmas so....



North99 said:

I'm guessing the Wii U's target market is kids who get systems which are paid for by mommy and daddy's VISA card. I can't see long term adult fans buying a barely upgraded piece of junk when there are already better systems available from less desperate companies. A commercial with a Nintendo employee grovelling on their knees begging consumers to purchase the system would be a charming touch.



Qeuix said:

you guys have seen aint nothin yet about the upcoming 8th generation consoles i her rumors tht theres gonna be a dreamcast 2 system and a new atirl system sorry if i spelled it wrong of course there is also the ps4 and xbox720 all of them will be coming out in 2013. (Except the PS4 REMEMBER THIS ARE JUST RUMORS!)



Aerona said:

Nintendo lost so many coolness points over the 3DS and Operation Rainfall fiascos.



Bassman_Q said:

"2012 carries the promise of Western releases of The Last Story and Nintendo’s own Pandora’s Tower."

Can someone please tell me if this is true?



TheGreenSpiny said:

@onett: There was no contradiction there. I meant you put it away and dig it out a year or two later, versus just selling it. As I stated all good games have replay value, but once it complete a game it goes back in the box and I start something new. From your comments it sounds like you only play SSBB or MK because they are online, and the other games mentioned don't have replay value.

As far as Brawl goes I rather like the Subspace Emissary mode. I find most fighting games boring. I need enough a single player experience before I put cash down for a fighting game. As far as my gaming preferences go, I like gaming by myself. I don't feel a need to be connected to anybody. If I want to hang out with my friends I'll go to a bar.



Cengoku said:

if you're saying that there are no games for 3DS, then buy DS games. There's a ton of them (phoenix wright, trauma center, great rpg's, etc etc etc...) or buy some dsiware which are fantastic too.



zezhyrule said:

Fight back? Good Luck.
I wrote nintendo off the day I bought the amazing system that is teh PS3 >:3



Oscarsome said:

I haven't bought a 3DS for the fact that the games offered for it are pretty much mediocre, thus far. Mario is looking good and so is Mario Kart, but I mean, I'd like something NEW, besides Mario, Mario, Mario. I am waiting for the 3DS Lite when there will be more choices, a slicker 3DS and it'll cost less.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Yes it’s great that recently Nintendo seems to listen to us “hardcore” fans a bit more. I can’t wait for the announced eShop content and Mario Kart 7 to show how online and StreetPass should be done nowadays (hopefully Resident Evil Revelations too).
And what I really liked were the two Japanese conferences so far. It would be great if they continue these and sub them in English or even let NoA and NoE have their own.
All in all it seems that the devs have more faith in the 3DS since the price cut (and maybe because of the Circle Pad Pro).

But let’s not be too emotional here. We knew about most of these games even before the 3DS was released. The really interesting time for the 3DS will come from February on. Once people have played all the games they wanted so far there better be a steady stream of good ones.

And there’s always room for development.
If they’d figure out if they want to give us Germans Star Bonuses again (maybe even us Europeans, i can't speak for other countries.) ,they'd be able to give the VC and GBA games wireless multiplayer options and allow you to pay for an eShop game without the need for leftover credit I’d be one stop closer to a happy customer.

The WiiU launch will be a lot more challenging than that of the 3DS and so far I don’t even have the slightest idea of what Nintendo can do to be a step ahead of the PS3 and Xbox 360. Not to even mention their successor’s.

PS: Looking forward to Kirby, Zelda and Rhythm Heaven on the Wii.
PPS: In the Wii’s coming soon list I couldn’t help but see an entry for Fatal Frame 2. Are there still plans for a Japanese release ? (If so i want it to come to the entire West as well of course.)



Flowerlark said:

Since I have a stack of unplayed Wii games and am drooling over Skyward sword... I say yes, I'll still be playing it for a long time. I was dead against the 3DS at first because I have vision problems and the 3D would be pure agony, but after the price drop I'd like to get one (mostly to play pilot wings) and just keep the 3D turned off. I've never played anything but Nintendo, and I'd be pretty upset if they fell by the wayside. While I may not agree with all their decisions, I'll likely always be a Nintendo girl.



alLabouTandroiD said:

And for the umpteenth time Nintendo should give us demos asap. There are a lot of games i'm interested in but really have to experience what they feel like before i can feel confident in buying 'em.



GameLord08 said:

I believe the Wii is dead. The eighth generation has been embraced, and this is the beginning of another era of gaming. Sony and Microsoft may try to "prolong" the lives of their respective home consoles, but really, all those have their expiration dates stamped on to them. At least Nintendo realises that a change is to be made, and I think the Wii U is a good example of Nintendo's thinking of this, despite the negative criticism. Nintendo is constantly trying to be ahead, and if you ask me, they're doing it. People may say that their contribution has come too early in this department and their hardware is only just stepping up to some parts of the PS3 and 360; true, but other features of the Wii U show innovation of the future. Sony and Microsoft, where the hell are you with your competition?

The 3DS has been revolutionising to handheld gaming so far. And they're also bringing back classic titles, BAM. Revamped and modern. But, I shall admit, it does face rigid competition from the PS Vita, and this is coming from someone who has never embraced Sony before. This doesn't mean all hope is lost though. This just means that an interesting battle is to commence between the two.

The only company to not embrace this new generation is Microsoft. They seem to be dead in the water. Nintendo has the 3DS and the Wii U, so they're clearly ahead. Sony isn't far behind with the Vita, but you, Microsoft? Where's your challenge?



mike_fantastic said:

"Overall, the console that established a whole new market in motion gaming, not to mention some top-notch titles, is having a reasonable final hurrah."

I completely disagree here. The PS2 had an amazing hurrah, as Sony allowed 3rd party developers to go crazy in its last days. Persona 4, which was critically praised and attained a great following, Sakura Wars, the last great PS2 pre-order pack, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Jak & Daxter Lost Frontier. Big games (2 of which are on Wii, btw) were still coming out REGULARLY.

The Wii is going out with a whimper, Zelda be damned.



Sondheimist said:

"And the way they've pumped out handhelds and slightly modified handhelds seems like a disgusting marketing ploy to a business/marketing student. Smaller and thinner versions. Bigger and wider versions. It smells like desperation. It feels to me like Nintendo has lost its sense and dedication to fans with its panic."

Panic? Desperation?

One doesn't have to be a marketing student to see that the constant release of slightly updated systems is indeed a marketing ploy - a disgusting, wonderfully successful ploy for Nintendo.

Though it is interesting, and revealing of your own bias, that you interpret that decision as "desperate," when, to anyone with even a basic awareness of business trends in the electronic market, such upgrades would only indicate a basic awareness of the market on the part of Nintendo. That is to say, you're taking something that pretty much every company does (including Microsoft and Sony) - releasing "updated" versions of the same basic technology to hopefully hook in a few more buyers and to get the dedicated to upgrade their "outdated" (but not really) versions (look at the variations of sizes and colors and harddrive space in the various generations of the iPod - created by Apple, one of the least desperate of companies) - and condemning only Nintendo for it. You start out with a conclusion - that Nintendo is desperate - and use whatever nonsense argument comes to your mind, even if that very behavior is actually evidence of some amount of savvy on the part of the company involved.

That is to say, that it smells like "desperation" to you is only indication of your own ignorance of basic business practices.

"I'm guessing the Wii U's target market is kids who get systems which are paid for by mommy and daddy's VISA card."

Perhaps not a bad demographic to target, considering that kids who get systems paid for by mommy and daddy's VISA card are a really big part of the market - yes, there has been a major trend towards more adult gamers over the last decade, but kids (those not old enough to have a steady income) are still a huge segment of the gaming population.

"I can't see long term adult fans buying a barely upgraded piece of junk when there are already better systems available from less desperate companies. A commercial with a Nintendo employee grovelling on their knees begging consumers to purchase the system would be a charming touch."

As before, you're letting your anti-Nintendo bias get in the way of your reasoning abilities here. First, as already mentioned, you're overplaying the "desperation" of Nintendo just a tad bit. Yes, they are coming off of a pretty bad year - but they're also still making a ton of money from Wii and DS, both of which have been extremely profitable for them, and it's quite likely that 3DS sales will gain momentum as its library improves. Second, even if it were true that Nintendo was "desperate" (and I don't think there's much to justify that claim), the general consumer who doesn't spend much time reading video gaming sites (that is, the vast majority of the video game playing population, including parents who buy systems for their children) aren't going to be aware of that "desperation." That is to say, it's not like the Wii-U is going to be coated with a layer of flop sweat that serves as a warning to all customers of the desperation of its creators. Rather, parents will see that the "new Wii" is out, and they will see a Mario game or a Super Smash Bros. game, and they will buy it for the kids. And, contrary to the line that you so desperately want to sell, and regardless of your own feelings of the system's "inferiority," plenty of adult gamers will also see those same titles and decide to purchase the system for themselves.

Considering how little we still know about the system, your condemnation seems just a bit overeager, as if you desperately want what you are saying to be true. I know some people are really anxious to condemn Nintendo at every chance - but coming off one of the most popular consoles in history, there aren't really a lot of precedents to justify your pessimism.

I probably won't get a Wii-U, mainly because I've found myself becoming less and less interesting in new games over the past few years (though I'm still interested enough to follow this site, as well as some XBox and Sony sites) - but you're fooling yourself if you don't think that it will interest a pretty good portion of the gaming market (remembering, once again, that the Wii has been an extraordinary success for Nintendo and that the name alone is likely to get them high sales for at least another generation, regardless of the new console's quality.)



Sondheimist said:

Sorry about the length there.

tl;dr version - Rumors of Nintendo's desperation and panic have been greatly exaggerated, even if they are coming off a pretty bad year.



rjejr said:

This article just depressed me even more. Final flourish for the Wii? So after Zelda and Kirby I have an entire year of 2012 with my Wii playing what exactly? Someone please give me a reason not to box up my Wii on Jan 1st. I would have been very happy looking forward to all 3 of the games we AREN'T getting as I'm a big JRPG fan, but now all I see is ... ?



North99 said:

@Sondheimist Yawn. I aced Marketing for a reason. Dropping the cost of a system by nearly a hundred bucks just shortly after its release and renaming the new home console with a single additional letter? Yeah. Desperation. Look at the stock market trends, if you know how.



Gamer83 said:


Yup, especially the Operation Rainfall fiasco, Nintendo lost big points with me on that and it's a big reason that I'm not going to consider buying the Wii U for quite a while. Until I'm given a reason to believe otherwise I'm thinking crap years like 2011 will become the norm with them.



alLabouTandroiD said:

And for the WiiU supporting 3D televisions from the get go would be a good idea imo. It doesn't have to be glasses free, not every game has to use it and you don't have to make a big fuss about it. Just have it as an option, otherwise you may regret it later.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Nintendo is in a very interesting place right now. I bought a 3DS for my girlfriend at launch and she loves it. Still, the games available at launch were not that great. STAR FOX should have been a launch title. As for the Wii, it is inexcusable that XENOBLADE, THE LAST STORY, and PANDORA'S TOWER have not received U.S. release dates. I have friends who only have a Wii, and I feel sad for them. As for the WiiU, it's a day-one for me. And I will be picking up the inevitable GAME OF THE YEAR edition of ARKHAM CITY . . . even though I am playing through it right now on my 360. Please don't let us down Nintendo.



lmwtw1 said:

I will stand by you Nintendo. You all have never let me down. I love my nintendogs + cats. Awesome game and Tetris Axis is the best ever.



armoredghor said:

@109 Well in that case Sony has been desperate for over 10 years with their playstation series, Apple has been desparate for nearly 10 years without even renaming their iPod iterations (besides the touch), the xbox 360 was an act of desparation with only adding a number to the end and the whole 3D trend was an act of desparation due to low HD sales. Take your own advice and don't try to offend people.



Pj1 said:

Until the Wii-U comes out Nintendo it looks will have to relay on 3DS sales, apart from Zelda Skyward sword and Kirby Nintendo have no big game releases for Wii. Oh well at least I can catch up on my library of Wii games...




How about giving customers a reason to want to use their Nintendo console? By that I mean supporting Wii before it's canned and getting better games on eshop. I'd sure love to try out those VC games Japan has that we don't and those retail releases too. Even Europe is getting more stuff than us! I'm glad for them but what about the rest of us?



alLabouTandroiD said:

Come to think about it i'm surprised that they didn't enhance the pedometer app of the 3DS yet / haven't made one that gives you more statistics etc. They wouldn't even have to invest much money since they could just take parts of Personal Trainer: Walking (aka Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine?) and port it to the 3DS.
If they'd give it away for free i think they could convince some more people to buy a 3DS.

Not that it's very important to me, this is just one more example of how many potential of the 3DS is still unused.

Edit: For the WiiU's launch period it could also be a good idea to heavily concentrate on hardcore games that make it near impossible for PS360 owner to resist the console. Maybe besides having a console-only-box bundle it with a great hardcore (online) game they can't get anywhere else or ... a BluRay with demos / a flyer that and where they can be downloaded.



I-U said:

The 3DS is looking amazing from Nov. 13th out. Once the year is over, it shouldn't have anymore new DS titles to compete with. Until the Wii drops its standard software prices, as I see no reason anymore why they are $10 more than 3DS titles, my interests in the 3DS software won't have competition there either. I plan on getting Skyward Sword as a gift though, so I will be playing it into the new year. I have no plans to make any Wii game purchases myself however, but do plan on supporting Nintendo (hopefully day one) for Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 this year at least.

Until the prices are released, and there's something special about the Wii U, I have near zero interest in the next console.



vherub said:

not releasing xenoblades in the na market is insane, just a huge warning sign for nintendo's direction with the wii u



alLabouTandroiD said:

And while i'm at riding this thread to death... I guess Ninty already said otherwise but i really hope the WiiU's touchscreen allows for multitouch.
I mean if it already looks quite like an iPad it would be a strange adjustement to people if it wasn't ...



kdognumba1 said:

Well, I do agree that 3DS has been getting some major major upgrades and things that it greatly needed though most of what has come was expected at launch. The good news is, it will be here in time for the holidays and be a nice welcoming treat for new 3DS owners. Not to mention the GBA games are still on the way and will be a nice and welcome addition for early adopters.

On the case of the Wii, I dunno. They seem to be looking over the biggest market (NA) when it comes to game releases. After saying that they want to do more for the core and make their next home console be more of a core system, the way they're currently treating core gamers in NA won't win them any popularity contests or help sell their next system. Then again, I think region locking is dumb and also greatly believe if you release in 1 region, you release it in all regions. Don't try to dictate what gamers like or stereotype gamers depending on where they're located. Just because I'm in the US doesn't mean I don't like RPG's and just because a gamer is in Japan doesn't mean they don't like FPS's. Taste in games isn't dictated by race, sex, or nationality and shouldn't be thought to by publishers, it comes down to the individual - just like other forms of entertainment.



Mandoble said:

3DS has been getting major upgrades? Well, mine should be an exception. And I dont consider anything already announced by N for the 3DS as a significative ugrade, not even the currently planned games (and, of course, I didnt buy a 3DS to play GBA/NES games).



kdognumba1 said:

@123 When the system launched it was without the net browser, eShop, Nintendo Video (and other video sources depending on location) as well as we've gotten Excite Bike 3D, LoZ 4 Swords Anniversary and the NES games so far. Not too long from now we'll be getting the ability to communicate (via swapnote), jump into game sessions with friends, the ability to download demo's for games, the GBA games, and other features.

Not that everything I mentioned will appeal to everyone however its a whole lot better then what the system was at launch, though honestly everything they're doing should of been there from day 1.



ZukutoBen said:

@North99 I actually bought it with money I worked for and I only earn £40 a week and sometimes we get bonuses but not often.

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