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Mon 7th Nov 2011

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mike_fantastic commented on Interview: Trent Oster - WiiWare from a Develo...:

Wiiware could have been so much more. It is interesting to see why it wasn't from a developer's perspective. For years we have heard of how Nintendo treats its developers. I say good for him for giving us a glimpse behind the Iron Curtain.

Flips over to La-Mulana's cancellation article...well, dammit.



mike_fantastic commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back:

"Overall, the console that established a whole new market in motion gaming, not to mention some top-notch titles, is having a reasonable final hurrah."

I completely disagree here. The PS2 had an amazing hurrah, as Sony allowed 3rd party developers to go crazy in its last days. Persona 4, which was critically praised and attained a great following, Sakura Wars, the last great PS2 pre-order pack, Silent Hill Shattered Memories, Jak & Daxter Lost Frontier. Big games (2 of which are on Wii, btw) were still coming out REGULARLY.

The Wii is going out with a whimper, Zelda be damned.