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Mon 3rd Oct 2011

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Nintendo64Boy commented on Explore Skyward Sword's Skyview Dungeon:

Sigh... Why is it that they want to show the dungeons and bosses and all these things... I just want to get the game and see for myself. It's like they want me to know what it's about. What's next? Final Boss Video? I want to find out myself. I didn't want to know about Dousing, or upgrades, or the story behind Ghirahim, Zelda, Link, or any of the characters. I'm glad they show previews and small second-long clips of things like Beedle and I like the shield can break, because that gives us something better than when you buy the Hylian Shield in TP, you don't have to replace it. Now the shield might break, and you can get a whole other shield. (Which might get annoying after a while). But it got me thinking, when the shield is about to break, you might see cracks, or when I like-like (if there are any) eats it, it gets damaged. Just some thoughts that I want to theorize about, and not find out by video.