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Sun 8th Aug 2010

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jediknight commented on Tetris Party Live Disappears from eShop:

A bit of a nonsensical situation. How does a company that pretty much lives off of Tetris have an old license that disallows it to sell the game they own? Besides a stupid trademark/copyright issue, I see no point in this.



jediknight commented on Interview: Collecting Smiles - Colors! 3D:

Most likely getting it.
Although, I'm still awaiting the release of Flipnote on the 3DS. Sadly, I'll have to settle for painting. Hopefully I'll be able to upload my painting to DeviantArt.



jediknight commented on Let's Get Ready to Super Pokemon Rumble on 3DS:

We loved the wii demo, so if there's a full version on a 3ds, I'll be sure to enjoy it, except for the fact it doesn't have people, or a region, or gym leaders, or anything like a normal pokemon game. They should also make a pokemon pinball for pokemon black and white.



jediknight commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

No surprise. Nintendo mistakenly releasing Wii-U directly after the christening of the 3ds doesn't seem like it would suffice to their needs. I think it was unorthodox and premature of them to do that. It's the first time Nintendo has done that, and hopefully the last time also



jediknight commented on Review: Moto eXtreme (DSiWare):

Not as appealing as I'd hoped, and I probably won't get it. I'd rather have inchworm animation and export it to a 3ds once I get one.
Not Nintendo's best work...



jediknight commented on Nintendo Teamed Up With Nokia to Develop Phone...:

holy mackeral! thats a good idea! though... i wish they made a video chat or instant message dsiware on the dsi. it could be possible. right? i mean, my mom used to have a nokia phone, it was cool, so i dont see the downside of the combination of nintendo and nokia. N & N.!lol!